Free large print quilt patterns

Free large print quilt patterns DEFAULT

Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

In our free Quilt Block Patterns library (skip straight to the blocks) you'll find step-by-step illustrated directions for cutting and piecing your favorite patchwork block.

Not just images, but pictures of the actual block during construction.

And pressing directions, too, because they're important.

For the beginning quilter, there are loads of pictures each step of the way and helpful tips for making more accurate blocks.

If you've been quilting awhile, the cutting instructions, technique advice and any downloads may be all you need.

And finally, downloadable cutting charts and coloring pages are in the works for all the tutorials on this site for your convenience.

It'll take awhile to finish this project, please bear with me. It'll be worth it.

On this page you'll find:

Printing help

If you need help printing any of the tutorials or free paper piecing pattern or templates used in the construction of some of the free quilt blocks, visit these pages:

  • Or simply use the 'Print' button found at the bottom of every page, just under the Newsletter signup

Keep it simple

You SHOULDN'THAVE TO buy a specialty ruler or tool to make a single block. 

That just doesn't make sense, or cents for that matter either!

Each block in this library is constructed with only the most common tools found in nearly every quilter's studio.

That said

if there's a great tool or ruler out there that streamlines the construction process for making many blocks AND I can recommend and vouch for it, that information will be listed, too.

If templates for unusual shapes or paper pieced patterns are needed, they are available as free downloads, printable on your home computer right from the instruction page.

The free quilt block patterns await

To make things as easy as possible:

  • Our free quilt block patterns are listed in alphabetical order by their most common name.
  • Seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted.
  • Blocks are listed in Finished Sizes. Most include multiple sizes. (If you are a beginning quilter and confused by 'finished vs unfinished size' check out this article. You're not alone. Lots of new quilters find this concept confusing!)
  • Any paper piecing patterns or paper templates used in the construction of a block are available within the tutorial as a free download for you to print. 
  • Use the most recent version of Adobe for downloading and printing. To date, every printing problem we've encountered has been solved by using the free Adobe software. Find more printing help here.

Click on any block below to go directly to the instructions and get started!

Bear's Paw quilt block tutorial
Dewey quilt block tutorial

WAIT! There's MORE!!!

Use these buttons to quickly navigate to all the other free patchwork designs in our quilt block library.

Tips and techniques to improve your quilting

to help you make flatter, more accurate blocks. These are the techniques I go back to time and time again for accurate piecing results.

I hope they help you, too!

For even more blocks to make

Click here to learn about my favorite quilt book resources that inspire my patchwork designs.

For you, are quilt block patterns like potato chips

you can't have just one?!!

Check the amazing resources I rely on for the majority of the quilt block designs you see on this website. 

To see if they're worthy of spot in YOUR quilting library, read about them HERE.

NOTE: All the attribution and alternate names shared in the Free Quilt Block Patterns Library came from these four resources.

If you're like us, you might need something to take your mind off the current headlines.  How about some FREE quilt inspiration? These quilts have either big blocks, fabric panels, or colorful border fabrics, making them easy and fun to sew. For Part 2 of this series, click here! for Part 3 of this series, click here!
To go to a pattern: Scroll down the page until you see the quilt you like, then click on the words "CLICK for PDF download" (or the hyperlinked website name) in the title above the quilt.  

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For more free quilt patterns, please visit us on Twitter.

A Blue Moment, 55 x 64&#;, by Jean Anne Wright for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Balinese Flowers, 46 x 64&#;, by Denise Russell for Michael Miller Fabrics(click for PDF download)

Bed of Roses, 42 x 62&#;, by Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller Fabrics(click for PDF download)

Bel Air quilt, 51 x 59&#;, by Lauren Marcella for Andover Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Bella&#;s Bird quilt, 40 x 50&#;, by Jean Katherine Smith for Windham Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Bellissima quilt, 67 x 80&#;, by Denise Russart for Hoffman Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Big Block Throw Quilt, ~54&#; square, free pattern by Laura Boehnke for All People Quilt (click for tutorial)

Blossoms Quilt, 54 x 66&#;, free pattern by Jean Ann Wright for Andover Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Blue Danube quilt, 62 x 76&#;, free pattern by Stephanie Sheridan for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Blue Mardi Gras quilt, 50 x 59&#;, by Linda Leathersich and Stephanie Sheridan for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Border Blast Quilt, 70 x 75&#;, free pattern by Larene Smith for Camelot Fabrics (click for PDF download)

24 Karat Quilt, 57 x 83&#;, by Janet Page Kessler for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Botanica Blooms quilt, 73 x 73&#;, free pattern by Lisa Loessel for Henry Glass Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Bountiful Garden quilt, 71 x 89&#;, free pattern by Corey Yoder for Free Spirit Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Boxy Blooms quilt, 71 x 89&#;, free pattern by Corey Yoder for P&B Textiles (click for PDF download)

Bracket quilt, 57 x 67&#;, free pattern by Wendy Sheppard for Quilting Treasures (click for PDF download)

Cameo Ornament quilt, 54 x 72&#;, free pattern by Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Catalina Ultra Violet quilt, 70x 70&#;, free pattern by eQuilter (click for PDF download)

Color Rush quilt, 54 x 63&#;, free pattern by Linda and Carl Sullivan for Free Spirit Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Coloratura quilt, 60 x 60&#;, free pattern by Lauren Marcella for Andover Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Copy and Paste quilt, 80 x 80&#;, free pattern by Keiko Goke for Free Spirit Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Cottage Garden quilt, ~50 x 58&#;, free pattern by Osie Lebowitz for Timeless Treasures (click for PDF download)

Dahlia Garden Gate quilt, 44 x 59&#;, free pattern at eQuilter (click for PDF download)

Dolce Grid quilt, 57 x 57&#;, free pattern by Megan Frock for Shannon Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Dovetail Baltic Squares quilt, ~61 x 70&#;, free pattern by Free Spirit Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Emma&#;s Spinning Flowers quilt, 42 x 56&#;, Paula Doyle for Makower Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Everything&#;s Coming Up Rosey, 69 x 81&#;, free pattern by Wendy Sheppard for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Ezekial&#;s Wheel quilt, 62 x 62&#;, free pattern by Debby Kratovil for Windham Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Flights of Fancy quilt, 64 x 82&#;, free pattern by Linda Leathersich and Stephanie Sheridan for Benartex (click for PDF download)

Feathered Peacock Table Topper, 32 x 32&#;, free pattern by Osie Lebowitz for Timeless Treasures (click for PDF download)

Flips quilt, 90 x &#;, free pattern by Anna Maria Horner for Free Spirit Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Flora Fantasia quilt, 48 x 54&#;, free pattern by Cyndi Hershey for P&B Textiles (click for PDF download)

Fracture Quilt, ~47 x 67&#;, free pattern by Pam See for Timeless Treasures Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Full Moon Lagoon quilt, 64 x 70, free pattern by Mo Bodell for Andover Fabrics (click for PDF download)

Image credits: This post was updated on October 4, Individual images are copyrighted by their owners. Please respect their generosity in sharing their free patterns, and the restrictions they have placed on the use of these designs; complete information can be found at the designers' websites provided in the links. The photo montage shown on this page is a derivative work that is the property of Quilt Inspiration. If any links are broken, we'd love to know so we can fix it. Please email us at QuiltInspiration {at} gmail {dot} com.
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+ Best Quilt Patterns for Free: Quilt Block Patterns, Quilt Patterns for Baby, and More

Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern

Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern

Make an adorable baby blanket in no time at all with this simple baby quilt pattern. With butterfly applique and a pink ruffle trim, the Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern has a crisp white background, covered in swirly free-motion quilting.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Applique

Pumpkin Spice Latte Applique

Nothing says fall like enjoying your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. With its easy downloadable template, you can create the perfect finishing touch for a fall bag, mini quilt, or scarf by making a sweet applique that embodies everything fall.

Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug

Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug

The Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug is made with half a Dresden plate quilt pattern, aligned along the bottom edge of the mug rug so it looks like a rising sun. Simply applique the semi Dresden plate to a white background, and the entire top is completed!

Summer Garden Quilt

Summer Garden Quilt

This is one of the most summery downloadable applique quilt patterns! The Summer Garden Quilt features cheerful birdhouse, watering can, flower, and bird appliques against a simple piecework background.

County Fair Lolli Quilt

County Fair Lolli Quilt

This adorable and unique quilting pattern combines simple patchwork, applique patterns, and charm packs to make a darling wall-hanging that could easily double as a baby quilt pattern. You will adore using brightly color prints and polka dot fabrics when you quilt this vintage quilting pattern.

Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine

You'll feel like you're up in the clouds when you finish making this Walking on Sunshine mug rug. Applique birds onto a cheerful blue background to make a springtime scene.

Crazed Angry Birds Blanket

Crazed Angry Birds Blanket

Instead of playing the popular game Angry Birds, why not draw them yourself? You can now have your very own angry birds blanket! Using this tutorial, you can learn how to use machine applique patterns, sew, and create your new fleece blanket.

Sweet Applique French Macarons

Sweet Applique French Macarons

Say 'oui oui' to the cutest new appliques for quilts, these Sweet Applique French Macarons. Not only are these French-inspired applique quilt designs easy to make, but they are also extremely versatile. Use them as the final touch for small quilt projects like mug rugs, towels, and quilt blocks.

Fusible Appliques for Kids

Fusible Appliques for Kids

Use one of these fun fusible appliques for kids to embellish a t-shirt, onesie, pillow, or quilt. These children's applique patterns include an octopus and a rocket ship perfect little boys!

Snow Birds Mug Rug Pattern

Snow Birds Mug Rug Pattern

This adorable DIY mug rug would make a fantastic quilted gift for a friend or family member. It’d be the perfect stocking stuffer, too.  Make your chocolate-sipping evenings by the fire even more festive by learning how to make a mug rug that is all cheer.

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