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If you’re a property owner in Toledo, Ohio and you’re looking for lawn care services, download the free GreenPal app to find affordable and high-end services instantly. You’ll be connected to premium landscapers and lawn care companies near you. You can hire any of the countless lawn care companies available with a push of a button. There are users throughout the country that have benefited from lower-priced lawn care services and higher quality care thanks to GreenPal.

In just a few minutes, you could easily find premium, high-quality, and affordable lawn care services just by owning the GreenPal app.

GreenPal has scoured the entire state of Ohio for top-quality lawn care companies. We have pre-qualified and enrolled many lawn mowing providers, landscapers, and lawn care companies to help you avoid having to look them up yourselves. Even if you were to try and find lawn care companies yourself, the process can be overwhelming. You are also limiting yourself to lawn care companies nearby.

GreenPal’s extensive database helps locate only the most proven and successful lawn care companies that serve customers in the entire region. Meaning you’ll have access to premium lawn care companies with a click of a button. Best of all, just for being a GreenPal member, you’ll only pay a fraction of the price for these premium lawn care services.

Our user-friendly and free app is engineered to make your life easier. Hiring a lawn care company doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet, it normally can be. Traditionally, you’d have to search online, read through endless websites with generic promises, and do your own type of vetting. Even worse, you might find yourself at the end of an expensive bill, mediocre work, or poorly done work that will cost thousands to repair. Even improper lawn mowing work can do extensive damage to your property.

This is what GreenPal essentially replaces. The entire risk factor, price, and the time it takes to find lawn care services. You’ll be instantly connected. Almost like ordering an Uber, but for your lawn.

Our easy to use app makes this possible. You’ll have access to premium and affordable lawn care companies and landscapers who are prepared to deliver whatever type of lawn care you need. The app is crowded with lawn care companies, lawn mowing providers, and landscaping businesses for your convenience. All the homework and vetting has been done for you.

We’ve collected proper data and screened every lawn care company listed on the app. We’ve ensured they follow industry-leading practices, use quality equipment, employs top lawn care experts, and have a history of delivering great service.

We even make sure every lawn care company you find on the GreenPal app has been verified and certified for work by the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce.

You can find any number of lawn care and landscaping services that will fulfill your specific needs. From mowing the lawn to big-budget landscaping projects, GreenPal providers an easier way to find it all. Get quality edging, snow removal, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, seeding, irrigation, regrading, landscape maintenance, weeds removal, raking, power washing, aeration, dethatching, and many other lawn care services.

Our free app can help residents and property owners near or in Brentbrook Farms, Wildewood, Secor Gardens, Endlewood, West Bancroft, Kenwood Gardens, Ottawa South, and other neighborhoods in Toledo, Ohio. This includes properties near places like Hollywood Casino Toledo, Imagination Station, Toledo Zoo, Toledo Zoo, The University of Toledo, Ottawa Park, Swan Creek Preserve Metro Park, National Museum of the Great Lakes, and many other places extending to Lucas County and Toledo, Ohio.

Regardless of what landscaping and lawn care services you need, GreenPal can help you find it faster, easier, and for prices you can afford. 


Lawns and Landscaping

A beautiful neighborhood starts with healthy lawns and landscapes!

How can I keep my yard healthy and safe?

  • Keep the grass and weeds on your property less than eight inches tall and mowed up to the street.
  • Make sure noxious/harmful weeds are controlled or destroyed.
  • Don’t forget to mow the boulevard (the strip of grass on the other side of the sidewalk or your fence).


Grass Allowed 1

Grass Allowed 2

Not Allowed

Grass Not Allowed 1

Grass Not Allowed 2

What if I want to have a managed natural landscape?

  • It must not have noxious/harmful weeds or unintended vegetation.
  • It must have a planned, intentional, and maintained planting of native and non-native plants.
  • It may have plants and grasses 8 inches or more in height. This does not include turf-grass lawns left unattended.


Landscape Allowed

Not Allowed

Landscape Not Allowed

Planting and trees

  • Plants, trees and shrubs are not allowed in boulevards if they block traffic visibility and walkways.
  • Tree overhangs must be trimmed up 8 feet.


Trees Allowed

Not allowed

Trees Not Allowed

What can I do with my yard waste?

  • Garden waste, lawn clippings, or branches with a diameter of 10inches or less may be taken to the free drop-off site in Maple Grove.
  • Garbage collectors can also collect your yard waste and leaves but may charge a fee. Contact your hauler for more information.
  • If you bag your yard waste, use either paper or certified compostable plastic bags.

Get more information about yard waste


Yard Waste Allowed

Not allowed

Yard Waste Not Allowed

What can I use for composting?

  • Building materials used for compost bins must be rot resistant such as treated lumber, concrete block, or fencing wire.
  • Many home improvement stores sell compost bins.
  • Compost bins must not exceed five feet in width, twelve feet in length and five feet in height.
  • Meat, dairy products, diseased plant materials, plastic, metal, glass, and animal feces are not allowed.
  • Some approved materials include: eggs shells, veggies, fruits, and yard waste.

Get more information on composting


Compost Allowed 1

Not allowed

Compost Now Allowed

Where can I store my firewood?

  • Firewood must be stacked on a paved surface or raised at least three and a half inches off the ground.
  • Firewood stacks must be five feet away from your neighbor’s property.
  • No more than two cords (4’x4’x8’) stacks of wood are allowed on a property.
  • Firewood cannot be stored in your front yard.


Not allowed

Reporting violations

For tall grass and noxious weeds

Phone and email

Pang Yang
Environmental Health
Email Pang Yang

Si usted necesita asistencia en español, llame 763-493-8070 oprima cinco (5)

Yog koj tsis tau tau es yuav lub Hmoob hu 763-493-8070 nias xoom (0)


Diseased and dead tree information

Phone and email

Mike Carhill
City Forester
Email Mike Carhill

Yard and Garden Line

University of Minnesota Extension Services
Visit U of M Extension Services

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About Us

Keith FagerLove of the outdoors, plants, and watching something grow is what the two co-owners of Glass City Landscape, Inc. both have in common.

Growing up on the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio, Keith Fager remembers helping his father with their backyard orchard and small evergreen nursery. While still attending high school, Keith enrolled in a two-year vocational school to further his knowledge and love of working with plants. Following graduation, he worked briefly for Champion spark plug, but quickly learned that he needed to get his hands back in the soil.

Ken GilsonKen Gilson grew up on the family farm in rural Deerfield, Michigan. Ken was interested in horticulture, and working with green plants as early as Jr. high. He attended a two-year vocational school, and then went on to graduate from Michigan State University.

Ken began his career working for a small landscaping company in Toledo. It is there that Ken and Keith first ran into each other.

Two short years later, in 1981, Ken and Keith started their very own landscape company. They named it Glass City because Toledo is known as the glass capital of the world!

In those early days, we both went door to door to drum up business mowing residential lawns. This led to our first big break - mowing and grounds maintenance for the local McDonalds Restaurant chain.

Tim GilsonAs our young company grew from a simple lawn maintenance service into a full service landscape maintenance and landscape construction business, so did our need for quality people.

Ken's brother, Tim Gilson, helped out whenever he could. It wasn't long until he too caught the landscaping fever. After graduating from Michigan State University, Tim joined the team overseeing the nursery and retail operations.

Scott WiseAnd, while just looking for a summer job, Scott Wise found one, and never looked for another. Scott is our landscape foreman and resident handyman. We haven't found too many projects that Scott can't handle!

As our company grew, Ken and Keith decided to do even more with the plants. We brought in a few trees to sell on the small lot we were using for the business.

That was the beginning of the retail business. By now, Glass City Landscape was well known as an installation and landscape maintenance company, so a new identity for the retail division was needed. Ken took one look a the old bike shack that was used as a small retail sales building, and the Plant Shack was born.

Jenny StammThe Plant Shack has grown over the years, and especially in the past two years, thanks in a large part to Jenny Stamm.

Jenny had aspirations to being a school teacher, but also has a love of plants and the outdoors. She combined both talents by teaching the Plant Shack's many customers about everything from hummingbird gardens to landscape design. Jenny graduated from Owens Community College, in the two year landscape and turfgrass program, where we have acquired many great student interns.

Mayor \u0026 Council Meeting: Oct 18, 2021


The landscaping crew just left my house – and it looks so beautiful. Special thanks to Charity & Laura who were wonderful to work with & made the design come to life in an amazing way. Charity is worth double her weight in gold & I can´t wait to get her assistance on my next outdoor project. Laura ran a great crew. Everyone knew their job and was so efficient transforming our muddy mess into this finished project. I know you don´t need my recommendation, but I will certainly recommend you to my friends & neighbors. Thank You!
Betty and Bruce L. - Cedar Rapids, IA

I have been pleased with the relationship we have developed with Culvers. They understand our needs as a 24 hour operation. They partner with us in our belief that safety for our customers is our first priority. They watch the weather and are planning prior to storms and are available when we need to call them in for assistance at anytime. They are one of our most valued service partners.
Brett D. - Assistant Facilities Director
Riverside Casino and Golf Resort

I looked for somewhere to let all of the guys who worked on helping me make a haven in my backyard know how much I appreciated the suggestions, professionalism and beautiful project. Ryan did a wonderful design, Earl, Cowboy and Morgan were great to work with and David supervised the whole thing. Thanks to you all! Les and I love it all.
Sherry M. - Marion, IA


Lawn and landscape glass city

Glass City Lawn & Landscape LLC

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Gardeners, Lawn Care & Sprinklers

About Us

Glass City lawn and Landscape offers a proven track record of creative, quality landscape design and maintenance. You deserve the best in landscape design/build and maintenance...You deserve Glass City! We have earned the reputation of having some of the best quality and pricing in the area for residential and commercial landscaping, and this is largely due to what we have termed "The Glass City Approach" which follows: Service You deserve a company that is responsive to you! Our professional lawn techs allow us to do that. We are directly responsible for scheduling, production, and quality control. As a result, WE will react quickly and efficiently to your request. Creativity The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is "that little extra". Our extensive knowledge of plant material, color, and texture combined with our knowledge of plant performance guarantees traffic stopping color displays. Experience We boast over 40 years of business and lawn and landscape experience, and we know how to maintain your property to maximize your strengths. The management team involved with your properties has a proven and reputable track record in the industry. That experience will work for you. Teamwork We are a team of professionals who demand excellence and provide quality beyond expectations. Glass City Lawn and Landscape will work with you to meet your goals. Our team is committed to the idea that Together Everyone Achieves More. Results A consistent image for your property – an image that reflects quality and professionalism. We will strive to meet your objectives as well as those of your property managers, asset managers, and owners. The result will be an exterior environment that is pleasing to tenants and will maximize the investment of clients.

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