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Gas mining is considered one of the most profitable methods to gain some dank ISK for newer players. And yes, you can learn the skills and use all the required ships & modules on an Alpha account!
So here is how &#;ninja gas mining&#; is done on a budget level.
You will need to invest about 30 million to get started.

0. Contents

  1. Fitting your Venture
  2. Finding the spot
    1. In spooky space
    2. What you want to see
    3. Getting a safe spot
    4. What to mine
  3. Mining & staying alive (imagine the Bee Gees singing the whole time)
  4. You did bookmark the exit, right?

1. Fitting your Venture

There are three basic things you need:

  • Gas Cloud Harvesters (ideally two of them)
  • A Probe Launcher and a set eight Probes (you won&#;t find what you seek without it)
  • A Venture (to put that gear on)

Everything else is more or less optional, and personal preference.
To give you an Idea, here is a Ninja Gas Mining Venture, which I would use. This fitting should not cost you much more than 6 million ISK. Very affordable and a single successful trip should easily replace the costs. But of course there is one problem: The skill to operate the Gas Cloud Harvester Moduls costs 24 million ISK.

If you have trained the necessary skills and ISK, you might also have a look a the Prospect. Ah, but why the hell would you read that guide then? You already know what you&#;re doing, right? Looking for mistakes? Yea, post in the comments if you find some. Would be very kind of you. Thanks.

Anyhow, now that you got the ship, you need to find some smelly space-farts.

2. Finding the spotmr20bean20if20you20know20what20i20mean20back

If you haven&#;t much experience in scanning,  I strongly recommend, you watch this three video guides. Yes, ALL three of them. But you can watch them later, for now continue reading and you will understand why you need that knowledge.

First of all, you want to find a wormhole. So start to  &#;  sorry &#; scan down Cosmic Signatures in space.
When you have found a suitable wormhole &#; bookmark it.

Oh, you ask me what a suitable wormhole is? That&#;s easy: check out the info-window of the hole. There will be something like *reads in deep dramatic voice*:

This wormhole seems to lead into deadly unknown space.

Perfect! That would be some kind of C6 (because it says &#;deadly&#;). Oh, err&#;, I should say something about wormhole classes too, right? Well, I keep it short: there are six classes of wormholes. The higher the class, the more &#;dangerous&#; the space in theory.
In fact, when something finds you in your little Venture, you are  most likely dead in any J-space. What we want is the &#;unknown&#;, in the description, which means it is indeed a wormhole &#; not a connection to other known space.

Back to bookmarking. Please, don&#;t do it in the window of the Probe Launcher. If you set the bookmark from there, it will end up a few kilometers (~8 km) away from the actual Signature. If you now warp to the bookmark, you will not be able to jump through instantly. Warp to it first, set the bookmark from your overview or directly in space. Now, when you warp to this bookmark, you will land on the spot the next time you warp there.

In spooky space

Woooohoo! Wait a second! You didn&#;t want to jump in that wormhole head first. Not  knowing what might be waiting for you on the other side, do you? (Well, actually you never know that, but) You can get a bit more intelligence, by checking out the number of the wormhole which is displayed in you overview/info-window.


I use this website, to check where a wormhole will lead me to:

Now that you have a first idea, it&#;s time to dive!
After you leaped through the wormhole DON&#;T MOVE! Always check first, what you&#;r directional scanner is showing. Like when jumping through gates you get the one minute cloak. During that time you can evaluate your situation. You can take your time, and lookup the J-number of the wormhole you entered here.

This will give you an overview on what&#;s up. If you wan&#;t to push your paranoia a bit, you can also lookup the system on But don&#;t let that information fool you. You can&#;t be sure it&#;s a actually full report on the ongoings and a quiet system doesn&#;t mean there are no hunters.

What you want to see (on your dscan)

A short list what you would want to see on your dscan when hanging out in wormhole space:

  • all ships
  • towers (POS or Player Owned Stations)
  • force fields (tells you if a tower is actively maintained or not)
  • scanning probes (all of them)
  • citadels & engineering complexes & moon mining platforms

But remember: If you see something on dscan and you are not cloacked, they can see you too. You are at the lowest end of the food chain, flying a Venture fitted for ninja gas mining.

Getting a safe spot

Before your cloak-timer runs out, you should warp somewhere. Mostly I choose customs offices of the planet furthest away from the sun. Depending on the size of the system, you won&#;t show up on other players dscan so easily. And I have time to make bookmarks on the way. I don&#;t recommend warping to moons, though. You can end up deadly close to the automated turrets of a POS.
A great guide on how to do good safe spots can be found here:

That&#;s basic knowledge every capsuleer should learn &#; at least when you leave HighSec for the first time.

When I decloak and click warp,  I simultaneously launch my scanner probes, so I have them already in space, and can start scanning while warping.
You shouldn&#;t leave scanner probes right at a wormhole for long. That&#;s like slapping someone a wet towel in the face while shouting &#;YOU ARE NOT ALONE!&#;. And you tell them which wormhole you came from. To avoid this, you can launch the probes and just hit the scan button right afterwards, so the probes warp of and scan somewhere, but don&#;t sit right a the wormhole.

When you now hang around at your saved safe bookmark, you can fully commit to scan down sites. But keep an eye on the dscan. In case of combat probes happen to show up, it&#;s time to make a run.

Pro-Tipp: You can make it harder for someone unfriendly to scan you down with Combat Scanner Probes by fitting Sensor Boosters in your mid slots. Load them with a ECCM Script an activate them as soon as you jump into the wormhole. They use some capacitor but they will increase your ships sensor strenght which makes it harder to scan it down with said probes.

What to mine

After you scanned out a gas site &#; which you also could do with a dedicated scanning ship, and come back in the Venture for the space-farts &#; you need to know what&#;s in there.
Here is a list where you can look up, what you can find in here or there under the headline &#;Ladar&#;

The gas you are looking for is called &#;Fullerite-C###&#;. If a cloud is worth your time can be evaluated at (sort by isk/m³, because your harvester suck in m³ not units)

In general you can say, Fullerite C and Care the most precious clouds you can find out there. Followed by C32 and C

3. Mining & staying alive*

Before you warp into a site, you want to check the name of it first. The &#;Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir&#; is the only site which has five active Vigilant Sentry Towers in it right from the start. Just avoid those &#;Ordinary&#; sites with your little Venture. In every other site, you have roughly 15 to 20 Minutes time until the first Sleepers will spawn. So you want to to be quick.
But be ready to warp out at an instant when you find that the Sleepers in the site have already been spawned. That just means some other sneaky ninja gas miner was there before you. Sad!

Here the process in detail:

  1. Check the name of the site. If it says &#;Ordinary&#; avoid it.
  2. At warp-in check if there are any NPCs yet. If not, decide which cloud you want to go for.
  3. Use propulsion module to reach the cloud quicker.
  4. Orbit gas cloud at m with Mircorwarpdrive off or you won&#;t be able to orbit withn the reach of your harvesters which only have m range.
  5. Activate gas harvesters.
    Staying in motion makes it (theoretically) more difficult for someone to scan you down with combat probes. In the case you are scanned out, you move while the hunter is in warp, which gives you a little bit distance between his warp-in and your actual location.
    But really that shouldn&#;t happen, when did setup your dscan correctly and use it too!
  6. While you are harvesting, klick on a celestial you want to be the place to escape to. This will enable you to warp there by a single klick on the overview-button. (See screenshot)
  7. Check directional scan every view seconds. And keep an eye on the overview for red things to appear.
  8. Wait till the cloud is empty, Sleepers spawn (they will warp in), or something frightening pops up in dscan.
  9. Before you warp out, quickly deactivate your harvesters. It&#;s better to get the outcome of a half complete cycle than nothing, which you would get by just warping of. Then the module didn&#;t have the time to &#;bring the gas in&#;, and you loose what you would have gotten out of that unfinished cycle.
  10. Repeat.

*If you want full chills, don&#;t listen to the Bee Gees but the ingame music, it&#;s really tense in J-space.

4. You did Bookmark your exit, right?

I probably should have mentioned that earlier, but you really should bookmark the wormhole(s) you came from. I always name them &#;_EXIT&#;. The underscore keeps in on the top of the list of my personal bookmarks. Makes it easier to click while you&#;re panicking.

A good way to keep track of the sites in a wormhole is to name them after the first three letters of their ID like &#;ABC Minor Perimeter Reservoir&#; and &#;XYZ Unsecured Perimeter Amplifier&#; and ignore them in den Probe Scanner Window, after you bookmarked them.
UPDATE : Thanks to CCP Karkur sites are named by default &#;ID + Signature Name&#; when you safe the location from the probe window. (If you bookmark a wormhole directly from space, you still need to add the ID of the signature.)

So, you didn&#;t die?
You managed to bring that ore hold full of space-farts out of spooky space?
You didn&#;t die on the way to the market?

Congrats! You can now call yourself rightfully a ninja gas miner!

Anything you want to add? Leave a comment below!

P.S.: For people who want to go down the rabbit hole very deep, I recommend looking at this thread.

Update EVEnton made a solid video guide about the whole topic, if you want a second opinion on the topic.

Like this:



This is by far the easiest site to begin your gas huffing adventures. Duo&#;s do not have rats of any kind and house 2 seperate clouds ( Units + Units), allowing multiple people to harvest at the same site. The Duo Nebula cloud explodes very frequently and causes EM + Thermal damage upon explosion. Avoid huffing in groups. Leopard Nebulas are the motherlode of Lime Cytoserocin. The site has many Sansha battleship rats and webbing towers, but killing the rats can be worth it because the site&#;s single cloud has 9, units of gas! The Leopard nebula cloud explodes much less frequently and only does 1, Explosive damage, making it a breeze to tank with even a single explosive hardener. Huffing in groups in these clouds can be much more doable. A audio guide on how to clear the site can be found in the Class Recordings below. Rimy Nebulas are the bastard son of the 9HXQ-G constellation. Housing a measly 3, units of gas (same as duo nebula), the site is disproportionately protected by many Angel, Mordus, and rogue drone rats making it difficult to do these sites effectively. It is not recommended to run these considering the other ones respawn instantly.
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  2. 1999 kx 125 for sale
  3. Bay county fl food giveaways
  4. Holley 2 barrel electric choke

All-Out Guide to Wormhole Gas


Gas huffing in wormhole space can make you some decent money with a reasonable skillpoint and isk investment. The main skillbook costs 24m ISK and it takes about a week to train the skills to 90% of maximum efficiency. With the normal skills listed here, I can make a mil every 30 seconds huffing c And once you’ve huffed the gas, you don’t even need to haul it out - you can sell it for cash in our wormhole using our buyback program.


External Resources

“X Up for Ninja Huffing” Spreadsheet is designed for pilots to enter their personal huffing rate (in m3/s) and then x up if they are coming on the fleet. This allows a given fleet composition to clearly see:

  • The relative value of the gas sites in a given wormhole (huff the highest ones first)
  • Which cloud should be huffed first inside a given site (green then yellow then red)

If you want to use this spreadsheet and are not a member of All-Out, be nice and make a copy of it on your Google Drive for use with your group of pilots.

Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole PvE has a Gas Sigs tab which shows, for each site:

  • Kind/number of rats
  • Incoming DPS numbers
  • Blue loot value
  • Estimated total gas value

Fuzzworks Gas Page has a table of all gases (both wormhole and k-space) showing up-to-date values from Eve-Central:

  • m3/unit
  • ISK/unit
  • ISK/m3
  • ISK/Venture

Wormhole Gas Sites

Every site contains two clouds of different kinds about 50km apart.

The first time a pilot initiates warp to a freshly spawned wormhole gas site (the moment the little pop-up with the name of the site appears for him) an invisible timer starts in the site. At some point between 15 to 20 minutes later, the site rats spawn.

Once the rats are killed in a wormhole gas site, they do not respawn. (Unlike many k-space mining/huffing sites.)

Ninja Huffing

Your goal is to huff as much value in gas using Ventures as you can before the site rats spawn. When they show up, you get the hell out of dodge.

As a rule of thumb, the more Ventures you bring to the site, the more money will be made (the number of Ventures needed to completely clear some sites in under 20 minutes is ridiculously high). If a high-value gas site is found (one that contains in the name) and no one online is capable of clearing the rats, it’s worth pinging in Slack and giving people some time to form a fleet to ninja it. Ninja-ing a site with one or two people is a waste of good gas.

Pre-Warp Check

  • Make sure you are not about to enter a site:
    • These do not have the 20 min rat timer
    • There are sentry towers that alpha Ventures as they warp in
  • Make sure you have a of some kind fitted
  • Make sure you have two fitted
  • Make sure you have displayed on one of your overview tabs (it’s under the tab)
  • Make sure everyone in fleet knows which cloud is higher value and should be huffed first (see the “X Up for Ninja Huffing” spreadsheet in the External Resources section)

Clearing Rats

Your goal is to clear the rats from the site completely, loot and salvage them, and then huff all of the gas at your leisure. Note that clearing rats and huffing in a fleet will make you less money than doing all of it solo (compared to ninja-huffing where it literally doesn’t matter how many other people there are).

  • All 5 sites are found in all classes of wormholes. They can be soloed in a confessor.
    • The site has sentry towers with low DPS but high alpha. Start (and stagger) your reps while in warp to the site and establish transversal ASAP.
  • Both sites are found in C3 wormholes and up. They can also be soloed in a confessor with good piloting.
  • Both sites are found in C5 and C6 wormholes only. These are dicks to clear. Refer to experienced players for more information about necessary fleet composition.
    • The site is the only one that scrams. All other sites you can warp out of freely.

For more detailed combat information, refer to “Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole PvE” in the External Resources section.


If you made your character after September 29th, (when starting SP was buffed to from 50k to k), then you already have and trained. Time estimates below are made assuming this is the case for you, and you are on the default 20/20/19/20/20 remap and have no implants.

Minimum Skills

21 hours to train from scratch. You should take some time to train this just so you don’t get left out if we find one of the super valuable clouds and run a fleet for it.

  • (8m, 20s) (24m ISK for skillbook)
    • (20h, 41m, 49s)

Normal Skills

7 days, 3 hours to train from scratch. This should be your norm if you intend to make any regular money off ninja huffing before you have the combat SP to be able to clear sites ( huffs twice as fast , so your profit per time spent doubles).

  • (8h, 36m, 40s)
  • (5d, 22h, 13m, 20s) (24m ISK for skillbook)
    • (20h, 41m, 49s)

Advanced Skills

18 days, 15 hours to train from scratch. Your huffing rate increases by 5% per level of , but most wormholers don’t want to spend that kind of time training a mining ship.

  • (11d, 20h, 10m)
  • (5d, 22h, 13m, 20s) (24m ISK for skillbook)
    • (20h, 41m, 49s)

If you actually train this far, you might as well go all the way and train up a Prospect while you’re at it (about 30 days from scratch). This doesn’t make you huff any faster than a Venture, but it doubles your available cargo capacity and allows you to memehuff certain sites without clearing rats by sigtanking with its sig reduction bonus.

Fitting Your Huffing Ship

You will use a Venture, or if you want to train for a month for a small improvement and a lot more ISK on the field, a Prospect. These are the only ships with role bonuses to gas harvesting. Two harvesters fit to these ships have the yield of four harvesters fit to any other ship.

Example Fit

Essential Modules

  • 2x or . The T2 version makes you money twice as fast.
  • 1x , , or . When ninja-huffing, you need an MWD to travel between the gas clouds; an AB is too slow. And while you are huffing, it is a lot harder for a cloaky hostile to catch you if you are orbiting the cloud with your MWD active.

Optional Modules

High Slots

You have space to pick one of the following:

  • 1x and 8x . A mantra of wormhole space is to have a launcher and probes with you at all times. This is my preferred choice. However, if you choose these and then bad boys show up to your huffing op, you will have to bounce from bookmark to bookmark until they get bored or you will get combat probed and killed.
  • 1x or . This allows you to run to your safe spot, cloak up, and wait indefinitely for any bad boys to go away before you try to escape or keep huffing. However, you have no probes - if you are forced to sit cloaked long enough your exit will close, you will be trapped, and you will need to self destruct and lose your cargo to get out anyway.

Mid Slots

You have slots to pick two of the following, but you may not have enough fitting space for some combinations:

  • or variant. Gives you buffer to survive a volley (from players or sleepers) on your way out of the site
  • or variant, or other damage-specific shield hardener.
  • . Makes you harder to combat probe.
  • Any of the scanning upgrades: , , . These will make it less soul-crushing to probe in a venture.

Low Slots

You have one low slot:

  • . This means a hostile has to have 4 points of warp disruption to pin you down. T1 is cheap, T2 lets you lock faster and farther (important to consider when under the time constraints of ninja huffing).
  • . Gives you more EHP if you’re slow getting out of the site.
  • makes you burn faster inside the site and align faster to get out of the site.
  • makes you align even faster, but makes your sig bigger (faster to get locked and easier to get hit).
Eve Online - Gas Harvesting Fits \u0026 Tricks that I use in Wormholes!

Gas cloud harvesting

Gas cloud harvesting is the process of collecting gas from interstellar clouds, for use in combat booster and Tech III production. It is accomplished by locating a nebula in known space or a fullerite reservoir in wormhole space, and collecting it with a gas cloud harvester module.

Types of gas

The three types of gas are both found in cosmic signatures which need to be probe scanned down in order to harvest.


Mykoserocin is used to produce synth variation of combat boosters, and neurolink enhancers, which are part of faction and capital ship production chain. Nebulae with Mykoserocin can be found in high, low and null security space. All of them reside in non-deadspace areas and are not guarded by NPCs.

Please note that list of locations where each Nebula site spawns is not exhaustive. It was expanded and new data is still being added.

Gas Flavor Nebula Type Location Units per Cloud Total Number of Units
Amber /Icon blue pill.pngBlue PillDiablo NebulaCaldariBlack Rise
Icon corporation.pngMalpais
Icon corporation.pngOasa
Icon corporation.pngPerrigen Falls
CaldariThe Forge
Icon corporation.pngThe Kalevala Expanse
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent
, ,
Sunspark NebulaCaldariBlack Rise
Icon corporation.pngMalpais
CaldariThe Forge
Icon corporation.pngThe Kalevala Expanse
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent
Azure /Icon soothsayer.pngSooth SayerEagle NebulaIcon corporation.pngCurse
Icon corporation.pngGreat Wildlands
Icon corporation.pngImmensea
MinmatarMolden Heath
AmarrThe Bleak Lands
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek
, ,
Ghost NebulaIcon corporation.pngCurse
Icon corporation.pngGreat Wildlands
Icon corporation.pngImmensea
MinmatarMolden Heath
AmarrThe Bleak Lands
Celadon /Icon exile.pngExileGlass NebulaAmarrGenesis
Icon corporation.pngVenal
, ,
Calabash NebulaAmarrDomain
Icon corporation.pngVenal
Golden /Icon crash.pngCrashRing NebulaCaldariBlack Rise
Icon corporation.pngMalpais
Icon corporation.pngOasa
Icon corporation.pngThe Kalevala Expanse
Icon corporation.pngThe Spire
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent
, ,
Smoking NebulaCaldariBlack Rise
Icon corporation.pngPerrigen Falls
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent
Lime /Icon frentix.pngFrentixHelix NebulaAmarrAridia
Icon corporation.pngCurse
Icon corporation.pngImmensea
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek
, ,
Sister NebulaAmarrAridia
Icon corporation.pngCurse
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek
Malachite /Icon mindflood.pngMindfloodBlackeye NebulaAmarrAridia
, ,
Wild NebulaAmarrAridia
Icon corporation.pngImmensea
Vermillion /Icon x-instinct.pngX-InstinctFlame NebulaAmarrDerelik
Icon corporation.pngGreat Wildlands
Icon corporation.pngImmensea
AmarrThe Bleak Lands
Pipe NebulaIcon corporation.pngCurse
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek
, ,
Viridian /Icon drop.pngDropSparking NebulaGallenteEssence
Icon corporation.pngFountain
Icon corporation.pngTenal
Icon corporation.pngVenal
, ,
Bright NebulaGallenteEssence
Icon corporation.pngFountain
Icon corporation.pngSyndicate
Icon corporation.pngVenal
A long, long time ago
Mykoserocin used to spawn similarly to Cytoserocin, highly concentrated in a specific constellation of a specific region. This was changed on , when its spawn locations were significantly extended to accommodate increased demand. List of old spawn locations is below:
  • Amber: The Forge (Mivora)
  • Golden: Lonetrek (Umamon)
  • Viridian: Placid (Amevync)
  • Celadon: Solitude (Elerelle)
  • Lime: Derelik (Joas)
  • Malachite: Aridia (Fabai)
  • Azure: Molden Heath (Tartatven)
  • Vermillion: Heimatar (Hed)

Now, these areas don't seem to be special when it comes to gas harvesting. But, each constellation always has a synth booster laboratory, a hacking site which drops synth reactions, among other things.


Cytoserocin is used to produce stronger variations of combat boosters. It is used in neurolink enhancers' production just like Mykoserocin, but amounts needed for that are much more modest. Unlike most exploration sites, nebulae are not randomly distributed throughout space. Each flavor of gas will be concentrated in one constellation of one region, and some regions will never have a cytoserocin nebula appear.

Majority of Cytoserocin nebulae are unstable. Every time a Gas Cloud Harvester finishes its cycle there is a chance that the cloud will "explode", dealing some damage to your ship. For exact numbers and damage types refer to the table below. There, each row represents an individual possibility. Bear in mind that damage area seems to be defined separately from gas cloud area. Depending on nebula type, damage area center might not coincide with the gas cloud center, and damage radius might be bigger or smaller than the cloud's radius as well.

Gas Flavor Location Nebula Type Units per Cloud Total Number of Units Cloud Damage NPCs Deadspace
Amber /Icon blue pill.pngBlue PillCaldariThe Forge (low security systems)Bandit Nebula, NoneNo?
Icon corporation.pngVale of the SilentFluttering Nebula50, 50, 50, 50, 50 thermalNoNo
Rocky Nebula, , , , thermalNoNo
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent (E-8CSQ constellation)Dewy Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Foggy Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Shimmering Nebula thermalYesNo
Spacious Nebula, , , No damage
EM + thermal
Azure /Icon soothsayer.pngSooth SayerIcon corporation.pngWicked CreekCrystal Nebula50, , , , thermalNoNo
Snowy Owl NebulaNoneYesNo
Icon corporation.pngWicked Creek (C constellation)Arctic Fox Nebula EM
Glistening Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Murky Nebula, EM + thermalNoNo
Celadon /Icon exile.pngExileGallenteSolitude (low security systems)Phoenix Nebula, NoneNo?
Icon corporation.pngFountainFlowing Nebula ThermalNo?
Icon corporation.pngFountain (Pegasus constellation)Diamond Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Massive Nebula thermalYesNo
Peacock Nebula, EM + thermalNoNo
Thick Nebula?YesNo
Golden /Icon crash.pngCrashCaldariLonetrek (low security systems)Profiteer Nebula, NoneNoNo
Icon corporation.pngTenalSwarm Nebula, , , , thermalNo?
Icon corporation.pngTenal (XW constellation)Lion Nebula EM + thermalNoNo
Shiny Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Gaseous Nebula EM + thermalYesNo
Lime /Icon frentix.pngFrentixAmarrDerelik (low security systems)Emerald Nebula, NoneNoNo
Icon corporation.pngCatchCheetah Nebula thermalNoNo
Icon corporation.pngCatch (9HXQ-G constellation)Duo Nebula, EM + thermalNoNo
Leopard Nebula explosiveYesNo
Rimy Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Malachite /Icon mindflood.pngMindfloodAmarrAridia (low security systems)Crimson Nebula, NoneNo?
Icon corporation.pngDelveCobra Nebula50, 50, 50, 50, 50?No?
Crab Spider Nebula, , , , ?No?
Icon corporation.pngDelve (OK-FEM constellation)Hazy Nebula EM + thermalYesNo
Hidden Nebula, EM + thermalNoNo
Whirling Nebula, EM + thermalYesYes
Vermillion /Icon x-instinct.pngX-InstinctMinmatarHeimatar (low security systems)Saintly Nebula, ?No?
Icon corporation.pngFeythabolisBoisterous Nebula thermalNo?
Icon corporation.pngFeythabolis (I-3ODK constellation)Cardinal Nebula, EM + thermalYes?
Red Dragonfly Nebula EM
Wispy Nebula, EM + thermalNoYes
Viridian /Icon drop.pngDropGallentePlacid (low security systems)Forgotten Nebula, NoneNo?
Icon corporation.pngCloud RingFrosty Nebula??None?No
Goose Nebula, , , , thermalNoNo
Icon corporation.pngCloud Ring (Assilot constellation)Icy Nebula, EM + thermalYesNo
Pale Nebula, thermalNoNo
Polar Bear Nebula thermalYesNo


Main article: Wormhole Gas Sites

Fullerenes are used in Tech 3 production, and can only be found at sites in wormhole space. It comes in several different flavors of varying value. Fullerite gas sites spawn in all classes of wormhole, but the valuable Instrumental Core Reservoir and Vital Core Reservoir will only spawn in C5 and C6 wormholes, or shattered wormholes of any class.

Most fullerene sites are empty when first warped to, but will spawn several Sleepers after a certain amount of time, usually about minutes. Thus, it is possible to "ninja harvest" wormhole gas sites by harvesting gas until the sleepers arrive, and then warping away before they can attack. However, the Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir starts with 5 sentry drones, which will blow up any Venture that warps there, and should be avoided until they are cleared.

Most fullerenes are very profitable, though dangerous to harvest.

Harvesting process

Overview Settings

Harvesting a gas cloud is very similar to mining an asteroid. Equip the appropriate harvesting module to a ship, locate a gas cloud, approach and target it, and activate the harvesting module. At the end of each module cycle, gas will be deposited into the cargo hold or ore bay. The visual effect of the harvesters is much more subdued than mining lasers, requiring you to zoom the camera very close to the ship to see.

Make sure you have gas clouds displayed in your overview, as they are not selectable by default. To do this, right click the overview, select open overview settings, select the filter tab, open the celestials folder, and check the Harvestable Clouds box (see screenshot right).

Gas can be stored in the ore holds of specialized mining and hauling ships even though it is not technically an ore. Units of mykoserocin and cytoserocin are bulkier than individual ore units at 10&#;m3, while the various types of fullerite gas range from 1 to 10&#;m3. The range of the harvester module is much shorter than a mining laser at only km, but the clouds are large and non-collideable.


Gas harvesting has very few skills related to it. The primary skill is Gas Cloud Harvesting, which can be bought for 30M ISK from the specialized NPC vendors, or marked up PC sell orders. This skill is trainable by alpha clones to level II. This skill requires Mining&#;IV. You can only use one gas cloud harvester per trained skill level. Note that this is very different from normal mining, where the number of mining lasers is not determined by skills. Getting the skill to 5 allows for Tech 2 harvesters to be used, which have 50% increased yield over Tech 1. Gas Cloud Harvesting should be trained either to 2 (to equip two harvesters on a Venture or Prospect) or 5 (to use T2 harvesters).

Additionally, Ventures and Prospects decrease their gas harvesting cycle duration with the Mining Frigate skill. This is the only other skill that increases gas harvesting yield.

General fitting and tanking skills are also recommended in order to safely fly a well fitted harvesting ship.


To get gas, you need gas cloud harvesters and a ship to put them on. There very few real options in fitting a gas harvesting ship. Unlike regular mining, there are no modules or rigs to increase yield. There are no gas equivalents to the Mining Laser Upgrade.

Gas cloud harvesters

Gas cloud harvesters are placed in the high slots and require a turret hardpoint. For each level of the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill you can fit one additional gas cloud harvester (up to a total of 5 at skill level V); all gas cloud miners have a range of &#;km (the shortest of any of the mining modules by quite a margin). Note that the table below lists yield per minute (to make it easier to compare modules), while most in-game sources will list yield per cycle.

The two meta 1 gas cloud harvesters have lower fitting requirements than the meta 0 module, however, even an average-skilled pilot should have no problem fitting a Venture with two meta 0 gas cloud harvesters. The two meta harvesters are in practice like storyline modules with low fitting and are only available from specific static sites. The tech 2 module has 50% more yield than its tech 1 counterparts, and is therefore a very worthwhile upgrade despite the long skill training time (and the slightly more demanding fitting - although it should still not cause problems for most miners). The Syndicate harvester (obtainable from the Intaki Syndicate LP store), is very rare, expensive, and almost never worth using unless you need every last drop of CPU fitting for other modules.


While gas cloud harvesters can be mounted on any ship with turret slots, only the Ore&#;Venture and Ore&#;Prospect have bonuses to their use. A Venture with two harvesters and Icon skillbook2.png&#;Mining Frigate trained to 4 has the equivalent yield to an unbonused ship with five harvesters. Additionally, it is far more agile than any ship that could fit five harvesters, and has a specialized ore hold for the gas. Thus it is by far the most common ship to use for harvesting gas.

The Prospect has the ability to fit a Covert Ops Cloaking Device, giving it more safety in the hostile environments in which the more valuable forms of gas are found. It also has a larger ore hold for the gas, and a larger regular cargo hold allowing for a mobile depot to be carried. However, it harvests at the same rate as an equivalently skilled Venture, and is considerably more expensive.


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The Eifyr and Co. 'Alchemist' Gas Harvesting is the only implant range which affects gas harvesting. It reduces gas harvester cycle time, and is available in 1%, 3%, and 5% varieties. They are sold in most LP stores.

Gas value

Gas does not have to be refined in order to use it, as ore and ice products do. It can be used in Tech III production by turning it into a polymer using a Standup Hybrid Reactor I (see Tech 3 Production#Polymer Reactions). The difference in value between gasses can be extreme, due to the scarcity of the gas and the value of the end products. While C/ is highly valuable, the risk versus reward is often too high for beginners. Many find that a more manageable target is to harvest C50 as the risk is low and the reward is decent. Harvesting C/ will normally require several people working together, which usually means using haulers and a dedicated scout.

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