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Service Monitor Feature - Riding Mower

The Service Monitor feature is an factory installed option and may not be applicable to all styles or mower models. Please review your Operator's Manual for addition information on your particular model.

  • The Service Monitor meter contains a service minder function that utilizes the 4-digit LCD display. 
  • The letters "CHG" will display followed by the letters "OIL" and then followed by the meter accumulated time. 
  • CHG"/"OIL"/TIME will alternate on the display for  five (5) minutes after the meter reaches 50 hours.
  • While the LCD is displaying the "CHG"/"OIL"/TIME letters, the red LED "oil symbol" will also be flashing for the entire five (5) minutes.   

The display will also flash as described above for five (5) minutes every time the tractor has been started during the maintenance time interval. The interval will occur every 50 hours and will be in effect for two (2) hours.
( Example:  this feature will display from hrs., hrs., hrs etc)

THE METER DISPLAY WILL RESET TO NORMAL AUTOMATICALLY, after the reminder maintenance time interval of two (2) hours.There is no method of manually re-setting this Service Monitor gauge.


Ignition switch module, Drive pedal, Systems indicator monitor – Cub Cadet CLT Manuel d&#;utilisation

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Ignition Switch Module


Never leave a running machine

unattended. Always disengage PTO, move
shift lever into neutral position, set parking
brake, stop engine and remove key to prevent
unintended starting.

To start the engine, insert the key into the ignition
switch and turn clockwise to the START position.
Release the key into the NORMAL MOWING MODE
position once the engine has fired.

To stop the engine, turn the ignition key
counterclockwise to the STOP position. See Figure 8.

Figure 8


Prior to operating the tractor, refer to both

Safety Interlock Switches, page 14 and Starting The Engine, page
of this manual for detailed instructions regarding the
Ignition Switch Module and operating the tractor in

Drive Pedal

The drive pedal is located below
the brake pedal on the right front
side of the tractor along the
running board. Depress the drive
pedal with your right foot when
the tractor shift lever is in either
cause the tractor to move.
Ground speed is also controlled
with the drive pedal. The further
down the pedal is depressed, the faster the tractor will
travel. The pedal will return to its original position when
it’s not depressed.


Always set the parking brake when

leaving the tractor unattended.

Systems Indicator Monitor

Your tractor is equipped with either an hour meter or an
ammeter as part of two available system indicator
monitors. Locate the monitor on the left side of your
dash panel and compare it to both shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9

If the Brake light or PTO light illuminates when
attempting to start the unit, proceed as follows:


Depress the brake pedal.


Move PTO (Blade Engage) lever,
or PTO (Blade Engage) knob into the
disengaged (OFF) position.


It is normal for the Oil light and the Battery light

to illuminate while the engine is cranking, but if either
illuminate’s while the engine is running, proceed as


Stop the tractor immediately and check
the crankcase oil level as instructed in
the Engine Operator/Owner
Manual included with your tractor.

BATTERY— The battery is in need of a charge, or the

engine’s charging system is not
generating sufficient amperage. Refer to
the MAINTENANCE section of this manual
for the proper battery charging procedure
or have the charging system checked by
an authorized dealer.

On units so equipped, the ammeter (if so equipped)
measures the electrical output of the engine’s charging
system. Under normal operating conditions, with the
engine at full throttle, the ammeter’s needle should
measure a positive charge.

The hour meter(if so equipped) operates whenever
the engine is running and records the actual hours of
tractor operation.



















Hour Meter

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Located in the center of the tractor's console, the hour

meter operates whenever the engine is running and

records the actual hours of tractor operation. See

Figure 3.








Figure 3

System IndicatorLights

Your tractor is equipped with four indicator lights in the

center of its dash panel. If the Brake light or PTO/Blade

Engage light illuminates when attempting to start the

unit, proceed as follows:


Engage the parking brake.


Engage --

Move the PTO/Blade Engage knob into the

disengaged (OFF) position.

It is normal for the Oil light and the Battery light to

illuminate while the engine is cranking,

but if either

illuminates while the engine is running,

proceed as



Stop the tractor immediately and check the

crankcase oil level as instructed on page

19 of this manual. Add oil as required.


If this light illuminate's while the engine is

running, it indicates that the battery is in

need of a charge OR that the engine's

charging system is not generatingsufficient

amperage. Refer to Batteryon page 22 of

this manual for the properbattery charging

procedure or have theengine's charging

system checked by aCub Cadet dealer.

DeckLift Lever

Found on your tractor's right fender, the deck lift lever is

used to change the height of the cutting deck. To use,

move the lever to the left, then place in the notch best

suited for your application.


BladeEngage Knob

To engage the power to the

cutting deck or other (separately

available) attachments, pull

outward on the PTO/Blade

Engage knob. Push the PTO/

Blade Engage knob inward to

disengage the power to the

cutting deck.

l' J i.Z..I

,&, ,&,




The PTO/Blade Engage knob must be in the

disengaged (OFF) position when starting the engine.



The cruise control

lever is located on

the tractor dash

panel, below the steering wheel. Push the cruise

control lever downward while traveling forward at a

desired speed. While holding the lever down, release

pressure from the drive pedal.

This will engage the cruise control and allow the tractor

to remain at that speed without applying pressure to the

drive pedal. Depress the brake pedal or the drive pedal

to deactivate cruise control. Refer to page 14 for

detailed instructions regarding the cruise control

featu re.


Cruise control can NOT be engaged at the

tractor's fastest ground speed. If the operator should









decelerate to the fastest optimal mowing ground speed.

Parking Brake


To set the parking

brake, fully depress

the brake pedal and

push the parking brake lever down. Hold the lever down

while taking your foot off the brake pedal. Both the

parking lever and the brake pedal will then stay

depressed. To release the parking brake, depress the

brake pedal slightly. The parking brake lever will then

return to its original position.


The parking brake must be set if the operator

leaves the seat with the engine running or the engine

will automatically shut off.

IMPORTANT: Always set the parking brake when

leaving the tractor unattended.


IH Cub Cadet 782 Electrical System Tour

Cub Cadet is a premium line of outdoor power equipment, established in as part of International Harvester. During the s, IH initiated an entirely new line of lawn and garden equipment aimed at the owners rural homes with large yards and private gardens. There were a wide variety of Cub Cadet branded and after-market attachments available; including mowers, blades, snow blowers, front loaders, plows, carts, etc. Cub Cadet advertising at that time harped on their thorough testing by "boys - acknowledged by many as the world's worst destructive force!". Cub Cadets became known for their dependability and rugged construction.

MTD Products, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio purchased the Cub Cadet brand from International Harvester in Cub Cadet was held as a wholly owned subsidiary for many years following this acquisition, which allowed them to operate independently. Recently, MTD has taken a more aggressive role and integrated Cub Cadet into its other lines of power equipment.

This website and forum are not affiliated with or sponsored by MTD Products Inc, which owns the CUB CADET trademarks. It is not an official MTD Products Inc, website, and MTD Products Inc, is not responsible for any of its content. The official MTD Products Inc, website can be found at: The information and opinions expressed on this website are the responsibility of the website's owner and/or it's members, and do not represent the opinions of MTD Products Inc. IH, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER are registered trademark of CNH America LLC

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System cub indicator monitor cadet

Controls & features, Systems indicator monitor/ hour meter – Cub Cadet I User Manual

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Controls & Features



Hood Lift Notch

Key Switch Module

PTO (Blade Engage)

Control Switch

Forward Control Pedal

Reverse Control Pedal

Parking Brake Lever

Deck Lift Lever

Fuel Fill Cap

Hydro Transmission

Bypass Rods

Fuel Level Window

Seat Adjustment Lever

Cup Holder

Cargo Net

Brake Pedal

Choke Control Knob

Throttle Control

Systems Indicator

Monitor/Hour Meter


NOTE: Any reference in this manual to the RIGHT or LEFT side of

the tractor is observed from operator’s position.

Systems Indicator Monitor/

Hour Meter

Your tractor is equipped with

a Systems Indicator Monitor as

shown in Figure 5. The monitor

records the accumulated hours of

tractor operation, and displays the

information on the LCD hour meter

display (tenths of an hour - right

most digit). The monitor also has four indicator lights that show

the status of various functions of the tractor.

HOURS 1/10








The system indicator monitor features are as follows:

LCD Hour Meter Display
The hour meter display is activated when the key switch is turned

to either the “NORMAL MOWING” or the “REVERSE CAUTION

MODE” switch positions. When the key switch is turned to an on

position, the battery indicator light briefly illuminates and the

battery voltage is briefly displayed. The display then changes to

the accumulated hours.
NOTE: A record of the actual hours of operation should be kept

to assure maintenance procedures are completed according to

the schedule in this manual.
The Indicator Monitor will also remind the operator of

maintenance intervals for changing the engine oil. The LCD will

alternately flash the recorded hours, “CHG” and “OIL” for five

minutes, after every 50 hours of recorded operation elapse. The

maintenance interval lasts for two hours (from , ,

, etc.). The LCD will flash as described for five minutes

every time the tractor’s engine is started during this maintenance

interval. Follow the oil change intervals provided in the engine


FIXED: Mower Will Not Start - Safety Switch Diagnosis and Repair - Cub Cadet RTZ ZTR

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