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Bungie has shared new details about this year's Festival of the Lost, an event in Destiny 2 that falls around the time of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. This year's event starts next Tuesday, October 12, and we've now learned a bit about what to expect.

The latest This Week At Bungie post previewed the Festival of the Lost's new reward, the Calavera Ghost shell. The Calavera Ghost shell was created by artist Luis Yepez. Luis was born in Mexico City and later moved to the United States to learn 3D art mainly because he wanted to make games.

Calavera Ghost Shell Design

Luis explained that Bungie reached out to him because of his Trixels art series and that he was excited because he's been a Destiny fan for years. The Trixels art is Dia de los Muertos-inspired, where he modeled stylized animals and painted over them. He explained that it was "similar to alebrijes." Alebrijes are Mexican folk sculptures vibrantly painted with numerous designs and patterns. When describing his Trixels artwork he said, "The one common thread is a lot of color and skulls." The Calavera Ghost shell is multi-colored, painted in fanciful designs and skulls as well.

Bungie highlighted the similarities between Festival of the Lost and Dia de los Muertos because people celebrate and remember their loved ones that passed away. The post added that diversity and representation are important in Destiny 2.

Also, Bungie didn't specify the activities and additional rewards in the event. A Season of the Lost roadmap previously mentioned that Festival of the Lost will have Masks and Candy as usual. It also mentioned that there will be a Haunted Sector Activity instead of the Haunted Infinite Forest. With Mercury in the Destiny Content Vault, Lost Sectors most likely have taken its place.

Players can get the Calavera Ghost shell with Silver or when it's available for purchase with Bright Dust during Festival of the Lost. The post also included this week's patch notes for Grandmaster Nightfalls and cross-play UI.

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

Sours: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/festival-of-the-lost-returns-to-destinywith-a-new-dia-de-los-muertos-inspired-ghost-shell//

Destiny 2: Everything You Need To Know About Ghost Shells

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Ghost Shells were just one of many things Bungie changed with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Instead of having fixed rolls set by the developers, Bungie has given Ghost Shells the Armor treatment.

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Instead of waiting for a well-rolled Ghost Shell to go on sale, Guardians can now use whichever shell looks the best and mod it to suit their playstyle. These Ghost Shells can be a massive timesaver for certain players thanks to their quality of life perks. For those looking to improve their Destiny 2 experience, here is a complete guide to getting the most out of your Ghost in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Updated August 25th, , by Charles Burgar: Ghost Shells have seen some new additions since Beyond Light was released. By far the most impactful addition has been the release of Armorer mods. These mods allow you to focus all armor drops you receive, forcing them to drop with specific stats like Recovery or Intellect. We've updated this guide to include the various Ghost Mods that have been released in Year 4. We've also made some organizational changes to make the article easier to navigate.

What Are Ghost Shells?

Ghost Shells are unique cosmetic items that change the appearance of your Ghost. As with any other item in Destiny 2, they come in five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic. Using an Exotic Ghost Shell does not prevent you from using an Exotic weapon or armor piece.

Most Ghost Shells are acquired from Eververse either from her storefront or through Bright Engrams. However, there are a few Ghost Shells that are earned through events or pinnacle activities. Once you have obtained a certain type of Ghost Shell, you can reobtain it from your Collections menu under the Equipment tab.

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Ghost Shell Mods

Destiny 2: Beyond Light gave Ghost Shells the Armor treatment by making them upgradeable items that can equip unique Ghost mods. This change allows any Ghost Shell to grant passive benefits of your choosing. These bonuses are quality of life improvements such as marking nearby treasure chests or granting bonus experience.

There are four types of Ghost Shell mods:

  1. Experience mods
  2. Tracking mods
  3. Economic mods
  4. Activity Ghost mods

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How To Obtain Ghost Shell Mods

As with most armor mods, Ghost Shell mods are obtained from virtually every loot source in Destiny 2. Many generic Ghost Shell mods can be earned through world engrams. More specific mods that involve certain activities can be obtained from their respective activity vendor.

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For example, those that want to obtain Activity Ghost Shell Mods that focus on the Crucible should see Shaxx in the Tower and redeem their engram rewards. These engrams have a high chance of giving you Crucible-themed Activity mods.

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Masterworking Your Ghost

Upgrading Ghost Shells will offer you a higher mod energy pool to work with, similar to how armor works. Ghost Shells are unique in that every rarity type can be Masterworked, even Commons.

Every upgrade a Ghost Shell receives grants it one extra point to work with. Ghost Shells can be upgraded to a maximum of rank ten, wherein they will be classified as Masterworked. Masterworked Ghost Shells not only have ten energy to allocate, but they also have a fourth Mod slot unlocked named the Activity mod slot.

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Experience Ghost Mods

The first mod slot every Ghost has access to is the Experience Ghost mod slot. As one would expect, these Mods grant a global experience bonus to everything you do. Previous XP Ghost Shell mods such as Guiding Light have migrated to this slot.

These are all of the mods you can use in this slot:

Flickering Light1 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 2%.
Little Light2 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 4%.
Hopeful Light3 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 6%.
Burning Light4 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 8%.
Guiding Light5 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 10%.
Blinding Light


6 EnergyIncrease XP gains by 12%.

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Tracking Ghost Mods

Tracking mods focus on marking resources and treasure chests on the player's HUD. Tracked items will have a unique icon appear above them when the player gets near them. The resources tracked and the radius before detection are both determined by mod type.

Tracker Ghost Mods

Loot Seeker1 EnergyDetects caches within a meter range.
Prize Pursuant2 EnergyDetects caches within a meter range.
Cache Finder3 EnergyDetects caches within a meter range.
Treasure Hunter4 EnergyDetects caches within a meter range.
Expert Tracker


5 EnergyDetects caches within a meter range.

Resource Detector Ghost Mods

Destabilized Resource Detector1 EnergyDetects resources within a meter range.
Makeshift Resource Detector2 EnergyDetects resources within a meter range.
Stable Resource Detector3 EnergyDetects resources within a meter range.
Enhanced Resource Detector4 EnergyDetects resources within a meter range.
Perfected Resource Detector


5 EnergyDetects resources within a meter range.

Combo Detector Ghost Mods

Combo Detector5 EnergyDetects caches or resources within a meter range.
Wombo Detector6 EnergyDetects caches or resources within a meter range.

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Economic Ghost Mods

Economic Ghost mods focus on granting you increased Glimmer gains, providing you with gunsmith telemetry on final blows, forcing armor to drop with certain stats, and granting you increased loot from public events and planetary resources.

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Glimmer Ghost Mods

Meager Glimmer Booster1 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 5%.
Standard Glimmer Booster2 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 10%.
Considerable Glimmer Booster3 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 20%.
Prodigious Glimmer Booster4 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 35%.
Supercharged Glimmer Booster5 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 50%.
Ultimate Glimmer Booster


6 EnergyIncreases Glimmer gains by 65%.

Gunsmith Telemetry Ghost Mods

Despite what the description implies, all of these mods have a chance to generate telemetry on kills; it is not guaranteed.

Arc Analyzer1 EnergyGenerate gunsmith telemetry data on Arc weapon final blows.
Solar Analyzer1 EnergyGenerate gunsmith telemetry data on Solar weapon final blows.
Void Analyzer1 EnergyGenerate gunsmith telemetry data on Void weapon final blows.
Omni-Telemetry3 EnergyGenerate gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon final blow.
Banshee Special5 EnergyGenerate gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon final blow at an increased rate.

Armorer/Stat-Focusing Ghost Mods

While an Armorer mod is equipped, all armor you grab will roll with at least ten in a given stat, usually much higher.

Mobility Armorer3 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Mobility, and are more likely to drop with higher Mobility.
Resilience Armorer2 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Resilience, and are more likely to drop with higher Resilience.
Recovery Armorer4 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Recovery, and are more likely to drop with higher Recovery.
Discipline Armorer3 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Discipline, and are more likely to drop with higher Discipline.
Intellect Armorer4 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Intellect, and are more likely to drop with higher Intellect.
Strength Armorer3 EnergyArmor pieces with random stats you acquire will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Strength, and are more likely to drop with higher Strength.

Bonus Loot Ghost Mods

Two mods also grant bonus loot on certain conditions:

Bountiful Harvest3 EnergyChance to obtain additional resources when harvesting.
Public Defender5 EnergyIncreased loot from public events on all destinations.

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Activity Ghost Mods

Activity Ghost mods modify a core activity's loot pool to increase the chance of additional loot dropping. This mod slot is only unlocked when you Masterwork your currently-equipped Ghost Shell.

These mods have a separate version for three core activities: strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. For mods with different conditions to activate, wins always refer to Crucible and Gambit, while completions refer to Vanguard strikes and Nightfalls.

Activity Completion Loot Ghost Mods



2 Energy[Activity type wins/completions] have a chance to award destination materials.
Prosperity3 Energy[Activity type wins/completions] have a chance to drop an additional piece of Legendary gear.


4 Energy[Activity type] has a chance to award an Upgrade Module.

Core Harvest Ghost Mods

Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit have unique Core Harvest mods you can earn. They are listed below.

Lesser Core Harvest (Crucible)


4 EnergyPrecision final blows in Crucible have a chance to award an Enhancement Core.
Greater Core Harvest (Crucible)


6 EnergyPrecision final blows in Crucible have a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.
Lesser Core Harvest (Gambit)


4 EnergyDefeating invaders in Gambit has a chance to award an Enhancement Core.
Greater Core Harvest (Gambit)


6 EnergyDefeating invaders in Gambit has a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.
Lesser Core Harvest (Vanguard)


4 EnergyDefeating bosses in Vanguard playlist strikes or Nightfalls has a chance to award an Enhancement Core.
Greater Core Harvest (Vanguard)


6 EnergyDefeating bosses in Vanguard playlist strikes or Nightfalls has a chance to award an Enhancement Prism.

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Written by: Brandon Hubbell

Today we’ll be coming back towards some of the aesthetics/cosmetics for Destiny 2, this time for Ghost Shells. Now, I for one am all for good aesthetics in a game; especially in RPGs or those that allow 3rd Person View. Now, depending on your style or preference Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 can be pretty flashy and sparkly or grungy and grimey. Like I said, all about your style or preference. So it gives you plenty of different variations of Ghost Shells to choose from. Once you earn, buy, find or unlock them!  

As we all know Destiny 2 has a bunch of little goodies hidden around in the Solar System, from enemy caches, treasure chests, leveling-up rewards, Raid/quest rewards, Crucible rewards or just buying them from The Eververse! They’re everywhere for you to find my friends so get on out there Guardians!


Eyeball Shell

Up top at number Ten is the Legendary Ghost Shell, the Eyeball Shell. It’s obtainable from Bright Engrams and it has no Intrinsic or regular Perks just slots you can equip Mods to.


9. Knight’s Peace Shell

Next up on today’s list at number 9 is the Exotic Ghost Shell, the Knight’s Peace; obtained by completing Trials tickets and earn rank-up packages from the Emissary of The Nine. It has two Exotic Intrinsic Perks, Guiding Light that gives an increased 10% gain to ALL XP and Omni-Telemetry which generates Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kill.


8. Peerless Presicion Shell

Number 8 brings us Peerless Presicion Shell, an Exotic Ghost Shell that looks like it could’ve been inspired by the Halo game series. It’s Exotic Intrinsic Perks are Omni-Telemetry (see back to Knight’s Peace Shell) and Speed Demon which makes your vehicles takes less time to summon and reloads your weapons while you ride. It is also obtainable through Bright Engrams.


7. Alchemical Dawn Shell

Our next Exotic Ghost Shell at number 7 is the Alchemical Dawn Shell; a Ghost Shell that is easily obtained by completing Crucible matches and receiving rank-up packages from Shaxx. It’s Exotic Intrinsic Perks are Banshee’s Favorite allowing any elemental weapon kills to generate Gunsmith telemetry data at an increased rated, Vangaurd Scanner &  Crucible Scanner granting you a chance to obtain additional fact consumables in Strikes and the Crucible.


6. Predator Sun Shell

Coming in at number 6 is the Exotic Ghost Shell, Predator Sun Shell; obtainable through Bright Engrams with Exotic Intrinsic Perks Omni-Telemetry (see number 9 for it’s description) and Public Defender that gives increased loot from public events on all destinations.


5.  Rust Punk Shell

At the halfway point at number 5 is the Exotic Ghost Shell, Rust Punk Shell; obtainable through Bright Engrams. It also has the Exotic Intrinsic Perk Omni-Telemetry (see number 9) but also Treasure Hunter that detects cache within a meter range and increases Glimmer gain.


4. Starlight Shell

At number 4 is our final Legendary Ghost Shell, the Starlight Shell; obtained by completeing activities in the Dreaming City and has no perks on it except from Mods you equip. 


3. Cosmos Shell

In the Top 3 at number 3 is the Exotic Ghost Shell, the Cosmos Shell; obtainable through Bright Engrams and has the Exotic Intrinsic Perks Omni-Telemetry and Guiding Light which you can see the descriptions up at number 9.


2. Sagira’s Shell

Bringing it at number 2 is the Exotic Ghost Shell, Sagira’s Shell; obtained by completing Osiris’s Lost Prophcies on Mercury. It has three Exotic Intrinsic Perks; one of which is yet again, Omni-Telemetry but the others are You’re Welcome that detects caches and resources within a meter range on Mercury and Scion of Mercury that gives increased Glimmer and a chance to obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury.


1. Sanctified Vigilance

At the top of our list is the final Exotic Ghost Shell, Sanctified Vigilance Shell; obtainable through Bright Engrams and also has the Exotic Intrinsic Perks Omni-Telemetry and Public Defender which you can see the descriptions at numbers 9 and  6.

Sours: https://qtoptens.com/best-ghost-shells-destiny-2/
Taken Ghost Easter Egg ? - The Taken King Raid Ghost Shell !

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Destiny 2: How To Build The Perfect Ghost Shell!

Ghost Shells

IconShell NameDescriptionAvailabilityRarity Amalgam Shell.jpgAmalgam ShellFor Ghosts whose Guardians have stood against SIVA.From Wrath of the Machine, Hard mode.Legendary Destiny Amethyst Shell.jpgAmethyst ShellFor Ghosts who are fond of the Reef.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Bellicose Shell.jpgBellicose ShellFor Ghosts who profess allegiance to the Future War Cult.Purchase from Lakshmi-2, reward from Future War Cult packagesLegendary Destiny Blue Spine Shell.jpgBlue Spine ShellFor Ghosts with a sharp tongue.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Destiny Bold Red Shell.jpgBold Red ShellFor Ghosts who aren't afraid to make themselves a target.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Brave Shell.jpgBrave ShellFor Ghosts who have been there since the beginning.Reach level 30 with one character or own both The Dark Below and House of Wolves before August 31, Legendary Destiny Competitive Shell.jpgCompetitive ShellFor Ghosts who stood with their Guardians as they became champions of the Crucible.Purchase from Lord ShaxxLegendary Destiny Consensus Shell.jpgConsensus ShellGhosts who give testimony before the City's great Consensus often remake their shells in this traditional form.Legendary Destiny Crimson Shell.jpgCrimson ShellFor Ghosts who want a little glamour.Random drop in Crimson DaysLegendary Crucible Shell.jpgCrucible ShellFor Ghosts whose Guardians have undergone Lord Shaxx's strenuous training.Purchase from Lord ShaxxLegendary Deviled Shell.jpgDeviled ShellFor Ghosts who taste better with a sprinkle of paprika. Festival of the Lost ItemLegendary Destiny Ghost Ghost Shell.jpgGhost Ghost ShellFor Ghosts who prefer to go in disguise. Festival of the Lost ItemLegendary Diaspora Shell.jpgDiaspora ShellFor Ghosts who believe that Earth is a Dead Orbit.Purchase from Arach Jalaal, reward from Dead Orbit packagesLegendary Destiny Dread Explorer Shell.jpgDread Explorer ShellFor Ghosts who scouted the Dreadnaught and lived to tell the tale.Complete the QuestThe Legion's BeachheadLegendary Exile Shell.jpgExile ShellFor Ghosts who follow the burning path of Osiris.Trials of Osiris random loot.Legendary Destiny Frontier Shell.pngFrontier ShellTough, rugged, and defiantly colored - ready to brave the high frontier. Ghosts can self-modify at will.Purchase the Destiny Limited Edition or Destiny Ghost EditionLegendary Destiny Foundry Shell.jpgFoundry ShellCity's artisans welcome the deep memories and painstaking finesse of the Ghosts.Legendary Destiny Generalist Shell.pngGeneralist ShellBorn from the Traveler, built of machinery and Light, the Ghost is your companion and faithful guide.Default Ghost Shell available to all charactersCommon Infection Shell.jpgInfection ShellFor Ghosts who have come in contact with ancient powers.Wrath of the Machine, Normal mode.Legendary Destiny Ishtar Shell.jpgIshtar ShellFor Ghosts who have forged new paths on Venus.Uncommon Destiny Iron Shell.jpgIron ShellFor Ghosts who are forged in battle.Reach rank 5 in the Iron BannerLegendary Iron Song Shell.jpgIron Song ShellFor Ghosts who have lent their voices to the song of the Iron Banner.Reach rank 6 in the Rise of Iron Record BookLegendary Ironwolf Shell.jpgIronwolf ShellFor Ghosts whose Guardians have acquitted themselves beneath the Iron Banner.Iron Banner (Year 3).Legendary Destiny Intrusion Shell.jpgIntrusion ShellRigged for eavesdropping, surveillance, and intrusion into unfriendly networks. Ghosts can self-modify at will.Legendary Destiny Joyride Shell.jpgJoyride ShellFor Ghosts that like to feel the wind on their casings.Complete the Quest Make the Vanguard Smile, via the Red Bull Quest promotionRare Destiny Kingslayer Shell.jpgKingslayer ShellFor Ghosts who were there when Oryx fell.Random drop in the King's FallRaidLegendary Destiny Mare Cognitum Shell.jpgMare Cognitum ShellFor Ghosts who have forged new paths on the Moon.Uncommon Destiny Meridian Shell.jpgMeridian ShellFor Ghosts who have forged new paths on Mars.Uncommon Destiny Metropolitan Shell.jpgMetropolitan ShellFor a Ghost of the Last City.Uncommon Destiny Pale Dawn Shell.jpgPale Dawn ShellFor Ghosts who trust in the Light.Rare Destiny Purple Spine Shell.jpgPurple Spine ShellFor Ghosts with a "prickly" personality.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Destiny Pursuer Shell.jpgPursuer ShellFor Ghosts who are always chasing the next challenge.Legendary Destiny Questing Shell.jpgQuesting ShellFor Ghosts who love adventure.Legendary Destiny Redux Shell.jpgRedux ShellFor Ghosts who favor a new take on a classic look.Uncommon Destiny Scholar Shell.jpgScholar ShellFor Ghosts who have contributed to the City's knowledge.Legendary Senator Shell.jpgSenator ShellFor Ghosts who envision a Last City ruled by a New Monarchy.Purchase from Executor Hideo, reward from New Monarchy packagesLegendary Destiny Shipwright Shell.jpgShipwright ShellSometimes the best way to troubleshoot a faulty NLS drive is to dive in and get your shell dirty.Legendary Destiny Skywatch Shell.jpgSkywatch ShellFor Ghosts who have forged new paths in the Cosmodrome.Uncommon Destiny Standard Shell.jpgStandard ShellFor Ghosts who prefer the classics.Uncommon Destiny Sugary Shell.jpgSugary ShellFor Ghosts who enjoy the sweet taste of Crucible victories.Random drop in Crimson DaysLegendary Destiny Sunlit Shell.jpgSunlit ShellFor Ghosts who believe.Reward from Trials of OsirisLegendary Towerwatch Shell.jpgTowerwatch ShellFor Ghosts who serve the Vanguard.Purchase from Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, or ZavalaLegendary Destiny Turquoise Shell.jpgTurquoise ShellFor Ghosts with bright personalities.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Destiny Vanguard Shell.jpgVanguard ShellFor Ghosts who have proven themselves as leaders in the field time and time again.Purchase from the VanguardLegendary Destiny Verdant Shell.jpgVerdant ShellFor Ghosts looking to brighten their Guardian's day.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare Destiny Weathered Shell.jpgWeathered ShellFor Ghosts who have braved the elements.Uncommon Destiny Winter Sky Shell.jpgWinter Sky ShellFor Ghosts who feel blue.Purchase from the Speaker, random dropRare
Sours: https://www.destinypedia.com/Ghost_Shells

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Destiny 2: Top 20 Best Ghost Shells, Ranked

Few things represent our personalities in Destiny 2 like the ghost shell we decide to put on our interstellar navigator… plus whatever colors we choose too.

Spend enough time with a Ghost you like and you won’t want to leave their side.

But choosing a shell for your floating companion is more than purely aesthetic. There are traits to consider, and of course, just how hard each one is to get.

You may love a shell, but grind for it for a couple of days and the love will fade away.

To help any struggling guardians looking for the most stylish and practical shell they can cover their disembodied guiding voice with, I’ve come up with the ultimate rankings list. Browse along and see what grabs your attention, I’m sure there will be something here you just can’t pass over.

Generalist Shell

Generalist Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: All characters created after the New Light update get this shell during the tutorial mission; it’s the one equipped on your Ghost by default.

While not the most unique or powerful of the Ghost Shells, it’s hard to deny the unassuming appeal of your first shell.

It’s compact, it’s practical, what else do you need?

Regrettably, it’s a terrible shell in terms of traits. And by that I mean it has none.

Couldn’t they at least give it Speed Demon or something?


Peerless Precision Shell

Peerless Precision Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This Exotic shell used to drop from Steadfast Engrams in Season 4.

If your aim is to never miss a shot, there’s nothing more representative than this target-looking Ghost Shell.

As its description says, it’s a shell “for Ghosts who never lose sight of their target”.

To help you in your endeavor to become a peerless, precise shooter, this shell has a couple of useful traits, along with a random mod.

Omni-Telemetry lets you produce Weapon Telemetry with all types of weapons, and Speed Demon makes your Sparrow spawn faster and reload your weapons as you ride.


Lunar Shell

Lunar Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: Keep an eye on the Eververse, and buy this whenever you see it on sale. Worth it!

One of the most interesting-looking shells available for Guardians is the Lunar Shell, an Exotic that looks more like a witch’s crystal ball or a Piece of Eden than a shell

But that’s perfectly fitting into Destiny’s universe of techno-mysticism.

The Lunar Shell has one of the most valuable traits you can get on a Ghost Shell, Guiding Light, which gives you an invaluable 10% XP bonus that you&#;ll love when grinding seasonal rewards.

It also provides the Speed Demon bonus and another random mod.


Eyeball Shell

Eyeball Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This shell may drop from any Bright Engrams you get your hands on.

Not to be confused with the considerably more eyeball-looking Okular Fortitude Shell (also a pretty solid Ghost Shell), this item has a spherical design reminiscent of something Portal’s Aperture Science might produce.

Unlike other shells with set bonuses, the Eyeball Shell provides two random bonuses.

So you could have two of them that are entirely different from each other. Neat!


Knight’s Peace Shell

Knight’s Peace Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This used to be a reward from going Flawless in the Trials of the Nine back during the Warmind season.

The Knight’s Peace Shell shines bright like a diamond and claims a place as one of the prettiest ghost shells in D2.

Along with Omni-Telemetry so you can produce Weapon Telemetry for Banshee, this Exotic shell has the excellent Guiding Light trait and a random mod from a pool of cache and resource detectors for different destinations like Io or the EDZ.


Star Map Shell

Star Map Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This shell used to drop from Illuminated Engrams during the Curse of Osiris season.

In accordance with its name and description, this shell has a dark blue color with luminous accents reminiscent of the night sky.

If you’re the kind of Guardian who wants to chart the stars, you can’t go wrong with the Star Map Shell.

It’s one of the few shells with the Treasure Hunter trait, which detects caches within 50m in any location and increases Glimmer gain. Amazing whenever you’re grinding for resources.

Otherwise, it has the Omni-Telemetry ability and a random mod that’ll give you additional faction consumables in one of several possible destinations.


Alchemical Dawn

Alchemical Dawn Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: You’ll get this unique shell from completing Crucible matches and earning rank-up packages from Lord Shaxx.

According to its description, this Exotic Ghost Shell is ideal “for Ghosts who are ready to see fire rain”. Bad ass.

The Banshee’s Favorite trait will help you generate Telemetry at a faster rate than usual from any kills you get with Energy weapons.

It also has the Vanguard and Crucible Scanners, which net you more faction consumables during such activities, and a random Scanner mod for one of the game’s many destinations.


Starlight Shell

Starlight Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: Despite drop rates being abysmally low, this shell can be obtained from completing activities in the Dreaming City, chief among them the Ascendant Challenge.

This rough-looking steel shell offers two entirely random mods.

As such, it may seem weird to give it such a high spot on our ranking, but being able to farm it statistically guarantees you’ll get a good roll eventually.


Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell

Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This Legendary shell used to be available as a pre-order benefit only, but can now be acquired from Lord Shaxx at the cost of some Legendary Shards.

This is one of those items you get exclusively to brag to other Guardians about your prowess in the Crucible and overall badassery.

Not only does it track your total kills in both Vanguard and Crucible activities, but it also provides two random mods.

If you’re lucky, one of them will give you 10% extra XP in the Crucible.

It looks great in its default blue and orange color, but this shell takes wonderfully to most shaders too. The possibilities are endless.


Constricting Shell

Constricting Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This Legendary shell is part of the Eververse’s Season of the Worthy merchandise, and can only be bought from that store.

Featuring an amazing design depicting a snake organically wrapped around the shell and the Hunters’ logo on the back, this is easily one of the coolest ghost shells for anyone proud of their Hunter heritage.

In addition to Speed Demon and a random mod, this shell gives you access to the Public Defender trait which considerably increases loot from public events.

This can make grinding them quite profitable.


Rust Punk Shell

Rust Punk Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: Can\ be found in both Nostalgic and Etched Engrams, which you’ll have to take to Tess Everis at the Eververse shop to decrypt.

If you’re going for a steampunk-themed Guardian look, you can’t go wrong with this rusty-looking shell.

That said, what ultimately elevates this ghost shell is definitely the Treasure Hunter trait. It’s incredibly useful and quite uncommon.


9. Sanctified Vigilance

Sanctified Vigilance Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: Used to drop from Fond Memories Engrams decrypted at Eververse during the Season of the Dawn.

This intricately ornamental black shell with golden accents is perfect for Guardians who don’t mind looking too elegant for any occasion.

Public Defender is easily this shell’s most valuable feature, along with Omni-Telemetry and a random mod.


8. Crimson Shell

Crimson Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This Ghost Shell was available for purchase from the Eververse during the Crimson Days (St. Valentine’s Day) celebration, in Season of the Dawn.

Edgy Guardians will feel naturally drawn to this Exotic shell’s pointy edges and menacing red-tinted glow.

In terms of bonuses, it has the super-valuable Guiding Light for 10% more XP from all sources, and Banshee’s Favorite is always useful to grind Weaponsmith rewards.

It also provides an extra random mod.


7. Predator Sun Shell

Predator Sun Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This Exotic drops from Solstice Engrams, only available from Tess Everis during the Solstice of Heroes event.

There are few other Ghost Shells with such a dark, ominous-looking design.

It&#;s reminiscent of a black sun with ritualistic meaning, which makes it perfect for Guardians with an interest in the occult.

Luckily for all macabre-enthusiast Guardians, the Predator Sun Shell isn’t only appealing but useful thanks to Public Defender increasing Public Event rewards, a random mod, and Omni-Telemetry like most other top-tier shells.


6. Traitor Primus Shell

Traitor Primus Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: The Traitor Primus Shell is part of the seasonal Eververse merchandise from the Season of the Dawn.

Described as being perfect “for Ghosts who know only endless ambition”, this shell has an intimidating look that’s also literally among the largest.

It doesn’t even fit in the item’s picture!

Like many other shells, this one enables your Ghost to produce more Weapon Telemetry thanks to the Omni-Telemetry trait.

In addition it has the Public Defender trait, which makes it ideal for farming Public Events, and a random mod.


5. Contender’s Shell

Contender’s Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This shell can only be obtained by running the Leviathan raid.

While your ghost will look like a Smartphone in a protective case rather than a mystical aspect of the Traveler, this shell is an absolute must if you’re farming equipment from the Leviathan Raid.

In addition to tracking the number of times you’ve done the raid, its Seeker of Brilliance trait enables Bright Engrams to drop in the last chest.

Plus on top of that, Seeker of Opulence makes all Exotic drops from Leviathan 50% more likely to be Year 1 Exotics you don’t already own.


4. Cosmos Shell

Cosmos Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This old-timey shell used to drop from Bright Engrams in Season 2.

Humans have always marveled at the majesty of the universe around them and its mysteries, and this didn’t change with the arrival of the Traveler and subsequent rise of the Guardians.

This is ideal to show your love for the cosmos by encasing your Ghost in the shining stars.

The Guiding Light trait used to be exclusive to the Cosmos Shell, and it remains its most appealing feature, as you just can’t beat a 10% increase in XP gain.

It also has Omni-Telemetry and a random mod which will help you find resource caches in one of the game’s planets.


3. Almost Mighty Shell

Almost Mighty Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This shell is part of the Eververse’s wares during the Season of the Worthy.

Easily the funniest shell in the entire game is this Exotic from Season

It’s a parody of the Almighty, the Red Legion’s system-destroying superweapon… except it’s just a ball with two measuring sticks attached to it.

Thought you were getting an Almighty shell? Well, you thought wrong.

Ironically with the Treasure Hunter and Banshee’s Favorite traits, this is actually a pretty mighty Ghost Shell, and one that you shouldn’t pass up if you see it in the Eververse.


2. Sagira’s Shell

Sagira’s Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: Get this amazing shell by completing all 11 of Osiris’ Lost Prophecies for Brother Vance while on Mercury.

A fan-favorite for its connection to Osiris’ witty and loyal companion, Sagira’s Shell looks just like the legendary Guardian’s Ghost.

While both of its traits are region-locked to Mercury, they remain incredibly useful, increasing glimmer and faction consumable acquisition, as well as revealing caches and resources in a 75m radius.

If only this also made your Ghost sound like Sagira&#;


1. Omolon Shell

Omolon Shell Destiny 2 Ghost Shells

Obtained: This shell was added to the Eververse’s wares during Season of the Dawn.

The Omolon Shell is the only one in the entire game bringing together both the Guiding Light and Treasure Hunter traits, arguably the best you can get on a shell.

That said, I think it’s fair to say what makes this shell so exceptional is that it looks exactly like a Pokéball if you use the Crucible Vermillion shader on it.

Just imagine how much clout you’d have rocking this!

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