Guider to the eternal edge

Guider to the eternal edge DEFAULT

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Skilled in many fields of physical combat, being capable of&#;wresting, grappling, Kung Fu, and many military styles), Weapon Mastery (Capable of utilizing many variety of weapons, such as swords, axes, guns,&#;staffs and even non-fighting objects like musical instruments or literal fishes), Elemental Manipulation (More specifically, control over the elements of Water, Ice, Fire&#;&#;Earth,&#;Electricity,&#;Light, and&#;Darkness), Magic (Through The Wizard, Sorcerer, Hermit and Warlock Class. These classes utilize magic to its most effective, however Gran has access to Magic in general), Energy Manipulation (Aether Blast and several other techniques achieved through channeling magic allows Gran to fire raw energy that's magical in nature), Statistics Amplication & Reduction (A variety of classes achieve this, however The Enhancer class set focuses on buffing the user and their party, in addition to debuffing opponents), Time Manipulation (Delay causes time to slow down for opponents, halting their attack and making them much slower), Gravity Manipulation (Gravity allows Gran to bind his opponents through intense gravitional forces), Life-Force Absorption (Drain focuses on sapping the very life essence of opponents, whether it be through basic attacks or outright using life absorbing abilities), Ki Manipulation (Fighters can utilize Ki, the inner energy emanated from one's self and project this force offensively. Also can use this for greater defense), Healing, Aura (Priests are skilled in the arte of restorting health to themselves or other partners. This extends to fully healing one's own self to casting an aura that dispells of demonic forces), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation (Clerics harness the power of light in order to direct it at opponents. This extends to also weakening and even destroying unholy forces), Ressurection (Bishops have the ability to revive fallen allys and even themselves if needed. manifesting any of the ten Revenant Weapons and even all of them from thin air, can fully utilize their power and command them for offensive purposes simply via gestures;&#;While Conqueror of the Eternals's Revenant Weapons has blue glows and creates strong impact effects, Guider to the Eternal Edge's incarnations has purple glows and create powerful explosions upon impact, implied to be far stronger than the weapons's original awakened state), Electricity Manipulation (Emits electricity naturally and can also project it),&#;Teleportation&#;(Gran can teleport a short distance to position himself for Reginleiv: Azimuth&#;and Reginleiv: Zenith), Body Puppetry (Can make an ally copy their exact moves), Empathic Manipulation (Capable of altering the emotions of his opponents or allies), Transmutation (Can turn beings into other objects), Barrier Creation (Can construct barriers that can take limited damage before fading away), Invulnerability (Temporarily becomes invulernable through several skills)

Space-Time Manipulation (Weapons such as The Two-Crown Bow can fire through space and time, even being able to place holes in them.In addition, can alter the environment to his will and create bizerre occurences), Probability Manipulation (The Storyteller increases the probability of Gran hitting his opponent by %, even stating that one can never miss through this weapon. In addition,&#;Original Sin&#;causes those who are hit with it to experience supernatural misfortune), Adaptation (Guardian's Xiphos&#;allows Gran to adapt and fight in any environment or battlefield), Enhanced Barrier Creation (Ecke Sachs&#;passively projects the user from attacks through it's&#;seven inlaid jewels),&#;&#;Life Manipulation, Plant Manipulation&#;(Capable of transforming the environment with life energy, even being able to allow&#;plants to grow&#;with mere swings),&#;Absorption&#;(Capable of consuming&#;hearts&#;of others; In reference to the soul and mind), BFR (Can send people to The Stars, The Void and many other places), Explosion Manipulation (Through Bombs)

  • Through Summons, The Captain gains: Disease Manipulation,&#;Soul Manipulation,&#;Fate Manipulation,&#;Madness Manipulation,&#;Clairvoyance,&#;Chaos Manipulation,&#;Existence Erasure,&#;Mind Manipulation,&#;Dream Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation,&#;Death Manipulation,&#;Purification,&#;Illusion Creation,&#;Memory Manipulation,&#;Sealing,&#;Telepathy,&#;Madness Manipulation,&#;&#;Immortality&#;(Type 4 and 5),&#;Necromancy,&#;Duplication,&#;&#;Vibration Manipulation,&#;Space-Time Manipulation,&#;Heat Manipulation,&#;Magma Manipulation,&#;&#;Corrosion Inducement,&#;Plant Manipulation,&#;Power Bestowal,&#;Weapon Creation,&#;Blood Manipulation,&#;Probability Manipulation,&#;Portal Creation,&#;Creation,&#;Chain Manipulation,&#;Absolute Zero,&#;Information Analysis,&#;Petrification,&#;Causality Manipulation&#;and&#;Power Mimicry&#;


Path to Supremacy

Guider to the Eternal Edge

After becoming a master of several armaments, (Captain) is invited once again to the Eternals' headquarters. All ten Eternals have gathered on the island to share their commendations before engaging in combat with the captain. Left with no choice, (Captain) takes the Eternals head-on in a battle for the ages.

(Captain) has journeyed far and wide across the skies, continuing to master the usage of many weapons along the way.

One day, the captain gets an invitation from Seofon to meet at the Eternals' headquarters.

(Captain) travels to the island and finds all ten members of the Eternals waiting.

Despite seeing the familiar faces, (Captain) can't help but feel an intensity in the air before Seofon opens his mouth to speak.

Seofon: Yo! Thanks for coming out today, (Captain).

Seofon: And congrats on awakening the revenant weapons. You're really something.

Seofon: No longer a jack, but a true master of all trades.

(Captain) nods firmly in response.

Seofon: I'm just gonna go ahead and say it—you're gonna fight us right here, right now.

(Captain) is reluctant, countering with the notion that there is no reason for them to fight.

Seofon: That's true You may not have any particular reason to fight us.

Seofon: However! We have our reasons to fight you.

Seofon: The ten of us are gathered today for you, just like we did for that party last time.

Seofon: Everyone here's got somethin' to say, so I want you to hear them out at least.

Accepting Seofon's explanation for now, (Captain) gives the Eternals a moment to share their thoughts.

Anre: (Captain) Do you remember? What I told you previously.

Anre: Strength is merely a tool which one yields. But power without purpose only leads down the path of destruction.

Anre: After obtaining such strength, how do you plan to wield it?

Anre: The time has come for you to show me your answer.

Threo: Heh-heh You know I'm not great with words, so I'll keep it simple.

Threo: You're like, super powerful, right? Well, me too! And I don't wanna lose!

Threo: So that's why it's on—and I'm going all out on you this time!

Feower: (Captain) I sought strength in order to protect Stardust Town.

Feower: However, ever since meeting you, I've become stronger than anything I could've imagined before.

Feower: For what reason do you seek strength? I want to see the answer for myself.

Feower: So show me—through battle. And don't hold back.

Tien: (Captain) You are strong. And you are kind.

Tien: But the stronger you become, the larger the fear in my heart grows.

Tien: If something terrible were to happen to you one day, would you remain the way you are?

Tien: That's why I must see for myself. Just how resilient is your heart?

Tien: And Am I strong enough to be worthy of standing by your side?

Tweyen: Somehow I didn't notice, but you've become so strong since we first met that you almost seem out of reach.

Tweyen: Hehe. But not so fast—you're not the only one who's grown stronger.

Tweyen: I've told you this once before: I am thankful you've given me a reason to grow.

Tweyen: That's why today I want to show you just how high I can fly.

Niyon: I came to perform with you today, (Captain).

Niyon: As you become more robust, so does your melody.

Niyon: Let us harmonize our melodies, and I'll see just how much you've grown.

Niyon: Hehe. I wonder what kind of performance we'll have today.

Seox: Ever since meeting you, I no longer feel disdain nor hatred towards great power.

Seox: And that includes you—your strength no longer frightens me.

Seox: Simply put, I purely wish to test my hand against your strength. That is all.

Seox: Show me just how high you plan to fly freely across these blue skies.

Fif: I'm gonna be strong and kind just like you someday, (Captain)!

Fif: That way I can save a whooole bunch of people in need with my magic!

Fif: And if you're ever in trouble, you can bet I'll come save you too!

Fif: That's why you can't be stronger than me yet!

Fif: I practiced and trained a whole bunch for today just to show you! And I'm not gonna hold back!

Eahta: You are but a pebble in water. But your ripple has grown into a tremendous wave.

Eahta: Strive for even greater heights, and surely your wave shall engulf the skies.

Eahta: And within this storm, your blade remains unyielding lest you lose yourself.

Eahta: So show me. Just how strong is your resolve? We'll let our blades decide!

Seofon: Say, do you remember what I asked you a while ago?

Seofon: About what you were planning to do with such might.

Seofon: And what your plans were, remember?

Seofon: The day has finally come to turn in your homework!

Seofon: Well, I guess it's more of a pop quiz from yours truly.

Seofon: And sorry—no exemptions from this one!

Seofon: It may seem a bit unreasonable, even absurd. But if you can't prove your mettle to us here, we cannot allow you to go on.

Seofon: Oh, right. I should warn you about one more thing.

Seofon: Take our test lightly and you may just pay with your life.

Seofon: Heh-heh. You ready?

  1. Bring it.
  2. I I can't.

Choose: Bring it.


Seofon: Haha! Excellent—that's the spirit, (Captain)!

Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I I can't.

Seofon: Huh? You can't?

Seofon: I mean, I appreciate the honesty But like, are you sure?

Seofon: Hmm I've got it! Let's just take some deep breaths together first!

Seofon: Breathe in and out!
Breathe in and out!

Seofon: How's that feel? You think you're feeling up for it now?

  1. Bring it.
  2. I I can't.

Continue 1

Seofon: All right Here goes!

And with those words, all ten Eternals come for (Captain) at once.

Guider to the Eternal Edge: Scene 2

Upon successfully taking on all ten Eternals in combat, a power that previously laid dormant within (Captain) awakens. Each member of the Eternals congratulates (Captain) on the achievement as the captain reflects on the time they've spent together with a feeling of immense gratitude.

The epic battle finally comes to an end.

Impressively, the captain somehow manages to hold off all ten Eternals.

As a result of their battle, something awakens deep within (Captain).



Seofon: Hahaha You really did it, (Captain).

Seofon: To handle all ten Eternals at full power really is an impressive feat.

(Captain) quickly dismisses the praise, as the captain was unable to fully defeat all ten Eternals in unison.

Seofon: Humble as always, huh? If you ask me, I'd say you still have some fight left in ya!

Seofon has fully taken notice of the visible changes that (Captain) has undergone.

However, the captain has yet to realize the transformation has occurred.

Seofon: Hmm. Just as I expected. By fully realizing the potential of the ten weapon classes

Seofon: A power that rested deep within you until now has awakened—and it looks like your body's adjusting to it.

Seofon: Well, everything looks in order to me—if you start experiencing any side effects, let us know!

Noticing (Captain)'s miffed expression, Seofon quickly straightens himself together to apologize.

Seofon: Sorry! We didn't mean to scare you with this "test" or anything like that.

Seofon bows apologetically until the other Eternals begin to approach (Captain) to share their thoughts.

Anre: Look at you—I have no words or praise that would befit such greatness.

Anre: After crossing blades with you once again, I was able to see for myself.

Anre: I saw that there is nothing to fear about your strength. From here I will look forward to the future you forge with nothing but anticipation.

Threo: Oof Guess I couldn't cut it after all, huh?

Threo: But you know what? I thought that might happen.

Threo: I'm not giving up yet either—I still have room to grow! Let's fight again sometime, (Captain)!

Feower: Through our battle this time, I felt your true strength anew.

Feower: I could tell Your strength is for protecting others, not something you would wield against the weak.

Feower: I hope that you stay the way you are, (Captain).

Tien: On behalf of the Eternals, I want to thank you for going along with this, (Captain).

Tien: You've always been a strong yet gentle soul, and I hope you always will be.

Tien: If it ever becomes too much for you Just remember.

Tien: If that time ever comes, I will be by your side—ready to return the favor. I promise.

Tweyen: Hehe. How was I, (Captain)?

Tweyen: No matter how high you go, I'll always be trailing by your side.

Tweyen: So fly. Fly high to your heart's desire—for as long as I will it, you'll never be alone.

Niyon: I had fun today, (Captain). Your performance was lovely.

Niyon: As always, I enjoyed basking in your strong yet gentle melody.

Niyon: Hehe Let's play again sometime. I really am glad to have met you.

Seox: I can't say I'm surprised. You've raised your power to another level once again, (Captain).

Seox: It's strange. I didn't think combat with someone could be this enjoyable.

Seox: Well, if you crave the thrill of battle again, I'll always be here to quench your thirst. Remember that.

Fif: Hey, what about me, (Captain)? I've become super strong too, haven't I?

Fif: So if you ever find yourself in a bind, I'll come and save you, okay?

Fif: You can count on me, (Captain)! Bet on it!

Fif: Hehe! As long as we're together, no one can stop us! Right, (Captain)?

Eahta: Even upon obtaining power beyond comprehension, you continue to seek further strength. One may wonder if there is a beast that hungers within you.

Eahta: Yet, you have others who walk with you on this path.

Eahta: Or perhaps, it is because you have others who walk with you that you continue to seek power Either way is fine.

Eahta: One must act true to their will, or perish into the decay of regret. It would be most improper for you to stop short of accomplishing your destiny.

Eahta: These glorious skies are yours to roam, child! For the skies owe you nothing—fate is something you must take for yourself!

After all ten Eternals have had their say, Seofon speaks to (Captain) once again.

Seofon: But honestly, seeing you in action again was amazing, (Captain)! You're pretty much a god at this point, huh?

Seofon: Well, an adorable and up-and-coming god, if you ask me!

Despite his usual jokes, Seofon takes a different tone of voice in an attempt to lighten the mood for (Captain).

An idea comes to the leader of the Eternals to help relieve the post-battle awkwardness.

Seofon: Oh, I know! Since we're all here, how about another shindig?

Seox: Hmm A party for (Captain) might be a good idea.

Feower: Indeed. Once again we'll be able to discuss (Captain) becoming leader of the Eternals.

Feower: In fact, this would serve as a perfect occasion to inaugurate (Captain).

Seofon: (There they go again showing me their tough love!)

Seofon: Yes, very good! I was just thinking that this leader business was getting too hairy, so the timing's perfect!

Seofon: I mean, if (Captain)'s on board, let's do it? What do you say?

(Captain) seriously considers Seofon's offer.


Seofon: (What's this? (Captain) looks partial to the idea.)

  1. I'll do my best!

Choose: I'll do my best!

Seofon: Huh?

Feower: Great. I knew that (Captain) would be up for the task.

Seox: Indeed. With (Captain) as our leader, I've never felt so assured.

Tweyen: This calls for a party! Let's start the preparations right away!

Anre: Allow me to take care of shopping duties. I'll see if I can get Siero to prepare us some items worthy of our celebration.

Fif: I wanna go too! I'm gonna buy a ton of candy! You gonna come too, Grampy?

Eahta: Very well. I shall also come along.

Anre, Fif, and Eahta prepare to depart on a shopping trip for the party.

Tweyen: Thanks, guys! So with three on shopping duty

Tweyen: I'll come up with a menu and make a note of the ingredients we need!

Niyon: May I also help with the cooking?

Tweyen: That'd be great! First, we'll need to check what ingredients we have on-hand and then come up with a menu!

Niyon: Okay.

Tweyen and Niyon get busy in the kitchen to come up with a menu for the party.

Tien: Hmm Feower and I will decorate then, I suppose.

Feower: Sounds good. I think we can probably make something nice with what we have here at headquarters.

Seox: Allow me to help as well.

Feower: Appreciate it.

Tien, Feower, and Seox work in unison to embellish the halls for the party.

Seofon: (Wh-what's happening? Are these really the Eternals I know?)

Seofon: (They're working in such harmony all for (Captain)'s celebration!)

Seofon suddenly puts two and two together.

Seofon: Wait a minute—are we really making (Captain) the leader?

Seofon: Are you guys sure? I mean, we all say things we don't mean—if you say something now we can still go back to how things were!

His comments go unnoticed as the others are busy in preparation for the party.

Seofon: Wait just a minute! What about me? Isn't there something I can do? Anybody? Feower?

The proud leader throws away his pride in a moment of panic, desperately searching for a role to play in the preparations.

He soon finds Threo warming up by herself.

Seofon: Hey there, Threo! Aren't you bummed that you aren't doing anything to help?

Threo: Bummed? What for?

Seofon: Say, Threo Maybe together we could

Threo: Ah, sorry! I'm kinda busy now—maybe next time!

Threo: I'm, uh, gonna go for a hunt! It's a celebration, after all! This calls for the strongest of meats!

Threo ditches Seofon and goes merrily on her way.

Seofon: Threo Not you too

Seofon is shocked to find that even the carefree Threo has betrayed him.

The leader is unable to find a way to make himself useful. Perhaps the other Eternals didn't need him after all.

Fortunately, (Captain) finds Seofon just before he hits rock-bottom.

  1. Seofon, almighty leader of the Eternals!

Choose: Seofon, almighty leader of the Eternals!

Seofon: Huh? Isn't the almighty (Captain) supposed to be the leader of the Eternals now?

  1. What, that? I thought we were just joking.

Choose: What, that? I thought we were just joking.

Seofon: Joking?

(Captain) continues to speak as if nothing has changed.

  1. Did you have any requests for the party?

Choose: Did you have any requests for the party?

Seofon: Any requests? Why are you asking me that?

(Captain) explains that Tweyen wanted to know what Seofon wanted in order to prepare tonight's menu.

Seofon: !

Seofon takes a moment of silence to process the captain's words before finally coming to a realization.

Seofon: Those guys I can't believe them!

The captain takes a moment to calm Seofon, now overcome with emotion, before returning to the others.

Seofon: So that's how it is, huh? Well guess what? Big Brother Seofon's feeling extra generous today!

Seofon: Hey, you guys! Get anything you want—money's no object tonight! Everything's on me! Wahaha!

(Captain) continues to make preparations for the party to celebrate this new milestone with the Eternals.

Whatever hardship may lie on the horizon, the captain knows that the Eternals will always be there.

  1. (Thanks, everyone.)

Choose: (Thanks, everyone.)

Reminiscing over everything they've gone through together, (Captain)'s heart swells with gratitude.

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Raids:Guider to the Eternal Edge

WaveNameLvlHPChargeModeWave 1 ThreoIcon16Earth.png 82,,◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
10, plain damage to all allies.
Inflicts 2,, damage to self.
Gains Status 0 pngDMG CutTaking less DMG
Duration: 2 turnsLocal status effect.
Large Earth damage to one ally.
In Axe mode, gains Status ATK Up 3.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect.
In Sword mode, gains Status TA Up 3.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect.
Large Earth damage to all allies.
Threo switches to Sword mode.
Two hits of large Earth damage and one hit of 3, plain damage to random allies.
Threo switches to Axe mode.
  • Three-Tiger's BlessingTR 30%
Gain Status pngThree-Tiger's BlessingATK and triple attack rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
  • Full Elixir square.jpgFull Elixirs cannot be used in this battle.
  • The Eternals cannot be in your party for this battle.
  • Crew Skills do not take effect in this battle.
  • Begins battle in Axe mode.
  • Every 5 turns
In Axe mode, casts Astro Destruction.
In Sword mode, casts Annihilation Nova.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Three-Tiger's Blessing.
Three-Tiger's Blessing sharply increases Threo's attack and multiattack rate.
Wave 2 SeoxIcon16Dark.png 79,,◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Gains Status Gate of Demons.pngGate of DemonsATK is boosted (Stackable / Ends upon taking DMG more than 20 times)
Does not take the place of a normal attack.
  • Three Thousand and One TalonsOD
Multi-hit Dark damage to random allies.
Removes all debuffs from self.
Gain Status Mirror Image.pngMirror ImageNext one-to-one attack received will be ineffective
(Effect removed on next all-foe all-ally attack)
and Status Dodge Rate Boosted 3.pngDodge Rate UpImmune to DMG and debuffs for a fixed amount while in effect
Duration: 3 turns.
Gains Status Heal 3.pngThunderflashATK and DEF are boosted / Restores HP each turn
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect.
Does not take the place of a normal attack.
  • Six-Ruin's EnlightenmentTR 30%
Gains Status pngSix-Ruin's EnlightenmentATK is boosted / Number of attacks is increased (Can't be removed)
  • Guaranteed triple attacks.
  • % Trigger
Casts Thunderflash.
Casts Thunderflash.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Six-Ruin's Enlightenment.
Six-Ruin's Enlightenment sharply increases Seox's attack and number of attacks.
Wave 3 TweyenIcon16Light.png 53,,◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Inflict various debuffs on all allies.
Light damage to all allies.
Light damage to all allies.
Inflicts Status Paralysis.pngParalyzedCan't attack
Duration: 1 turn .
  • Two-Crown's StrifeTR 30%
Gains Status pngTwo-Crown's StrifeATK and debuff success rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
Casts The Clincher.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Two-Crown's Strife.
Two-Crown's Strife sharply boosts Tweyen's attack and debuff success rate.
NiyonIcon16Wind.png 42,,◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Wind damage to all allies.
Inflicts Status Sleep.pngComatoseCan't attack and takes big DMG
(Chance to end upon taking DMG)
Duration: 2 turnsTakes 50% more damage
Local status effect.
Multi-hit Wind damage to random allies.
Inflicts Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
Duration: 2 turns.
Wind damage to all allies.
Inflicts Status Tuning.pngTuningHP is lowered on every turn
Duration: 1 turn .
All foes gain Status Shield.pngShieldNext ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount
  • Nine-Realm's SecurityTR 30%
Gains Status pngNine-Realm's SecurityATK and debuff success rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
Casts Defendu.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Nine-Realm's Security.
Nine-Realm's Security sharply boosts Niyon's attack and debuff success rate.
Wave 4 FeowerIcon16Water.png 40,,◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Multi-hit Water damage to random allies.
Inflicts Status Collapse.pngCollapsedCharge bar is lowered on every turn
Multi-hit Water damage to random allies.
Suspends skill cooldowns.
Inflicts multiple random debuffs on all allies.
Gains Status pngFour-Sky's SorrowTakes special action every turn (Can't be removed)
Casts Gammadion Cross.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Four-Sky's Sorrow.
Four-Sky's Sorrow causes Gammadion Cross to trigger every turn afterward.
TienIcon16Fire.png 48,,◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Multi-hit Fire damage to random allies.
Gains Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 1 turn .
Multi-hit Fire damage to random allies.
Inflicts Status Blind.pngBlindedAttacks have a slight chance to miss
Duration: 5 turns.
  • Ten-Wolf's TriumphTR 30%
Gains Status pngTen-Wolf's TriumphATK and triple attack rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Ten-Wolf's Triumph.
Ten-Wolf's Triumph sharply increases Tien's attack and multiattack rate.
Wave 5 EahtaIcon16Earth.png 57,,◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Earth damage to all allies.
Inflicts Status CASeal.pngC.A. SealedCan't use charge attack
Multi-hit Earth damage to random allies.
Gains Status TA Up 1.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 1 turn Local status effect.
Inflicts Status Death.pngLethal HitInstant death for the victim.
on one ally.
Gains Status ATK Up 3.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect and Status DEF Up 3.pngDEF UpDEF is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect.
  • Eight-Life's PilgrimageTR 30%
Gains Status pngEight-Life's PilgrimageAll charge diamonds fill up every turn (Can't be removed)
Casts Open Spirit.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Eight-Life's Pilgrimage.
Eight-Life's Pilgrimage fills Eahta's charge diamonds to full every turn.
FifIcon16Light.png 45,,◇◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Restore 5,, HP to all foes.
Fully restore all foes' HP.
  • Blessing of LightTR % 85%
Removes all debuffs from all foes.
  • Triggered special attacks do not reset charge diamonds.
  • % Trigger
Casts Blessing of Light.
Casts Blessing of Light.
Wave 6 SeofonIcon16Wind.png 55,,◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
Multi-hit Wind damage to random allies.
Gains Status ATK Up 3.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect and Status DEF Up 3.pngDEF UpDEF is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect.
Status pngSwordshineATK is boosted (Stackable / Ends upon taking DMG more than 30 times in 1 turn)
lvl rises by 2.
Does not replace a normal attack.
  • Seven-Star's BrillianceTR 30%
Gains Status pngSeven-Star's BrillianceATK and triple attack rate are boosted (Can't be removed)
  • When Status pngSwordshineATK is boosted (Stackable / Ends upon taking DMG more than 30 times in 1 turn)
    reaches lvl 5:
Knocks out all allies next turn, including backline allies. Ignores Status AutoRevive.pngAutoreviveRecovers once from a knockout while in effect
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts Seven-Star's Brilliance.
Seven-Star's Brilliance sharply increases Seofon's attack and triple attack rate.
AnreIcon16Water.png 65,,◇◇◇◇YesSpecial AttacksTriggers and Notes
  • Fleeting SparkTR % 85%
Gains Status 0 pngDMG CutTaking less DMG
Duration: 2 turnsLocal status effect and Status pngSubstitutedTarget is forcefully fixed
Duration: 1 turn Can't be removedLocal status effect.
Multi-hit Water damage to random allies.
All foes gain Status Mirror Image.pngMirror ImageNext one-to-one attack received will be ineffective
(Effect removed on next all-foe all-ally attack)
  • Arm the BastionTR % 50% 10%
All foes gain Status 0 png% DMG CutTaking less DMG
Strength: %Duration: 1 turn Local status effect.
  • One-Rift's BenedictionTR 30%
Gains Status pngOne-Rift's BenedictionATK is boosted (Can't be removed)
Casts Arm the Bastion.
Casts Arm the Bastion.
  • 30% Trigger or on 11th turn
Casts One-Rift's Benediction.
One-Rift's Benediction sharply increases Anre's attack.
Casts Arm the Bastion.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
[Granblue Fantasy] Guider to the eternal edge cleared - Blue hair Skin Unlocking

I closed the door. Nobody will enter us !. - Exhaling said the Coach, slightly leaning back from me. Taking advantage of the moment, I put my two arms around her waist and ran them along her perfect body. I stopped at my chest.

Eternal edge guider to the

It's time to get dressed. Darell got up and went to the dressing room. As you can guess, I usually don't show my appearance if I want to go to the toilet. I don't know why, but telling strangers that I want to go to the toilet is somehow hard for me. I don't even admit to Konstantin, and this happens to us often on walks, that I want pee-pee, even if everything inside me is ready to burst from overflow.

[Grablue Fantasy]Guider to the Eternal Edge

Nadina's uterus with each contraction, as if during childbirth, pushed Julia out. The head, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips appeared, finally, she all got out of Nadya's captivity. Julia fell from the bed to the floor.

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Nothing comes out. I quietly began tugging at the sash, but nothing came of it, the window did not give in. Tears of annoyance welled up from my eyes. I, angry at this damned window, began to pull the frame even harder, still afraid to make unnecessary noise.

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