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Our menus

Our menus change regularly, they are based on the season and also on a 3 week rotation so there's plenty of variety. Here’s a little taste of what’s on offer… For breakfast, our children enjoy a selection of cereals with warm or cold milk, toast and butter, with milk or water to drink. Fruit is also available for breakfast and throughout the day as a snack, along with vegetable crudités and bread sticks. Lunch could be tuna and broccoli pasta bake, quorn shepherd’s pie or sausage and butter bean bake. Followed up with fruit salad, strawberry mousse or bananas and custard. We also serve ‘afternoon tea’ which may be beans on toast, sandwiches or fishcakes. We make sure our children have a balanced diet so they’ll be strong and healthy.

If your child is not yet on solids, there’s no need to pack a bottle – if you’re breast feeding, we can prepare and store bottles of your expressed milk. Or if they are on formula, our milk kitchen will take care of it. Plus it’s all covered by our fees, so no need to worry about buying extra formula.



Just a simple tool to check if you'll complete your contract

The important thing is this : You need to write down your rate of eggs per hour at some point in your day, let's say 2 pm A few hours after, you write down your updated rate of eggs per hour, let's say at 7 pm Every other value you can just check, but I need a reference point to know how much you're gaining every few hours

Ok so here are the values that interest us

  1. Time remaining in the contract (in hours)
  2. Total eggs earned by the team
  3. The goal of eggs you are aiming for, usually the end of contract
  4. Your CURRENT rate of eggs per hour
  5. How long ago you wrote down your egg laying rate per hour (in our example that's 5 hours) this CAN have decimals like 4.5 hours or 6.75
  6. You PREVIOUS rate of eggs per hour, in our example that's at 2 pm

THAT IS ALL You will then get the answer to whether you'll finish the contract in time This is NOT perfect, for better results be precise in your values, most important being the delay of hours between the two measurements

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To use this calculator, start by making a local copy for your own use.On PC: and iPad:, you'll be able to edit it for your own use. Go to the tab named "Contractulator"See this image for instructions:
So I coded Plague Inc. for a Calculator

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Inc coop calculator egg

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So I coded Plague Inc. for a Calculator

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