2005 lincoln ls v6 problems

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03 Lincoln LS 3.0L V6 questions?

joegr said:

The thing that turns me against another Lincoln is that they don't have a performance, rear wheel drive, V8 car to sell me.

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agreed 1,000%,

there has always been a pretty close version of a ford sports cars as a Lincoln, the mark VII was close to a fox body, the mark VIII was pretty close to a SN95 mustang, at least when they missed the mark on the LS, they also made an equally bad choice on the Tbird.

its definitely time for a RWD car with the new mustang motor again, they could do just like caddy does with the CTS, and use the regular V6 and then throw there beast of a V8 in to it as well, i would settle for a MKS with a 5.0. in Australia, they have a boss 5.4 Falcon, which is pretty much a taurus (size wise, not platform) and the 5.0 is expected to replace the 5.4 because of their newer emission standards.

hell, right now, i would even settle for a RWD version of the 3.5 ecoboost!


Sours: https://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/forum/threads/03-lincoln-ls-3-0l-v6-questions.75381/

Lincoln LS

Consumer Reports obtains its reliability data from a questionnaire that is sent to subscribers. In the questionnaire, we ask subscribers to note any problems with their cars that occurred in the past 12 months. They are asked to identify problems that they considered serious (because of cost, failure, safety, or downtime).

A typical model has about 200 to 400 samples for each model year. For some model years, typically those of older or less popular cars, we do not have a large enough sample size to provide results of statistical confidence.

There are several ways in which a savvy car buyer can still research the quality of a car.

Learn more about Car Brands Reliability
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Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/cars/lincoln/ls/2005/reliability/
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2005 Lincoln LS Reviews


COPS have had to be replaced twice - seems to be fairly typical based on other owner comments. The 5R55 transmission has had problems, primarily with the solenoid pack for the lower gears. Even after a complete rebuild it has never worked quite right. Other than those 2 problems, the LS has been a joy to own and drive. Annual maintenance cost me considerably less in adjusted dollars compared to my 2 Pontiac Firebirds (1968 and 1977 models).

Since the COPS (coil on plug) and the 5R55 tranny were basic design flaws, there's really nothing that could be done about them other than regular checks and repairs as required. In 10 years and 84,000 of driving, I've had no other problems with this BMW killer. As with any vehicle, you have to have routine maintenance completed on the manufacturer's schedule.

One other factor is the capability of the mechanics assigned to work on your car. I found 2 dealers (both Lincoln only) who really knew the car and always returned it to me in tip top condition. 2 other dealers (Ford only) worked on the car and just didn't seem to really know what they were doing.

General Comments:

I've belonged to the Lincoln LS Sports Owners Club (LLSOC) since before buying my 2005 LS. Of course, all the members are enthusiasts who love their LSes and are really into driving performance vehicles. We routinely discuss problems we've encountered and offer each other suggestions on how to address those problems. Being actively involved with LLSOC and participating in their forums has helped me maintain my LS and keep it running at peak efficiency.

I believe this Lincoln model has an undeserved reputation for poor reliability. There were problems with the 2000-2003 models - no question. But Ford kept working on the LS till they got it right. The 2004-2006 models were very much the BMW killer that Ford intended the LS to be. I wish they were making a comparable model today. I'd buy it when my current LS finally gives up the ghost. So far, I see no indication that will happen before 200,000 miles!

Sours: http://www.carsurvey.org/reviews/lincoln/ls/2005/
Watch This BEFORE You Buy a Lincoln LS V8!

Engine Problems of Lincoln LS

1 Engine problem of the 2004 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 08/01/2011

The car loses power and goes into fail safe mode, at 65 and lots of traffic getting over is not safe! i’ve spent thousands on new coils, computer, gas pedal, you name it but Ford does not know how to fix it!.

See all problems of the 2004 Lincoln LS 🔎.

2 Engine problem of the 2003 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 03/16/2011

I have been having the same problems from day one since I bought this car. I had a brand new transmission put in by the Lincoln place three years ago. Now my transmission is acting up again. 1. Transmission shifts rough or jerky from park 2. Transmission shifts rough or jerky while driving 3. Gear changes take to long to complete 4. Shifts occur too early, too late, too often 5. Always having to replace the same parts.

See all problems of the 2003 Lincoln LS 🔎.

3 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 08/18/2010

2000 Lincoln Ls problem: 2 induction coils need replacement. Rancho santa margarita Ford history: engine stopped on highway and on road home took to dealer and after inspection put auto in garage. Can not drive safely. One coil was replaced under warranty. Called Ford cust. Svs on this issue. They offered 12 month warranty on work. Thought "offer" was unusual; wouldn't dealer offer at least that? request: please review reported frequency of this problem for potential recall. . I submit this is a design flaw and safety issue and not a maintenance or wear & tear issue, unless owners' manual describes how I could have prevented or recommended time interval for inspection. . Research indicates this is the most common problem on model and caused by the gasket. This issue is on record with Ford in at least one bulletin (TSB 00t03 /9/2000 pcm-drivability complains).

See all problems of the 2000 Lincoln LS 🔎.

4 Engine problem of the 2004 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 06/08/2010

The contact owns a 2004 Lincoln Ls. The contact stated when traveling at 35 mph, the vehicle would sporadically surge forward then correct itself without warning. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the ignition coil was replaced. There were no prior warnings of the failure. The failure mileage was 45,000 and the current mileage was 55,000. Updated 09/16-10 the consumer stated on one occasions, the vehicle accelerated and hit the medium at a gas station. The vehicle was damaged. Updated 09/20/jb.

5 Engine problem of the 2005 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 02/12/2010

2005 Lincoln Ls will start to skip and sputter especially on incline. Engine light does not go on. Replaced fuel filter and problem still has not gone away.

See all problems of the 2005 Lincoln LS 🔎.

6 Engine problem of the 2005 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 06/23/2009

Ford Lincoln Mercury~manufacture warranty extended on ignition coil - but each time ignition coil goes out it causes numerous "other repairs" costing $900+ each time. ~ vehicles begins to run rough, the temperature gauge goes to top, the car looses power (while in traffic even though foot on accelerator) will not accelerate~ 5 times in less than 11 months~ these "other repairs done each time ignition coil is replaced should be covered under extended manufacture warranty. (incidents June 2009/ October '09/ January 2010/ March 2010/ April 2010).

7 Engine problem of the 2002 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 05/15/2009

My 2002 Lincoln Ls v8 has broken down in numerous ways. All ignition coils have had to be replaced, two window motors, airbag connector clip, my tie rod ends are bad, my car has actually shut off completely while driving up the 15 north three times while my son was in the car with me and now my transmission has completely stopped working. When it came to fixing the airbag connector problem Lincoln told me it was fixed and I went to pick up my car and it was still doing the same thing the three beeps so they fixed it for free and then told me my instrument panel on one side was burned out but the lights seems to work on it when I turn them on. They wanted to charge me 800 dollars for that but I refused. The ignition coil replacement was roughly 1000 dollars and I am waiting on my estimate for my transmission. Both window motors were 200 dollars a piece. I have had numerous taillights replaced and actually had a door lock jam closed on me. I truly feel that this car is a safety hazard for me and my son if it turns completely off at 65 miles an hour on a freeway with my son in the car.

See all problems of the 2002 Lincoln LS 🔎.

8 Engine problem of the 2004 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 05/10/2009

I have a 2005 Ford expedition & 2004 Lincoln Ls I just replaced the transmission for the expedition @ 53,000 miles it quit on me on the freeway almost causing and accident and now a month later same thing happened with the Lincoln Ls I think some one has to get hard on Ford Lincoln same thing it is not possible that two cars bought @ over $43,000 dollars each are piece of [email protected]#$% cars I would understand if I had bought an ikea or Hyundai I knew what I was getting into, some one has to make Ford and Lincoln fix these problems with there product maybe that's why they only offer a 27,000 mile warranty and still had my differential changed on the expedition 6 months after purchase with only 3500 miles on the expedition.

9 Engine problem of the 2002 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 05/01/2009

Misfiring .

10 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 02/07/2009

Check engine/check transmission message has come on. Vehicle has less then 50k miles on it, transmission needs to be replaced already, looking at $3000+in repairs.

11 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 06/26/2008

Changed the coil packs several times after the third had to replace the engine and now the there is a delay in putting the care in reverse and at times there's a harsh upshift. I'm now replacing the transmission.

12 Engine problem of the 2003 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 10/01/2007

The contact owns a 2003 Lincoln Ls. The contact stated that the engine goes into the fail safe mode without warning. The failure has occurred three times within the past month while driving 40-45 mph. The dealer has not been able to correct the failure. Ford motor company has yet to respond. The failure mileage was 44,000 and current mileage was 45,000. Updated 01-10-08. The consumer also stated while driving, the transmission would shift erratically. The shifter cover was cracking on the right side. Updated 01/10/08.

13 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 05/25/2007

The contact owns a 2000 Lincoln Ls. The contact stated that three cylinders were replaced in 2005, one cylinder was replaced in may of 2007, and one has already been replaced this month. The repairs were covered under the vehicle's extended warranty. While driving between 60 and 70 mph, the vehicle misfires. The purchase date, engine size, and a valid VIN were unknown. The current mileage is 46,000 and failure mileage was 30,000.

14 Engine problem of the 2001 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 12/18/2006

Mis-firing coils due to faulty design of valve cover gaskets. Had to replace all 8 coils and valve cover gasket seals. Parts $$ over 800, labor for work was another $1000.

See all problems of the 2001 Lincoln LS 🔎.

15 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 11/01/2005

The contact owns a 2000 Lincoln Ls. The vehicle would intermittently misfire and jerk. The engine had 8 coil packs. 4 coil packs were replaced. The current mileage was 67,000. The failure mileage was 30,000.

16 Engine problem of the 2001 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 06/10/2004

My 2001 Lincoln Ls v8 has been in the shop numerous times, way more than I can remember. There has been issues with the ignition coils, hydraulic fans, starter, coil pads. This has all been repaired with numerous amounts of dollars. I can no longer afford to keep up with this car. There is constant miss fires and bad shifting.

17 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 05/04/2004

After backing out of the driveway the consumer attempted to drive forward and a loud bang was heard. The vehicle was stopped and the consumer examined the problem at hand. The consumer noticed that the left lower ball joint completely snapped off. The vehicle has been taken back to the service dealer because the engine's valve cover failed and the timing chain broke.

18 Engine problem of the 2002 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 02/26/2003

2002 Lincoln Ls sometimes shuts off abruptly when under braking, including light braking. So far it has always been at low speed. However, one incident resulted in minor damage because the female driver was unable to steer around a very sharp corner due to loss of engine (and therefore power steering).

19 Engine problem of the 2001 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 11/17/2002

While driving vehicle went through a puddle of water and died out. The dealership indicated this was caused by water getting into the engine motor and blowing it. Please provide more details. Ts.

20 Engine problem of the 2001 Lincoln LS

Failure Date: 09/10/2001

Vehicle will shut off without prior warning, especially when there is water in street. The dealership is aware of problem.

21 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

There is a problem with wiring for engine. Sometimes vehicle will not start. Dealer has been contacted.

22 Engine problem of the 2000 Lincoln LS

After having the vehicle's engine replaced the consumer noticed that the engine indicator light and air bag warning light flashing. The dealer has been contacted.

Other Common Engine And Engine Cooling related problems of Lincoln LS

Sours: https://www.carproblemzoo.com/lincoln/ls/engine-problems.php

Ls 2005 v6 problems lincoln

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