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Star Wars Battlefront 2: The 15 Best Weapons In The Game, Ranked

It has been over three years since the less than stellar launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017. A lot of changes have been made by Dice to improve the gaming experience and balance aspects of the gameplay. After mixed reviews at launch and a handful of updates,Battlefront 2is in a very good state in year three.

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Battlefront 2 went through a rough patch a few months ago, but the annoying bugs that have since been addressed. New and recurring players should be using the below twelve guns paired with the appropriate star cards, as they are the best Battlefront 2 weapons in 2021. Weapon stats, as well as the two best attachments, are listed below each section.

Updated on September 14, 2021 by Payton Lott: Since this article was first published, a few new weapons were added to Battlefront 2. Additionally, there were a couple of starter weapons overlooked in favor of the unlockable options later in the game. Every weapon in Battlefront 2 has a skill floor, with some catering to new and inexperienced players. This updated list will include a couple of options that are perfect for those new to the franchise. On the other hand, there is a hidden gem in the game that requires a high level of skill to use appropriately.

15 E-11

The E-11 is the first assault blaster players will use as a Stormtrooper. It has average damage stats and a short first dropoff at only 20 meters. However, the blaster has a solid rate of fire and is incredibly easy to control. Even though it is the default blaster, it can still be effective at medium range. The upgraded E-11D is even better. Beginners will love the forgiveness and balance of the weapon. Some even use the E-11 over blasters lower in this list. While it may be easy to use, there are a number of better choices in the class.

  • Damage: 36-19
  • Rate of Fire: 300 RPM
  • No Mods

14 RK-3

Imperial Officers will use the RK-3 as a default weapon. The weapon's stats do not jump off the page. In fact, they appear to be quite bad. In game, the blaster feels great. The RK-3 does not dominate from a particular range or shine in any category. It is simply a reliable and forgiving blaster in Battlefront 2. One of the reasons the weapon feels so good is projectile speed and rate of fire. The RK-3 fires faster than some assault rifles and has an impressive projectile speed for a pistol.

  • Damage: 34-17
  • Rate of Fire: 300 RPM
  • No Mods

13 DL-18

Many would be surprised to learn that the DL-18 actually does more base damage than the SE-44c. Although, the DL-18 officer pistol does not have an automatic fire option. To maximize the potential of the weapon, users will need a trained trigger finger. Attaching an automatic mod is an option, but it will lower the rate of fire below that of the SE-44c.

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Many players stay away from the weapon because it is harder and more tedious to use than other close range blasters. However, those that use it correctly can compete with the best blasters in Battlefront 2.

  • Damage: 41-15
  • Rate of Fire: 300 RPM (Less with repeating mod)
  • Reduced Spread
  • Improved Cooling

12 EL-16HFE Assault

Players that like to challenge opponents from long-range should use the EL-16HFE. The blaster is not nearly as versatile as some of the other options, but it is extremely effective from long distances. The EL-16HFE is unbeatable at range if players can hit their shots.

Unlike the other assault blasters below, the EL-16HEF is not nearly as user friendly, and players will have to learn to manage the gun's difficult to control recoil. Players should use the reduced recoil and reduced range attachments for the best class setup.

  • Damage: 49-30
  • Rate of Fire: 200 RPM
  • Stock
  • Improved range

11 DC-15LE

The DC-15LE is a reliable and consistent blaster, but it will be outclassed by the the remaining blasters in this list. It needs to be equipped with the reduced recoil attachment, as it will kick more than most blasters. The improved zoom reticle is still bugged, which pushes the weapon out of the top 10.

  • Damage: 16-10
  • Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
  • Explosive shot
  • Reduced recoil

10 Blurrg-1120

Dice have nerfed the Bluurg so many times it is hard to keep count. However, it is still a top ten blaster in 2021. The burst weapon will still perform well at close range if gamers equip the improved burst attachment. Still, the SE-44c is better in every conceivable way. The Blurrg is a fun weapon to use, but the range nerfs have hampered its potential.

  • Damage: 30-12
  • Rate of Fire: 130 BPM
  • Improved burst
  • Explosive Shot

9 IQA-11 Specialist

While not as impressive as some other specialist weapons, the IQA can down nearly all opponents with one head and one body shot. Heavy enemies will take an additional shot to down, and for that reason, there are better options in the specialist class. The IQA is still a viable weapon, and players can have success using the weapon on the battlefront.

  • Damage: 67
  • Rate of Fire: 130 RPM
  • Bolt Speed
  • Improved Cooling

8 S-5 Officer

The S-5 is the best option for players that want to fight opponents from a distance while using the officer class. This gun is extremely effective at medium and longer ranges but loses to many blasters up close.

The S-5 is great to use on maps with long sightlines, and players will be surprised by how effective it can be. Users have a number of preferable options for classes, and the specialist weapons are better suited for long-range playstyles.

  • Damage: 67-45
  • Rate of Fire: 140 RPM
  • Ion Shot
  • Reduced recoil

7 T-21 Heavy

Battlefront 2 players should use the T-21 in medium to long-range situations. The blaster has a slow fire rate, moderate recoil, and extremely high damage. Much like the EL-16, players will be punished for a missed shot due to the fire rate.

People comfortable with the recoil can dominate from longer ranges with the T-21. New players should grind the weapon in co-op to get a feel for the recoil before hopping into multiplayer matches.

  • Damage: 50-34
  • Rate of fire: 180 RPM
  • No attachments for maximum damage and faster cooldown

6 A280-CFE Specialist

Players that want to play aggressively as a specialist should use the A280 with the burst mode and dual zoom. The gun operates as a hybrid between the specialist snipers and assault blasters. Players can push enemy teams while having the option to hit long-range snipes.

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New players should make sure to unlock burst mode before expecting the gun to dominate, as the stock gun is not competitive. The A280-CFE is the best gun to use at short to medium range in the specialist class.

  • Damage: 33-25
  • Rate of Fire: 320 RPM
  • Burst mod
  • Ion shot

5 CR-2 Assault

For close-range engagements, the CR-2 is the best assault blaster in the game. On maps where close range encounters are frequent, the CR-2 will shine against opponents. At medium to long-range, however, the CR-2 will be ineffective.

Players should equip the reduced recoil and ion shot to help with point-blank gunfights. The CR-2 is the only SMG in the assault class and a fun weapon to use for those people who play at a faster pace.

  • Damage: 16-8
  • Rate of Fire: 900
  • Reduced recoil
  • Ion Shot

4 SE-44c Officer

The most versatile blaster in the officer class is the SE-44c. Players should run the weapon with rapid-fire and improved cooling. The blaster outperforms all of the other pistols in every category except for damage range.

Unless players are leveling up to get the SE, they should be using it over the other officer blasters in the game. The SE-44c is the best officer weapon and can be used in seemingly any situation.

  • Damage: 31-15
  • Rate of Fire: 300 RPM
  • Improved Cooling
  • Rapid Fire

3 NT-242 Specialist

The top sniper in the specialist category is the NT-242 sniper. Players that want to use the gun while aiming down the scope should equip the dual zoom and improved cooling attachments. For objective players, the disruptor shot is more effective than the dual zoom.

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The NT-242 is the only weapon in the game that is a one-shot headshot regardless of which class an enemy is using. Players that love to snipe will gravitate toward the NT-242 over the other specialist options. The weapon is also viable at medium ranges with the disruptor shot, but it will take two headshots to kill an enemy player.

  • Damage: 106
  • Rate of Fire: 80 RPM
  • Disruptor Shot
  • Improved Cooling

2 TL-50 Heavy

The TL-50 is unstoppable in close-range fights and can be used up to medium ranges. Players should use improved cooling and reduced spread for better accuracy. With the TL-50 and heavy class health, players will be dominant in close-quarters fights. The weapon will be less effective the farther away enemies are and the weapon optimized for maps that have small hallways and corridors.

The TL-50 is one of the best blasters in Battlefront 2, and players will be impressed with how impressive it is against all enemies. The heavy weapon is one of the most fun weapons to use in the game as well, and players need to give it a try.

  • Damage: 20-10
  • Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
  • Reduced spread
  • Improved Cooling

1 A280 Assault

The A280 is the most versatile blaster in the game. The gun has competitive damage values at nearly every range. The only downside to using the A280 is that it does have a damage drop off at extremely long ranges. However, there are very few sightlines in Battlefront 2 that are long enough for users to have an issue with the damage range.

Players should equip improved cooling and improved range so they can fire the blaster longer and farther. The A280 is effective in every mode and almost every situation players encounter. The blaster has amazing damage values and is easy to use for beginners.

  • Damage: 33-19, x3 with burst
  • Rate of Fire: 600 RPM or 110 BPM
  • Improved Cooling
  • Improved Range

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The 15 Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Weapons, Ranked

EA’s 2017 release of Star Wars: Battlefront II had a troubled history, but it’s a straightforward shooter that’s more about enjoying the immersive experience than anything else. With John Williams’ music, classic sound effects, and robust art design, it’s definitely worth a visit for Star Wars fans.

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DICE has implemented a lot of balancing to the game's weapons and combat, which has made it vital to re-examine your tools of choice. To help, here is a list of the 15 best weapons, ranked from less to more effective.

Updated by Derek Draven, April 17, 2020: As mentioned in the updated introduction, DICE's changes and tweaks have drastically changed some of the game's weapons, making it necessary to update our list in order to reflect their rankings on this list. We have also included Hero and Villain weapons this time 'round, as they are integral for helping win a battle.


To be frank, the beloved Blurrg-1120 just doesn't feel the way it used to before it got nerfed. Although some players always prefer burst weapons, its range has become lesser, and after the damage reduction, you’re probably going to lose more often in close quarters combat.

With good aim, it’s actually fairly easy to shoot from the hip with the S-5 to rack up kills. But if you don’t feel like The Man With No Name these days, it also has undeniable range with its scope, too. Combined with the opportunity to farm Battle Points, boost health at will, and deploy the Blaster Turret, this is a better class than most would give credit for.


This may be a controversial choice, but this can be a particularly dangerous gun in the right hands, and, although most would prefer the TL-50, the opportunity to implement a Night Vision mod is more useful than it sounds. Even in the daylight, it can clarify your target.

Combined with the Dual Zoom mod and higher damage output than the TL-50, this is a gun that is basically reliable at all times. You don’t have to be John Wick to get a kill, and its rate of fire is similar to the other weapons in the class. The recoil isn’t so bad either, and that can really make all the difference.

13 ASSAULT: Vanguard

It's surprising how much damage this Ability Card weapon can actually muster, frequently able to drop even Wookies with a single shot. It's almost troublesome, how effective this weapon can be. It isn't so much a shootout as it doesn't actually rely on skill, per se. More so, it's like mastering a technique.

If you can learn to fire this thing accurately enough, and swiftly enough, you can easily flank and dominate with ease. As close-range weapons go, it’s definitely a cut above compared to something like the Assault’s CR-2. Sure, you can go all Scarface with that thing’s insane rate of fire, but—spoilers—it didn’t work out for him.

12 ASSAULT: A280

You’ll find that the gun which deals the most damage isn’t necessarily the best. Particularly if you’re working on your K/D ratio, utilize a weapon that’s suitable for basically any scenario. It’s safe to say that the Assault Class A280 is the most balanced firearm because the EL-16HFE doesn’t quite hold up in close quarters combat.

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The only difference in mods, between the two weapons, is the EL-16’s reduced recoil. You don’t have an issue with recoil to begin with if you use the A280. The EL-16 simply has a weaker firing rate, and if you shoot like a Stormtrooper, you may want to select something that helps you kill in a panic.

11 OFFICER: Improved Blaster Turret

And you thought those talkative turrets in Portal were troublesome. This Ability Card weapon should definitely be included because it doesn’t even rely on your own abilities to be effective. With very few shots, it can make Bantha fodder out of anyone, even at a longer range.

It is also extremely useful when implemented to lock down any choke points during a battle, which is especially noticeable in Extraction and even Galactic Assault. It’s an instant friend, and if you combine it with even moderate skills, you can make a better pair than Ratchet & Clank.

10 AERIAL: Wrist Rocket

You can easily scoop up a kill with a single shot if you aim well. The ability to float around like Robotnik, carpet bombing the area every minute or so, is undeniably powerful. Particularly given the capacity to swoop in, attack, and retreat before anyone realizes that death came from above.

This is most noticeable in a mode like Capital Supremacy where everyone has had plenty of time to hoard their Battle Points and unleash onto unsuspecting players that are focused on spread-out command posts. It helps that the range of the Wrist Rocket is seemingly unstoppable, hitting targets across wide expanses with startling accuracy.

9 HEAVY: Sentry

Sure, it takes a while to actually lug this thing into position for a fight—but if you’re aware of your surroundings and manage to secure a positional advantage, this thing will lay waste to anything in sight. It’s the chain gun you’ve seen in the hands of every action hero, ever—Terminator 2, Predator, Rambo—you name it.

If you don’t quite have the battle points for a better class, it’s a fantastic deterrent against enemy Heroes, whom you can nearly kill altogether with a full “mag”, if you will. In concentrated choke points, you can swiftly stack up kills at a phase transition. You can also take out any Wookie or Death Trooper with ease. It’s just a beast.

8 SPECIALIST: NT-242 Sniper

This is one time the damage output is definitely worth the horrendous cooling time and recoil. It’s simply another weapon that can give you a kill with one hit if you have very good aim. Now, the IQA-11 does take longer to overheat—but the problem is, that rifle requires two shots to sink the kill. A headshot won’t even do it.

Even if you’ve been trained in Sniper Elite, you’ll just know better—go for the NT-242. But if you need to fire multiple shots at a target, they’re going to notice pretty quickly that lasers are whooshing by their head. So, make sure to get your hands on that Dual Zoom mod.

7 HEAVY: TL-50 Heavy Repeater

This weapon is a preferred favorite of the Heavy class. In its default state, it's a less powerful version of Iden Versio's customized TL-50, but unlock the Improved Cooling and Reduced Spread add-ons, and it becomes an instrument of destruction against your foes.

Although the TL-50 isn't as effective at longer ranges, a little bit of practice can easily overcome this problem and keep enemies at bay, or whittle them down before they get a chance to move in. Up close, it's another matter entirely. The TL-50 will make mincemeat out of most foes if you can hold your target.

6 HERO: Princess Leia's Defender Pistol

Princess Leia is no slouch when it comes to dishing out damage. She might be small, but her Defender Pistol more than makes up for her lack of physical strength. This semi-auto weapon can squeeze off a ton of rounds before it overheats, allowing Leia to retain superiority in a firefight, even against multiple foes.

If that weren't enough, her homing shot is capable of antagonizing distanced foes, including starfighters! While Leia might be most recognized as a supporting character during a pitched battle, her Defender Pistol allows her to go solo (no pun intended) and wreak havoc on the enemy!

5 VILLAIN: Captain Phasma's SONN BLAS F-11D

This little instrument of terror is a well-favored weapon in Captain Phasma's bag of tricks. It's a rapid fire repeater that can mow down foes with uncharacteristic accuracy, but it's secondary night vision scope is where the damage truly intensifies.

This makes Phasma a force to be reckoned with from up close, or afar. Skilled players can utilize the F-11D's generously slow heat buildup to string together a chain of kills, or take up a sniping position and land head shots from a safe distance.

4 INFILTRATOR: Arc Trooper Dual Pistols

Ok, so the only thing missing from this class is a flock of doves accompanying you everywhere because you’re perpetually the hero of every John Woo movie ever. Sure, it takes quite an adjustment to practice shooting from the hip, but any amount of time practicing with Heroes that wield guns should have you prepared by this point.

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The ferocious Dual Pistols can definitely frighten or kill any hero, with skill—especially combined with the sudden use of a well-timed Shock Trap. Given that you can scan the area, you will be allowed to plan a course of brutal blitz assaults.

3 ENFORCER + HERO: Wookiee Bowcaster

“I like this thing.” Whose word do you really need, when Han Solo himself loves a weapon? The bowcaster isn’t only beneficial because of the fuzzball wielding it, although all of that extra health you can pack in as a Wookiee definitely helps. Its ability to focus in onto a single target, in order to concentrate damage, will almost promise you a quick kill without much effort.

Spread shot has been changed to a narrowed, focused triangular shot in order to balance out the game and make both Enforcer and Chewbacca less tank-ish on the battlefield. This will require some significant changes in approach if you're used to playing these characters.

2 VILLAIN: Bossk's Micro Grenades

When Bossk initiates his Predator Instincts, he inserts micro-grenades into his blaster that can make lawn mulch out of entire groups of enemies. His heat vision makes identifying targets much easier, adding to the carnage.

When used with the Unrelenting Predator star card, Bossk can maintain the slaughter for prolonged periods, making his micro grenades one of the deadliest splash damage weapons in the game.

1 ARMOR: AT-ST Walker

It wouldn't be right to omit the AT-ST Walker from this list. This vehicle is a bipedal weapon built to dish out death and destruction on a massive scale. Skilled players know how to utilize the AT-ST for hit and run attacks, while deploying its arsenal of destructive grenades and anti-vehicle missiles across the battlefront.

The only weaknesses of the AT-ST are its rear armor plating, and the fact that it's such a huge target. Still, eagle-eyed players can rack up notorious kill counts if they refrain from charging straight into the fray, and instead use the AT-ST as an outskirts artillery weapon.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Guide: How to Unlock All Weapons & Upgrades


With Star Wars Battlefront 2 new class-based gameplay is introduced and with that comes a number of new weapons to use in the game.  The fastest and most reliable way to earn the weapons you want is done by simply playing with the classes you want to use to unlock different weapons the more kills you get.  For each class in the Assault, Heavy, Specialist, and Officer classes you can unlock different weapons to use.  Within those unlockable weapons you can also unlock weapon upgrades for each of them that vary depending on the weapon.

The guide below will show you what you need to do to unlock every weapon for each class in Battlefront 2 and what you need to do to earn the upgrades for each of them.

Assault Class

Unlock A280 – Defeat 50 Enemies as the Assault Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for A280

  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 50 Enemies with A280 on any multiplayer map
  • Improved Cooling – Defeat 150 Enemies with A280 on any multiplayer map
  • Improved Range – Defeat 250 Enemies with A280 on any multiplayer map

Unlock CR-2 – Defeat 200 Enemies as the Assault Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for CR-2

  • Reduced Recoil – Defeat 50 Enemies with CR-2
  • ION Shot – Defeat 150 Enemies with CR-2
  • Night Vision – Defeat 250 Enemies with CR-2

Unlock EL-16HFE – Defeat 500 Enemies as the Assault Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for EL-16HFE

  • Reduced Recoil – Defeat 50 Enemies with the EL-16HFE
  • Improved Range – Defeat 150 Enemies with the EL-16HFE
  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 250 Enemies with the EL-16HFE

Heavy Class

Unlock DC-15LE – Defeat 50 Enemies with the Heavy Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for DC-15LE

  • Reduced Recoil – Defeat 50 Enemies with the DC-15LE
  • Improved Zoom – Defeat 150 Enemies with the DC-15LE
  • Exploding Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies with the DC-15LE

Unlock FWMB-10K – Defeat 200 Enemies as the Heavy Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for FWMB-10K

  • Auto Cooling – Defeat 50 Enemies with the FWMB-10K
  • Night Vision – Defeat 150 Enemies with the FWMB-10K
  • ION Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies with the FWMB-10K

Unlock TL-50 – Defeat 500 Enemies as the Heavy Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for TL-50

  • Improved Cooling – Defeat 50 Enemies with the TL-50
  • Reduced Spread – Defeat 150 Enemies with the TL-50
  • Secondary Fire – Defeat 250 Enemies with the TL-50

Officer Class

Unlock S-5 – Defeat 50 Enemies as the Officer Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for S-5

  • Reduced Recoil – Defeat 50 Enemies with the S-5
  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 150 Enemies with the S-5
  • ION Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies with the S-5

Unlock BLURRG-1120 – Defeat 200 Enemies as the Officer Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for BLURRG-1120

  • Reduced Recoil – Defeat 50 Enemies using the BLURRG-1120
  • Improved Burst – Defeat 150 Enemies using the BLURRG-1120
  • Exploding Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies using the BLURRG-1120

Unlock SE-44C – Defeat 500 Enemies as the Officer Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for SE-44C

  • Improved Cooling – Defeat 50 Enemies with the SE-44C
  • Night Vision – Defeat 150 Enemies with the SE-44C
  • Rapid Fire – Defeat 250 Enemies with the SE-44C

Specialist Class

Unlock IQA-11 – Defeat 50 Enemies as the Specialist Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for IQA-11

  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 50 Enemies with the IQA-11
  • Bolt Speed – Defeat 150 Enemies with the IQA-11
  • Improved Cooling – Defeat 250 Enemies with the IQA-11

Unlock A280 CFE – Defeat 200 Enemies as the Specialist Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for A280 CFE

  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 50 Enemies with the A280 CFE
  • Burst Mode – Defeat 150 Enemies with the A280 CFE
  • ION Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies with the A280 CFE

Unlock NT-242 – Defeat 500 Enemies as the Specialist Class

How to unlock weapon upgrades for NT-242

  • Dual Zoom – Defeat 50 Enemies with the NT-242
  • Improved Cooling – Defeat 150 Enemies with the NT-242
  • Disruptor Shot – Defeat 250 Enemies with the NT-242


Star Wars Battlefront 2Star Wars Battlefront 2 Guides

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