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Welcome to Indiana University Northwest's Dental Education Clinic! 

Dental Education COVID-19 Information

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make adjustments to our regular procedures due to this pandemic. 

The IUN Dental Education Clinic is following air filtration guidelines for the safety of our patients, faculty, and students.  Students  are required to wear masks, face shields, full gowns, and gloves as well as hair coverings.  All patients  are screened for symptoms before being escorted into the clinic area. 

IU Northwest’s Dental Education Clinic is open to the public, providing preventive dental services. Appointments are required and all services are provided by students in the Dental Education programs. Students are overseen by licensed dentists and hygienists in the state of Indiana.

Clinic hours vary each semester according to student schedules. Not all patients can be treated in the Dental Education Clinic. Patients requiring specialized care, with complex medical histories, or rigid time constraints may not be able to be seen.

Please call (219) 980-6772 or email our Clinic Support Manager at [email protected]  for an appointment.

Sours: https://www.iun.edu/dental-clinic/index.htm

Indiana University School of Dentistry

The Indiana University School of Dentistry, the only dental school in the state, serves an important mission to train future dental professionals who will provide quality oral health care for the state of Indiana and beyond. The school in its current location has grown incrementally over the years into a complex of three buildings – dating from the 1930s to the 1970s – that had become out of date and limited the School’s ability to achieve its mission. SmithGroup, in collaboration with local firm, Ratio Architects, was charged with creating new patient treatment center for the 21st century.  The new center would be housed in a technically advanced addition that would unify the existing buildings while presenting a new identity of fresh academic vitality commensurate with the school’s growth plans and aspirations.

One of the biggest opportunities that our team envisioned was to make vast improvements in the overall flow of patients, staff, students, faculty and materials through strategically located connections to the existing buildings. The three-story 46,000 SF clinical addition not only presents a new face for the school by re-orienting the main patient entrance but radically improves the patient experience with 125 new patient treatment operatories and spacious new patient waiting rooms and registration areas. The addition is to the east of the existing buildings. It presents itself with an elegant glass curtain wall that is more than just aesthetics – it allows abundant natural light for clinical areas, student study areas and patient venues. Upper floors of the new wing connect to existing buildings by glass walkways, and the four buildings together form an internal courtyard for rest and respite for patients, students and faculty.

Sours: https://www.smithgroup.com/projects/indiana-university-school-of-dentistry
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Dentists are doctors who specialize in oral health. Their responsibilities include:

  • Diagnosing oral diseases
  • Promoting oral health and disease prevention
  • Creating treatment plans to maintain or to restore the oral health of their patients
  • Interpreting X rays and diagnostic tests
  • Ensuring the safe administration of anesthetics
  • Monitoring growth and development of the teeth and jaws
  • Performing surgical procedures on the teeth, bone, and soft tissues of the oral cavity

Dentists' oversight of the clinical team is critical to ensure safe and effective oral care. Even seemingly routine procedures, such as tooth extractions, preparing and placing fillings, or administering anesthetics, carry potential risks of complications, including infection, temporary or even permanent nerve damage, prolonged bleeding, hematomas, and pain.

Dentists' areas of care include not only their patients' teeth and gums but also the muscles of the head, neck and jaw, tongue, salivary glands, nervous system of the head and neck, and other areas. During a comprehensive exam, dentists examine the teeth and gums, but they also look for lumps, swellings, discolorations, and ulcerations—any abnormality. When appropriate, they perform procedures such as biopsies, diagnostic tests for chronic or infectious diseases, salivary gland function, and screening tests for oral cancer.

  • Salary information: In 2017, the median salary for dentists in the United States and in Indiana was around $158,000.
  • Projected job growth: Experts expect a 19% increase from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Time to degree: Four years of undergraduate work and four years of dental school. Dentists may choose to specialize in a particular field of dentistry, such as orthodontics or pediatric dentistry. To become a specialist, dentists must complete two to four years of postdoctoral education, and they might be required to complete a two-year residency program in their field of choice.
  • GPA requirements: IU does not have a minimum requirement, but average GPAs in the recently admitted classes have been around a 3.5, with average science GPAs between 3.4 and 3.5.
  • Dental Admissions Test (DAT ): Computerized exam measures general academic ability (reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning), comprehension of scientific information (biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry), and perceptual ability (19.64 academic average).
  • Tuition (approximate based on IU program): Indiana resident tuition is $33,000 per year plus fees and living expenses ($71,000 for non-resident).
  • Shadowing: The IU Admissions Committee expects applicants to have completed a minimum of 100 hours of exposure to general dentistry practice in at least three private practice settings.
  • CASPer Assessment: All applicants to the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at Indiana University School of Dentistry are required to complete an online assessment (CASPer) to assist with the selection process. Successful completion of CASPer is mandatory to maintain admission eligibility. 

Download the pre-dental timeline

Download the dental school application overview

Learn more information

A total of 90 semester credit hours, including the courses listed below, and the DAT MUST be completed—however, MOST students have a completed undergraduate degree before beginning dental school. Note: It is important to review the prerequisite courses for each program to which you are planning to apply, as they may be different from IU's.

Biology I and II with labBIOL-K 101 & BIOL-K 103
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, or Molecular Biology BIOL-K 384, BIOL-K 324, or BIOL-K 322
MicrobiologyBIOL-K 356 or BIOL-K 388Prerequisites for BIOL-K 356: BIOL-K 103 or BIOL-K 104 and CHEM-C 341

Prerequisites for BIOL-K 388: BIOL-K 322 or Co-Requisite BIOL-K 322
Human Anatomy with labBIOL-N 261
Human Physiology with labBIOL-N 217
General Chemistry I and II with labCHEM-C 105 & 125, CHEM-C 106 & 126Prerequisite: CHEM-C 101 or placement into CHEM-C 105
Organic Chemistry with labCHEM-C 341 & 343, CHEM-C 342 & 344Prerequisite: CHEM-C 106 or CHM 11600 or CHM 11700
Physics with labPHYS-P 201 & PHYS-P 202Prerequisite: MATH 15400 or MATH 15900 or MATH 16500 or MATH-S 165 or MATH 22100 or MATH 23100 (each course with a C– or higher taken within the last three years) or ALEKS placement score greater or equal to 61.00
Psychology PSY-B 110
EnglishENG-W 131
CommunicationCOMM-R 110
College MathMATH 15300 & MATH 15400 or higher

Download prerequisite courses 

Sours: https://hls.iupui.edu/plan/pre-professional/dentistry/index.html
Indiana University School of Dentistry -- Dental School Experience Series: Season 2

Indiana University School of Dentistry

The Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) is the dental school of Indiana University. It is located on the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis campus in downtown Indianapolis. It is the only dental school in Indiana.


The school is located at the center of Indiana, and in the heart of Indianapolis. It is part of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), one of eight campuses in the IU system and the premier urban campus of Indiana University. The IUPUI campus is situated just a few blocks from Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

IUPUI shares its location on the near west side of the city with the Indiana University Medical Center. Many of the dental school's faculty members have established strong collaborative ties with physicians and other scientists in the medical center facilities, which are just across the street from the school.

During the 2010-11 academic year, 693 students pursued seven types of degree and/or certificate programs in dental assisting, dental hygiene, dentistry, and graduate dentistry. In addition, three other IU campuses (in Gary, South Bend, and Fort Wayne) offer certificates and degrees in allied dental programs. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch has been Dean of the school since June 2019.[1]


The IU dental school has more than 11,000 living alumni. They are pursuing careers throughout the United States and in more than 30 other countries. The IU Alumni Association counts dentistry among its most supportive groups. IU grads have been named to prestigious leadership posts in organized dentistry and in dental education throughout the world. Alumna Carol I. Turner (DDS'75) was appointed chief of the US Navy Dental Corps in 2003, becoming the first woman to hold the Navy's top position in dentistry; Ronald Zentz (DDS'85) is senior director of the American Dental Association's Council on Scientific Affairs; and Stephen Ralls (M'81 Periodontics) is executive director of the American College of Dentists.

Cheating episode[edit]

In May 2007, the School of Dentistry disciplined 46 dental students for cheating.[2]The Indianapolis Star initially reported that nine students were dismissed, 16 were suspended for periods ranging from three to twenty-four months, and 21 received letters of reprimand.[2] However, all of the dismissals were reversed and most of the suspensions decreased after the student appeals were finalized.

The incident "involved the unauthorized acquisition, sharing and use of passwords to enter electronically locked image files meant only for examinations", according to a memo written by Dean Lawrence Goldblatt, which the Indianapolis Star obtained.[2] Dr. Goldblatt's memorandum states that the scandal involved the school's second-year class, the dental class of 2009.[2] The memorandum states that the investigation took approximately two months to complete.[2] According to Dr. Goldblatt, all "[s]tudents receiving any of the sanctions... have the right to appeal the decision to the School of Dentistry Faculty Council Executive Committee... within five working days of their official notice of the sanction."[2]

Twenty-three students challenged the disciplinary determinations made by the Faculty Council at its May 4, 2007, meeting. During the appeal process, the school reversed every dismissal. Hence, no students were dismissed as a result of the scandal. In the final sanctions imposed against the class: 24 students were suspended from three months to twenty-four months, and an additional 18 students received letters of reprimand.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Gary Dilley, American Olympic medalist in swimming, orthodontist
  • Sidney Clayton Goff, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Steve Green, former NBA player
  • Daniel Laskin, oral and maxillofacial surgeon and educator
  • Robert M. Ricketts, American orthodontist
  • Carol I. Turner, US Navy Dental Corps
  • Elaine C. Wagner (Rear Admiral, United States Navy) and 36th Chief, United States Navy Dental Corps

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indiana_University_School_of_Dentistry

Dentistry of iu school


Scholarship Center - Indiana University School of Dentistry - Home

As the only dental school in the State of Indiana, Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) offers an extraordinary learning environment in which teaching, research, and community service come together in the best possible way for the preparation of tomorrow’s dental professionals.

The school is located in the heart of Indianapolis, the state capital. It is situated on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus, one of eight in the IU system. In addition to the School of Dentistry, the IUPUI campus is home to the world-renowned IU Medical School and the IU Health academic health center. Dental school faculty have strong collaborative ties with physicians and scientists in the medical center facilities.
IUSD is one of the oldest dental schools in the US. It was founded as the Indiana Dental College in 1879 and was acquired by Indiana University in 1925. In 1933 the dental school moved into a new building on the current site. Today the school is composed of the original building plus two major additions – the first addition was dedicated in 1962 and the second a decade later. A state-of-the-art third addition, the James Fritts Clinical Care Center, is in progress and due for completion and opening in early 2018.

Indiana University School of Dentistry continues to embrace an innovative and contemporary attitude designed to graduate dental professionals in all disciplines who are prepared for the unique practice environment of today and tomorrow. The IU School of Dentistry currently has more than 12,500 alumni who are pursuing careers throughout the United States and in more than 30 other countries. The school has more than 280 faculty members contributing to IUSD’s teaching, research and service programs.

In addition to the dental school, services are provided at several other patient care facilities, including the pediatric dentistry clinic at Riley Outpatient Center, which is part of IU’s acclaimed Riley Hospital for Children; the dental and oral surgery clinics at University Hospital and the Health Science Building; as well as at Cottage Grove and Grassy Creek, two clinics located in community centers.

The clinical dentistry program at IU is one of the strongest in the country, gathering its strength from traditions in educational excellence, and drawing on a patient population of in excess of 31,000. The combined clinics provide more than 117,000 appointments for patients annually.


The ITI Scholar will participate in the following clinical activities:

  • Clinical patient care services
    • Treating patients under faculty supervision
      • Interdisciplinary treatment planning
      • Placement of implants
      • Restoration of implants
      • Laboratory and associated procedures associated with treatment
    • Observation of clinical patient treatment
    • Assisting in patient treatment
    • Oral hygiene procedures and maintenance
  • Research activities
    • Development and coordinated involvement with existing center activities
    • Where practical, individual mentored research activities

The Scholar's time will be allocated to the activities below as follows (estimate):

  • 70% patient care
  • 30% research

The Department of Prosthodontics and the Center for Implant, Esthetic and Innovative Dentistry are responsible for coordinating the didactic and clinical aspects of the Scholarship program. This is in addition to responsibilities for predoctoral, postdoctoral and (post/graduate) implant dentistry. The Department of Prosthodontics assumes responsibility for the ITI Scholarship Program with the school, although the Departments of OMFS and Periodontics will be involved in all aspects of research and clinical activity. The program has a strong commitment to collaboration between departments and within the ITI Scholarship program. With a focus on translational research within IUSD, qualified ITI Scholars will be provided with a focused research opportunity.
ITI Scholars will be expected to work in harmony with faculty and residents. ITI Scholars may anticipate exposure to and direct clinical experience with a range of treatment indications for completely and partially edentulous patients, patients with elevated esthetic demands, and patients requiring a range of adjunctive procedures including augmentation.

Applicants with US CODA accredited advanced graduate education in periodontics, prosthodontics or other significant restorative dentistry experience are preferred. The ability to treat patients is reliant upon the granting of an appropriate Indiana license.

The ITI Scholarship program at IUSD has a contemporary approach to the use of digital technologies in implant dentistry, with virtual implant planning, computer-guided surgery, intraoral digital scanning and CAD/CAM prosthesis fabrication. The ITI Scholarship program will also promote the Scholar’s knowledge and skill in implementing new and innovative techniques in their teaching and presentation practices.


Applicants must hold a valid TOEFL or IELTS certificate (no older than two years) as proof of proficiency in English for non-native-English speakers by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship program. Applicants are recommended to have a cumulative score of: 100 on the Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT) or 7 overall band score on the IELTS. The State of Indiana may provide limited licenses for appropriately credentialed candidates, allowing for the provision of clinical services under faculty supervision. The right to provide patient care under supervision is regulated by the Board of Dentistry, State of Indiana. Upon acceptance into the Scholarship Program, successful applicants must apply for and receive an appropriate visa, limited dental license, and malpractice insurance at their own expense. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon the receipt of the appropriate visa and immigration status (for example, J-1 visa), and the right to come to work and study in the United States is determined by U.S. Immigration laws. All living expenses while in the United States will be the responsibility of the Scholar.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Dean Morton
Co-Chairs: Dr. Wei-Shao Lin & Dr. Waldemar Polido
Indiana University School of Dentistry - IUSD
1121 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Email: [email protected]


Sours: https://www.iti.org/scholarships/scholarship-centers/indiana-university-school-of-dentistry
Indiana University School of Dentistry Healthy Smiles Initiative


Indiana University School of Dentistry clinics are now open for comprehensive dental care. To schedule an appointment in any of our clinics, please call (317) 274-7433.

Indiana University School of Dentistry continuously uses best practice infection control procedures to ensure your safety. As such, before entering the clinic all patients will be screened for symptoms of or evidence of exposure to COVID-19. Anyone who is exhibiting fever, cough, shortness of breath, or who has had known contact with any person confirmed or suspected to be infected with the coronavirus is prohibited.

All individuals in the building are REQUIRED to:

  • Wear a new face mask at all times while in public spaces. Everyone will be issued a new face mask upon entry to the building.
  • Cover both your mouth and nose with your mask
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6’ from other persons.
  • Wash or sanitize hands upon entry to the building.
  • Arrive no more than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • No guests allowed no one but the patient is allowed inside the building except for individuals serving as translators or a patient's guardian. 

The School of Dentistry has created a set of Frequenly Asked Questions relating specifically to the dental school:
Frequently Asked Questions about the IU School of Dentistry and COVID-19

For additional information visit the main Indiana University coronavirus website at: https://coronavirus.iu.edu/

Sours: https://dentistry.iu.edu/

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