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Destiny 2 Sturm and Drang quest: How to complete every Relics of the Golden Age quest step

Sturm and Drang in Destiny 2 are a special pair of weapons you can unlock as part of a post-game questline in Destiny 2.

The Drang is a Legendary sidearm that kicks off a quest to unlock the Sturm, an Exotic Hand Cannon.


As well as aesthetically looking similar, they share perks that compliment the other; the Sturm reloads your Energy weapon upon a kill, while the Drang will reload the Sturm when you get a kill with that - in theory meaning you can swap between the two and never have to reload at all. Pretty nifty, eh?

If you're interested in other elusive weapons and armour, see our Destiny 2 Exotics list for what else is available and how to unlock them.

It's also worth noting undertaking this quest is one of the few ways to help you reach the Destiny 2 max level cap since it scales with whatever level you currently are. The prior link explains more, but the longer you wait to do the quest, the higher level the weapon will become.

How to get the Sturm and Drang

Similar to certain Exotic weapons of the first game, unlocking the Sturm and Drang requires a number of specific steps. In brief, they are:

  1. Complete the main story and all follow-up Nessus story missions to get the Drang
  2. Decrypt Legendary Engrams, a Exotic Engram and use the Drang to defeat Fallen enemies
  3. Use the Drang to defeat powerful Fallen enemies, as well as regular Fallen enemies without reloading
  4. Complete a new mission to defeat a Servitor

Thanks to both the Destiny subreddit and KackisHD for filling in the gaps of the above steps.

Getting the Destiny 2 Sturm quest and Drang quest step-by-step

It's worth noting there are some spoilers for the end-game below, so read on at your own risk.

First of all, complete Destiny 2's main set of campaign missions and reach level 20. Doing so will unlock another series of quests on each planet.

Turn your attention to Nessus, and complete the Exodus Black series of missions. There's quite a few, and upon completing the last, My Captain, you will receive the Drang. Lovely stuff.

That's not all; you'll also receive a quest item in your Kinetic weapons slot, which asks you to talk to the Cryptach - so go and do that in the Tower.

This will then become the Relics of the Golden Age quest item. This will have three objectives:

  • Objective 1: Decrypt Legendary Engrams (out of 5)
  • Objective 2: Decrypt Exotic Engrams (out of 1)
  • Objective 3: Defeat Fallen on Nessus with Drang (out of 10)

Remember the above steps can be completed while doing any other activity, so feel free to do other missions and events while keeping these in mind.

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This is probably wise when it comes to Engrams, which are almost entirely based on luck (though you can get Faction rewards to count towards the first objective).

Upon completion of all three, you need to visit the Cryptarch, who will direct you to Tyra Karn at The Farm. Doing so will transform it into a second Relics of the Golden Age item, with two more objectives both on Nessus:

  • Objective 1: Defeat multiple Fallen with Drang without reloading (out of 10)
  • Objective 2: Defeat a powerful Fallen with Drang (out of 10)

Two Fallen enemies counts as multiple here, so just do a couple, reload, take out another couple and repeat.

Powerful Fallen, meanwhile, is any Fallen enemy with yellow health (and is usually named). You also need to get the final kill (not someone in your Fireteam) for it to count.

If you want to zip through this second step very quickly, then replaying the Exodus Siege Adventure (situated to the south of the Exodus Black zone) will see you come face-to-face with a yellow-bar Fallen within moments of starting. Do this ten times and the objective is complete.

This video by Ryan Rockwell shows the process in action:

Once done, you'll need to visit Tyra Karn again once done for the final Relics of the Golden Age quest step, which has you complete a special version of the Exodus Crash Strike on Nessus and destroy a Servitor named Kendricks-7.


Go to Nessus on the map, and go to the Relics of the Golden Age mission, and follow the prompts. The game recommends taking a Fireteam with you and a power level of 140 (though you can easily complete it solo at the right Power level - thanks to reader kmosesltd for the tip) and requires a few pulse-related activities as well as defeating the aforementioned Servitor enemy towards the end in the penultimate dark room.

Once done, there is last objective - to go back to Tyra Karn at The Farm. She will then give you a the Golden Age Engram, which decrypts into the Sturm at last. Enjoy!


This year's Festival of the Lost has arrived - which includes the Book of the Forgotten and Jurassic Green to unlock. Elsewhere in Season of the Lost, there are new Exotics such as the Ager's Scepter and the long-awaited arrival of crossplay. New activities include the Wayfinders Voyage, the Astral Alignment activity and finding Atlas Skew, Trivial Mystery, Enigmatic Mystery, Ascendant Mystery, Data Cache, Parallax Trajectory and Ascendant Anchor locations. Elsewhere, we've seen new Nightfall weapons such as the Uzume RR4, Plug One.1 and Hung Jury SR4. Other recent new features include transmog and materials Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave, the Splicer Gauntlet and Decrypted Data used to upgrade it.

As a recap, these are two weapons that compliment each other with their unique reloading perks. The Sturm will reload your Energy weapon upon a kill, while the Drang will reload the Sturm when you get a kill with that - in theory meaning you can swap between the two and never have to reload at all.

Of course, the Sturm's perk means any Energy weapon will reload with a kill, so you could pair it with a preferred secondary firearm of your choice.

It'll be interesting to see how the meta shakes out this pair of weapons - individually or together - in the coming days and weeks when the community gets its collective hands on it.


Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To Relics Of The Golden Age

Sturm is one of Destiny 2's most underrated Exotics. This novel Hand Cannon overloads its magazine as players earn kills using Drang, an energy Sidearm that accompanies this weapon. When used properly, this weapon can kill powerful enemies in PvE and potentially one-shot players in PvP.

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Like most Exotics in Destiny 2, you will need to earn it. Sturm must be obtained through an Exotic questline that Failsafe provides on Nessus, one of the first planets unlocked for New Light players. In this guide, we will go over how to obtain Sturm and its Catalyst through the "Relics of the Golden Age" questline.

8 Complete "My Captain"

Originally tied to the Red War campaign, "My Captain" is a quest anyone can obtain from Failsafe on Nessus. You must complete this mission to obtain Drang and start the quest to obtain Sturm.

This mission is fairly simple, requiring players to follow a harmless Harpy while defeating waves of Vex. The mission ends with a fight against a Gate Lord, a Minotaur boss with a large health pool. Save your Heavy ammo for this fight and this quest should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

7 Decrypt 5 Legendary Engrams

Completing "My Captain" should have rewarded the "Relics of a Golden Age" quest step, requiring you to decrypt a wide range of engrams.

The first objective requires you to decrypt 5 Legendary Engrams, something that is much easier to do than it sounds. Any Legendary you find on the ground counts, so running Nightfalls is a great idea. If you have thousands of Legendary Shards to burn, you can also purchase Legendary Engrams from Rahool at The Tower to bypass this step.

6 Decrypt An Exotic Engram

Like the last step, you must now find and decrypt an Exotic Engram. This was originally bugged during Forsaken when Exotics were changed to decrypt automatically, but this has since been fixed.

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Now, you just need to obtain any Exotic-quality item for this step to complete. It doesn't have to be an armor piece; Exotic Sparrows, Ghost Shells, or Catalysts all count towards this objective. If your luck is poor, you can either run Nightfalls for Exotic cosmetics or purchase a Fated Engram from Xur when he's available from Friday to reset.

5 Defeat Fallen With Drang

This is by far the easiest step of the entire quest. The final objective of the "Relics of the Golden Age" quest step is to get 10 Fallen kills with Drang on Nessus.

Fallen can be found in various Lost Sectors and Public Events. If you want to complete this step quickly, travel to The Rift Lost Sector. It can be found on the wall adjacent to the crashed Exodus Black where players converse with Failsafe. You only need 10 kills for this part, so this objective doesn't take long.

4 Powerful Fallen Kills

Sidearms aren't meant for killing powerful enemies, but that is precisely what the next quest step wants you to do. You will need to kill 10 powerful Fallen enemies with Drang getting the final blow.

As before, The Rift Lost Sector in the Exodus Black area is the best way of doing this. Kill the Fallen inside and make your way to the boss. Damage him using your abilities or other weapons until they are just shy of death. Swap to Drang and finish the Captain off with a few shots. Repeat this 10 times until its complete.

3 Drang Multikills

Drang's small magazine size and damage output make this next step somewhat difficult but not impossible. Fallen multikills are required to finish the next step.

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You will need to defeat pairs of Fallen without reloading Drang for this to count. Any reloading effect such as Hunter Dodge will break this chain. Aim for the head and try to conserve shots. You don't need all multikills to occur in one magazine, but multiple kills past the first two count as an additional multikill. For example, killing 3 Fallen at once will grant 2/10 on the quest step instead of 1/10 progress.

2 Complete New Mission

Tyra Karn will tell you that a special Servitor needs to be destroyed before you can obtain your new Exotic Hand Cannon. Start the "Relics of the Golden Age" mission on Nessus to find the Servitor and kill it.

A reprisal of the Exodus Crash Strike, this mission plays exactly the same as the Strike variant. Complete the objectives as you would normally and defeat any Fallen in your path. Towards the end of the Strike, right before you climb up the platforms to face the final boss, turn left in the dark room and you should see Kendriks-7, a Fallen Servitor with a large health bar. Defeat this enemy, return to Tyra Karn, and you will have earned the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon.

1 Sturm Catalyst

As with most Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, most have an Exotic Catalyst that increases their power when completed. Sturm is no exception.

Any enemy on Nessus has a chance to drop Sturm's Catalyst, so keep your eyes on the ground for an Exotic drop. The Exodus Crash Strike and Fallen Glimmer Extraction Public Event are great ways of earning it. Once you have it, kill 500 enemies with both Sturm and Drang equipped to finish the Catalyst. This Catalyst upgrades Sturm's Range stat and dramatically improves its Handling stat to make swapping between Drang and itself much faster.

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The energy weapon sidearm Drang and its partner, the kinetic weapon hand cannon Sturm, are a pair you’ll receive at the end of a few pretty intense quests in Destiny 2. You’ll put in a lot of time and work to get them, but they’re powerful, Exotic (yellow) and they work well together.

When you kill an enemy with Drang, it reloads ammo into Sturm. When you kill with Sturm, it reloads ammo whatever energy weapon you have equipped — an energy weapon like, say, Drang.

To pick up the Legendary (purple) sidearm Drang, you’ll have to complete two quests for Failsafe on Nessus. You’ll pick up the first one right in Failsafe’s room (brain?) on the Exodus Black. You’ll need to complete the campaign missions on Nessus and speak to Failsafe before these quests open up.

O Captain

These two quests see you searching for the captain and crew of the Exodus Black — who Failsafe believes might still be alive. Let’s call her optimistic.

  • Recover audio logs. You’ll find the four audio logs you’re looking for on four corpses wearing space suits. They’re all in the area right around the Exodus Black, so you won’t have to go far to find them. They won’t automatically be on your map, but they’ll appear when you’re close enough. So you just have to walk around the area fighting through the Fallen.
  • Find and defend the satellite array. Once you find all four audio logs, you’ll get a marker for a satellite array. When you get to it, a few waves of Fallen will show up to ruin your day. Shoot them.
  • Eliminate the Vex to collect memory data. When Ghost is done with the satellite array, he’ll implicate the Vex in the fate of the Exodus Black crew. Your next job is to run around and collect some data from Vex you defeat. This works a lot like a Salvage Patrol. The Vex you’re looking for are in the Glade of Echoes area to the south-southeast of the Exodus Black. They’ll all have “Empathic” before their name.
  • Rendevous with the captain. When you follow your next waypoint, you won’t find the captain. Instead, you’ll meet a “weird-looking Harpy.”

My Captain


When you track down the weird-looking Harpy again, it will lead you down into the Sunken Cavern. It’s friendly, so your job is just to keep following it.

  • Follow the Harpy. Like we just said, keep following it.
  • Prove yourself to the Vex. You’ll start getting bits and pieces of information from the Harpy about the captain, but you’ll have to prove yourself first. The first challenge is to hop your way across some floating boulders.
  • Defend yourself against the Vex. When you get to the other side, a bunch of Vex will appear. Shoot them.
  • Confront the Harpy. Just follow your HUD marker to the Harpy.
  • Link with the Harpy. For this next section, you’ll have to make your way to four waypoints and hold off waves of Vex at each while you establish the link. Shoot them.
  • Complete the Vex trial. This is another jumping challenge. Make your way across the gap by jumping on the floating rocks again.
  • Destroy Kagathos, Empathic Mind. Kagathos is a yellow-bar Vex Minotaur. And he brought his friends.
  • Search for Captain Jacobson. Once again, follow the weird-looking Harpy.
  • Inspect the body. The Harpy will lead you to the captain’s body. When you find it and listen to his final audio log, you’ll finish the quest and get the Legendary (purple) energy weapon sidearm Drang. You’ll also get a kinetic weapon quest item called Talk to the Cryptarch. Guess what you have to do next.

To start on the path to get Drang’s partner, Sturm, you just have to do what the quest item says — go to the Tower and talk to the Cryptarch Master Rahool. He’ll give you a different Quest item called Relics of the Golden Age.

Relics of the Golden Age

Relics of the Golden Age has three objectives. You can do them in any order. The first two don’t have a restriction on the weapon you use, and only the third one has a specific location.

  • Decrypt five Legendary engrams. You’ll have to go out into the world(s) and do things that might drop Legendary (purple) Engrams until you get five of them. Try Public Events, Patrols and Adventures. Or check your Weekly Milestones.
  • Decrypt one Exotic Engram. Once again, you’re just going to have to keep doing things until RNGesus grants you an Exotic (yellow) drop.
  • Defeat Fallen on Nessus with Drang. This one is the easiest. Just head to Nessus and shoot 10 Fallen with your shiny new gun.

Talk to the Cryptarch

After you kill the Fallen and bring back all the engrams Master Rahool, he’ll give you a new item called Talk to the Cryptarch and send you to talk to Tyra Karn at the Farm. She’ll give you another item called Relics of the Golden Age with a new set of objectives.

Relics of the Golden Age (Part 2)

You need to complete both of these objectives on Nessus. While there’s not as much grinding involved, there’s still a lot of shooting involved.

  • Defeat multiple (10) Fallen with Drang without reloading. The math on this one is a little … inscrutable. It doesn’t seem as simple as one-for-one every time you kill a Drang without reloading. The best way to approach this one is to just kill as many Fallen as you can with Drang while reloading as little as possible. There are a lot of Fallen in the area around the Exodus Black, so stick close to it.
  • Defeat a powerful Fallen with Drang (10 times). This objective is no small undertaking. Not just any “powerful” Fallen will do — you need to find a yellow-bar Fallen mini-boss. Your best bet is to clear out the leader of a Lost Sector. You can only run a Lost Sector once per visit to a planet, so if you find a convenient one, you’ll have to return to orbit between each run.

This objective takes a lot of work — 45 minutes at minimum, by our math. Your best bet is to fast travel to the Exodus Black landing zone, then head southwest into the Glade of Echoes. More or less right ahead of you, there’s a Lost Sector, about halfway across the area.

If you’re careful, and don’t care about getting shot, you can rush through the rooms and get to the Servitor mini-boss at the end. As soon as it’s down, you can return to orbit and start the whole process over. The best we ever did was about three minutes. That’s what’s in the video above (we cut out the loading screens). It’s … not fun. And you have to do it 10 times.

(And a quick author’s note: As you can see, I’m very good at driving a Sparrow. If you’re better at it than I am, you can ride your Sparrow much deeper into the Lost Sector — this will save you some time.)

Relics of the Golden Age (Part 3)

When you complete the two tasks above and return to Tyra Karn, she’ll give you another Relics of the Golden Age Quest item. This one

Quest: Exodus Crash

For this one, you’re going to need help. Get (at least) one other person in your Fireteam and head to Prodromus Down in the northeast of Nessus. The Quest marker won’t even appear if you’re going in solo.

Your target is a Servitor named Kendricks-7. (You may recognize this entire quest as the Exodus Crash Strike. It’s the same thing.)

  • Track Fallen through Arc Pulses. Drive or run through the blue-white pillars of light. They’re all marked with waypoints, so they’re hard to miss. You’re just going to have to fend of Vex during the process.
  • Defeat the Fallen. And then the Fallen show up. Including a yellow-bar captain named Khirin, Blinding Captain.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft. You just have to fight your way through both Fallen and Vex to get there.
  • Analyze the Fallen Device and Defend Ghost. While Ghost checks out the Fallen antenna-thing, you’ll have to fend off several waves of Fallen and Vex — including so manyOvercharge Shanks, which are just the worst.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft (Part 2) and Track Fallen through Arc Pulses (Part 2). Once again, you’re just hitting the light beams while shooting your way past enemies.
  • Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft (Part 3). Follow your waypoint to the Glade of Echoes. As soon as you enter the area, watch on your left for some Heavy Pikes. They’re unguarded and they’re going to come in super handy in a second.
  • Defeat the Fallen Walker. And you’re probably going to have to take out the Siege Minotaur as well. Hopefully, you listened and you’re riding a Heavy Pike — they’ll make short work of both of these enemies.
  • Explore the Exodus Black’s Aft. Now that you’re finally at the aft of the ship, you’re almost done. Follow your waypoint to the final showdown. There’s a lot of Fallen and your target, Kendriks-7, waiting in a room inside. When it’s defeated, you’ll get a new Quest item named Talk to Tyra Karn.
  • Clear the area and Defeat Thaviks, the Depraved. Our two hints are: Avoid the Overcharge Shanks which as, as previously stated, just the worst, and shoot Thaviks. A lot.

Talk to Tyra Karn


Head back to the Farm one more time and talk to Tyra Karn again. She’ll give you an Exotic (yellow) Engram that will decrypt into Sturm.

Destiny 2 - Relics Of The Golden Age: Defeat Fallen on Nessus with Drang Legendary Sidearm Gameplay

Destiny 2 Sturm and Drang: completing the Relics of the Golden Age quest to get these awesome reload-free weapons

Destiny 2 has a lot of special weapon combinations, but this pair is a must-have combination, so target them as a priority.

As part of our extensive Destiny 2 guide, we're here to help you pick up these powerful weapons.

Destiny 2's Sturm and Drang come as a pair - one hand cannon, one sidearm. They're named after the German term Sturm und Drang - a phrase meaning 'Storm and Stress', which is also the name of a German literary movement wherein the hero of a piece is driven to violence, usually by greed, and emotions be damned.

The weapon effects for these two pistols fit this concept, with the two guns synergizing and working together nicely. Racking up kills with one will essentially allow the other to be reloaded free-of-charge while it's in your reserves. This is actually really clever and can lead to a situation that makes it feel as though you've got unlimited ammo - keep killing with Sturm and when it's time to reload, instead switch to Drang and keep dunking on the enemy. Rinse and repeat until your enemies are dead. The two guns feature decent stats but this is the unique selling point.

Sturm is the exotic weapon of the pair, while Drang is a Legendary Sidearm. The two look very much alike. If you want to learn more about the exotic, rare and powerful weapons in Destiny 2, be sure to head to our Destiny 2 Exotics page where we list off all of the exotic weapons currently available in Destiny 2 and how to unlock them.

The Sturm and Drang are obtained through a specific quest line, and you'll have to follow a number of steps in order to get your hands on them. The quest line in question can be helpful for hitting Destiny 2's level cap by levelling up quickly, in that this quest will scale to whatever level you are rather than remaining at a static difficulty you may have already surpassed.

Obtaining Drang: how to get the first of the pair

Getting Drang is pretty simple. All you'll need to do is follow a relatively linear story path - this Legendary Sidearm will be a reward along the way. Given that this takes place in the post-game, some minor spoilers for the end-game are below. So:

  • Complete the main Red War campaign missions in full - Destiny 2's main story content.
  • In the post-game, focus on completing all the Nessus World Quests. As part of this, after the final quest (My Captain) you'll be rewarded the Drang legendary sidearm. For more on these quests and their loot, check our Destiny 2 World Quests list page.
  • You have the Drang! Lovely. It's an okay weapon, but it needs its partner to really impress. As part of the Nessus World Quests rewards you'll have a new quest item in your Kinetic weapons slot. It suggests you talk to the Cryptach - so head to the tower and do just that.
  • Talking to to the Cryptach will kick off a quest line associated with this item. Let's get into that below:


How to get Sturm: finishing the pair

In order to get Sturm you're going to have to follow a much less directed quest line, which is split into three parts. Here's how that works - and remember you need to complete the quest above to activate this quest.

Relics of the Golden Age quest part one: engrams and kills

This quest has a few different objectives you need to complete, but each is pretty simple.

  • Relics of the Golden Age Objective #1: Decrypt Legendary Engrams (5 total)
  • Relics of the Golden Age Objective #2: Decypt Exotic Engrams (1 total)
  • Relics of the Golden Age Objective #3: Defeat Fallen on Nessus with Drang (10 total)

The important thing to remember about this quest is that it's basically a background activity, so you don't need to focus on completing these things specifically. If you want, you can meander off, do other things and just complete these at your leisure as you go. The Fallen on Nessus can be killed while doing other objectives and so on, but the objective you'll probably most want to sit on is the one to decrypt engrams.

That objective to Decrypt Legendary Engrams is going to take you time, so don't be afraid to get away from this quest and tackle more of what Destiny 2 has to offer - there are plenty of suggestions on what to do in our Destiny 2 guide.

When these objectives are all complete, head back to chat to the Cryptarch again. After a quick chat you'll be redirected to Tyra Karn at The Farm. This results in a second Relics of the Golden Age quest item, and this kicks off the second part of the quest.

Relics of the Golden Age quest part two: powering up Drang

Tyra Karn will update the quest with two more objectives that are even more simple than the last pair. As before, you can complete these objectives passively as you do other things, but this second set is far more specific and easy to grind out quickly if that's what you prefer. They are:

  • Relics of the Golden Age Objective #5: Defeat Multiple Fallen with Drang without reloading (10 total)
  • Relics of the Golden Age Objective #6: Defeat a powerful Fallen with Drang (10 total)

Anything above two fallen counts for this objective, so just keep plugging away - two will do, but more than that is obviously helpful. You don't need to get all ten in one go, so don't fret about that. Powerful Fallen are harder to down, and they're the ones that are typically named enemies. You have to be the one to land the kill if you're playing in a fireteam, and it of course has to be with Drang. Keep those points in mind.

Once you've killed a load of Fallen with Drang and satisfied its bloodlust, head back to the Farm and chat to Tyra Karn once again. You've got one more step in this quest to go...


Relics of the Golden Age quest part three: Sturm at last

Tyra Karn will point you in the direction for the third and final part of the Relics of the Golden Age quest - a new story mission on Prodromus Down on Nessus. You'll be tasked with destroying a Servitor named Kendricks-7. Sounds simple enough!

This will now pop up as a proper mission on your map, so simply head to Nessus on the map and follow the menus as you usually would. You should have a Fireteam with a power level of 140, though if you're powerful enough and skilled enough you should be able to handle it alone. It's a pretty standard-issue quest, with the Kendricks-7 Sevitor featuring as the boss at the very end of the mission.

Once the quest is done, head back to Tyra Karn - and voila, you have yourself some lovely Storm and Stress as your reward. Sturm und Drang. Sturm and Drang. Whatever! The point is, as described above these two weapons work fantastically together, and Sturm is actually a great side arm for any energy weapon, since its automatic reload perk isn't exclusive to Drang. Drang's auto-reload only works on Sturm, however, so these pair really are a match made in heaven.


Relics destiny golden age

Destiny 2: Relics Of The Golden Age & 9 Other Memorable Quests

By Andrew LaBella


Many Destiny 2 players remember Relics of the Golden Age as one of the best quests in the game, and here are a few others that follow this example.

Amidst the chase for the best gear in the game with optimal perks and the highest power level, players in Destiny 2 will find themselves completing countless quests long after the credits roll. While most players are concerned with the looter aspect of Destiny, many players become enthralled by the lore Bungie has given in the game world, which can be revealed (albeit, mostly in text) by beating many of the endgame quests the game has to offer.

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All quests have some reward for completing them (in fact, all but one quest on this list eventually leads to an Exotic weapon), but the best quests in the game that players remember long after finishing them are the ones that tell the best stories and have the most impactful lore implications.

10 Relics Of The Golden Age

After completing the Red War campaign, players can start the Relic of the Golden Age Exotic quest by completing the endgame adventure chain on Nessus, which rewards them with the legendary sidearm Drang. After completing a series of simple tasks using Drang to defeat Fallen enemies, players are rewarded with Drang's companion weapon, the Exotic hand cannon Sturm. This was many day-one players' first Exotic quest in Destiny 2, and the unique dual-weapon reward made it especially memorable for many players.

9 Exploring The Corridors Of Time

A time-gated quest limited to only one season (which Bungie, thankfully, will be fixing in year 4), players could, as the title says, explore the Corridors of Time during the Season of Dawn to uncover some hidden mysteries about the player-character. Players already navigated the Corridors of Time to save Saint-14 earlier in the season but went back in to solve a very convoluted puzzle (even by Destiny standards) that ultimately lead them to the Memento quest, which rewarded the Bastion kinetic Exotic fusion rifle. Exploring the Corridors of Time was especially memorable for the amount of community cooperation it required to finish as well as the doom-laden plot twist at the quest's finale.

8 The Draw

Tied to the Season of the Forge, The Draw Exotic quest saw the return of the fan-favorite rapid-fire hand cannon The Last Word. In The Draw, the Drifter sent players on a lengthy quest involving a Hive artifact, which mostly involves killing Hive enemies throughout the game world, which culminates with The Conversation, a unique quest step that tests players' quickdraw abilities to determine if they're worthy of wielding The Last Word as they hunt Enkaar, a Hive acolyte who designs weapons.

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This lengthy quest is mostly memorable for its unique final quest step, which was unlike any other mission in Destiny, and for bringing back an incredibly powerful PvP hand cannon in a meaningful way.

7 Wish-Ender

The Wish-Ender Exotic quest, which rewarded the kinetic bow that is its namesake, can only be obtained by completing the Shattered Throne, Destiny 2's first dungeon introduced in Forsaken. Players were buzzing about the time-gated Shattered Throne, which only appeared during the peak of the Dreaming City's 3-week curse cycle, during the expansion's launch. Wish-Ender was a fitting reward for completing the dungeon (twice) and made exploring the wonderfully designed Dreaming City even more exciting as it allowed players to see and destroy the Corrupted Eggs spread throughout the City.

6 Exodus

Ahead of the Destiny Content Vault's arrival in November, Bungie decided to give players a reason to revisit the soon-to-be-vaulted locations of Titan, Io, Mercury, and Mars, as well as some lore to motivate their departure from the game. The Exodus quest recently wrapped up in early September and arrived in 2 parts, Preparation and Evacuation, during Season of Arrivals spaced about 2 months apart. For completing the quest, players were rewarded with the Traveler's Chosen Exotic sidearm, an Exotic version of the first weapon players wielded in Destiny 2 at the beginning of the Red War campaign. While nostalgia hasn't had time to set in for this quest, it certainly has some of the largest lore implications of any quest in the game, and it gave a proper send-off for some of the game's fantastic NPCs.

5 Imperial Invitation

The first quest in Destiny 2 tied to a raid Exotic weapon, Imperial Invitation can be found just by simply killing Cabal enemies. The reward for completing this quest is the Legend of Acrius shotgun that slots into the Heavy slot. Players have to complete a special timed version of the fan-favorite The Arms Dealer strike, kill Cabal with an incomplete version of Legend of Acrius, and earn tokens in the Leviathan raid to unlock the final version of the Exotic shotgun.

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For many players, this quest was the reason they ran Leviathan for the first time (and for the uninitiated, the first time they ran any raid in a Destiny game), making it an especially memorable quest early in Destiny 2's lifecycle.

4 Darkness In The Light

The infamous quest to get Malfeasance, the unique Gambit hand cannon introduced in Forsaken, can only be acquired by defeating a specific Primeval boss (affectionately known as the "Meatball" by the community, which is really just a giant Taken servitor) with a very low encounter rate in Gambit. Players may not remember the quest itself at all, but they surely remember playing hours upon hours of Gambit before getting the Meatball to spawn, only to usually lose the round (and thus, not spawn the quest). The fact that the Meatball is an objectively harder boss to beat than any other Primeval thanks to an extra invulnerability mechanic makes getting this quest all the more arduous and memorable.

3 Allegiance

Tied to Season of the Drifter, Allegiance saw players choose sides between the Drifter, the mysterious founder and host of Gambit, and Aunor, an anti-Darkness Warlock from the Praxic Order who was commissioned by the Vanguard to investigate the Drifter for his dealings with the Darkness. This was the first (and as of now, only) major questline in Destiny to feature 2 branching pathways with completely different story outcomes, including how the Drifter treats the players when they enter Gambit which carries over into following seasons. The Allegiance questline added a story-based role-playing element similar to many other RPGs (Mass EffectDragon Age, etc.) that Destiny had been lacking for years, and many fans hope that Bungie will continue to give players more agency in future story quests.

2 Enemy Of My Enemy

Easily the most memorable quest from the base game, Enemy of My Enemy introduced Destiny 2 players to Mithrax, Kell of Light, a Fallen captain who rejected the Darkness and founded the House of Light. This is arguably the first Destiny quest with multiple story-based endings, as sparing Mithrax and only killing the Hive Knight that he's found dueling with in the climactic mission, Chances and Choices, triggers an alternate (canon) ending where Mithrax thanks the Guardian before transmatting away. This questline had a massive impact on the world of Destiny as it set off a chain of events that saw Mithrax and the Guardian work together in the hidden Zero Hour mission, and that will continue (and possibly conclude) in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion.

1 Cayde's Will

A fitting tribute for a lost friend, Cayde's Will is easily the most tear-inducing quest in all of Destiny, especially for players who have gotten to know Cayde-6 since the original Destiny. After completing the Forsaken campaign, players will get a broken version of the Ace of Spades, the Exotic hand cannon that was Cayde's weapon of choice, from defeating Uldren Sov, who killed Cayde at the start of Forsaken. To repair it, players will need to get hand cannon kills in Gambit, Crucible, and Strikes, before being sent on a quest to find Cayde's hidden caches throughout multiple planets, each of which has a message for a different Destiny NPC. The fifth message, players may recall, is for the people behind the mysterious Deep Stone Crypt, which players will finally get a chance to explore in Beyond Light. The tenth and final message is for the player-character themselves and is sure to get the tears flowing.

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Man Arrested for Killing Halo, Overwatch Voice Actress Christiane Louise

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Christiane Louise, a voice actress who played Cortana in Halo and Mercy in Overwatch.

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Destiny 2: How To Complete Relics Of The Golden Age And Get Sturm And Drang

Destiny 2 has been around for a bit, but the constant updates and the release of expansions make it a great game to buy even now.

Having regained its reputation as one of the best looter shooters available, the Bungie title has amassed a great player base. However, it could seem a bit complicated to newbies and, while gathering the best weapons seems simple enough as some great stuff comes to you via random drops, there are a few quests that could leave you with some pretty high-end loot.

Take the Relics of the Golden Age, for example. It's a quest step that, upon completion, hooks your Guardian up with one of the best weapon combos in the game - the Sturm and Drang.

The Relics of the Golden Age Quest

These are a special pair of weapons that directly influence each other when they're both equipped. The Drang, a Legendary sidearm, triggers a quest to unlock the Sturm, which is an Exotic Hand Cannon.

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The weapons look a bit similar, but the real catch is the perk that makes it so that the weapons complement each other. The Sturm reloads your energy weapon with a kill while the Drang reloads the Sturm when you kill an enemy with it. This means that you can keep switching between the two and never have to reload.

How To Get Sturm And Drang

To get both of these weapons, you need to complete Destiny 2's main story, and then take on the Nessus story that comes after. You'll also need to be at level 20 and above. The Black Exodus missions on Nessus need to be completed and, after finishing the last of them, you're rewarded with the Drang.

You'll also be in receipt of a quest item that requires you to speak to the Cryptarch, Master Rahool, in the Tower. It will become the Relics of the Golden Age quest and will need you to complete the three objectives listed below:

- Decrypt Legendary Engrams (5)

- Decrypt Exotic Engrams (1)

- Defeat Fallen on Nessus With Drang (10)

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You could complete these objectives while doing any unrelated activities so you can go ahead with missions and various events on Nessus if you please. It will probably help to do so to get Engrams, as there's no solid formula for that. Faction rewards could count towards the first objective, however.

When you're through with those, head back to Master Rahool so he can send you to Tyra Karn at The Farm. That will get you a second Relics of the Golden Age item.

Tyra will have you go back to Nessus for two more objectives. Firstly, you're to defeat multiple Fallen with the Drang (x 10) without reloading and then defeat a powerful, yellow-bar Fallen with the Drang (x 10).

A pair of Fallen counts as multiple, so you could just kill two or three of them, reload, and keep it going till you clear the objective. As for the powerful Fallen, you're the one who needs to get that final kill so let the folks on your Fireteam know if you have other Guardians with you.

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The Exodus Seige adventure, south of the Exodus Black Zone, will put you up against a yellow-bar Fallen enemy right away, so you could blast through it 10 times to fulfill the second objective.

You could also head to the Glade of Echos region on Nessus, where you'll come across a yellow-bar Servitor. Kill it, leave the area for a bit, and then head back - there should be a new Servitor waiting. You could do this as many times as you like.

Finishing The Relics Of The Golden Age Quest

After that's done, you head back to The Farm for a chat with Tyra for the final Relics of the Golden Age quest step, which requires a face-off with a Servitor called Kendricks-7 in a special version of the Exodus Crash Strike back on Nessus. The quest will be marked on your map.

You must go to the map and select Relics of the Golden Age. It's recommended that you're at a light level of 140 and that you take a Fireteam with you. You can also complete it solo if you'd rather do that, but only as long as you're good enough. After that, shoot enemies up until the point that you reach the Fallen Walker, then head into the darkroom, where you'll find Kendricks-7.

You can simply take cover behind the box near the entrance and fire at the Servitor from a distance, so a Power weapon should do the trick.

The Golden Age Engram And How To Use It

Finally, pay Tyra another visit at The Farm and she will present you with a Golden Age Engram that decrypts into the Exotic Sturm Hand Cannon. Pair that up with the Drang and have some non-reloading fun.

To add to what was mentioned at the beginning, the Sturm will reload any energy weapon, so you can pair it up with whatever you want. However, the Drang only reloads the Sturm.

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Modder Gives Arthur Morgan The Ending He Deserves

"You don't get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you."

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