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Charter Schools

About Florida's Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are very popular—and among the fastest growing school choice options in Florida. Charter schools are largely free to innovate, and often provide more effective programs and choice to diverse groups of students.

Since , the number of charter schools in Florida has grown to over in Charter school student enrollment now tops , students. Check out the Charter School Program Statistics (PDF) for more details.

Announcement: The Charter School Appeal Commission announces a telephone conference call to which all persons are invited on September 29, at p.m. The members will vote on the recommendation from the Red Hills Academy, Inc. vs. School Board of Leon County Appeal.  To join the call, Dial-In Phone Number & “Conference Room” Number:   For more information, you may contact Karen Hines-Henry at [email protected]

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Enrollment is up in Pasco charter schools

Publicly funded but privately managed, charter schools have been around in Florida since

Often controversial, but undeniably growing, they were created to give families an alternative to traditional public schools, with the goal of offering a more innovative curriculum. Enrollment in charters grew to , last school year across schools in 47 Florida counties. That’s a 37 percent jump from five years earlier.

Pasco has seen growth as well, with charter enrollment reaching more than 5, students last school year, up from about 4, the previous year. Here’s a look at the charters currently operating in the county:

Academy at the Farm

“We believe in educating the ‘whole’ child. One of the ways we do this is by emphasizing six quality character traits: responsibility, fairness, respect, honesty, citizenship and caring.”

Alex Lange Way, Dade City; K-8;; ()

Athenian Academy of Technology and the Arts

"As a direct result of infusing Kagan Cooperative Learning into our students' daily learning experiences, their social skills and character virtues improve, thus decreasing discipline issues school-wide. With behavior distractions kept to a minimum, our teachers are able to focus more time on instruction and learning."

Seven Springs Blvd., New Port Richey; K-8;; ()

Classical Preparatory Charter

“A classical/liberal arts education is the educational gold standard for creating innovators, thinkers, and leaders in any field. Its sole purpose is to train students how to think for themselves. On any list of the most influential people in history, the vast majority received a liberal arts education.”

Lyceum Way, Spring Hill; K;; ()

Countryside Montessori Charter School

"Our primary focus is to offer a challenging, world-class Montessori curriculum that engages and prepares children for life-long learning in a safe and diverse collaborative community."

Ehren Cutoff, Land O’Lakes; grades ;; ()

Dayspring Academy - Elementary campus

"Dayspring is committed to content-driven teaching. We know that if you are teaching content and how to think critically while exploring this content, test scores will reflect learning."

Timber Oaks Ave., Port Richey; K-5;; ()

Dayspring Academy - Secondary campus

"Our learners want to have the ability to create not consume. At Dayspring, we continue to move forward with our integration of arts and technology to provide an enriched curriculum that promotes creativity and requires the application of higher level critical thinking skills."

Palm Ave., Port Richey; grades ;; ()

NOTE: Dayspring Academy has plans to open a student precollegiate high school program in It is slated to operate at one of the school’s newly acquired properties.

Imagine Charter School of Land O' Lakes

Certified as a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) school. A national runnerup School of Character focusing on the six pillars of character - trusthworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Sunlake Blvd., Land O’ Lakes; K-8;; ()

Learning Lodge Academy

“A diverse and engaging curriculum that allows students to develop a well-rounded skill set. From language arts to social studies, the sciences and math, our school allows students to explore their talents, recognize strengths, and diversify their capabilities.”

Pine Hill Road, Port Richey; K-5;; ()

Pepin Academies - Pasco

"We educate students in third through 12th grade, and also offer a transitional, job training program for students 18 to 22 years-old. Pepin Academies are considered ESE Center schools. We feature a nurturing environment that focuses on improving the academic and social success of students. Our goal is to make sure no child falls through the cracks."

Little Road, New Port Richey; ;; ()

Plato Academy Trinity Charter School

"An environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach. The academic focus is on reading, math and Greek as a second language. All students also receive instruction in science, physical education, the humanities, music, drama, and art" using the Socratic method.

Old County Road 54, New Port Richey; K-4;; ()

Union Park Charter Academy

"All rooms are housed in a grade-level 'community.' Union Park Charter Academy has reimagined the learning space to promote collaboration among the teachers and learners in each grade level. All teachers within a grade level will share a common learning space that they will use to provide differentiated and personalized instruction to all students within that grade level."

Oldwoods Ave., Wesley Chapel; K-6;; ()

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Three new charter schools proposed for Pasco County

Two out-of-town organizations with some local representation seek to open three new Pasco County charter schools in fall

They target high growth areas that seek to have schools available to new residents moving to the area, much as deputy superintendent Ray Gadd frequently has advised the School Board was likely to occur. The charter applicants note in their submissions to the district that many of the existing schools in the areas sit above capacity, and they aim to meet anticipated growing demand for seats.

Florida Educational Charter Foundation, in conjunction with Broward County-based Charter Schools USA, has proposed two K-8 “innovation preparation” academies — one in the “connected city” development near Wesley Chapel, and another in the area south of State Road 52 between Zephyrhills and Trinity.

The group is the same one that battled the district for permission to establish Pasco Charter Academy about four years ago. After the School Board relented, that charter never opened.

Charter Schools USA now is operating Union Park Charter Academy in Wesley Chapel, and in the application suggests it would base many of its programs on activities at Union Park.

The two schools are envisioned to open as K-6 centers with about students each, expanding to add grades seven and eight over the following years. Former school district principal Steve Knobl, who now heads the county Early Learning Coalition, is listed as a director and point of contact for the applicants.

The third charter is proposed by a Palm Beach County group that also is looking to open schools in Broward and Palm Beach.

Called R.I.S.E. Charter Schools — not to be confused with the district’s own Project RISE effort to improve west-side schools — the group proposes a middle-high school focused on renewable industries and sustainable energy.

Also targeting a fall opening, R.I.S.E. would use “inquiry based problem solving” and “discovery zones” in place of the traditional classroom approach. It would begin with grades six through nine, at to students per grade level.

It would then add one more grade level each of the next three years.

The school is slated to open in the Wynfields development near Wesley Chapel. It counts Dan Rishavy, a former administrator with Athenian Academy charter school, as one of its consultants.

District officials are in the process of reviewing the requests to ensure they meet state requirements and local expectations for charter schools. The School Board is expected to consider the charters this spring, most likely in May.

If approved, the county would have 13 charter schools. Florida Virtual Academy at Pasco closed in June , and the district has moved to shutter Pasco MYcroSchool.

Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Pasco County Schools

  • Anclote Elementary School (Sailor)
  • Bexley Elementary School (Bulldog)
  • Calusa Elementary School (Hawk)
  • Centennial Elementary School (Cyclone)
  • Chasco Elementary School (Cub)
  • Chester W. Taylor Elementary School (Astronaut)
  • Connerton Elementary School (Champ)
  • Cotee River Elementary School (Lightning Bolt)
  • Cypress Elementary School (Cub)
  • Deer Park Elementary School (Deer)
  • Denham Oaks Elementary School (Dragon)
  • Double Branch Elementary School (Rancher) (August 20, present)
  • Dr. Mary Giella Elementary School (Dolphin)
  • Fox Hollow Elementary School (Owl)
  • Gulf Highlands Elementary School (Gator) (August 8, present)
  • Gulf Trace Elementary School (Sea Star) (August 20, present)
  • Gulfside Elementary School (Pelicans)
  • James M. Marlowe Elementary School (Wolf)
  • Lacoochee Elementary School
  • Lake Myrtle Elementary School
  • Longleaf Elementary School
  • Mittye P. Locke Elementary School
  • Moon Lake Elementary School
  • New River Elementary School (August 20, present)
  • Northwest Elementary School
  • Oakstead Elementary School (August 8, present)
  • Odessa Elementary School
  • Pasco Elementary School
  • Pine View Elementary School
  • Quail Hollow Elementary School
  • Richey Elementary School
  • Rodney B. Cox Elementary School
  • San Antonio Elementary School (Gopher)
  • Sand Pine Elementary School
  • Sanders Memorial Elementary School
  • Schrader Elementary School
  • Seven Oaks Elementary School
  • Seven Springs Elementary School
  • Shady Hills Elementary School
  • Sunray Elementary School
  • Trinity Elementary School
  • Trinity Oaks Elementary School (August 8, present)
  • Veterans Elementary School
  • Watergrass Elementary School
  • Wesley Chapel Elementary School
  • West Zephyrhills Elementary
  • Wiregrass Elementary School
  • Woodland Elementary School


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CHARTER EDtalk: The State of Florida Charter Schools

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