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CSR Racing 2 Mod APK 3.4.2 (Unlimited money, gold, keys)

If you’re into vintage cars and unleashing their fullest potential, this is the game for you. More so if you crave the adrenaline of drag racing! CSR Racing 2 would get you to the edge of your seat as you try to get your car at full speed!


What makes this drag racing game better than the rest? Well, this game is not just about racing. Tilting screens and managing the curves? Nope. You can’t play those in public. This is a simpler, pure head-to-head action. Only the finest tuned-up cars and the master stick shifter wins! Getting worked up? Read on!

Classic Car Restoration

This game features legendary cars from the 1960s. Ever dreamt of owning a McLaren P1? How about the Aston Martin DB5? In CSR 2 Racing, you don’t just get to own them but you can now experience revving them up to their max too!


Another thing. Unlike the usual car games, when you unlock a car, the image remains the same no matter how much you upgrade it. When we said you’re going to restore those classics, we meant you’ll see them all rusty. Yes, you read that right. You’ll race rusty classic cars. Slowly spend time restoring them until they become shiny and sophisticated!

Photorealistic Graphics

One of the highlights of CSR 2 Racing is its astounding highly detailed level of graphics. For the ultimate car enthusiasts, this game will give more than enough justice to your favorite cars! Loving the curves of a Bugatti Chiron? You got it! There’s no detail small enough for CSR 2 Racing and honestly, other games need to keep up with this! It’s 2020!


Get almost the same feeling of owning a Ferrari FXX K in real life. Not just that, you can customize it, tune it, and upgrade it as much as you want! Trust us, this is the closest you can get. This game is hyper-realistic, you’d wish to get inside the game and drive it - or touch it at the very least!

Different Game Modes

The CSR 2 Racing will never bore you! It has multiple game modes that you can play through and each level would make you want to get that latest upgrade for your car! Not just that, you will really keep on playing because, with CSR 2 Racing, perfect timing is everything. The difference between winning and losing can just be about your perfect start and shifts, minus the tuning. Each car is different so you’d end up spending hours trying to master the perfect start and shift timing.


This game has the Ladder Mode and all those other modes to keep you playing. Usually, most games will only let you play against computers. Not this game! CSR  2 allows you to do Live Races where you can battle other players in real-time. Plus, you don’t have to play alone. You can join or create a crew and be the most prestigious!

Full Customization

What’s a car racing game that won’t let you upgrade your cars, right? It misses the point. CSR 2 Racing knows the importance of upgrades so they decided to take it to the highest level. This is not the type of game where you just click on the upgrades and know they’re there because you’re winning. That’s boring and way too ordinary for CSR 2 Racing.

This game allows you to upgrade all areas of the car and actually lets you see which part you’re changing. It gives you a blueprint so you can have a better judgment if that part is worth upgrading first. Apart from that, you get to tune-up the tire pressure, nitro, and final drive so you can get the most out of your cars!


Last but definitely not least, this game allows you to customize the car fully up to the very last detail. Usually, car appearance is the least priority of other car racing games. Not with CSR 2 Racing! They allow you to customize down to the calipers and the interior of your car! It can never get better than this!

Top Tips for CSR Racing 2

Perfect Start - this is one of the crucial parts of the game and one of the early determinants of your success. Before the countdown starts, it’s best practice to rev your car until the speedometer reaches maximum position. As soon as the countdown reaches ‘2’, release the accelerator so it hits the optimal rev at the same time the race starts.

Boost Sparingly - Treat boosts as your salvation and use it only when you’re actually losing. When you get a perfect start and you keep hitting the optimal shift timing, the more you shouldn’t use the boost. However, the perfect start and timing is not everything. Sometimes, it has something to do with your car’s tuning. Whichever the case, if your opponent is getting ahead of you, that’s the only time you should hit boost.


Switch Up Nitrous Oxide - Different types of races calls for a different balance in your NO. If you’re up for a half-mile race, you’d want to decrease the power of your nitro and increase its duration. However, if your car has low acceleration, go for a shorter but powerful NO duration.

Keep Tweaking - Before entering a race, you’ll see the race’s duration. Tune-up your car so you can increase your chances of winning. If you lost, don’t be quick to exit the screen. Look at where your opponent beat you. Lastly, if you just can’t keep up, observe how your tire spins during a race then tweak the pressure to get its optimal performance.

CSR Racing 2 Mod APK - Unlimited money

Going through all the levels and beating bosses won’t cut it especially if you want to join the most prestigious crew in your area. You need to get enough Cash and Reps but honestly, that takes a lot of time. To get ahead faster, just download the CSR Racing 2 mod mobile apk unlimited gold now!

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CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk 3.4.2 Hack(Unlocked,Anti Ban) + Obb android

CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk 3.4.2 Hack(Unlocked,Anti Ban) + Obb android

CSR Racing 2 is a Racing Game for android
download last version of CSR Racing 2 Apk + Mod Unlocked,Anti Ban,… + Data for android from revdl with direct link

CSR Racing is an online racing game where the players can steer the wheel of real cars.

“Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU
“So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC
“Obliterates the line between console and mobile graphics”, POLYGON

CSR 2 is here. The next-gen sequel to the record-breaking CSR Racing has finally arrived and it will blow your mind.

Setting a new standard in visuals, CSR 2 smashes the current console generation by delivering hyper-real drag racing to your iPhone and iPad. Beat live players across the world and build your dream garage of beautiful supercars, including LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé, Koenigsegg One:1 and many more.

Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your ride to maximise its potential and place bets to humiliate real-time opponents. CSR 2 is all-new – get racing now.
CSR 2 will redefine what you thought possible on mobile. Running at full 2K resolution and using bleeding-edge rendering techniques, CSR 2 features the most beautiful and authentic supercars to date. And now, you can get inside every car to reveal its meticulously detailed interior, incl. original manufacturers’ trim options. It does not get more real than this.

CSR 2 lets you race against real players across the world, in real-time. Choose worthy opponents from the lobby or accept live challenges – and raise the stakes by placing bets. Team up with friends to form a crew, and together fight for ranks in the leaderboard and super-exclusive vehicles.

Collect beautiful supercars and show them off in your huge warehouse garage – CSR 2 features over 50 officially licensed vehicles from the world’s most desirable car manufacturers including Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.

CSR 2 is built around a live online community of players, featuring synchronous multiplayer races, live chat, online multiplayer crews, fresh and exciting online events and competitive leaderboards. Team up with your friends, or meet new people around the world who share your passion for cars.

Upgrading your car is only the start. You can now get under the hood to tune gear ratios, tyre pressure, nitrous timings and much more. And when things get really competitive, make sure you strip surplus cars for parts, and fuse them into your prime vehicles.

Select your paint, rims, brake callipers and interior trims just as you would in the real world with the world’s most advanced car configurator. Choose from paint wraps and custom license plates to personalize your ride. But remember: money can’t buy taste!

Compete in single-player Crew Battles across stunning race environments, race in Daily Battles, Regulation Races and a brand new events system – or go online to top the leaderboards across the world.
Make sure you play with your device connected to the internet to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up.

PLEASE NOTE! CSR Racing 2 is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can toggle these purchases on/off in the “Restrictions” menu on your device.

To prevent unauthorised purchases, select “Set or Change PIN” from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the “Use PIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction.

Install :
1. Install Apk
2. Extract and copy folder “com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2″ to “Android/Obb/”
3. Play and enjoy it

Mod Features:

  • 1 Cars cost 3-Cash 3-Gold
  • 2 Jerry’s Unlocked
  • 3 No time to claim
  • 4 All Cars Unlocked
  • 5 IAP Cars/Bosses Cars/FF8 Cars/Hidden Cars
  • 6 If buy with Cash you get Yellow Stars
  • 7 If buy with Gold you get Purple Stars
  • 8 Live races if banned
  • 9 No launch button
  • 10 Free delivery
  • 11 Fit stage 6 free
  • 12 All stages unlocked
  • 13 Free dyno
  • 14 4000RP per race completed (win or lose)
  • 15 1000RP per fusion fit
  • 16 1000RP per Upgrade Purchase
  • 17 1000RP per Car Purchase
  • 18 Can see other Evo point in live races
  • 19 Can strip any car (Don’t Need to Fit Stages First)
  • 20 Can sell any car
  • 21 Enter an event with any car (no restrictions)
  • 22 Can customize any car
  • 23 Free Crates
  • 24 Livery When buy with cash
  • 25 Fusion parts doesn’t decrease
  • 26 Change Tempest Locked Car for 3 Gold
  • 27 Garage Headlights Always On
  • 28 Unlimited Fuel
  • 29 Cash doesn’t decrease
  • 30 Gold doesn’t decrease
  • 31 Keys doesn’t decrease
  • 32 Wildcard 300%
  • 33 Remove Fusion 3 gold (we got #30 anyways)
  • 34 Customize Price 1 Gold
  • 35 Fast EP when tuning
  • 36 Can Max Zoom In/Out
CSR Racing 2 android

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 android

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 android

CSR Racing 2

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CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 2.18.2 [Free purchase][Free shopping](100% Working, tested!)

Download App ( 9.8 MB )


All Versions

  • CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 3.4.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]

    CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 3.4.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]

    Note: Open the floating window permission to go to flash back, re-open the game, you can enter.
    All merchandise prices are changed to 1, all vehicles are available, currency use will not be reduced, free shipping, RP reward increase
    Game built-in menu, click on the upper left corner icon to open
    1. No car will not start

  • CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 3.2.0 [Unlimited money]

    CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 3.2.0 [Unlimited money]

    After starting the game, click the round button in the upper left corner to open the MOD menu.
    1. Enter the game to give a lot of money
    2, wireless fuel
    [Note]: Enter the game to authorize the game suspension window, exit the game and enter the game menu

  • CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 2.17.4 [Free purchase]

    CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 2.17.4 [Free purchase]

    The price is reduced to the limit (0-1 USD / Gold)
    all the cars are open
    free shipping
    when purchasing, gold and dollars will not decrease
    RP rewards increase
    after starting the game, click the round button in the upper corner of the upper corner
    To open the MOD menu, the menu has the function of making robots (they will not be able to start).
    Do not rule out the possibility of BAN!

  • CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 2.16.1 [Free purchase]

    CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game Mod Apk 2.16.1 [Free purchase]

    Lower prices to the limit (US $ 0-1 / gold)
    All the cars are driving
    Free shipping
    the time of purchase, gold and the dollar will not be reduced
    RP reward increased
    Start the game, click the radio button top left corner to open the Mod menu that has become clumsy robot functions (they will not start).
    Does not rule out the possibility of a ban!


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CSR Racing 2✅Get more CSR Racing 2 Golds \u0026 Cash? Glitch ✅ iOS / Android 2021

Are you searching for any ways to get unlimited keys and money in CSR Racing 2 game? If yes, then you would love this CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk.

Now enjoy the hottest car racing game with the premium collection of next-generation customization cars.

CSR Racing 2 is one of the best drag racing game for car lovers that allows you to enjoy the next-level experience of drag racing. You can play with custom-built supercars like LaFerrari, McLaren, and many others or can customize a car in your own way, which helps to maximize your efforts and winning a chance in high-intensity racing competitions.

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Just pick up your desire car and go into the racing track.

CSR Racing 2 is a trendy name in the gaming industry for its premium features like real-time racing, AR mode, crew battles, and many more. You have a wonderful chance to Indulge your passion for the most amazing cars and prove yourself as the best car racer in the world. But as we know, lots of premium items are locked in the game and required a purchase to unlock them.

To overcome this problem, here I will provide you fully legitimate and 100% working CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money, gold, and unlimited keys. Keep reading, and I will give you all the best tips that will help you to customize your car and to be a conqueror of racing games.

What is CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk

CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk is a modified (cracked) version of the official CSR Racing 2 game. With which you enjoy all modded features like unlimited money, unlimited gold, unlimited keys, all premium cars unlocked, and many others for free.

CSR Racing 2 - Screen 1

Also, you will get many extra benefits while competing with your opponents.

  • Get unlimited money
  • Unlock premium Cars
  • Get unlimited gold
  • Enjoy the free in-app purchase
  • Experience high-quality graphics
  • Get Wide Range of Customization Options

CSR Racing 2 is a hyper-real drag racing game that comes with an incredible collection of legendary cars ever made. The gameplay is all about racing with your dream cars in the racing track against your opponent.

Also, You can perfectly customize your car using a wide range of Paints and interior trims. There are tons of events to compete with other players from all over the world.

One of my favorite parts about this game is the drifting mechanism, which is of the extreme level, and because of this, CSR Racing 2 becomes the most downloaded racing game in the world. The collection of more than 30 luxurious motor cars makes you feel high among the players.

Features of CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk

CSR 2 has a great mechanism that engages you in the most realistic arcade car racing game, which comes with cool HDR techniques and stunning visuals. This game provides an amazing experience of Epic moments while dragging on world-class tracks with supercars.

Below, I had highlighted some features of CSR Racing 2 Mod apk. If you are a new player and still confused about downloading this premium mod application, then the below features will definitely help you to make a decision.

CSR Racing 2 - Screen 1

Unlimited money

Money is one of the most important parts of this game, which helps us to upgrade all the premium parts of our cars and buying lots of essential items like Nitrous boosts packages and many other items.

So in CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk, you will get unlimited money, and you can use it to buy anything without any game restrictions.

Unlimited gold

If you are a passionate CSR racing game player, then you definitely know the importance of gold in the game. We need gold to fill gas tanks, Pulling the occasional fusion off one car to put in another, to speed up delivery, and many other things.

So with the help of this modded version of CSR Racing 2, you can use unlimited gold without any limitations.

Unlimited keys

Keys are the most important currency of this game, which helps us to unlock & upgrade supercars. In the normal version of the game, we have to purchase keys from the game store, and it is much expensive.

But we had added the unlimited keys feature in CSR 2 mod apk, which means you can use unlimited keys for unlocking any car with maximum upgrade capacity.

All cars unlocked

Every player of CSR Racing 2 game wants to unlock every car and get it in there supercar collection. And as we know, it requires lots of efforts like winning competitions, getting rank on regular events, and defeating opponents.

But in the CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk, you will get all cars unlocked and can add in your car collection without paying anything.

CSR Racing 2 - Screen 3

Free shopping

This is my favorite feature of CSR Racing 2 Mod. With the help of this mod, you can buy anything from the in-game store without paying a single penny. We modify this game in such a way so that every user can use all premium items for free.

CSR Racing 2 Mod Gameplay

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Guys, I know there are lots of questions blowing in your mind related to this incredible Racing Game. So below, I have answered all the generally asked queries related to CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk.

If you think I didn’t pick up your question or if you have any queries regarding this modded CSR Racing 2 game, then you can comment down. I would love to solve your queries.

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk in any android device. As I always said, any modded application that I shared on Thinkkers is first tested by experts and various types of premium antivirus. So, you can play this game without worrying about your privacy and security.

What will I get in this mod apk?

We had unlocked all the premium items that increase your gaming experience. For detailed information, you can check out the following list.

  • Unlimited Gold & Money
  • In-game Purchase Unlocked
  • Unlimited Keys
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • Regular Updates

We try to improve mod features in each update, so don’t forget to download the latest version of the game.

Can I play CSR Racing 2 offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline without connecting with their official servers. You can easily run this game locally on your mobile and can enjoy offline modes of this game.

Can I download this game for free?

Yes, you can download it absolutely free directly from both the Google Play Store or Apple Store according to your device.

Wrapping It Up

So, that’s it, guys. I hope you got the latest CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money and gold keys. Now, unlock any premium cars and upgrade it to the maximum level without spending a single penny.

After unlocking the premium cars, you can play with other online players all around the world.

If you like this modded version of the game, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any queries regarding this CSR 2 Mod apk, if this mod version doesn’t work for you, then comment down. I would love to solve all of your queries.

Sours: https://thinkkers.com/csr-racing-2-mod-apk/

Hack 2 csr racing

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK
App NameCSR Racing 2
PublisherNaturalMotionGames Ltd.
Size2.9 GB
Latest Versionv3.4.2
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/Gold/Free Shopping
Google PlayGoogle_Paly_Store
Last UpdateOctober 30, 2021

MOD info?

• Unlimited Money
• Unlimited Gold
• Free Shopping


Note: Please check your GPU type then download file according to your GPU.


Everyone loves driving cars and always tries hard to find a place where they can go their vehicles at full speed without the limitation of anyone. Hectic traffic is one of the worst things from where everyone got irritated while driving. If you were looking for any place where you have no limitations and gained complete control over anything with cars, then we have a fabulous virtual place for you.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

Yes, I am talking about racing games where you can do many adventurous things with cars that you do practically in real life. Drive at full speed, break the rules and law, participate in nights racing, and many more as there are so many racing games out in the market, so it’s become challenging to find the perfect match that is really with while to play. So to help you in choosing the suitable game, we are for you with a beautiful racing game CSR RACING 2. Only one racing game that all you need to all the stunts and all dered things you planed in mind to do with cars.

CSR RACING 2 is the newest game in the series of CSR RACING owned by natural motion games ltd company. The developer did a well-appreciated work by setting a new benchmark by providing classic graphics, top-notch cars designs, and ultrasound music in racing arsenal gaming. However, to deliver more fun and more adventure in the world of racing, we are here to compete with CSR RACING 2 MOD APK, in which you will get a hello out of premium benefits for free. You don’t need to pay single to access premium VIP Membership and all other classic-worthy features.


CSR RACING 2 MOD APK is an alternate variant as the latest modified application of the official app, which is present in google play store CSR RACING 2. CSR RACING 2 MOD APK provides many premium benefits through its exclusive Vip member marketplaces. You will get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Fuel, RP rewards increased, All cost 1 USD or gold, and many more that you will come to know downloading this fantastic mod Apk.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

Astonishing features of CSR RACING 2 MOD APK

Participate in any event races around the city with any tier car. Additionally, you can also do boss races and locked drift drag races with any tier car.

There are many luxury cars, and everyone knows that it costs too much to even one, but from CSR RACING 2 MOD APK, get any car with three gold and money. Also, you can easily free upgrades any other accessories with no delivery times.

Fuel is an essential commodity in any care’s life; it’s just like air, food, and shelter. All our necessities are abundant in nature, same with this CSR RACING 2 MOD APK where you will get ample unlimited fuel supply to drive as long as you want.

All Stages are unlocked and all cars unlocked, so choose your desired stage in which you want to participate, enjoy your adventurous racing journey, and select your favourite vehicle to compter with another player around the city.

Free dyno and free Nitro, Nitro is the most precious asset of any urgency; if many enemies follow you, press the nitro button and get ahead miles away from all enemies.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

Tune-up with the maximum speed

The gameplay of the Csr racing differs little from its predecessor: it is necessary to start well and shift gears handle you closely to break all speed records. Bring your cars to reel to real life with a powerful advanced technological AR reality feature! CSR2’s AR mode leaves other car games far behind that will not remain in the competition.

Feel the exciting racing environment of the city and go for a night out around the corner, participate in night vents drive across the hidden track. Every kind of publicity is good for rule-breakers. Don’t try to maintain your choice. The powerful supercars and lets police and your rivals follow you.

Customize your cars

Early in the racing career, the rider is given a car with the minor performance slow seed and is not good-looking. However, this will be enough for a starter to particulate in a couple of the initial contests. Over time, winning the racing game will be more complex. To become a dominant player in the city, you need a powerful car.

Access the marketplace of CSR RACING 2 MOD APK and choose your favourite cars from the list, including Aston Martin, Lambos, BMW, Aventador, and many more. After having your famous supercars pick the best accessories for that like top-notch ger system, long-lasting wheels, heavy compressor and customize colours of cars according to your choice.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

Join the events with your friends

As CSR RACING game is most popular among the online community of gamers, featuring live chats system, a marketplace to access global players to buy and sell second-hand cars and organize your multiplayer crew.

Assemble your top-notch cars in the garage invite your friend to team up. Participate in multiplayer glocal racing events and make sure dominant competitive leaderboards. That is a great way to gain fame and respect among the top classic racers of the world. CSR RACING 2 MOD APK provides you with premium benefits that you can share with your partner in the race.

Triplet of No ads, No root, and No virus

Ads are too distracting, and every gamer hates watching while enjoying any fantastic game. So to care about gamers’ experience CSR RACING 2, MOD APK is all here with it n No ads feature; you will see zero ads throughout the game. The second important thing you have done is need roots while installing this mod Apk. Apart from all this, our mod is hundred per cent secured from all kinds of virus.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

Final verdict

Undoubtedly CSR RACING 2 is a fantastic racing game, has excellent advanced graphics and quality gameplay and game AR MODE with its real-time racing features, which are mainly loved by all racers.

With CSR RACING 2 MOD APK, design your car’s even top-notch magical vehicle, which will be more colourful, more original, and more aesthetic. More than 50 authentic cars and 100 of the latest technological accessories you have to assemble in your garage. No more slow-speed download CSR RACING 2 MOD APK right now and enjoy your racing journey.

Download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK v3.4.2 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Free Shopping)

Your file is now ready to downloadCSR Racing 2 for free, but below are some points to check:

  • Some GAMES or APK are specially Optimized and Build for specific Processor Architecture, if you want to know about your CPU and GPU please Use CPU-Z.
  • Please use our installation note to know more about how to install.
  • For MOD features please see Mod Info.
Sours: https://getmodsapk.com/csr-racing-2-mod-apk/

Today’s post is very amazing for Racing Game Lovers. Because today we have brought for you the most popular racing game, CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. The gamers who play Racing Game keep on searching the MOD version of new racing games on the Internet. That’s why we keep uploading new and popular racing games every day on DivyaNet.

Before the CSR Racing 2 Mod APK, we had shared a lot of racing games like Hill Climb Racing MOD APK, Real Racing 3 MOD APK and Asphalt Nitro MOD APK on our website. These are the most popular racing games as the fans of racing games love these games. Well, today’s post is about our CSR Racing 2 Cracked APK, then we will talk about this game only in this post.

If you want to download previously shared racing or action games, then you can download from here. CSR Racing 2 is a Freemium racing game. You can play this game by downloading it from the Play store for free. This game has the option of In App Purchase. From where you can buy any item by spending money. But if you want to unlock those items without spending money then you can download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK.

To download this game, read the post till the end. Because below we have explained how to download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK and the features of this game. Also, we have answered some mostly asked questions. Guys, this complete post is important for you. So Keep reading this post. I am going to tell you a little about the CSR Racing 2 mod and original apk in this post.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

CSR Racing 2 MOD is created by cracking the original apk. if i tell you in simple language, this game is cheat and hacked (Modified) version of CSR racing 2 APK.

An unknown developers modified the original apk and unlocked everything that was locked. Like I told you above that CSR Racing 2 is a freemium game that you can download for free.

But inside this game, some premium items are locked. Which you have to buy by spending money from your pocket. After purchasing, those items become unlocked and you are able to use them.

Or simply, on downloading this game from Play Store Version, you have to spend money to unlock some items. But the developer of the CSR Racing 2 MOD APK made the purchase option useless from it. Because the developer unlocked Paid Items in Free.

If you have ever played CSR Racing 2, then you would know that this game has many amazing cars and cars Skins. that makes your car better than other cars. But the Skins and Modification of the car has been given Paid in the game. Hence, everyone is not able to customize their car.

If you are not able to customize your car for this reason too, do not worry. Because CSR Racing 2 MOD APK is available for you to download. Download now for your Android phone and enjoy the game.

Well, it was a bit about the CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. Now let’s take a look at the original version of CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 Cracked APK

CSR Racing 2 is one of the best racing game published by NaturalMotion. this game is popular across the world. in this game you can compete against live players.

This game allow you to customize your supercars according to your need. if i talk about super cars available in this game then you will race with LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One:1 and many more.

Officially this game is available for Android and iOS but using an android emulator you can play this game on your PC too. CSR Racing 2 is a second edition CSR Racing that was developed by Boss Alien Ltd.

This game is a gem for those who love to play Single player and Multiplayer racing game. There are 3 types of Modes in this game which are as follows –

  • Match Race
  • Test Drive
  • Payback

The CSR Racing 2 game size is currently 71MB and has the latest version 2.12.2. Game size varies according to the new version. We will also keep changing it from time to time on DivyaNet.

In this game, there are different rewards on winning a drag race or any kind of race. If you want to win these rewards download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK and enjoy your race.

Well, you will get more information about this game while reading its features. so don’t go anywhere. read the feature of this game so that you can explore this game more than others.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK Features

Features of CSR 2 MOD APK are more amazing than the original one. You will get everything unlocked in this game. Along with that there are unlimited gold, unlimited cash features. You will get premium cars and skins for free. There are many other similar features, about which we are writing below.

All Cars Unlocked

All Cars Unlocked

world’s most desirable car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg are available for free in this game.

You can unlock more cars and items to customize your car without spending money.

High Quality Graphics

High Quality Graphics

The quality of Graphics is the most important in games. If the quality of graphics in a game is not good, then people download and delete the game once or twice.

But after downloading the CSR Racing MOD APK, the players want to play this game again and again. Because this game has very high quality graphics. I hope you will like the graphics and sound quality of this game.

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Gold is one of those features, due to which people want to download the hacked version of this game.

Because the unlimited gold given in the game saves your money and you can buy all the items in exchange for gold.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money

This feature will surprise you because you are going to get unlimited money in this game. The cash given in the game will work for you real cash.

You can unlock the features given in the In-App Purchase section such as Car Skin and other things with the help of this unlimited cash.

Anti Ban

Anti Ban

After downloading any MOD APK, players are afraid that their Id will be banned. But you do not need to worry because CSR 2 MOD APK is an Anti Ban MOD version which will not be Ban.

Realistic Game

Will Update…

How to Download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK 2021?

Are you looking for the easiest way to download CSR Racing 2 MOD APK. then your search is ended today because this is the post from where you will learn how you can download CSR Racing 2 Hack APK for android for free. Follow given simple steps and get this racing game on your phone.

Step 1 – Click on Download Button: Very first you need to click on the download button we have provided.

Step 2 – Go to Download Page: Now you will see a direct download link on the download page. Click on that to start downloading

Enable Unknown Source: Enable unknown source from your Android phone setting. Until you enable it you can not install CSR Racing 2 Mod APK for Android on your phone.

Step 3 – Go to File Manager: Now Go to File Manager and check the downloaded file of CSR Racing 2 Mod to Install.

Step 4 – Install CSR Racing 2 Hack: Now tap on the CSR Racing 2 Hack APK file you have downloaded. it will ask you to install it. Click on that.

Step 6 – Launch CSR Racing 2 MOD: Once you tap on Install your application will be in your phone. Now you can enjoy CSR Racing 2 for Android.


I have tried my best to answer your queries in this post. But still, there will some questions on your mind and I would like to answer them all. I am writing some questions and answer below. These answer will help you to understand more about this game.

Is This MOD Safe to Download?

Downloading any mod APK from DivyaNet is safe. you can download this game and play without any issue.

How to Unlocked Premium Cars In CSR Racing 2 MOD APK?

All the cars and skins are available to unlock for free. you need to download this game and install it your phone.


All the information related to CSR Racing 2 Mod (Unlimited Shopping) APK is available in this post. i hope you will like this game and post. if you like this post please do share this post on social media.

You can also ask your queries to us using the comment section. Guys if you want to play any game other than CSR Racing 2 MOD APK then i will recommend you to download Need For Speed Most Wanter APK.

Sours: https://divyanet.com/csr-racing-2-mod-apk/

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