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52 Awesome DIY Unicorn Crafts For Kids

Unicorns are making their biggest splash since the s, when they were on everyone’s Trapper Keeper and t-shirt. If you have children at home, you probably already know this! But before you spend money on store-bought unicorn items, check out these gorgeous and clever unicorn crafts for kids that you can all do together at home. And unicorns are not just for girls anymore! Plenty of boys are happy to express their love for the mythical creatures – there is unicorn craft for everyone!

From very simple crafts for toddlers to more complicated projects for tweens, there is bound to be something on this list that will satisfy the unicorn-obsessed in your home. There are unicorn printables to keep little hands busy coloring, arts and crafts to cut and glue, decorations, wearable and huggable sewing projects and holiday how-tos.

With such a wide variety of unicorn-related projects to choose from, your biggest problem will be which one to try first! *EXTRA* &#; we also have an extensive list of the best unicorn gifts for kids too! Make sure you check them out here!

1. Sweet Dreams, Unicorn

Sweet Dreams, Unicorn

Image source: Hello, Wonderful

By looping string around an embroidery hoop, rather than weaving an intricate pattern, this unicorn dreamcatcher from Hello, Wonderful is a fun and easy craft for children of almost any age. With the instructions for the craft basics you can find at the site, you and your pint-sized unicorn-lover will enjoy shopping for ribbons and embellishments in all your favorite colors and styles. Nightmares don’t stand a chance with these lovely crafts!

2. Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn With Yarn Mane

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn With Yarn Mane

Image source: Kids Craft Room

Look up “best unicorn crafts for kids” on Pinterest and this project pops up again and again. Kids Craft Room has the step-by-step instructions for creating this magnificent unicorn from empty toilet paper rolls that’s only slightly more complicated than the project above. It’s recycling and crafting something beautiful all in one! Save time and money by purchasing rainbow yarn, rather than in every color: you won’t need much here, just enough for a mane and tail.

3. Bits And Pieces Unicorn Art

Bits And Pieces Unicorn Art

Image source: Someones Mum

Someones Mum has a FREE printable you can download in order to make a unique piece of unicorn art. This craft is a wonderfully creative way to use up all those bits and pieces you have in drawers and bins: stickers, glitter, buttons, foam shapes, sequins, feathers – you name it. Use up that glitter glue before it dries out! The result is a fancy unicorn silhouette worthy of framing and hanging up in your child’s bedroom.

4. DIY 3D Standing Unicorns

DIY 3D Standing Unicorns

Image source: Easy Peasy and Fun

This unicorn craft idea can be made with another free printable, this time from Easy Peasy and Fun. It’s cute, it’s easy, and it’s in 3D! What’s not to love? If you don’t have heavy card stock for the base, construction paper should do. (And if you have young children in the house, you almost certain have construction paper.) Have your child’s unicorn fly above the clouds with a blue and white base, or even over a rainbow! Make a whole bunch and let your children play unicorn family all afternoon!

5. Secret Unicorn Messages

Secret Unicorn Messages

Image source: Mess For Less

Here is another free unicorn printable with a big value! These printables from Mess For Less are designed to be colored and cut, and then a message written in the middle. Print them out for sweet valentines or write encouraging messages to leave in your child’s lunchbox. The creative minds at the Mess for Less blog suggest letting your child “feed” the unicorn by drawing food in its mouth. However you do it, this unicorn will make reading and writing fun for your child.

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6. Easy Marbled-Effect Unicorn Wall Art

Easy Marbled-Effect Unicorn Wall Art

Image source: Creating Creatives

This craft looks like it involves a long, complicated process that will be more work for parents than for kids. Don’t believe it! Grab a can of shaving cream from the bathroom and click over to Creating Creatives for instructions on the truly simple way you can make this marbled effect. You’ll have to email the blog’s host for the stencil, but once more it’s free. The best part is that kids will absolutely love painting with shaving cream!

7. Folded Paper Unicorn Bookmark

Folded Paper Unicorn Bookmark

Image source: Willow Day

For a fun and versatile unicorn craft, check out this little guy at Willow Day. Need party favors? Valentines? Actual bookmarks for your new reader? This paper craft can do it all! Do the origami part yourself if you have really young children, and then let them decorate the unicorn however they want. Older kids might enjoy doing the paper-folding themselves. There’s a lot to love here, so get started and make enough for everyone!

8. Craft Stick Unicorn Puppets

Craft Stick Unicorn Puppets

Image source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

This unicorn from Artsy Craftsy Mom will be popping up all over your house in no time! These popsicle stick puppets make excellent play date activities or for when you want something simple yet fun to do with your child. Color them however you want, just don’t forget the all-important golden horn! Once they are done, don’t be surprised if you are treated to a unicorn puppet show in a little while! More awesome popsicle stick crafts for kids can be found here!

9. Write About Unicorns

Write About Unicorns

Image source: Crafts On Sea

Crafts On Sea has a fantastic way of helping to organize your child’s craft corner with this fully customizable unicorn pencil holder. Pens, markers, paintbrushes, safety scissors, and all those tiny novelty erasers now have a new home. If they are allowed, maybe your child will even take it to school to keep on their desk! Or light up your kitchen by placing this on a counter to hold straws, chopsticks, or plastic utensils.

Textured Watercolor Salt Unicorn

Textured Watercolor Salt Unicorn

Image source: Sweet T Makes Three

Spice up your child’s paintings with the addition of salt! Sweet T Makes Three has yet another free unicorn printable and easy instructions for how to do a watercolor salt painting with your child. This craft is perfect for rainy days or snow days, because there’s nothing fancy going on: just regular table salt, glue, and food coloring. Your budding artists will create something that pops and stands out among the flat paintings hanging on the refrigerator.

Googly-Eyed Unicorns

Googly-Eyed Unicorns

Image source: Books and Giggles

This is another all-purpose, super versatile, hard-working craft that can be put to any use. The materials list at Books and Giggles is full of things you probably already have at home, like craft sticks and pipe cleaners. Add a yarn hanger to make Christmas ornaments or a door hanger, use these as bookmarks, or hand them out as valentines. They’re also easy enough to work as a craft project for class parties. Since unicorns are non-holiday specific, this one can be made all year long!

Handy Dandy Unicorns

Handy Dandy Unicorns

Image source: The Resourceful Mama

If your child loves to get messy with paint, then they will LOVE The Resourceful Mama’s hand print unicorn! For this one you need little more than paint and yarn. (And of course, plenty of soap and water for washing up after!) Imagine how much your child will adore making a unicorn from their own handprint – this one is definitely going on the wall! Don’t throw it away, either, as it makes a darling keepsake as your child grows up.

Unicorn By The Foot

Unicorn By The Foot

Image source: Fun Handprint Art

And while you’ve got the paint out and you’ve prepared for the mess, why not try out this unique footprint unicorn art? Fun Handprint Art has a clever way to make unicorns from little feet! There is just no way this won’t be fun for kids, so much that even grade schoolers will want to join in. The footprint unicorns go so nicely with the handprint unicorns (#12, above) that you’ll surely want to hang them up side by side!

My Unicorn Diary

My Unicorn Diary

Image source: Art Craft and Fun

Every day is Take Your Unicorn to School day with these glittery DIY notebooks from Art Craft and Fun! From September to June, send your child to school with a journal they will love to show off. Glitter foam paper makes the job super duper easy. From preschool on up, your child will be the envy of all whenever they pull this project out of their backpacks. Spelling words, math problems, and social studies have never looked so fabulous!

Lego My Unicorn

Lego My Unicorn

Image source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

There’s an excellent chance you have some orphaned Lego parts hanging around your house. A little brick here, a longer brick there. If you can collect all the pieces listed at Frugal Fun 4 Boys, or if you feel like ordering them online, your child can build a Lego unicorn! The nice part is that your unicorn doesn’t even have to be all white, and the mane and tail can be any color you happen to have around. Now, which Lego minifig will get to ride this adorable creature?

Hold My Unicorn

Hold My Unicorn

Image source: Directions

Upcycle an old box (with a lid) to make this one-of-a-kind unicorn container courtesy of the creative minds at Directions. The only limits here are your child’s imagination and whatever supplies you happen to have on hand – including candy sprinkles. These make excellent jewelry boxes, note keepers, or treasure boxes for the young collectors in your family. Give as a gift or save this project for special one-on-one time!

Grow A Unicorn

Grow A Unicorn

Image source: Extreme Couponing Mom

For your budding gardeners, you absolutely need to make this DIY unicorn pot for small plants. With help from instructions at Extreme Couponing Mom, you and your child will love watching your garden grow! You don’t even need a green thumb to make these colorful pots, just a few simple crafting materials. After all, shouldn’t the flowers and plants you love be treated to a pot worthy of their bright colors?

Unicorn Wall Art

Unicorn Wall Art

Image source: Lia Griffith

Whether you frame this craft from Lia Griffith or hang it directly on a wall, every unicorn lover will have to have one of these in their bedroom. Braid the mane, leave it long, or use any other soft colors of yarn your child likes. This is low-key enough to fit almost anywhere in a child’s bedroom, but beautiful enough to really stand out. It’s a craft you’ll enjoy best with an older child or to make yourself as a surprise for a younger unicorn aficionado.

Four-Finger Unicorn Puppets

Four-Finger Unicorn Puppets

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

When there’s a unicorn emergency in your house – you need a unicorn craft NOW! – click over to I Heart Crafty Things to learn how to make this quick and painless finger puppet. By using their four fingers as the unicorn’s legs, kids can take their unicorns on all kinds of magical adventures! Let your little ones practice their gluing skills with the unicorn’s mane, or have older children sort the yarn by color. Phew, unicorn crisis averted!

Flower Crown Paper Plate Unicorns

Flower Crown Paper Plate Unicorns

Image source: The Inspiration Edit

For a sophisticated take on paper plate crafts, unicorn style, check out this page from The Inspiration Edit. With some paper flowers, sparkly cardstock, and craft feathers, a plain white plate becomes a magical creature. This is a fantastic craft for older kids and tweens who are past the cutting, pasting, and painting phase of making art. These unicorn faces are sweet and delicate, perfect for slumber parties and after school play dates.

It&#;s In The Bag Unicorn

It's In The Bag Unicorn

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things

White paper lunch bags are transformed into your child’s favorite magical creature with a little help from I Heart Crafty Things. With simple materials and easy instructions, this is a great craft for the littlest unicorn enthusiasts in your household. Let them make the unicorn’s happy face, glue on the paper mane or cut out the straightforward golden horn. Before you know it, your child will have a favorite new addition to their puppet collection!

Rainbow Unicorn Wall Art

Rainbow Unicorn Wall Art

Image source: Mom Does Reviews

What is it about rainbows and unicorns? They go together perfectly! Mom Does Reviews knows what’s up, with this easy and colorful craft that younger children (and some adults!) will absolutely adore. With just paper, glue, and markers you have all you need for this wall art that’s a must for any unicorn lovers out there. Your little ones will wake up with smiles when they see this happy rainbow unicorn on their walls!

Have You Hugged Your Unicorn Today?

Have You Hugged Your Unicorn Today?

Image source: Hello, Wonderful

The diversity of little unicorn paper crafts continues with these snuggly unicorn cards at Hello, Wonderful. Your child will be so excited to give these as valentines as much as their classmates will love getting them! Or write names on them as seating cards for a special party. Change the message inside the heart with Post-Its each morning when your child wakes up to inspire them for the rest of the day. Whatever you decide to do, all children can use a hug from a unicorn!

Unicorn Mask With Rainbow Mane

Unicorn Mask With Rainbow Mane

Image source: Ruffles and Rainboots

Guess what the link at Ruffles and Rainboots has for this craft? That’s right: a free printable! Customize this any way you want and let your children have fun making their own unicorn mask. Print enough copies for a party activity that will be an instant hit, or gather the supplies to keep on hand for an awesome rainy day/snow day project. A little glitter glue never hurt when it comes to unicorn crafts either, so stock up for this pretty little mask!

Sensory Exploration With Unicorn Sand

Sensory Exploration With Unicorn Sand

Image source: Mama Plus One

At some point in parenting, your child will want kinetic sand. Maybe you already have buckets full of it at home. But did you know you can make it yourself? And with this unicorn-friendly twist from Mama Plus One, you’ll never buy store-brand kinetic sand again! Colorful pastel colors, glitter, and essential oils (which are entirely optional) make this sensory activity for toddlers a long-term keeper in the house. Everyone’s going to want a turn mushing sand between their fingers!

Hip To Be Square Unicorn

Hip To Be Square Unicorn

Image source: The OT Toolbox

Scissor skills are something kids are taught to master. Whether you’ve got preschoolers who are practicing for the first time or grade schoolers (and older) who need a little help with their fine motor skills, this specially designed craft at The OT Toolbox is just what you’re looking for. There is no round cutting here; just simple, straight line cutting with safety scissors. No one should be left out of making unicorn crafts, and now no one has to be!

Geometric “Stained-Glass” Unicorn

Geometric “Stained-Glass” Unicorn

Image source: Oh Happy Day

Speaking of cutting skills, older kids will love cutting shapes to match this unique and clever faux-stained glass unicorn paper project from Oh Happy Day. The secret to the stained-glass effect is to use different colors of gel filters, which are available online or at craft stores. An Xacto knife helps cut the pieces more precisely. Got little kids who definitely should not be using Xacto knives? Cut everything out in advance and let them match up the shapes like a puzzle!

Close To Your Heart Unicorn

Close To Your Heart Unicorn

Image source: Meri Cherry

Satisfy both needs at once with a DIY unicorn necklace from Meri Cherry. You’ll need some sculpey and wooden beads for this one, so make a trip to the craft store in advance to have everything at the ready. Now you can rock your child’s next “surprise” play date or cheer them up during a sick day at home!

Message In A Bookmark

Message In A Bookmark

Image source: Hattifant

This free, printable unicorn comes with two sides of friends! Hattifant has created a sweet and loveable template of a unicorn, narwhal, and cloud, who all love to curl up with a good book. Not only can your child customize these with crayons or markers, but you can write a message to your little reader on the back! Hand these out as class gifts, tuck them into lunchboxes, or use them as rewards for reading time!

Talk To The Hand

Talk To The Hand

Image source: Make Film Play

The instructions here at Make Film Play are shown via YouTube video. So maybe save this one to watch after the kids go to bed in order to avoid tiny voices begging to make this RIGHT NOW! These unicorn hand puppets are a step above the classic puppets made with brown paper bags, but they are still easy to put together with some colorful paper and glue. Make them in advance for play dates or to surprise unicorn-loving siblings!

Unicorn Over The Rainbow

Unicorn Over The Rainbow

Image source: Arty Crafty Kids

Wooden chopsticks or kebab skewers are put to work over at Arty Crafty Kids. With plenty of glitter, bright rainbows, and – the stars of the show – unicorns, this is a craft that will find a long-term home in your child’s playtime repertoire. It’s also a great way to start teaching preschoolers about the rainbow order of colors (ROY G BIV) and how rainbows are made after a rainstorm. Ask your child to make up their own unicorn-and-rainbow story to share with you to spark their creative little minds! And if your little one really loves rainbows, head on over to our 37 Bright & Colorful Rainbow Crafts for Kids list!

Honey, I Shrunk The Unicorn

Honey, I Shrunk The Unicorn

Image source: Make and Tell

Don’t you just LOVE finding new and awesome uses for everyday items? So does the genius at Make and Tell! Here, you’ll find an absolutely cool way to use shrink plastic and a free printable to make a professionally-done unicorn necklace. If you don’t have the jewelry-making tools listed on the materials list, they are easy to order online or find at pretty much any arts and craft store. These necklaces look so good, even tweens – and teens, maybe? – will want to wear them!

Easy Clothespin Unicorn

Easy Clothespin Unicorn

Image source: The Pinterested Parent

Yee-haw, this unicorn looks good enough to ride off into the sunset! The Pinterested Parent has a materials list and simple instructions for making this clothes pin-and-craft stick unicorn that’s just begging to be played with. Got a unicorn cynic on your hands? The Pinterested Parent has you covered with an option for crafting a horse instead. And with googly eyes that are nearly always a hit, your cowpokes will be ready for a fantasy western imagination game!

Sparkly Unicorn Poop

Sparkly Unicorn Poop

Image source: The Best Ideas for Kids

(Don’t worry, it’s not REALLY poop.)

Somehow, the idea’s come about that unicorns poop rainbows. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. How can anyone know for sure until you get up close to some? The Best Ideas for Kids takes that challenge and doubles down on it with this recipe for slime that substitutes contact lens solution for Borax, and really gets going with the glitter. Is this what actual unicorn poop looks like? Possibly. Questions about how to make slime? Go here!

Color-Your-Own Unicorn Puppet

Color-Your-Own Unicorn Puppet

Image source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Free printables are the name of the game around here, especially with unicorn crafts. This one from Easy Peasy and Fun is beyond easy to assemble once your child has made it their own with crayons or markers. What will the unicorns say to one another once they are done being made? What will their names be? What kind of awesome, fantastical unicorn adventures will your child have with them? The sky’s the limit!

Unicorn Party Bunting

Unicorn Party Bunting

Image source: Mom Collaborative

It’s time for unicorn parties here on the list! Get ready for guests ahead of time by making this beautiful garland featured at Mom Collaborative. Your unicorn party star gets to customize the unicorn heads any way they want – match the color theme of the party, do all rainbows, or make each one unique! Then hang this on the wall or over the entryway to welcome your guests to the best unicorn party in the entire neighborhood!

Party Unicorn

Party Unicorn

Image source: Make Film Play

Take the concept of curling ribbon, add a unicorn, and you have the basic concept behind this awesome 3D unicorn wall decoration. Pop over to Make Film Play for a gorgeous photo gallery tutorial and clear instructions on how to make this long-maned beauty come to life for your next unicorn party. And, it can easily be turned into a party activity by letting guests cut and curl their own paper ribbons for a group art project!

Write On, Unicorn

Write On, Unicorn

Image source: Red Ted Art

Sometimes it might feel like every single party your child attends gives away tiny notebooks in their goody bags. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that &#; kids love to doodle and write notes! Step up your game, though, with DIY matchbox notebooks brought to you by Red Ted Art. This is such a wonderful way for your child’s friends to carry a little bit of unicorn magic home with them after your mind-blowing unicorn party!

The Giving Unicorn

The Giving Unicorn

Image source: A Subtle Revelry

These days, no kids’ party is complete without a piñata. Turn a basic horse piñata into a special unicorn one with this clever hack from A Subtle Revelry. Add toys, candy, or both inside the piñata, and make sure the kids stay supervised when they whack it with a stick. If you’re feeling especially patient – or you aren’t going to be on cleanup duty! – add glitter inside for a sparkle waterfall when the piñata opens!

House Unicorns

House Unicorns

Image source: Party With Unicorns

The site name Party With Unicorns pretty much says it all. This unicorn banner is an especially creative and fun addition to your unicorn party: hang one by itself, or make several to hang in a row of different unicorn colors. Hang it out on your front door to let everyone know that the unicorn party is HERE. It&#;s too majestic to toss out when you are done! When the party’s over, these look great in your child’s bedroom as a source of Unicorn House pride.

Unicorn Dreams

Unicorn Dreams

Image source: Birds Party

The first textile project on this list is an easy no-sew sleep mask. Birds Party has a free downloadable template you can use to get started. Once you fall down the rabbit hole of this awesome unicorn sleep mask, you’ll find any excuse to make more! Slumber parties? Check. Sleepaway camp? Check. Something special for a birthday child’s bedtime? Check. Moms’ Night In surprises for your friends? Definitely check! Good night and sweet dreams little unicorns!

Fuzzy Unicorn Feet

Fuzzy Unicorn Feet

Image source: Cutefetti

Here’s another absolutely squee-worthy, no-sew, wearable unicorn craft project! Thanks to inspiration from Cutefetti, all you need for these fuzzy friends for the feet are some store-bought fuzzy slippers, a few pieces of colorful fur and felt, and your hot glue gun. Kids can have fun cutting out the pieces (if they are old enough) or just picking out colors (if they are little). Now your child’s unicorn can go wherever your child goes around the house!

Unicorn Ear Warmer

Unicorn Ear Warmer

Image source: Me Sew Crazy

If you’re the sewing type and you live somewhere where it gets cold, check out these fleece unicorn ear warmers from Me Sew Crazy. Let your kids pick out their own embellishments and choose fabric colors to get them involved in this project. Got a one-horned creature living with you who is not a unicorn? These can easily be made to look like narwhals instead. Getting your kids to bundle up for the cold has never been more fun!

Soft And Square Unicorn Pillow

Soft And Square Unicorn Pillow

Image source: Bugaboo City

What could possibly go better with the Unicorn Dreams no-sew sleep mask (#41, above) than this gentle unicorn pillow? Your little one is sure to have sweet dreams of unicorns when they lay their heads upon this Bugaboo City craft. The colorful mane will inspire many creative dreams while the golden horn promises a magical night. Let your child pick their favorite colors for the flowers or tie the mane strips together at the end for quality time together!

Unicorn Head-Shaped Pillow

Unicorn Head-Shaped Pillow

Image source: Crafts Unleashed

This pillow, shaped like the head of a unicorn, is so huggable you’ll need to make one for every unicorn-obsessed member of your family! Crafts Unleashed has the materials list and instructions you need for this easy to sew pillow. With the iron-on glitter stars, your kids will instantly have new loveys! And they’ll definitely fall asleep smiling with their little arms wrapped around this precious, hand-made pillow.

I Am Unicorn

I Am Unicorn

Image source: Days of Crafts

Parents with sewing machines can easily put together this unicorn costume from Days of Crafts that feature leggings and a hoodie. The site shows a pink costume, but we all know that unicorns come in every color imaginable. Bring new glamor and magic to Halloween, Mardi Gras, Purim, or any other costume event with this lively and eye-catching project! Then again, do you really need an excuse to dress up like a unicorn?

My Unicorn Buddy

My Unicorn Buddy

Image source: That Kids Craft Site

If you can sew but you don’t have a sewing machine, check out the sweet little felt kids unicorn craft at That Kids Craft Site. Add a ribbon to make a Christmas tree ornament or bedroom door hanger. Or make this any time of the year for a soft toy that fits easily into tiny hands. Young crafters can practice their scissor skills by cutting out the pieces and shapes or treat it like a puzzle!

The Littlest Unicorn

The Littlest Unicorn

Image source: AC Moore

Good things come in small packages! These tiny unicorn pom-poms from AC Moore can be made super quickly once you have all the supplies you need &#; perfect for a class activity or preschool playdates. Glue one to your child’s bedroom mirror, set them up in a row along a dresser top, pose them with your child’s stuffed animals in a photo shoot, or scatter them around the house for an afternoon unicorn scavenger hunt!

Heart-Shaped Unicorn Valentines

Heart-Shaped Unicorn Valentines

Image source: The DIY Mommy

Twisty, colorful lollipops form the horns for these unicorn valentines brought to you by The DIY Mommy. No using up printer ink here; use pre-cut foam hearts as the basis. For a classroom activity, prep the pieces in advance and let kids glue them together. With all the color and glitter, these valentines will help your child be the star of their class Valentine’s Day party!

Halloween Unicorn

Halloween Unicorn

Image source: Lines Across

Save the spooky faces for your neighbors and be the hit of your street with this DIY no-carve unicorn jack-o-lantern! Lines Across uses materials you either already have at home or can easily find at stores near you. Trick-or-treaters will know that your house is the one they can’t miss when they see such an original and darling decoration out front! So let everyone else stick with basic orange and black. You’re a unicorn – flaunt it!

O Christmas Unicorn

O Christmas Unicorn

Image source: Red Ted Art

This Christmas unicorn is % special materials-free! The 3-D unicorn tree ornaments from Red Ted Art are absolutely simple to make with paper, scissors, and a glue stick. Decorate your entire tree with them; let kids write their names on their own or give special names to their Christmas unicorns. Save these forever as special keepsakes, and when your kids grow up watch them smile with nostalgia as they recognize this extra special Christmas project you made together.

All That Glitters Is Unicorn

All That Glitters Is Unicorn

Image source: Sweet Red Poppy

These sparkly DIY unicorn ornaments are infinitely customizable, from horn colors to flower colors to the glitter you put inside. But the best part of all is that the horns are made from sculpting clay, giving your children something to squish and mold themselves while you handle the glue and glitter. Find out how to make these cute unicorn themed goodies at Sweet Red Poppy. Merry Unicorn Christmas!

Sours: https://www.kidslovewhat.com/awesome-diy-unicorn-crafts-for-kids/

Super Cute Unicorn Crafts

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With the Unicorn craze in full swing, we’re jumping on that sparkly colour filled  bandwagon with a gorgeous round-up of 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts for kids.

As always, I subscribe to the ‘variety is the spice of life’ approach and have chosen an eclectic range of crafts to suit a broad age group.

There’s sure to be at least one or two that tickle your fancy!

So be prepared for lots of bright colours, glitter, sparkle, magic and simply adorable Unicorn craftiness.

Sound good? let’s take a look at the Unicorn Crafts!

18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts

Blow Paint Creatures Craft

I simply adore how the ‘blow paint’ technique is used to create the colourful unicorn mane and if you like the Unicorn, then you will be sure to LOVE the other creatures within this ‘Blow Painted Creatures‘ post from The Pinterested Parent.

Unicorn Hand Puppet

The next on our list is this a very simple, but adorable ‘Unicorn Hand Puppet‘ from I Heart Crafty Things – isn’t it cute?

DIY Stained Glass Unicorn

This ‘DIY Stained Glass Unicorn‘ from Oh Happy Day ticks all the boxes – beautiful, colourful and easy to make!

Unicorn Costume

If your children have a fancy dress party to attend, enjoy dressing up games or if you’re thinking ahead to Halloween, then this ‘Unicorn Costume‘ from Hello Wonderful is the one for you. And guess what? it’s no-sew!

Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft

This cute ‘Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft’ is one of ours and comes with a free template! Unicorn’s can dance, jump, and slide down the Paper Plate Rainbow.

Shoe Print Unicorn

The final craft within this section is a ‘Shoe Print Unicorn’ from Fun Handprint Art Blog is perfect for small children, especially preschoolers!

Origami Unicorn Bookmark

Discover how to make this gorgeous ‘Origami Unicorn Bookmark’ from the amazing Willow Day.

Sprinkle ‘Pooping’ Unicorns

These ‘Sprinkle Pooping Unicorns’ from Hello Wonderful would be a magical addition to a Unicorn themed party!

TP Roll Unicorn Marionette

Create a fun ‘TP Roll Unicorn Marionette‘ with Red Ted Art. I love the conker hooves!

Unicorn Necklace

We all love a little bling and kids’ can accessorize with this cute ‘Unicorn Necklace’ from Meri Cherry Blog.

DIY Unicorn Pinata

Continuing with the party theme, why not add a ‘DIY Unicorn Pinata’ to the festivities. It even comes with a free printable template! (by Hello Wonderful).

Mixed Media Unicorn

This easy peasy ‘Mixed Media Unicorn’ is the perfect craft for small children and is great way to re-purpose common household materials.

Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets

I love interactive crafts and these adorable ‘Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets’ by Make Film Play will be sure to inspire magical play.

DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse

Here’s another one for you… this ‘DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse’ by Adventure in a Box is surprisingly easy to make and will become something I’m sure your child will cherish forever.

Unicorn Mobile

This ‘Unicorn Mobile’ by Hattifant will look beautiful on display within a childs room or nursery.

TP Roll Unicorns

I love a good ol’ paper tube craft and these ‘TP Roll Unicorns’ from MollyMoo are just amazing!

Paper Bag Unicorn

Here’s another simple ‘Paper Bag Unicorn’ from I Heart Crafty Things.

Recycled Unicorn Money Box

And finally, we’re finishing off this collection with a ‘Recycled Unicorn Money Box’ from Willow Day.

I hope you LOVE and adore each every Unicorn craft featured within this collection 18 Super Cute Unicorn Crafts.

Do you have a favourite?

  1. Blow Painted Creatures
  2. Unicorn Hand Puppet
  3. DIY Stained Glass Unicorn
  4. Unicorn Costume
  5. Over the Rainbow Unicorn Puppet Craft
  6. Shoe Print Unicorn
  7. Origami Unicorn Bookmark
  8. Sprinkle Pooping Unicorns
  9. TP Roll Unicorn Marionette
  10. Unicorn Necklace
  11. DIY Unicorn Pinata
  12. Mixed Media Unicorn
  13. Unicorn Paper Hand Puppets
  14. DIY Unicorn Hobby Horse
  15. Unicorn Mobile
  16. TP Roll Unicorns
  17. Paper Bag Unicorn
  18. Recycled Unicorn Money Box

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Bonus Unicorn Art & Craft Projects!

Who doesn’t love Unicorns?? Am I right?!

Well we have a couple of bonus Unicorn crafts here, with a FREE template to help get your craft on with your Arty Crafty Kids!

Printable Unicorn Puppets in Christmas Pyjamas

These guys are in their Christmas pyjamas, but with the FREE blank template, your Arty Crafty Kids can have colour them in for any season!

And using the template, it’s easy to make these fun printable puppets.

Unicorn Heart Craft

This sweet printable Unicorn Heart Craft for kids is super quick and easy, and has an open-ended quality that allows children to enhance and personalise the simple unicorn design.

Kids are free to doodle and colour the unicorn to their imaginations content.

They can add embellishments of their choosing or explore printing techniques to make this craft their own.

see tutorials – splat painting, scrape painting, bubble wrap

Arty Crafty Kids Members Area – Join Here

Hundreds of Art & Craft templates, learning resources, colouring pages, how-to-draw guides, activity books and much more are available in our Members Area!

Perfect for educators and parents, update daily/weekly with new templates and crafts!

Save time by accessing our full library of ready to print and craft templates!

Click here to JOIN NOW!

Sours: https://www.artycraftykids.com/craft/super-cute-unicorn-crafts/
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Get crafty with these little unicorn DIY ideas! These crafts are great for kids and families to make!

unicorn craft ideas

Ah, unicorns. Magical creatures that symbolize all that is good and pure in the world, unicorns are a huge favorite for kids all over the globe.

They’re colorful, they’re joyful, and they remind kids to smile. Here are 27 delightful unicorn crafts to bring some magic into your life.

1. DIY Unicorn Felt Banner

Unicorn Felt Banner

Credit: partywithunicorns.com

A felt banner might sound like a bit of an undertaking, but this one comes together very easily. No sewing required!

All you need is your trusty hot glue gun, a bunch of pastel felt cloth, and the right pattern.

Download the pattern from Party with Unicorns and cutting out the shapes in your felt. Assemble them onto the banner, fringe with yarn, then drape said banner around a wooden dowel for easy hanging.

2. DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher

Unicorn Dream Catcher

Credit: threekidsthreecatsandahusband.com

Dream catchers catch nightmares in their web. Filtering them out and replacing them with good dreams to put a smile on your little one’s face.

This is a great craft to do with your children, and you can easily customize the color of yarn you choose to suit their favorite color scheme. To prevent fuzzing, pick up some quality yarn here.

3. Adorable DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

Unicorn Pumpkin

Credit: suburbansimplicity.com

Whether it’s Halloween and you’re decorating, or you’re just searching for the perfect cutesy fall decoration, this one is for you. Sit down with the kids and give them a pumpkin each to go wild!

Luckily, most of the decorating in this craft is done by drawing. So, you don’t need much more than your faux white pumpkin like this and a pack of Sharpies like these.

Looking for some other ways to keep the kids busy? Here are 20 fun crafts you’ll like.

4. DIY Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn Slippers

Credit: craftingintherain.com

White slippers, a mini craft iron, and some colorful iron-on vinyl. That’s all you need to make these absolutely adorable DIY unicorn slippers.

These make the perfect gift for a unicorn lover—young or old. Or, you can create that coveted design you’ve always searched for and never found. You can use this technique for any shape!

5. DIY Unicorn Corner Bookmark

Unicorn Corner Bookmark

Credit: bigfamilyblessings.com

Is your little one a bit of a bookworm? Maybe they’re looking for something cute to give away at school? These unicorn corner bookmarks fit the bill perfectly!

They’re cheap to make and so easy to customize since you’re just using colored paper to create them. So, you can follow the template given or go offbeat to craft a unique unicorn companion.

Don’t worry if you have a lot of leftover paper. These 20 paper crafts are the perfect way to put it to use.

6. DIY Unicorn Hug Bookmark

Unicorn Hug Bookmark

Credit: bigfamilyblessings.com

If you’re not a fan of the corner bookmark style, you can opt for something a little more traditional using this unicorn hug bookmark. I think it’s adorable, and like its predecessor, this craft only needs paper.

If you want to take the craft up a notch, why not use a golden stamp pad like this. Or even a set of colorful rhinestones like these to make your unicorn glow!

7. DIY Felt Unicorn Ornament

Felt Unicorn Ornament

Credit: bigfamilyblessings.com

Christmas is on the horizon, and what better way to bring some extra magic to the festivities than by including a unicorn in the ornaments this year?

This DIY felt ornament uses some sewing techniques and stuffing to create a 3D effect. So, it’s perfect for teaching your little one some sewing basics.

Alternately, use it as a stocking stuffer for a Christmas morning surprise!

8. DIY Unicorn Slime

Unicorn Slime

Credit: burlapandblue.com

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing slime everywhere these days, and there’s a good reason for that! Slime is super easy to make, fun to play with, and makes an adorable gift.

For this magical unicorn slime, you’ll only need four ingredients: Elmer’s Clear Glue, baking soda, unicorn glitter (this one is perfect), and contact lens solution.

9. DIY Magical Unicorn Succulent Pot

Unicorn Succulent Pot

Credit: extremecouponingmom.ca

This is one way to make sure that your unicorn-loving child will always have a touch of magic in their bedroom. It’s so fun to make with your kids, or you can craft it as a surprise reward for doing their chores!

Pick up some mini terracotta pots like these along with some paint, cardstock, and the actual succulents for the pot.

Check out more dollar tree planter ideas here.

DIY Adorable Unicorn Notebook

Unicorn Notebook

Credit: projectswithkids.com

There’s something about a set of funky school supplies that can get you through even the most stressful school day.

So, whether you’re a college freshman, a 9 to 5 professional, or making a book for your kindergartner, this is perfect for making your day a little more magical.

Are you looking for more crafts to make for your kids? Why not make them their favorite animal with these easy DIY sock plushies?

Unicorn-Themed Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

Credit: crayonsandcravings.com

This one is for unicorn lovers with a few more years to their name. In fact, it’s the perfect self-care product to make if you’re obsessed with a certain mythical creature or as a gift to someone who is.

This whipped body butter is incredibly decadent, using a variety of delicious-smelling supplies to create a truly ethereal result. Whip in your favorite essential oil scents for a personalized touch (like these).

DIY Unicorn Crayons

Unicorn Crayons

Credit: conservamome.com

These DIY unicorn crayons are perfect if you have kids around the house. That’s because they help you get rid of all those broken crayons you don’t need anymore.

Make a few for your unicorn-loving kids to draw with or use them as an easy, vibrant, and unique piece of décor come summertime.

If you don’t already have one, pick up the perfect unicorn silicone mold for this project here.

DIY Unicorn Headbands

Unicorn Headbands

Credit: extremecouponingmom.ca

Where there are children, there are birthday parties, and where there are birthday parties, you will inevitably need some adorable party favors. Enter: the DIY Unicorn Headband.

These adorable headbands are cheap and easy to create for your little one’s magically-themed birthday bash.

Looking for some other party favors to join the headbands? Add some of these Dollar Store party ideas into the mix.

Love the headband? Check out this DIY headband.

Ultra-Easy DIY Unicorn Mug

Unicorn Mug

Credit: thedecoratedcookie.com

Create just one for you, or make a set as a gift: the choice is up to you with this ultra-easy DIY unicorn mug hack. All you’ll need is your chosen mug, some rubbing alcohol, and your Sharpies.

Draw the design in the tutorial or go wild and make your own if you’re feeling confident. Keep in mind that you’ll need special oil-based Sharpie paint markers to make the design stick.

DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Credit: creativegreenliving.com

Turn a humble wood slice into the Christmas ornament of your child’s dreams! These are so easy to make with the kids, and they’ll gel easily into a sophisticated farmhouse Christmas décor scheme.

If you have some branches in the backyard, all you need to do is slice them up and paint as you will with acrylic paint. Add some sparkles, some sequins, and tie into the tree with twine once you’re done.

If you don’t have any spare wood lying around, just buy some pre-cut, ornament-ready slices here.

Upcycled Unicorn Horn Sleep Mask

Unicorn Horn Sleep Mask

Credit: creativegreenliving.com

Have an old t-shirt lying around and not sure what to do with it? Why not create something fun and unique to gift to the unicorn-lover in your life! Make a small one for kiddos or go larger for adults.

Using a recycled t-shirt makes sure this mask is deliciously soft, as it’s made from a material that’s been worn down. The t-shirt is the base, and then you decorate with felt and your trusty glue gun.

DIY Unicorn Painted Rock

Unicorn Painted Rock

Credit: ilovepaintedrocks.com

In the pantheon of crafts, painting on a rock is potentially one of the easiest, most affordable, and most enjoyable ways to get your hands dirty with your kiddos.

Once completed, these adorable rocks can be used as doorstops or paperweights in the kid’s room!

If you’re using it as a doorstop, make sure you spray with clear-coat enamel-like this once the rock has been painted to protect the design.

Looking for some more affordable crafts for kids? Check out these Dollar store kids’ crafts that won’t break the bank.

Unicorn Mini Canvas

Unicorn Mini Canvas

Credit: madetobeamomma.com

Mini canvases are a classy, minimalist way to decorate a child’s room, or maybe even a nursery! They’re quick and easy to bring together, don’t cost a lot to make, and they last forever.

You can pick up a matching mini canvas and easel for easy assembly. Then, paint the canvas as you like using some acrylic paints.

For an extra touch, add a gold glitter foam horn to the top!

DIY Unicorn Pencil Case

Unicorn Pencil Case

Credit: myheavenlyrecipes.com

As I said earlier, there are few things that make a day of work or school better, like some fun school supplies. This time, we’re looking at a DIY unicorn pencil case that’s perfect for your little one.

Luckily, this pencil case’s size and colors can be easily changed to accommodate different needs. Make sure you have some snap closures like these to finish it off.

Fill it with colored pencils, and you’re done!

Unicorn Paper Plates for a Party

Unicorn party plates

Credit: theinspirationedit.com

In the vein of party ideas, these craft unicorn paper plates are perfect for serving the birthday cake on! In my opinion, this is one of the cutest crafts on the list, and they’ll really bring a unicorn theme together.

The base of the craft is a simple unicorn face and cardstock horn. But, you can make each one unique with a variety of sequins, feathers, paper flowers, and other crafty essentials.

In fact, you can even have the kids decorate their own paper plates as a party activity. Genius!

DIY Toilet Tube Unicorn

toilet roll unicorns


Credit: CraftsyHacks.com

Toilet tubes are something every home will have no shortage of. So, instead of throwing them away, why not use them to have some valuable crafting time with your children?

You’ll need all the standard crafting supplies to work with, such as colored paper, yarn, glitter, and of course, the toilet paper tubes. One thing you might not have lying around is some rainbow yarn like this.

Find some more ways to use those leftover toilet tubes with these toilet paper roll crafts.

Unicorn Horn Christmas Ornaments

Unicorn Horn Christmas Ornaments

Credit: sweetredpoppy.com

These unicorn horn Christmas ornaments are shockingly cute, so easy to make, and will look perfect on your tree! Alternately, you can make a set as a gift and wrap them up to put under the tree.

These glittery unicorns use large, clear ornaments like these as their base. The glitter is glued to the inside to form the unicorn’s head. Then, the outside is decorated to bring it to life.

Make sure to pick up some gold Sculpey Clay to form the horns. They add an extra ‘oomph’ to the result.

DIY Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlight

Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlight

Credit: momtastic.com

Tackling bedtime can be a scary thing for many kids. So, why not give them something to make the dark a little less scary? This DIY unicorn night light uses a mason jar and some fairy lights for an easy nightlight.

Make sure you’re using a wide mouth mason jar and some battery-operated fairy lights. If you can’t get a frosted jar, pick up some frosted glass paint.

Just assemble, place on their nightstand, and watch the monsters under the bed run and hide!

Got a couple of other mason jars? Try out any of these craftsy mason jar gifts.

DIY Fleece Unicorn Pillow

Fleece Unicorn Pillow

Credit: craftingcheerfully.com

This fleece pillow is comfy, warm, adorable, and looks utterly professional once completed! In fact, this is the perfect project to test your sewing skills against.

Most of the materials you’ll need are fleece in different colors. But, the eyelashes are crafted using an iron-on material called Wonder Under, which you can find here.

Simply follow the pattern with any colors that strike your fancy, be patient, and you’ll have a gorgeous unicorn pillow in no time.

DIY Mini Unicorn Soap

Mini Unicorn Soap

Credit: loveandmarriageblog.com

Perfect in the guest bathroom, as a party favor, or even as a gift set for your little ones, these DIY mini unicorn soaps look and smell amazing!

Pick up some melt and pour Shea Butter soap base, alongside a silicone unicorn mold and your preferred soap coloring. Melt, mix and pour your way to these adorable little soaps with ease.

While the DIY doesn’t include a scent, adding one is as easy as adding a couple of drops to the mixture!

DIY Unicorn Slime Jars

Unicorn Slime Jars

Credit: thebestideasforkids.com

Made the unicorn slime, but don’t have a jar worthy of such magical material? It’s as easy as pie to make one with a spare mason jar, some small paper flowers, and some felt.

While these are fantastic for storing slime, they can be used for other things as well! Keep them in your child’s room to teach them the importance of organization and to add a little touch of magic.

DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb

Unicorn Bath Bomb

Credit: apumpkinandaprincess.com

These adorable bath bombs are bubble-gum and baby blue, and they come in the shape of a unicorn’s horn thanks to the silicone horn mold.

They’re deceptively easy to put together. You’ll just need to pick the perfect essential oil blend. Why not lean into the candy aesthetic with some candyfloss or bubble-gum scents?


Which one of these unicorn projects is your favorite? Are you going to make some of these with your kids?

Sours: https://craftsyhacks.com/unicorn-craft/
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