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Automotive Aftermarket Retailer Shifts Website into High Gear with Geolocation Technology, Increases Store Calls by 22 Percent


With the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) projecting a 4.5 percent increase in sales for next year, retailers such as 4 Wheel Parts are gearing up to grow their share of this billion-dollar industry for 2010 and beyond.

With 55 stores, also known as retail performance centers, in addition to a large e-commerce site, catalog distribution and a wholesale division, 4 Wheel Parts has earned the distinction as the nation’s largest automotive aftermarket retailer.

As the company continues to serve the needs of the off-road industry, its focus remains on growth and improvement as 4 Wheel Parts constantly strives to deliver unrivalled and praiseworthy customer experiences every day. It has been this fervor that has helped 4 Wheel Parts develop into the nation’s largest distributor of wheels, tires, life kits, tonneau covers, and other 4×4 parts and accessories for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs.

4 Wheel Parts continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry, offering everything from computerized order tracking to overnight delivery, and even an exclusive ship-to-store feature. For a company already utilizing state-of-the-art inventory management technology that links its 55 retail performance centers with its six massive distribution warehouses, it made perfect sense to incorporate even more innovative technology where it is equally, if not more, important—at the point of sale.

“At 4 Wheel Parts, we needed a more effective way to integrate our e-commerce channel with our physical retail stores,” said Chris Casarez, Internet marketing specialist, 4 Wheel Parts. “We recognized a need to better communicate to web users that physical store locations may exist nearby. This would help conversions for people who prefer to buy at a store after doing online research.”

Casarez also wanted a way to show the company’s products online, relevant to a user’s location. “A visitor in Michigan, for example, has very different automotive needs than a visitor in San Diego, especially during winter. And, we wanted to use that knowledge to our advantage when merchandising our products on the website,” he added.

With company objectives clearly established, Casarez hit the fast lane to find a geolocation technology to fit the needs of 4 Wheel Parts.


After exhausting its research efforts, 4 Wheel Parts selected Digital Element, the global leader in IP Intelligence and geolocation. Casarez and his team conducted a series of meetings with the Digital Element staff and gained the confidence in the integrity of the company’s data that was needed in order to move forward with the 4 Wheel Parts’ strategy.

“We chose Digital Element because the company demonstrated its leadership position in the field,” said Casarez. “We knew incorporating geospecific information was the direction we needed to take and noticed that Digital Element was already providing other large retailers, such as Ace Hardware, with the type of data we were looking for.”

4 Wheel Parts has leveraged Digital Element’s NetAcuity product for these strategic online initiatives:

  • Store Locator Enhancements – By detecting a site visitor’s location, 4 Wheel Parts can automatically feature retail stores nearest to the visitor’s area.
  • Channel Synergy – As the only retailer in its class to offer in-store pick up for online orders, 4 Wheel Parts gives shoppers in close proximity to one of its retail locations the option of picking items up in-store to avoid shipping costs. This also gives retail stores a point-of-purchase-based possibility of making an add-on sale.


According to Casarez, 4 Wheel Parts has experienced more activity on its store pages and more web-based calls to its stores since deploying NetAcuity.

“Since implementing Digital Element’s technology, we have seen a 6.2 percent increase in unique visits to our store pages as well as a 22 percent increase in our web-based store calls,” Casarez specifically cited.

In the future, 4 Wheel Parts plans to use NetAcuity for content customization. The company will show a different array of products to site visitors based on various IP Intelligence data, creating an even more personalized and convenient experience for online shoppers.

View the Full Success Story (PDF)

Sours: https://www.digitalelement.com/reference/4-wheel-parts/

Polaris opens new 4 Wheel Parts truck accessories store in Brooklyn Park

Polaris Industries hopes to roar into the retail sector the same way it entered the motorcycle industry a few years ago.

A manufacturer of off-road four-wheelers, snowmobiles and motorcycles, Medina-based Polaris has traditionally left the selling of products to a network of independent dealers.

But that changed in November, with the $665 million acquisition of Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP). With that one deal, Polaris instantly became a player in the Jeep and truck accessories store business. TAP runs 4 Wheel Parts stores and on Saturday is opening its 80th store — its first in Minnesota.

“We should be at 100 stores by 2020,” said Steve Eastman, president of Polaris Parts, Garments & Accessories. “And over time there is opportunity for growth outside the United States. We definitely see this as a strong growth business.”

Aftermarket truck accessories represent a $10 billion industry. Because it’s a fragmented market with many players, experienced businesses such as Polaris and the 50-year-old TAP should be able to snag more market share, officials said.

Analysts said the new retail store approach may help Polaris diversify at a critical time. The company has recalled nearly 400,000 off-road vehicles over two years due to potential mechanical problems and fire risks. That, along with softer demand across the entire recreational vehicle market, contributed to Polaris’ stock price falling 40 percent.

At the time of the acquisition, Polaris CEO Scott Wine told analysts that TAP and its 4 Wheel Parts stores gave Polaris an “immediate leadership position in a growing market, and allows us to accelerate Polaris’ growth and profitability.”

Time will tell, said Wedbush Securities analyst James Hardiman.

“Buying TAP was a head scratcher for a lot of investors,” he said. Wall Street expected a big acquisition from Polaris, but one tied to manufacturing or scaling up its motorcycle line.

“A lot of investors were also concerned about the timing,” Hardiman said. With TAP, Polaris “made the biggest acquisition in its history at the same time it was going through the biggest quality issue in its history. So buying TAP was a surprise. The jury is still out on TAP. Still, you hope they have some success.”

4 Wheel Parts caters to truck and Jeep enthusiasts by customizing vehicles and selling accessories such as beefed-up bumpers, suspension lift-kits, rugged shocks and fat tires that can smooth out jagged off-road rides. On-site service technicians install the hefty add-ons.

On average, walk-in 4 Wheel customers drop $800 on truck accessories. Special orders from dealerships who need to “trick out” a truck for a customer are an average $5,000 to $8,000 per vehicle, said Brooklyn Park store manager John Tague.

“We enthusiasts can get a little ridiculous,” he said while showing off his own customized Dodge Ram truck that was completely wrap-painted in 4 Wheel’s bright logo.

Before relocating from Birmingham, Ala., to open the Brooklyn Park store, Tague outfitted two customers’ vehicles with so many customized “Mack Daddy” accessories, he said each was worth $100,000 by the time he was done. One truck sported 24 karat gold stitching.

TAP also runs six distribution warehouses for online orders. In 2016, it had 1,750 employees and $740 million a year in annual sales.

Since November, however, it has grown. Polaris opened five more 4 Wheel Parts stores, the one in Brooklyn Park plus others in Colorado, Idaho and South Carolina.

More stores could open in Minnesota depending on how well Brooklyn Park fares, Eastman said. Right now, 4 Wheel Parts is big in California, Texas, Colorado, Florida and Ohio. With organic growth plus new stores, Polaris hopes the chain will push past its $5 billion annual sales target for the first time. Polaris reported $4.5 billion in global sales in 2016 and has forecast 10 to 13 percent growth this year.

Eastman would not disclose Polaris’ long-term financial goals for TAP/4 Wheel. “But we are excited. We think we will do very well,” he said.

The Brooklyn Park store expects to do a lot of business with local truck lovers. “But about 30 percent of our business [will come] from dealers,” Tague said. The shop just won a custom order for a Jeep from Luther Brookdale Chevrolet in Brooklyn Center.

Alex Shoeberg, service manager at Walser Jeep Dodge Ram in Hopkins, said Polaris’ new store will compete with specialty shops like Automotive Concepts in New Hope and Sunroofs Etc. in Eden Prairie. In some cases, it might even compete with local truck dealers who want to retain more accessory work in-house.

Still, Doug Sprinthall, spokesman for the Walser Automotive chain, said Minnesota is probably a good market for Polaris to try its hand at the business.

“Jeep people like to personalize their vehicles, especially people who buy the Jeep Wrangler,” he said. “They really see themselves as an individual and really want to make their vehicles unique.”

Sprinthall said many dealers do some custom work, but don’t like dealing with factory warranties and hate doing major suspension lifts on trucks. The potential liability issues make dealers nervous, so they refer customers elsewhere.

“So the aftermarket companies around town do a better job than the dealers do [with attracting that business],” Sprinthall said.

Competition worries did not faze anybody Thursday as the new team at Brooklyn Park busily prepared for Saturday’s grand opening. Inside the store, two trucks loaded with the extras were mounted on rocks to greet customers at the door. Store shelves and walls were fully loaded.

The store has a freshly imported staff of 10 TAP workers from around the United States. The group includes six mechanics and technicians who will accessorize trucks to customer specifications in the large shop next door. It sports eight giant truck bays.

TAP is well known for its proprietary brand of accessories that sell under the names Pro Comp, Rubicon Express, Smittybilt, Poison Spyder, G2, LR2 and Trail Master.

Since the acquisition, Polaris is selling its proprietary Pro Armor brand inside 4 Wheel Parts Stores, Eastman and Tague said.

“Pro Armor is the one aftermarket product brand where there is a natural link between [off-road ATVs] and on road trucks and Jeeps,” Eastman said.



Sours: https://www.startribune.com/polaris-opens-new-4-wheel-parts-truck-accessories-store-in-brooklyn-park/434569403/
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4 Wheel Parts is one of the nation's largest distributor of 4x4 parts and accessories for trucks, Jeeps, and Sports Utility Vehicles. The company offers a wide variety of products to the off road vehicle industry including, tires, wheels, and suspension systems. 4 Wheel Parts is headquartered in Compton, CA.

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Compton, CA90220


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All New Tacoma Accessories from 4WP Factory!



4 Wheel Center is the region’s oldest, most well-known off-road vehicle customization shop. We are driven to be the most preferred custom fabrication and repair shop in the industry. We specialize in the highest quality brands and custom fabrications for suspension, accessories, lighting and tires. Our dealer-certified, qualified technicians are well-versed in the latest industry innovations, techniques and products. We even have an in-house mechanic for any vehicle repairs, maintenance or full restorations you may need.



Need an easier way to climb into your newly lifted truck or jeep? Are you looking for some added protection to keep your vehicle free from damage? How about a winch to help you get out of those sticky situations? Are you lacking storage space for your tools, luggage or hunting gear? Whatever the case may be, 4 Wheel Center has you covered!



Offering a complete line of ALL Holley Performance Products!



Share you 4-wheel passion! Join us every first Saturday of the Month at 4 Wheel Center. Cruise around town and Cruise-IN to show off your ride! All makes and models welcome. For more information call: (915) 593-4848


SINCE 1977

The creation of 4 Wheel Center was sparked by Carlos Enriquez’ love of Baja racing. He worked tirelessly to customize, repair and race all of his vehicles. He took that passion and created 4 Wheel Center in 1977.

His knowledge and expertise are still known today throughout the industry. The ever changing, ever growing off-road industry demands that he keep his team up to date with all the latest trends and products. And Carlos still comes into the shop every day to school everyone! Today his daughter Sonia embodies that same passion and drive. She continues to innovate and push industry boundaries. She holds the company, her team and herself to the highest standards, ensuring every client receives superior service and products.



4 Wheel Center is a local, family-owned business serving the borderland since 1977. We have a strong work ethic and know the value of your hard work and hard-earned money. We approach every client and project as if they were our own. Our knowledgeable owners and team provide superior service and deliver 100 percent satisfaction, giving you and your vehicle what you deserve!

At 4 Wheel Center, we support the four wheel drive community, forge strong relationships with the best parts and accessories suppliers in the industry, and work hard to develop a skill set that is second to none when it comes to adding performance, capability, and style to your 4X4.




4 Wheel Center takes pride and care when increasing the capabilities or your Jeep, Truck, or SUV. We have built a reputation with over 40 years of experience, expert technicians, integrity and work ethic that you need when it comes to upgrading your current off road vehicle, or building your next one. From Show to Go, whether you're in for a suspension upgrade or you're finally ready to restore that dream classic, we're with you every step of the way to accomplish the finished product you envision.

With our extensive inventory of aftermarket parts, you're sure to satisfy your off-road needs.



Sours: http://www.4wheelcenter.com/

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Our Brands: 4 Wheel Parts

When 4 Wheel Parts opened its doors in 1961, the motto was "Quality Parts, Lowest Prices, Fastest Service and Fully Guaranteed." Powered by that attitude, 4 Wheel Parts grew from a one-person operation to the global leader in truck, Jeep®, SUV and off-road performance products. Today, our customers still demand superior service, and we strive to deliver at every opportunity. 

Product offerings include armor and protection, doors, tires, winches and more. 

4 wheel parts Jeep® accessories

Visit the 4 Wheel Parts website to browse the full catalog, find parts articles and reviews, and find a store near you. 

If you are in need of assistance, fill out the online contact form or call 877-474-4821. 

Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

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Sours: https://www.polaris.com/en-us/self-help/article/KA-02076/
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