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Look, processors aren’t cheap. People save pennies up for months to afford new computer hardware. But you can save some serious cash by buying used CPUs. Is the risk worth the reward?

Emotions run high when used parts come up. Some people swear by them; others swear never to buy them. Not all computer parts are as risky to buy used as others, however. PCWorld CPU guru Gordon Mah Ung dives into the complicated question by explaining why processors tend to be less risky to buy used than other PC hardware, then outlines several other considerations, such as where to find used gear you can trust and whether you’ll be able to find affordable motherboards for older chips.

He also explains why used Xeons can often be more reliable than used consumer chips.

We’re trying out a new format here, responding to common questions we receive on our Full Nerd podcast. If you like it let us know!

Have a PC- or gaming-related question? Email [email protected] and we’ll try to answer it in the future. You can also join the PC-related discussions and ask us questions on The Full Nerd’s Discord server. And be sure to follow PCWorld on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch to watch future episodes live and pick our brains in real time!

Sours: https://www.pcworld.com/article//ask-a-pc-expert-is-it-okay-to-buy-a-used-cpu.html

How it Works

Simply choose your processor from the list and answer a few questions.

Wrap your CPU in bubble wrap to protect it, or in one of our free clamshells. Pack your CPU in a box, affix the shipping label we send you, and drop it off at your local post office. Or, schedule a USPS.com pickup at your home or work. We can even send you a FREE anti-static trade-in clamshell &#; box!


Get Paid quickly &#; safely!

When your CPU reaches us, we test it. Once it passes our stress tests, you get paid same-day, with PayPal or Venmo. Or within 5 days via Check.

Getting Ready to Sell CPU Components

If you’re looking to trade in your CPU and sell your CPU for cash, SellGPU.com makes it easy. We supply everything you need to securely send your old CPU and get paid ASAP. You can also put your earnings toward a new CPU.

Ready to sell your used CPU? Get started with our simple three-step guide:

Step 1: Disconnect the CPU. Remove the CPU from any connected components, taking care not to damage connectors or ports.

Step 2: Inspect the CPU for damage. Take a quick look at your CPU for any obvious wear or damage.

Step 3: Securely pack the CPU for shipping. Using our free anti-static clamshells &#; trade-in box, securely pack your CPU and attach the shipping label. The better packed, the less chance of damage during transit — and the quicker you get paid.


Because we provide the most streamlined and hassle-free method for CPU trading.

sell cpu

After accepting your offer, we send you a shipping label. You even get the choice to order a FREE trade-in box. Just pack and ship your item and once we receive and test it, you get paid same-day. If it fails our tests, we return it (on us).

Get Paid in Same-day with PayPal or Check

We know our customer want to get paid as fast as possible so, we designed a business model that will allow payments to be made same-day! Either through PayPal or Venmo. Or check via 5 days.

Free Shipping Label &#; Trade in Box

In addition to sending you a FREE shipping label, if you feel nervous about safely shipping your component, we can send you a FREE easy to pack anti-static trade-in box. Our boxes will firmly protect your items during transit.

Component Tracking Available

If you ever feel worried about the status of your trade-in, you can track the status of your components from the point of shipping to payment release in your my account section.


of the people who use
our services:


looking to upgrade CPU components


looking to replace aging CPU parts

IT Professionals

looking to sell CPUs in bulk

SellGPU.com was created to help individuals and businesses with the need for high end PC components get rid of their unneeded silicon. SellGPU.com is the first business of its kind to establish the recommerce business model in the GPU and CPU industries.

By giving individuals and businesses with the need for high end computer parts the power to safely and quickly sell their components, we give them enhanced ease and affordability when it comes to upgrading components. Computer builders will now be able to further their ambitions in building the most up to date configurations.


We are here to help. We normally answer all inquiries within hrs.

For Bulk Inquires or Components, not in our dropdown, please list your items here to get an accelerated offer. Most Requests are
fulfilled within 12 HRS

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Bulk IT Asset Recovery Inquiry?

Get FREE and easy to use packing material to ship your components.

Get an Offer Today!

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Why and How to Sell your Used CPUs: A Step by Step Guide

When it is time to upgrade make sure to consider how to sell your used CPUs, as they are one of the most valuable parts of a server or computer.

We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you determine when the right time to sell your CPUs is and how to do it. What makes the most sense for you or your company is going to depend on a number of different factors about your company and your CPU usage.

While this article is going to use the plural when addressing CPUs and processors since here at exIT we normally deal with bulk, we have also included guidelines for people who may only be selling one processor.

If you are simply looking for a quote from us to sell your CPUs, servers, drives, memory, or other IT equipment, you can simply click here to jump to the bottom of the page to our form.

Without further adieu, let&#;s jump in to the guide.

Step 1: Make Sure It&#;s the Right Time to Sell Your CPUs

The processor is at the core (or hopefully cores!) of what your computer or server does, so you want to make sure that you are making the right decision when you decide to sell your processors.

Why Sell your Used CPUs (Processors)

Here’s some of the reasons that you might consider selling your CPUs or processors:

  • Workloads for your computer or server are constantly being bottlenecked with a CPU running at %
  • Could benefit substantially from increased virtualization
  • Older CPUs don’t support virtualization as well
  • Want greater power efficiency on a per unit basis
  • Want to save space by consolidating older servers into new ones
  • Have already replaced your old equipment and are no longer using the processors

Make sure to examine the details of what an upgrade in processing power will actually do for your machines. Just because a new generation of processors came out that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be large performance gains. However, the jump from 7th to 8th generation Kaby Lake processors was one of those jumps, as you can see here:


Source: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/kaby-lake-refresh-8th-gen-vs-7th-gen

Whereas this was not the case when going up from the 6th generation Intels to the 7th generation:


Source: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/intel-7th-gen-core

These numbers are for processors that typically end up in laptops and other computers, and not servers. Servers that are in constant use are generally going to be where these differences make the biggest impact.

For individual use, unless you are an intense gamer, cryptocurrency miner, or content creator, most people do not max out their computers, and even if they do it, is important that they know if they are maxing out their CPU or their GPU, as in many, if not most cases, the GPU will be the limiting factor.

You can still get performance gains even if you haven’t been maxing out your CPU, but make sure that it wouldn’t be more beneficial to upgrade somewhere else first.

Step 2: Figure out Who to Sell Your Used CPUs (Processors) to

When it comes to selling used CPUs there’s only a few options, and your situation will determine most about where it’s most appropriate for you to sell them.

The main determining factors for where you will sell your CPU(s) are:

  1. Are they functioning?
  2. How old are they?
  3. How many do you have?

Your CPUs are obviously going to be most valuable when they are still functioning and newer, but this needs to be balanced with how much use you got out of them, what you’ll be able to recoup in resale, and how much the newer CPUs will cost (assuming you’re replacing them).

Functioning Processors

Full disclosure: exIT Technologies is an ITAD vendor that buys used computer parts in bulk, but we recognize that we are not going to be the right fit for everyone. This article is made to guide you towards what is the best fit for your particular situation.

Small Amounts of Processors or Individual CPUs

If you only have one or a few processors your options are generally limited to:

We do not recommend trying to sell CPUs on Craigslist or other similar sites. You can do it and sometimes it will work out well and you will get a higher margin out of it, but most of the time you will have to deal with a lot more not so serious buyers or inquiries and have a much higher potential of getting scammed one way or another, even when trying to use something like Paypal. Just keep in mind that there are people that make a living scamming people off these sites and convincing them they are a real buyer for something, so some of them are quite good at it.

sell your used CPUS on Reddit-hardware-swap-warning-about-scams-and-Paypal

Here’s the warning from Reddit’s Hardware Swap (click to enlarge):

Selling Larger Quantities of CPUs or Processors

If you have a large quantity to sell intel processors that are 6th generation Skylake processors or newer then you can contact an ITAD company (such as exIT) that will buy your whole lot of processors from you. Our minimum is about $1, or more in resale value; we are not sure about our competitors. That being said, if you have servers, workstations, or components such as hard drives, GPUs, RAM, you can add that into a quote to hit the minimum.

Generally the more processors you have the better for selling to an ITAD company. If you have a lot of CPUs or processors that are 4 or 5 generations back, they might be considered, but it depends on the ITAD company, the amount of processors, their model and their condition. At that point their resale value is very limited due to the vast differences between their capabilities and the current versions.

If you would like to find out about what processors exIT buys you can take a look at i-series processors we buy or xeon processors we buy.

Who to Sell Damaged CPUs or Processors to

How old and damaged your processors are will have a large effect on what you can do with them. The number of processors will also clearly be a factor.

Repairing Damaged Processors

Generally speaking a processor becomes scrap metal once it is broken. If something very minor happened to it then you can take your chances with following some YouTube videos or finding a specialist, but usually this is not going to be worth spending much of any money on if you want to make any kind of ROI (return on investment).

If you get to the point you have damaged (or just really old) processors you might be able to make money off of the scrap metal (gold, silver or copper) in the CPU. We’ve seen recommendations that it is generally good to have processors to cash in at once.

If you have bulk amounts (50+) broken processors you can either look to sell them to recyclers for the precious metal value or you can contact exIT to see if we might be able to fix them and get you more money. We are not aware of any other ITAD companies that currently repair CPUs in bulk.

Step 3: How to Sell your CPUs or Processors

If you are selling smaller quantities and doing it on eBay or Hardware Swap you can follow the process of making a regular post. Here&#;s some tips:

  • Do some research on similar equipment to figure out your price point. If you are going to try and sell it for the most you can get it will cost you more time, so this is a trade-off of how valuable your time is to you
  • Make sure you know what you need to make to make it worthwhile. Ebay will take a cut of your sale, but it also offers extra security so you don&#;t get scammed.
  • It will be harder to sell on Ebay if you haven&#;t sold anything before, so consider pricing lower if it is one of your first few sales
  • If you do decide to go with Craigslist make sure to sell in a public place and only use cash. Paypal and other means of payment can be manipulated.
  • Always include a picture. A picture from your cell phone is fine, even if it is not a great phone. Just make sure there’s enough light.
  • If you want to get the most for your product it helps to inform people about what you have, regardless of whether you are doing it in small or large quantities.
  • NEVER USE VENMO FOR A TRANSACTION WITH SOMEONE YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW WELL OR TRUST. Venmo is ONLY meant for transactions between friends and lacks certain user protections.

Information to publish in your post or send to your potential ITAD company:

  • Model number
  • Quantity
  • Use state (new, original packaging, used, functional, broken, etc.)
  • If processor is non-functional any details are potentially helpful

If you want more detail on selling on eBay, Hardware Swap or other similar options take a look at our post on the best places to sell computer parts.

Step 4: How to Pack a CPU or Processor so it’s Safe in Transport

We have a lot of issues with people not packing their computer parts properly, which means that it was working when they packed it but when it arrives it is damaged or broken. To avoid this watch this video and follow the instructions to make sure to pack your processor properly:

Packing Instructions

<!&#; &#;>

For individual or high value units:

  • Can potentially use a jeweler’s box or other small and relatively form fitting box
  • Best to wrap the CPUs in a box and put that box into a bigger one with bubble wrap or some other type of padding
  • They shouldn’t have space to move around
  • Plan on the box being thrown and kicked before it gets to its destination
  • For larger amounts you can get trays that will fit numerous CPUs at once
  • If you go this route make sure to use another one as the top!
  • When you put it in the larger box make sure to bubble wrap it or ensure that it can’t move around

People lose a lot of value by shipping their CPUs and other used computer parts improperly, so make sure to take care when doing this part. Otherwise it will complicate your transaction and compromise what you make on your used CPU.

Happy selling!

If you have bulk CPUs you’d like to get a quote on fill out the form below, or if you’re not sure if an ITAD company is right for you feel free to reach out and get in touch!

Especially Valuable AMD CPUs

2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processor

Especially Valuable Intel® Xeon® Processors

Valuable 3nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Have something to add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sours: https://www.exittechnologies.com/blog/itad/why-and-how-to-sell-your-used-cpus-a-step-by-step-guide/
How To Buy Used PC Parts Online in INDIA !!

Sell CPU &#; We Buy Used CPUs At Top Price

If you have used CPU sitting around, selling CPU, or computer processors, is a great way to make some quick extra money. At BUYSELLRAM, Inc., we pride ourselves on being the best source for buyers and sellers for RAM, CPU, and other computer parts. We will give you a competition price on your CPU. The process of selling your CPU to us is quick, painless, and effective. We have been in business since buying and selling used computer equipment, and would love to have your used CPU.

We Buy CPUs in Bulk and Sell Used Processors & CPUs

Sell Processors, servers, desktop and laptop processors and stay current with the latest technology. Though computer processors become outdated over time, they can still renew their lives and function reliably in after market environments. This makes CPUs valuable commodities in the world of renewable technology, hence we at buysellram buy CPUs

 Sell Used CPUs to BuySellRam.com for the best prices!


Sell CPU | Sell Computer Processor


Are you still holding on to your surplus processors?

We buy CPUs in bulk, all makes and models– and we are confident that we can beat any offer you get. Please shop around and call us the last, because we buy CPUs & we PAY THE MOST!

Selling CPUs is as easy as email [email protected] or send a quote request. Receiving an attractive bulk sale price for your excess Intel or AMD processors significantly offsets the cost of server system or individual CPU upgrades.  This is one reason why astute enterprises with an eye on the bottom line prefer selling excess CPU modules over dumping used processors. Nor do they have to pay a recycler to take these “outdated” units off their hands.

Sell Used processors (CPUs) for the Best Price & Fastest Turnaround

BUYSELLRAM guarantees to make a very attractive bulk price offer for your enterprise server, desktop, and laptop CPUs.

Selling excess processors and other redundant computer equipment allows your business to focus on IT assets that are essential to your business. You no longer pay to be an outdated technology caretaker. Selling used CPUs funnels cash back into your business. CPUs – regardless of their age – still retain liquid value.

Contact us now to receive the BEST price quote when you sell CPUs Online

Sell us your computer processors.  We are most interested in your Intel or AMD processors, Intel E3, E5, E7 series, Xeon series, quad core and Dual Core/Core2 duo.

But even “ancient” CPU technology has value.  Twenty-year old Intel processors have noteworthy amounts of conductive gold and other precious metals that can be separated from the chips for the metals commodity markets.  Even computers your company “junks” still likely have a processor that is worth money – which means cash for your firm. Sell any of the following of CPU/processors to BUYSELLRAM.com in bulk quantities

sell cpu intel processorsWe Buy CPUs/Processors like:

  • / Processors
  • AMD Processors
  • Slot Processors
  • Mixed Ceramic Processors
  • Fiber Processors
  • Pentium Processors
  • Pin/ Pinless Processors
  • Intel Xeon series processors
  •  i3, i5, i7 series processors
  • Intel Xeon E3, E5, E7 series processors
  • AMD quad core+ series
  • GPUamd cpu processors
  • Bulk purchase for new or used processors
  • GPU

Don’t throw your old, unwanted CPUs away. Sell your scrap CPUs and processors to us and make money! Learn more about your easy delivery and fast payment options HERE. BuySellRam fast turnaround means the cash can be in your account as soon as the next business day.

  • Click HERE to get a no-obligation quote for your surplus e-waste, computer memory, CPUs and more!
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Used cpus where to buy

Where to Buy Used Computer Parts: 5 Great Online Sources

Computer manufacturers are typically quick to phase out an older part of a product once it becomes obsolete. This leaves anyone who is trying to find used computer parts for an older device in a tight spot.

At the same time, you may have newer computer equipment in need of repair. Maybe the computer is no longer under warranty or you bought it secondhand. Suddenly, you find yourself in search of an affordable, used replacement part.

Luckily, there are some terrific online shops that offer used or refurbished computer parts—and they may just save you a few bucks.

1. eBay

You're probably already familiar with eBay, the ultimate online flea market and one of the best sources for used and new computer parts. Finding any popular component made within the last two decades is fairly simple, and finding parts older than that is also quite possible.

Navigate to the computer area by clicking it under Electronics from the top. Select Computer Components and Parts, and then browse by category, brand, price, and other criteria.

Once you narrow down the category and subcategory for your search, scroll down on the left side under Condition, and select Used to see only those products. Another option is to simply type the product name or model in the search bar and see what shows up.

If you're in search of parts for building a server or your own PC, eBay is also a solid place to shop for the pieces you need. Plus, it's fairly easy to find used computer parts from U.S. sellers.

Other platforms, such as Alibaba, work mostly with Chinese retailers, so the shipping takes longer and may cost more. With some luck, you could get free shipping or negotiate a better deal with the seller on eBay.

2. Amazon

If you already shop on Amazon like millions of others, then looking for those used computer parts you need is just a click away. You can navigate to the computer accessories section just like on eBay.

Head to the computer area in the Electronics department. Look for PC components and parts, or hard drives and cooling modules. Just be sure that you scroll down the left side under Condition and click Used.

After you select a product, click the Used & New link at the bottom of the item description to view all the buying options. This will give you a list of prices, tax and shipping fees, seller information, and other details to ensure you get the best deal.

Amazon's search feature is another effective way to find your product rather than browsing through hundreds of different used PC parts. If you check the left side of the screen, you'll see a huge variety of filtering options. Simply browse by processor type, RAM size, operating system, or other criteria to narrow down your options.

Aside from the large selection of used computer parts and components, Amazon may offer free shipping on certain products.

3. BMI Surplus

BMI Surplus sells new and used scientific and office equipment, as well as computer parts in every category you can think of. Simply click Computer-Office Equipment, and then select Computer Parts.

To narrow down your options, sort the products by price or popularity. You can also type the product name, model, or brand into the search box located at the top of the homepage.

BMI Surplus may not be all about computers, but it has a pretty good selection of used PC components. You'll also find a wide range of new and refurbished PC parts at reasonable prices.

What sets this online shop apart is that the guarantee offered for its products. According to its policy, you will receive the goods as pictured and described in the listing. Online marketplaces, such as eBay, sometimes cannot offer this guarantee because they work with thousands of sellers, including private persons selling their old stuff.

4. Alibaba.com

As one of the largest online marketplaces, Alibaba features thousands of new and used computer parts for every budget. Go to All Categories, select Consumer Electronics/Home Appliances, and then click Computer Hardware and Software.

Head over to the left side of the page and select Used under Product Status for secondhand PC parts. Next, browse by product type, supplier type, price, minimum order, after-sales service, and other search criteria.

The downside is that most sellers are located in China, so you might have to wait a few weeks to receive your order. However, buyers have the option to select the supplier's country or region and purchase from national vendors, such as Bluebonnet Trading LLC, Sourcery Limited, or Prime Mover Trading.

The prices are significantly lower compared to a regular store, but some sellers may require a minimum order value. And, if you prefer to hang onto your older and unused computer items, check out a few things you can do with an old monitor.

5. DreamHardware.com

If, for some reason, you still can't find the computer parts you're looking for after checking the stores listed above, head over to DreamHardware.com. This online shop specializes in discontinued, obsolete, legacy, and hard-to-find computer components.

You can quickly find motherboards, hard drives, memory, CPUs, sound cards, video cards, and more with just a few clicks. Use the search bar or select Products from the top navigation bar.

Select the type of product you're interested in and then scroll down to Condition on the left. Click Used or Refurbished and browse by price, brand, or vendor. Some products are available for as low as $1.

DreamHardware.com has been in business for many years, offering a large inventory of used computer parts that may not be available elsewhere. It might just become your go-to online shop for second-hand PC parts and accessories.

Get a Good Deal on Used Computer Parts

With the advent of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, finding old computer parts is no longer challenging. All it takes is a little research.

Check out each platform, compare prices, and read customer reviews. If you're buying from a private seller, try to negotiate the price. For larger orders, head over to Alibaba or contact the seller to see if it's possible to get a discount.

Image Credit: Raimundas/Depositphotos


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Building your own PC? Choosing the right motherboard for your setup is key. Here are the best motherboard and CPU combos.

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