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My Hero Academia: 10 Villains Hawks Can Defeat

My Hero Academia's Wing Hero: Hawks – Keigo Takami – makes his official appearance in the last episodes of season four of the famous shonen anime. Three months after the retirement of the iconic Symbol of Peace All Might, the new hero rankings are announced at the Hero Billboard Chart Japan. Endeavor unsurprisingly becomes Number One, with the young Hero Hawks occupying the second position.

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Hawks plays a major role in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. He infiltrates the League of Villains, pretending to work with Dabi to kill Best Jeanist. In reality, Hawks is one of the strongest heroes in the world on MHA, his speed and technique allowing him to take on some of the most dangerous villains alive.

This article contains some spoilers for the manga.

10 Hawks Kills Twice Despite Twice's Awakening And Their Friendship

Jin Bubaigawara, also known as Twice, is easily one of the most likable villains in MHA. He's set on his path of crime after an incident with his quirk Double leaves him broken and terrified. The League offers him friendship and understanding, and in turn, he gives them his loyalty. Even after joining the League, Twice is still emotionally vulnerable and easily manipulated.

He and Hawks build a rapport after the Wing Hero joins the Paranormal Liberation Front. Hawks genuinely wants to help Twice and offers him a way out during the heroes' raid on the PLF. Twice refuses, and knowing how dangerous his quirk is, Hawks is forced to kill him. Hawks doesn't come out unscathed after the confrontation, as villain Dabi burns his wings off. It's unknown at this time if the appendages will grow back or not.

9 Himiko Toga Is One Of The League's Strongest Members But Would Ultimately Lose To Hawks

One of the youngest members of the League, Himiko Toga becomes more and more dangerous as the show progresses. Her quirk Transform makes her an invaluable intelligence agent, allowing her to take heroes by surprise and even sneak into highly publicized events like the Provisional Hero License Exam. During the League's fight with the Meta Liberation Army, Himiko's quirk undergoes an awakening, and she becomes capable of using the quirk of the person she is impersonating. She uses this skill to great effect, killing Curious and her forces by using Ochako Uraraka's Zero Gravity.

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After Twice's death, Himiko is infuriated and goes on a rampage. She is a terrifying threat against the heroes, so much so that the wounded Hawks would have probably been killed had she found him. But at his best, Hawks remains superior to Himiko in terms of speed and technique. His ability to telekinetically control his feathers would most likely keep her from getting close. Her best bet would be temporarily transforming into a flame user like Dabi, but she wouldn't be able to hold on to such a destructive quirk long enough to defeat the fastest hero alive.

8 Mr. Compress' Tricks Just Can't Compete With Hawks' Keen Eyesight

Atsuhiro Sako's quirk, Compress, is incredibly versatile. Combined with the villain's quick wit and intelligence, it makes Mr. Compress a wild card on the battlefield. His creative use of his marbles has baffled enemies and saved wounded allies.

Even so, he would be a poor match for Hawks. Hawks' keen eyesight would easily see straight through any of Mr. Compress' tricks. His speed would render the added mobility granted by the marbles practically pointless. Compress's missing arm – lost to Overhaul – wouldn't help matters any.

7 Spinner's Quirk Gecko Makes Him The Perfect Prey For The Wing Hero

A colorful and interesting presence in the League of Villains, Spinner joins the group due to his dedication to the Hero Killer Stain's ideals. His quirk Gecko gives him a lizard-like appearance and allows him to stick to walls.

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He's fairly strong and capable of wielding a heavy sword, and he's been shown to hold his own against the members of the Meta Liberation Army. He wouldn't perform nearly as well in a fight against Hawks. He would be just prey for the Wing Hero, echoing the dynamic between their animal counterparts in the wild.

6 Curious' Landmines Wouldn't Save Her From Hawks' Sharp Feathers

One of the leading members of the Meta Liberation Army, Chitose Kizuki – also known as Curious – is motivated by her journalistic pursuits, by her desire to find a great deadline and the next big story. Without a doubt, she'd think Hawks' tragic background is very interesting. When fighting the Wing Hero, though, she'd most likely fall flat.

She's so fixated on interviewing her opponents she disregards her sense of danger. Her landmines make her deceptively dangerous on her own turf, as proven in the battle with Himiko Toga, but Hawks' feathers would pin her down in seconds.

5 Kurogiri's Warp Gate And Nomu Body Would Lose To Fierce Wings

Kurogiri's quirk Warp Gate is one of the most important reasons for the League of Villains' initial success. Its potential is enormous, as it has been used during battle to incapacitate the hero Thirteen and help the League move around.

After Kurogiri is captured, the heroes learn that he is in fact a nomu created from the dead body of Eraserhead's friend, Oboro Shirakumo. A fight between Kurogiri and Hawks would be interesting, but Hawks would ultimately win. He has already defeated nomu in the past, and his speed and numerous feathers would overwhelm the number of portals Kurogiri would be able to summon.

4 Trumpet's Incite Would Be Useless Against Hawks

When he isn't a politician acting as the head of the Hearts and Minds Party, Koku Hanabata is involved in villainous activities with the Meta Liberation Army. His code name Trumpet is a reference to his quirk, Incite, which allows him to empower others. While very useful for someone with an army, Incite wouldn't help Trumpet in the slightest against Hawks – unless he had a hundred other people protecting him, at least.

3 Moonfish's Obsession For Flesh Is A Weakness Hawks Could Easily Exploit

The villain Moonfish appears as a minor antagonist during the Forest Training Camp Arc. A prisoner on death row, he joins the Vanguard Action Squad, but he is constantly distracted from his task by his obsession for flesh. Moonfish's quirk Blade Tooth makes him a dangerous opponent for the students, allowing him to extend torrents of metallic teeth toward them.

Fumikage Tokoyami is able to overpower him through the might of the angered Dark Shadow, but Hawks would do it through his excellent technique. Moonfish may have great mastery over his quirk, but he can't compare to Hawks, and his lunacy is a weak point Hawks could easily exploit.

2 Even With La Brava's Help, Gentle Criminal Couldn't Bounce Out Of Hawks' Reach

The antagonist of the U.A. School Festival Arc, Gentle Criminal isn't like other villains Izuku Midoriya encounters. A failed U.A. student, Gentle Criminal chooses a life of crime because his dream to become a hero is broken. With his sidekick La Brava, he becomes a form of gentleman thief and an Internet celebrity.

Ironically, his inability to get a Hero License doesn't mean he isn't well-trained. His quirk Elasticity makes him quite a threat, and when empowered by La Brava's Love, he almost defeats Deku. But Deku is, in the end, only a student. Gentle still wouldn't be a match for Hawks, whose eyesight would allow him to detect the surfaces affected by Gentle's quirk. Hawks would probably knock him out of the air pretty quickly.

1 The Hero Killer Stain Isn't Fast Enough To Defeat Hawks

The main antagonist of the Hero Killer Arc, Stain murders seventeen Pro Heroes and cripples twenty-four before he is finally caught. His mere aura inspires terror even in Endeavor and he is able to even incapacitate the nomu that almost captures Deku.

However, his fighting style relies on a combination of his quirk Bloodcurdle and edged weapons. It makes him a lethal opponent in close quarters, but nowhere near as dangerous for strong heroes with ranged quirks. There's probably a good reason Stain never went after Hawks. He was well aware that he was no match for the Wing Hero.

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My Hero Academia Creator Pens Apology Over Hawks

My Hero Academiacreator K&#;hei Horikoshi has penned a public apology for an error concerning the character of Hawks. In his apology, Horikoshi explains why a pivotal chapter of My Hero Academia's manga focused on Hawks also left out a key detail of his character. The error appeared in My Hero Academia chapter , "Like Those Tragic Tales", in which we learn the dark and disturbing origin story of Hawks, as an abused child who had a villain as a domineering father figure. The error had to do with how Hawks' dialect was presented in the issue - or rather, how it wasn't.

According to the translation of a statement from Horikoshi (which you can see below), "Hawks didn't speak in dialect in his pst's chapter (ch ). It's actually because I submitted the script too late, so we didn't have time for dialect editorial. I'm sorry he didn't speak in dialect."

It's definitely unclear if English-language readers of My Hero Academia even noticed the error, as it could have literally been lost in translation. At the same time, Horikoshi has faced numerous "controversies" for names or terms he's used that also carry offensive or

Hawks has become a fan-favorite breakout of My Hero Academia's latest arcs. Hawks' cool style is actually a big part of his character, as that hipster public persona masks the cunning - and at times ruthless - spy that he turned out to be. That's all to say, a sudden change in Hawks' dialect was probably noticeable to Japanese readers - but it was a change that Horikoshi arguably could've explained away as the "real Hawks" talking in those moments, and the dialect being an act.

Hawks' duality was crucial during the War Arc with League of Villains' Paranormal Liberation army, and he's become a member of Izuku Midoriya's elite squad of heroes, who are hunting down All For One for a final battle.


My Hero Academia releases new chapters FREE ONLINE weekly. Season 5 of the anime is now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-creator-horikoshi-apology-hawks-error-manga/
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My Hero Academia: Why Hawks&#; Wings Are Unlike Any Other Hero&#;s

Hawks' wings allow him to soar in the skies, but the MHA Pro Hero's Quirk has some incredibly creative qualities besides flying.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 15, "One Thing At a Time," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Hawks is now the #2 Pro Hero in My Hero Academia, and the final episodes of Season 4 made it clear he's earned that lofty rank despite being just 22 years old. His Fierce Wings Quirk grants him a pair of red, angelic wings, allowing him to soar through the skies. But these feathers are much more than flight enablers -- they're also packed with numerous secondary functions.

Hawks can detach the feathers in his wings and control them telekinetically, usually to evacuate civilians from a hazardous area or to capture fleeing criminals. But Season 5, Episode 15 of My Hero Academia has revealed a surprisingly clever and subtle -- yet still dangerous -- use for Hawks' red wings.

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How Hawks Uses Feathers To Spy On His Enemies

Currently, in My Hero Academia Season 5, Hawks is playing the role of double agent. He's a mole in the shadowy Meta Liberation Army organization, working hard to earn the trust of villains like the flame-wielding Dabi. In fact, Hawks is in a position to hand out copies of Destro's meta liberation ideology book on behalf of the Army, showing how integral he is to the entire organization. The secret Pro Hero is able to wander deep into enemy territory and meet the Army's highest-ranking members -- the perfect opportunity to put Fierce Wings' tertiary function to good use.

Despite having the trust of many Army members, Hawks can't visit every room of the organization's main compound, so he uses small feathers to handle the spy work for him. The Army's main leaders are quietly having a strategy meeting -- including League of Villains members such as Dabi and Himiko Toga -- so Hawks must gather intel on them. After giving his report and being dismissed, Hawks leaves behind a single feather in the doorway, held in place by the sliding doors where no one can see it.

Feathers like these can sense vibrations in the air, allowing Hawks to "hear" nearby sounds remotely. The reception is weaker if his wings are folded up, but this is the best he can do for now. It would look odd if he spread his wings to their full extent inside the compound, so he's making small sacrifices to maintain cover, and it seems to be working. It's likely that Meta Liberation Army members are sweeping the compound for electronic bugs and hidden cameras, but they wouldn't think to check for Hawks' feathers -- especially since they believe he's on their side.

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Hawks' Potential Future Use of Fierce Wings

Fierce Wings is a highly useful ability for gathering intel on the Meta Liberation Army's top brass, and there is little doubt Hawks will soon deliver a thorough report to the Pro Heroes and police. He might do this again later when the war starts, to deduce enemy troop movements ahead of time and adjust accordingly.

Being a Pro Hero takes more than speed and brute force -- it also requires proper intel, the ability to track and pursue criminals, detective work and much more, and this tertiary ability of Fierce Wings is perfect for the job. If necessary, Hawks can distribute a handful of these sensitive feathers across a city and listen for the activities of powerful or highly wanted criminals and villains. In this context, Hawks can spread his wings to maximize reception while also soaring around the sky.

Once a large-scale battle starts, Hawks' planted feathers can pinpoint the location of many enemies at once, providing a radar of sorts to the heroes' side. No villain could move undetected any longer, which would put them at a serious disadvantage. Then Hawks and his allies can quickly zero in on the villains and capture them at the same time. This could be a game-changer in the upcoming My Hero Academia conflicts.

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My Hero Academia: Hawks&#; Tragic Childhood Revealed

Chapter of the My Hero Academia manga reveals the tragic childhood history of Hawks, who successfully infiltrated the League of Villains.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia Chapter

My Hero Academia's latest chapter reveals the tragic childhood of Keigo Takami, also known as Hawks. Hawks plays an important role before and during the Hero Association's raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front's hideout. He joins the League of Villains under the guise that he agrees with their ideology. The reality, however, is far from that. He is merely tasked by the Hero Public Safety Commission to be a double agent and infiltrate the League of Villains. In order to prove his loyalty, he even has to sell Endeavor's location for a Nomu attack and personally confront Best Jeanist as his final test. Afterwards, he goes to Dabi with Beast Jeanist's body.

After Hawks successfully infiltrates the League of Villains, he witnesses them absorbing the Meta Liberation Army and forming the Paranormal Liberation Front. He then slowly and meticulously gathers data while also feeding them sensitive data about the pro heroes and the Hero Association. When he has gathered enough information about the Paranormal Liberation Front, he tips off Endeavor about their plans. But since he's being tracked and monitored, Hawks isn't able to outright relay the information to Endeavor. Instead, he uses the Meta Liberation War book and trusts on Endeavor's ability to see through his unnatural behavior. Endeavor lives up to his name and manages to organize a raid, which results in loads of casualties on both sides.

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Chapter of the manga reveals this fan favorite's tragic childhood. Hawks isn't a child born out of love. He was only conceived because his mother sheltered his father, a wanted murderer. Because of that, he's been locked inside their home as his father fears that Keigo will rat him out to the the authorities. Keigo then grows up without love or companionship. He mostly spends his time watching the television, which often shows heroes. Since he has been isolated, he grows up believing heroes are merely fictional characters. When Keigo sneaks outside after feeling a tingling sensation on his feathers, his father mistakes his actions as ratting him out and starts to beat him up. He also tells Keigo about how he could be free if he wasn't born. Keigo endures these abuses from his parents until Endeavor catches his father.

Even after his father is put into prison, Hawks' hardships haven't ended yet. With no survival skills in the society, he and his mother are forced to live on the streets. When he suggests going to the police, his mother tells him to get them some money no matter what method he uses. That's when he uses his wings to save people from a high-speed car accident, which arouses the attention of Hero Public Safety Commission. This agency then bribes his mother to groom him into a master of deception and infiltration.

With his tragic backstory, fans are seeing Hawks in a new light. His story, however, doesn't seem to only be a tool to garner My Hero Academia fans' sympathy. Chapter ends with Hawks stating that Endeavor is in danger, and his origin may have something to do with it.

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Spider-Man's Mary Jane & Black Cat Suit Up in Covers for New Series

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Academia hero hawks my

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Doctor Strange spoilers.jpeg

This Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. That is all.



Wing Hero: Hawks


High Intelligence
Fierce Wings:
Feather Control
Vocal Espionage


Make the world a place where heroes have time to kill (ongoing).
Eliminate Twiceor convince him to halt his actions (succeeded, until Twice’s death was exposed by Dabi’s prerecorded video).

Capture Lady Nagant(succeeded).
Dissolve the Paranormal Liberation Front(ongoing).
Help Endeavor stop Dabi (ongoing).


Unnamed father (arrested)
Tomie Takami (mother)

Type of Hero

Youthful Prodigy

I just wanna enjoy myself. Seriously. Do some leisurely patrolling, put in a few appearances, say "Aw shucks, no trouble today," and get a good night's sleep! That's my ideal life! I wanna make this world one where heroes have time to kill.
~ Hawks to Endeavor.

Keigo Takami, known publicly as the Wing Hero: Hawks, is a major supporting protagonist in the popular superhero manga and anime series My Hero Academia. He was the arc deuteragonist of the Pro Hero Arc. Hawks appears in the second movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in a minor yet pivotal role.

Keigo Takami is Japan's No. 2 Pro Hero despite his young age. At the age of eighteen Keigo opened his own Hero Agency and ranked among the top 10 Pro Heroes of Japan within the year, becoming the youngest hero to do so. His quirk called Fierce Wings bestows Hawks with a set of red feathery wings on his back.

He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Zeno Robinson in the English version of the anime, who also voiced Goh from the Pokémon anime, Remy Remington from Big City Greens and Carapace from Miraculous Ladybug.


Hawks is a young man of average height, having blonde hair swept backwards along with a pair of gold-brown eyes that appear to resemble that of a bird, along with some stubble underneath his chin. His Quirk gives him a pair of large, bright red wings with feathers that lengthen as they proceed downwards.

Hawks hero costume resembles that of an aviator's uniform, it is yellow in color and lined with white fur. He wears a black top underneath which has a golden pattern, along with a yellow-tinted visor to protect his eyes, as well as black gloves and boots. He is also seen wearing headphones that likely serve to protect his ears from the high velocities he flies at.

After the War, due to his fight with Dabi, he sustained major injuries all over his body. This is shown where is has a scar stretched over his jawline after his recovery. He is also wearing a neck brace along with a new undercut with his current hairstyle.


Hawks is usually characterized by his seemingly chilled, easy-going and relaxed demeanour, as shown by him speaking his mind during the Hero Billboard Chart JP, and casually calming an angered Endeavor who viewed his attitude as disrespectful. Despite seeming laid-back however, Hawks is actually on high alert, using his Quirk to casually stop a criminal, save a dog from getting run over, as well as help an old lady with her bag. Hawks has also shown to interact kindly with his fans, as seen when a bunch of them congratulated him for making the number 2 spot. He is also friendly with Endeavor, despite the latter's crude attitude and high temper, congratulating him over becoming the Number 1 Hero and wanting to help him. It is eventually revealed that he has been a fan of Endeavor since he was young.

While open about his opinions, Hawks does show to have a good heart, he wishes for his fellow heroes to have a relaxed routine where they can take it easy once in a while and have time to spare. Despite appearing carefree and relaxed, he is in fact very stressed and hard-working over his hero duties, following the HSPC's orders dutifully. He admitted to Fumikage Tokoyami that he took the latter on only to learn more about the League of Villains (as well as the fact that they were both birds), but later decided to inspire the young hero in training and giving him some words of wisdom. He also held guilt over Endeavor gaining a scar after the Nomu attack, with him containing the High-End so casualties could be kept at a minimum.

Hawks also shows to be highly intelligent, having been trained by the HSPC at a young age and mastering the skills of espionage and infiltration. He has full control over his facial expressions and way of speech, making him an expert liar, although he admits that he doesn't like lying claiming it to be too much work. These traits allowed him to successfully work his way into the Liberation Army, and fool the villains into thinking he was on their side. In essence, Hawks is a prodigy having started his own Hero Agency at the young age of 18 and reaching the Top Ten Hero Rankings in the second half of that same year, being the youngest hero to do so.

Despite his laid-back and friendly attitude however, a darker side of Hawks personality is shown during his infiltration of the Liberation Army. While still on the good side, his conscience flashes through with his disgust towards&#;Dabi following the attacks, leading to him to threaten&#;the villain with one of his feather blades. He later shows that, despite being a hero and a good person at heart, that this darker side also has the capacity to kill. While Hawks maintained a friendship and earned the trust of the villain, Twice, he did feel guilty about lying to him and eventually having to betray his trust. He soon finds Twice to be a good individual despite the latter being a villain, and thus wanted to redeem Twice and help him get back on his feet.

After realizing that Twice wouldn't come quietly however, as well as seeing that he wouldn't turn on the League, Hawks reluctantly killed the villain in acknowledging that he was too dangerous to keep alive.


Keigo's parents lived in extreme poverty, with his father turning to robbery while his wife Tomie used her eyeball detachment Quirk to scan for any guards. When his father was caught killing someone in a mugging attempt, his mother harbored him and Keigo ended up being accidentally born.

Keigo's father abused him physically and verbally, wishing the boy had never been born, but Keigo always shrugged the abuse off as he believed that his parents were broken inside. Keigo distracted himself by watching Pro Heroes like Endeavor and All Might on TV. Tomie snuck Keigo out of the house to buy an Endeavor doll and wanted him to grow up to be like the Flame Hero. Keigo grew attached to the doll, and started to idolize Endeavor due to the doll being his first real possession.

His father was eventually arrested after Endeavor caught him, and Keigo began to believe that heroes (especially his idol) really were real. However, the other two Takamis had to flee the house for harboring a fugitive, and they were unable to survive due to having no money and Tomie's severe mental illnesses. One day, Keigo ended up saving several people using his feathers in a car accident, causing the Hero Public Safety Commission to approach him. They promised to give Keigo and Tomie a chance to start over, removing the name Takami due to being tied with a criminal now, and Keigo was recruited into the HPSC and given training unorthodox to the methods of traditional heroes.

Powers & Abilities


Fierce Wings: Hawks' Quirk grants him a set of broad red wings which grants him the ability to fly at extreme speeds. Aside from flight, Hawks can also telekinetically control each and every one of his feathers, he can launch them from his wings to serve a multitude of purposes, whether it be attacking villains or saving civilians. His feathers are both light yet sturdy, and Hawks can take his lengthier feathers and use them as blades. On top of all this, Hawks can also use his feathers to detect sounds and vibrations around them, allowing him to locate people and pick up on chatter and conversations.

The more feathers that Hawks uses, the more his flying abilities are impaired. Furthermore, his feathers are vulnerable to being burned and/or destroyed, making Hawks weak against enemies with fire abilities. If all his feathers are destroyed then his main wings will regrow them in two days.

  • Extremely high intelligence: Aside from his Quirk, it should be noted that Hawks is very clever, smart and strategic. Having been trained by the Hero Public Safety Commission from a very young age. Hawks has been taught how to handle many experiences as well as perfectly control his facial features, being able to appear perfectly chilled and relaxed, while at the same time maintaining constant vigilance.
  • Espionage: Hawks was capable of infiltrating and passing himself off as willing to work for the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front. All while avoiding suspicion from it's leaders and members, excluding Dabi who eventually found him out, although Hawks was aware of the villain's suspicion and shook him off long enough to discover Shigaraki's location.

Overall, Hawks is an extremely powerful Pro Hero, able to utilise his Fierce Wings Quirk to full usefulness. Despite it lacking brute power, he makes up for this by playing a strong supportive role when teaming up with more powerful heroes like Endeavor. His pure skilfulness and sharp intelligence makes him a vital asset to the heroes.


I am Hawks. The man who's a bit too fast. A society where heroes can enjoy a little boredom I'll make it happen, I promise, at my trademark top speed.
~ Hawks' inner monologue.
I'm not especially interested in nurturing the next generation or anything, but It’s great that you’re putting in effort to cover your weak points, like short-distance combat, but you shouldn’t neglect improving on your strong points either. You're capable of moving much more freely. Look take it from a fellow bird. If you’ve got wings, you should stretch them out and fly. There’s no need for you to be confined to the ground.
~ Hawks lecturing Fumikage Tokoyami.
If corrupting myself is enough to put everyone else at ease, then I will gladly take on this job.
~ Hawks agreeing to join the Paranormal Liberation Front.
I'll help you get back on your feet You were dealt a bad hand, but you can atone for your deeds and start over. Because you're a good person.
~ Hawks offering Twice rehabilitation.


Hawks Anime Profile
Season 5 Poster 4


  • Hawks did not attend a heroics course in high school, and was instead given private hero education as a child.
  • Hawks' backstory was highly inspired by the professional footballer Lionel Messi.
  • In the manga, a younger Hawks was seen with an Endeavor figurine, leading fans to believe that Hawks is a fan of Endeavor. This was later proven true, revealing that the hero saved him when he was a child and is what led Hawks to pursue the path of a hero.
  • Somewhat ironically, Hawks' favourite food is chicken.
  • Until recently, it was insinuated that Hawks was responsible for the disappearance of Best Jeanist, with it being hinted that Hawks had killed him whilst brandishing one of his feather blades.
    • However, Best Jeanist has made a sudden return and is revealed to be alive. It is later revealed that it had been staged and Best Jeanist had been put into a deathlike coma similar to the Nomus, so that Hawks could commit a believable crime to get further trust with the League of Villains. Best Jeanist was also in on the plan (though he didn't like the process of sending himself into a coma)

External Links


Sours: https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Hawks
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I felt the ruler of this girl standing in front of me with cancer, whose boyfriend at that time was sleeping in the compartment. And his girlfriend asked me to.

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