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4 card keno base numbersOne of the things that I’m sometimes asked about is the selection of 4 card Keno base numbers. It always surprises me when I receive an email asking about base numbers so for the purposes of clarity perhaps a better explanation is necessary.

For those that don’t use the Mystic Keno Smart Charts, let me give you a little background: One of the tried and proven methods of multiplying your Keno jackpots is by using a mathematical reduction system. That is, taking a group of numbers (base) and arranging them into smaller groups (reducing) that overlap in a balanced and efficient manner.

In Four Card (or 20 Card) Keno, we know that the more numbers that you chose the more likely you are to win something. But the fewer numbers that you chose, and overlap each number, the bigger the jackpot is going to be when you do win.  So the best approach is going to be a blend of working with more numbers and then overlapping (from one card to the other) as much as possible. We use a base number to make that happen.

A base number is larger than your target spot. If your target is a 5 spot, your base number might consist of 7 numbers (more numbers) that would be reduced to play 5 spots on the four different cards. To do that, some numbers will be repeated (overlapping) from card to card (or screen to screen for video players). The trick is to overlap the keno base numbers in a balanced way so that you have exposure to the maximum number of possibilities and at the same time increase the number and amount of your jackpots by winning on multiple cards.

So, conceptually, your base numbers are a group of numbers that is one or two numbers larger than the spot that you’re going for. Using the  Mystic Keno Smart Charts, you are able to distribute your target spot across multiple cards to give yourself maximum overlapping.

When it comes to choosing your base numbers, that’s entirely up to you. You can use whatever numbers that pop into your head; birthdays, ages of your friends, whatever numbers that you want to use. Having said that, there are certain techniques that serious keno player rely on. Like using of quadrants, triplets and others that are discussed in greater detail in the e-booklet. But the beauty of using the charts is that they work with any numbers that you plug in.


Sours: https://themysticgambler.com/how-to-select-4-card-keno-base-numbers/

The following are copies of comments and testimonials received from Four Card Keno and 20 card Keno players who use the Mystic Smarts Charts™ from The Mystic Gambler. These are true, unsolicited testimonials – cut and pasted from emails, posts and YouTube remarks and replies. So these comments are from actual players. We never intended to post testimonials because, let’s face it – they could be easily faked. But so many requests came in from people who wanted to read what others have said, and since virtually all the feedback that we ever received was positive anyway,  we decided to just do it.  A glance at The Mystic Gambler YouTube Channel and the website will verify the validity of most of these remarks.

I have some really great news!
I was so anxious to play that I decided to not wait for the PDF’s.
Instead I transcribed your exact numbers off of your 4 card 5 spot video. I hit those exact numbers 4 times in 1 hour. Twice playing quarters, once at 50 cents and once at 75 cents. I now have $1160 which is a profit of $1020 (because I have $120 invested). Here is a photo of the last win. Look closely at the numbers.

Your system is amazing!
I am going to try your exact same 7 spot numbers now!
I will let you know how I do.

email from
Steve K


Hey Mr. G-

I am a true skeptic (always have been since I consider myself very unlucky). I have been living now in Vegas now for 2 years..trying everything from slots, to keno, to tables, and never winning anything (always at places outside the strip-its what we locals do). I saw one of your youtube videos (5 spot) and decided to try it out on the 5 cent 4card (20 cents total). I am clueless when it comes to numbers, so I just copied yours. I figured if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Well, I started with $100 just to see and to prove you wrong. .

It took $65 but I finally ended up hitting a multiple for 4200 credits . I’ll be honest and say it scared me because $65 on 20 cents a pop is alot of tries without hitting anything over 15 credits. Unfortunately, I should have walked away with what was now double my $100, but I kept playing hoping for another 4/5 at least..but it never came. I still left +$30 on top of my $100 so not terrible. So anyway, I just bought your 15 page advice/charts program and am starting to read the advice before I actually start playing with numbers.

I do have a couple of questions: 1) If for example, the lower left hand quadrant doesn’t hit in forever, after how many tiny hits (1/5, 2/5, 3/5 max) do you know to switch to a different quadrant before you lose it all? 2) I am clueless with numbers (really) and am sure I’d pick terrible ones (and you’re amazing at yours) So….are you able to help me by providing 8 or 9 sample base numbers for different quadrants on a 5 or 6 spot that may have helped you win? 3) have you ever hit a 9/9 or 10/10?

Regards, and keep up the great work!



Hi tPeter C2his Peter I left a comment on one of your videos you posted on YouTube
about my $2,800 win on February 14th. Here it is …  email from Pete C.

Hello Mr. MG,
My name is Raul and i won my first 7 spot for a little jackpot of $1800 using your method. And I would like to say Thank You Very Much for your help! I do have a question… Do you go back to the machines you have won on? and how long will you play at a machine before moving to another one? Thanks for your time 🙂 email from email from

Just watched your video part 2.. Your charts for the 4 way keno gave me a 400.00 win and three of that I used on video poker bonus poker deluxe and ran back to my truck with a 1200 win.. I now have a base thanks to you on your keno charts

Gary W 1Just wanted to say thank you for the 4 card keno 7 spot system. I’m not going to lie, At first I was like oh great another “keno system” been there done that. But proof is in the pictures. While investing only $20 at a local Las Vegas terrible’s  gas station with in the first 20 minutes playing 1 unit per card on a ¢5 keno machine I hit 2 not pictured 6/7 for a total of $39.00.

Peter C2Than 10 mins later I hit picture #1 6/7 betting 5 units per card for a jackpot of $103.50

Than 5 minutes later Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! Betting 5 units per card $1.00 total bet I hit it Big! Picture #2
7/7 35,0000
6/7 1950
6/7 1950
6/7 1950
For a total hand pay jackpot over $2042.50

Please feel free to use my testimony and pictures as proof that’s this system really does work. I look forward using this system to develop my own patterns that could possibly produce future  Jackpots.

email from
Gary W.
Las Vegas,NV

Dear Mystic gambler,  I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a great system. I’ve tried it myself at the casino by my house last night and I hit a nice little Jackpot $3,100 using the system so I wanted to tell you again thank you.

email from
Steve C


I been playing this 4 card keno game since it started I love it, and I don’t play anything else I would quit gambling if they took the 4 card keno game out of the casinos .thank you for the winning 5 spot numbers I will try the 6 and 7 spot games soon , if you get this message I will let you know how I do with your system I think its dream come true for me . I always knew someone out there could figure out how to win at this 4 card keno game you have to be a very smart person to win at this game thanks for sharing it with me

email from

i watched the four card 7spot tutorial.
in the chart you only have 8 base numbers blocked in black vs the base of 9 you talk about. at first that confuses me.
im no expert at keno but now have crazy luck

so i did put A DOLLAR into machine, marked MY 7#s
before the $1 was spent
i hit 7/7. Thank you!
email from
The following are YouTube comments. You can go to the YouTube Channel to verify if you wish to but I assure you that these are true, unsolicited responses.

Been using the system for a about 2 months now, hit my first jackpot using it on 3/2/15. Picked up the chart pack from the site. Thanks a lot, i’ll keep a lookout for the multi-card pack.

I tried the same exact strategy (from the Mystic Gambler) on February 14th and won $2,800. This strategy actually works you just have to be patient!

Wish I can send a picture of my win, I got all 9.

Well… what a night.  Was playing at Gold Coast and hit on one game (8 spot) Two 8/8s and Two 7/8s for $5835.  I used the base numbers you show and added 41 and 72.  Before I even hit that jackpot, I had hit 7/8 earlier for $417 and several 6/8s for $25.00 each. My total investment for the evening was $80.  I was already up $500 or so.  This was the first time I ever hit 8/8 and I got two in one game.  The strategy seems to keep you in the game with a bunch of small wins.  I’m a believer.


The above comments are just a small sample of the positive feedback about using the Mystic Smart Charts™ for playing Four Card Keno and Twenty Card Keno.


Sours: https://themysticgambler.com/mystic-gambler-testimonials/
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News, articles and strategies on how to play video poker, four card keno and other popular Las Vegas
News, articles and strategies on how to play video poker, four card keno and other popular Las Vegas
Lonnie was kind enough to send a message and pics and wanted me to post this.
"As I said I would do, I wanted to share my very real results of my winnings. I’ve watched as many of your videos as I could and even read the information on your webpage. For some reason, when you mentioned patterns, it stick with me
. So I used what I thought would work. And thanks to your information, I was a winner in a very short time. I will be going back tomorrow morning to test it out agai…
No photo description available.
I got a couple of PM requesting sample Mystic Keno Charts. So I wanted to remind everybody that I will send you a free sample upon request. Just email me at [email protected] and include the words "Free Chart" in the subject line. I'll send a PDF file to you in a reply. Thanks everybody!
Sours: https://www.facebook.com/TheMysticGamblercom-535494119940371/
$1,702 Jackpot 4 Card Keno 5 Spots 6/7 Hits $1,800 Cash Out Win #kingof5spots #kenonation

So I was doing random searches on Youtube and was surprised to find this video that compared several keno systems. I was all smiles whenThe Four Card Mystic Keno Charts was tested and selected as the best keno system that they could find. They reviewed several systems and saved ours toward the end of their video. It was very exciting to hear what they said about what they called the ‘Mystic’ keno system.

I don’t know the couple that did this but the video was produced very nicely and I do hope they attract a lot of people to watch it. I’m hoping that is the case not just because they mention our Four CardKeno Smart Charts and this site but because they deserve it. What they did by making a keno strategy comparison video is to give their viewers a quick overview of the most popular and proven keno playing techniques. Still, I’m glad to see that the Keno Smart Charts came out on top.

We all have to remember that keno is primarily a game of chance and it is ruled by the laws of probability. The odds, like all the odds in casino games, favor the house. The systems that they compare only give the player more playing time, or in the case of the Keno Smart Charts, bigger jackpots.

The Mystic Gambler Four Card Keno Strategy


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Charts 4 card keno smart

Four Card Keno To Win Bigger, More Often And Play Longer
How It Changed My Gambling Life

It never was my intention to become a Four Card Keno enthusiast. Let alone developing a strategy for the game.

My game of choice was Video Poker and I sort of looked down on Keno players for playing a game with terrible odds. Plus, Keno doesn’t give you much to say about the outcome. But here I am, telling the true story of how I came to develop a simple method of winning more often, playing for a longer period of time, and experiencing bigger jackpots playing Four Card Keno.

Just about everything I had read about gambling told me that
Over a period of time and after some deep research and experimenting I created a system of what I call Keno Smart Charts. Little did I realize that thousands of Keno players, all over the world, would be using my strategy to get more bang out of their Keno bucks. My email inbox is literally filled with hundreds of letters from Keno players thanking me for sharing the system with them.

Mine is not a sappy rags to riches story. I want to be clear about that. The truth is that I was a successful video poker player when I made this discovery. I would be considered to be a semi-professional; traveling to Las Vegas regularly as a comped player. You probably know the drill – free suites, free dinning and shows. I wasn’t a ‘whale’ by any means but my wife would jokingly refer to us being marked as ‘tuna fish’.

From what I knew, only the games of Blackjack and Video Poker would give you a fighting chance in the casino. Not only that, but most of us are taught to stay away from Keno because it’s one of the worst games in the casino. As a student of gambling I understood that so I rarely played Keno. And I thought I was so smart for doing so.

Eventually the casinos got wise to advantage Video Poker players and many of them tightened up the pay tables on the machines and took away a lot of the benefits that they were giving us. And as I got older it was increasingly more difficult to travel. For those reasons and others my wife and I made the difficult decision limit our video poker to local Indian casinos where the pay tables were just short of being criminal. But we limited our play and considered any losses as the cost of entertainment.

It was on one of our nights out that some guy sitting across from me yelled out, at the top of his lungs, “I got it.” He had been playing Four Card Keno and he had just won a big $7,000 jackpot.

That’s when I decided to dig deeper into video keno. I discovered that a 7 spot in Four Card Keno had roughly the same odds as getting a Royal Flush as in video poker. And the kicker was that a 7 spot paid $7,000 for my dollar bet while the Royal only paid a thousand (for 1 $1.25 bet). Since the video poker tables were so bad in the Indian casino, I could totally rationalize playing the ‘worst game in the house’, Keno – and specifically, Four Card Keno.

Seeking Four Card Keno Success

Being a former video poker player I naturally thought in terms of playing Keno with some sort of strategy. Even though I knew that it was strictly a game of chance, my instinct was to find a way to put that chance as much on my side of the ledger as possible. To my way of thinking, life is like that. There’s always a way of doing something that’s better than the other way. So, for the the longest time I found testing different things. I tried different patterns, certain rows, straight lines, squares, filling up an entire block. Every now and then I would hit a nice jackpot but in the end it seemed like everything I read about Keno was true. But still, I kept on trying to find a better way. A system for a game of pure luck.

One day I was playing Four Card Keno and I hit a 7 spot but it was on two of the four cards. Holy cow was I excited. That was serious money. Four Card Keno 7 Spot JackpotWhat made it happen was hitting a the 7 spot on the two cards of course. And wanting to do that again took me on a journey to unlock the absolute best way of playing Four Card Keno. It was immediately obvious that having some numbers in common between the 4 cards was part of the key. But there was more. What was I missing?

In my mind there was something different about the numbers that I played when I hit those two 7 spots. So I took a closer look at the numbers on the other other two cards. What was interesting was that the other two cards were also winners. Just smaller amounts. But winners nevertheless. Seeing the relationship between those lesser wins to the big hits led me to develop my system of Keno Charts.

The idea would be to expand the available numbers and and at the same time having a perfectly balanced amount of numbers overlapping between cards. So I fired up the computer and went to work. What I found blew my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I was skeptical at first. But I just knew that I was onto something big. After many hours of test games, calculations and experimenting with different spots, I proved that it was possible to play Four Card Keno many times more efficiently and, best of all, win bigger jackpots do it much more often.

Keno Math Made Easy

There was one problem that really bothered me. It just took too long to calculate the proper numbers to play on the four cards for all the different spots. Especially on the larger ones like 6, 7 and eight spots. It simply took too much time away from actually playing the game. I had to come up with an easier way.

Again I went to work. I started working with spreadsheets thinking that they could make the process easier. Yes, it could be done but it was still a hassle. Then one day I was testing a spreadsheet for various five spot numbers and I saw a pattern develop. It was a pattern, not numbers, that was common between different winning spots. If I could duplicate the pattern, regardless of the numbers that I was using, it would be phenomenal.

Was it possible that there was a way to setup winning patterns for every Four Card Keno spot? Could I increase my chances of winning no matter what spot I played? The answer was a resounding YES! Indeed, I had stumbled upon a simple way to strategically balance any numbers across all Four Card Keno cards. That meant more hits, bigger jackpots and longer playing time – for sure! Best of all, with the charts that I created, anybody could do this!

How To Download The Four Card Keno Smart Charts


four card keno









The Magic Gambler Four Card Keno Strategy




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