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Rifle scope U.S. Optics ER-25 5-25x58

Have you heard of the impossible shot? Not if you have an ER-25 mounted to your shooting stick. With the right caliber and rifle, shots beyond 2,000 yards become a reality with the ER-25 series scopes. A 58mm objective lens sits in front of a Turret Parallax Adjustment Locator (TPAL) system guaranteeing the sharpest image resolution possible throughout the 5-25X power magnification range and at distances past 2,000 yards.

Target acquisition for accurate shots beyond 2,000 yards is possible when dialing the power ring of an ER-25 to maximum power. When weather and light conditions are less than optimal, the 12-position illuminated reticle system provides yet another advantage for taking your best possible shot.

All ER‑25 optics feature an Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob (EREK) system that maximizes gross elevation travel adjustment for maximum elevation adjustment where traditional turrets leave off beyond 2,000 yards.

Available in 3 different reticles:


U.S. Optics ER-25 T-PAL Rifle Scope 34mm Tube 5-25x 58mm Side Focus 1/10 Mil Adjustments First Focal Illuminated GAP Reticle Matte

Product Overview

This high quality scope from U.S. Optics is loaded with features to suit all your needs for tactical situations. The fully multi-coated Schott glass lenses allow full transmission of 94.6% of available light, which when paired with the red illuminated reticle, makes them ideal for use from dawn until dusk. The illuminated reticle is also adjustable via an 11 position rheostat to allow the user to adjust intensity. The windage knob is a U.S. #3 knob which is finger adjustable. New T-PAL models feature side focus parallax adjustment which is more convenient and provides a sleeker look to the scope. Each U.S. Optics scope is hand-built by one person to ensure that the utmost care is taken in producing a quality scope.

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Perfect for any shooter, the US Optics ER-25HORUS 5-25x58mm Riflescope ER-25HORUS has been designed to keep you on point. This Riflescope from U.S. Optics is made with a 12-position Illuminated Reticle System (IRS) paired with a HORUS Vision H37 reticle option that has been optimized for target engagement at long-range distances and at extreme-range in low light conditions. The proprietary thin film coatings on the US Optics ER-25HORUS Riflescope have been fused to the precision-ground and polished lenses to project sharp image resolution at over 85% light transmission beginning from the objective lens through the eyepiece. For a great wato sight your target, choose the US Optics 5-25x58mm ER-25HORUS Riflescope.

Specifications for US Optics Riflescope - ER-25HORUS:

Objective Lens:58mm

Features of US Optics ER25HORUS Riflescope:

  • 12-position Illuminated Reticle System (IRS) paired with a HORUS Vision H37 reticle option optimized for target engagement at long-range distances and when engaging targets at extreme-range in low light conditions.
  • Proprietary thin film coatings fused to precision-ground and polished lenses project sharp image resolution at over 85% light transmission beginning from the objective lens through the eyepiece to ensure a crystal clear sight picture even in low light conditions.
  • Adjustable eyepiece with a range of +2 to -3 diopter ensures a sharp and distinct reticle image.
  • 32mm eyepiece and a 58mm objective at 5X magnification yield a 2.7mm exit pupil for rapid deployment of the IRS over a target.
  • At 5X magnification the field of view at 100 yards spans 16.6 feet for maximum situational awareness through the sight picture.
  • At 25X magnification the field of view at 100 yards spans 5.3 feet for maximum situational awareness through the sight picture.
  • Low-profile Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob (EREK) is easily manipulated in any environmental condition including cold and inclement weather, with or without gloves.
  • EREK incorporates a center screw for rough zeroing allowing maximum upward travel of 110 distinct, positive clicks per revolution in 1/10 MIL increments when adjusting the ER-25HORUS elevation with the EREK.
  • Turret Parallax Adjustment Locater (TPAL) knob corrects perceived image shift, or parallax, at distances as near as 75 yards to infinity.
  • US#3 windage knob with 105 distinct, positive clicks per revolution facilitates adjustment in 1/10 MIL increments.

Package Contents:

  • US Optics ER-25HORUS 5-25x58mm Riflescope
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