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copper braceletsWearing copper bracelets has been considered to have therapeutic effects on the human body. There are inscriptions and several recorded versions of the usage of copper in this regard from as early as the Egyptian civilization. A pure copper bracelet has for long been considered to have invisible properties that ease inflammation and pain. Unless there is no allergy to the metal, wearing a pure copper bracelet or ring can work wonders to the energy levels and immunity of the body.

1. Joint stiffness and Joint pain

Copper BraceletsThousands of people have felt relief and relaxation from joint problems, especially those with joint stiffness. Conditions such as osteoarthritis are chronic in nature, and this applies to rheumatoid arthritis as well. Wearing copper accessories is believed to emanate the required healing energies within the body. Worn on the wrist as a bracelet or on the finger as a ring, wearers have reported a marked improvement in their condition. Although not medically verified, it must be said that there are invisible properties in this universe beyond the capture of medicine! The copper ring benefits astrology is also widely regarded as a means to ward off negative energy and bring in positive change.

The anti-inflammatory properties of copper reduce pain associated with arthritis. This fact has been advocated by the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Shopping for a simple copper bracelet online can be the difference between pain and comfort. No alternative medicine is backed by conventional scientific theory. These are ‘invisible’ sciences and have been proven to be effective for thousands of years. Wearing a copper ring or bracelet is very simple and inexpensive way to ward off potential threatening medical conditions.

2. Mineral absorption

A pure copper bracelet has micro minerals such as iron and zinc. When they combine with sweat on the skin, they are absorbed into the blood stream in appropriate quantities. This gives rise to mineral supplementation, a fact confirmed by Scientia Press researchers. Those who are anemic or have problems of iron and zinc deficiency can consider this simple and effective alternative treatment methodology. Theoretically, minerals absorbed through the body’s sweat are absorbed better than minerals taken through supplements. When minerals are absorbed through sweat, they enter the bloodstream directly, without going to the liver. Copper ring benefits astrology advocates the same – wear copper and let the body absorb it rather than forcing the body to absorb it.

3. Increasing cardiovascular health

Deficiency of copper and its properties may cause aortic aneurysms. Studies show that lack of copper can cause an imbalance in the body which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels. The cumulative effects of this are damage to the heart and arteries. Copper is known to cross-link fibers, collagen and elastin to be specific, and without this cross-linking, the onset of aortic aneurysms is rapid. Considering that elastin fibers encapsulate major portions of the aorta and surrounding regions, copper is a bare necessity to ensure that these fibers remain intact. So shopping for a copper bracelet online and wearing it is a simple and long-term, slow but sure process to ensure long-term cardiovascular health.

4. Healthier immune system

Copper, when worn on the wrist or finger, gets absorbed in very small and negligible quantities into the bloodstream. This process creates a physiological balance in the body. Copper can negate the toxic effects of several other high-toxicity metals in the body. These apart, copper triggers a response from the enzymes that help the body create hemoglobin. So purchase a copper bracelet online and wear it right away – better late than never.

5. Anti-aging

Copper possesses anti-oxidant properties which prevent free ions and radicals from raising the toxicity within the body. Anti-aging properties of copper are as well-known and historically renowned as the copper ring benefits astrology. By improving the density of collage and elastic fibers, copper slows the aging process – not just on the outside, in the inside as well. Don’t just look young, but feel young and energetic.

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Do copper bracelets help with arthritis?

Copper bracelets are thought to help ease the aches and pains of stiff and sore joints. The as-yet limited research has yielded some evidence to support their use in medicine, but even more studies have emerged advising that they have no clinical impact.

Proponents of the treatment suggest that the skin absorbs tiny particles of copper. This is then said to help reduce inflammation in the joints, as copper is a vital nutrient that serves this purpose in the body.

However, evidence supporting copper bracelets as a treatment is extremely thin on the ground.

This article will examine the research into any pain-relieving properties of copper bracelets and explain why people buy copper wristbands for health reasons.


Researchers give a short but thorough answer to the question of copper bracelets providing inflammation relief:

  • There is no good evidence that they reduce pain or inflammation.
  • There is strong evidence that they do not have any clinical effect.

A that reached such conclusions compared different copper and magnetic bracelets used by people with rheumatoid arthritis.

If there had been even a minimal clinical improvement of even 20 percent in pain ratings, the study would have found it, but there was no improvement whatsoever.

Dr. Stewart Richmond, who also led the study from the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York in the UK, wrote in the published paper for magnetic bracelets:

“The results of this trial, which compared strong versus weak magnets strapped to the knee, showed that there was no statistical difference in pain outcomes between experimental and control groups.”

But he goes on to say that “people who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis may be better off saving their money, or spending it on other complementary interventions, such as dietary fish oils, for example, which have far better evidence for effectiveness.”

This study is also the basis for the Arthritis Foundation’s advice against using copper bracelets as a treatment for arthritic inflammation.

Which symptoms were measured in the Richmond trial?

Joints were assessed for pain and disability. An effort was made to ensure neither the doctor nor the patient could determine the type of the bracelet being worn.

If one of the types of bracelet in the trial could produce a minimum 20 percent improvement in tender and swollen joints, the bracelets will have been considered a meaningful indicator of clinical effectiveness.

Whatever the findings, the trial design meant that the conclusion would be reported with a fair level of certainty.

These associations can be reinforced further by the natural course of chronic pain conditions. Dr. Richmond gives the example of rheumatoid arthritis, explaining that people may begin wearing the copper and magnetic bracelets “during a flare-up period.”

As inflammation and symptoms subside naturally over time, a patient may “confuse this with a therapeutic effect” that they believe is coming from the bracelet.

“Pain varies greatly over time in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and the way we perceive pain can be altered significantly by the power of the mind,” Dr. Richmond adds.

Pain relief

The information on the packaging and marketing will rarely mention pain relief, and is often:

  • Impressive: “Worn for healing by mankind for centuries” or “made from the finest pure copper”
  • Accurate: “Copper is essential for our bodies” or “the metal has a natural ability to conduct heat.”

But what is the relevance of these two types of information when it comes to any effect against disease? What is the relevance to the human body at all, when copper is worn as a bracelet?

Reputable sellers try not to tie such information to any direct claims of health benefits or medicinal effects. This is because it is not proof of any beneficial effect and provides no real promise, whatever the impressiveness or accuracy of the information.

Even when reasonable product statements testify that “many people wear these for their health benefits,” these statements are not necessarily proof of effectiveness.

For a breakdown of the treatments that work to relieve arthritic pain, click below. There is a range of effective natural remedies.

What people say

While the claims for health benefit offer no real proof in of themselves, it can be easy to believe that the copper bracelets are working. Influential friends and family could be repeating the claims, too.

This belief in the health benefits of a clinically neutral treatment results in the placebo effect, a real phenomenon in which symptoms will reduce if a person believes that a treatment is working.

Medicine for arthritis pain

Another factor of living life with aches, pains, and inflammation is that modern medicine only offers a break from pain, not the ability to completely cure it.

Even when people know the reality is that a chronic condition cannot yet be cured, they may still hope for something that can at least slow down or halt the progression on the disease.

However, osteoarthritis can only be managed through pain relieving techniques, medication, and lifestyle adjustments, and it cannot be fully resolved. Rheumatoid arthritis can be treated with anti-rheumatic and immunotherapy drugs alongside any pain relief.

Pharmaceutical products can treat some ailments and symptoms, but researchers and companies marketing their final products also make bold claims about their drugs that might not hold up under closer inspection.

However well-regulated the industry is, it can raise the expectations for drugs. In addition, researchers do in rare cases get the testing wrong or simply fail to predict potential safety problems.

A combination of being frustrated with a difficult condition and the limits of both medicine and natural healing processes can lead patients to trying anything to get better. However, it is important to carry out your own research and find out the most effective treatments possible for a given condition and whether to expect a full cure.

In spite of all the evidence advising that copper bracelets are not effective, there may be some benefit to them.

They are affordable, and if a patient believes in their effectiveness and comes to no harm from missing out on other, proven treatments, the placebo effect can help symptoms.

People looking to treat arthritic swelling and pain should be aware, that any perceived benefits are most likely to occur as a result of the placebo[DRW1] effect. There do not appear to be any physical properties of copper bracelets that directly influence the arthritis.

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Do Copper Bracelets Help Ease Arthritis?

Copper: An ancient medicine

Copper was the first metal ever used by humans. Middle Eastern artisans of the 5th and 6th millennia B.C. fashioned this lustrous, orange-red element into:

  • jewelry
  • tools
  • vessels
  • utensils
  • weapons

Besides being useful as a metal, copper also kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The “Edwin Smith Papyrus,” one of the oldest books ever discovered, records the use of copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. This book was written sometime between B.C. and B.C.

Copper is vital to life

Copper is present in the human body as a mineral in trace amounts. It helps the body use iron and supports nerve function. According to the Copper Development Association, copper is essential for the following bodily functions:

  • iron utilization
  • nerve function
  • enzyme systems
  • energy production
  • skin pigmentation

Copper is found in many foods, including:

  • nuts
  • potatoes
  • green vegetables
  • shellfish
  • beef liver
  • chocolate

Copper and arthritis

Wearing a copper bracelet as a remedy for arthritis has been popular in folklore for thousands of years. Even today, you may be able to find inexpensive copper bracelets displayed on drugstore counters.

But how does copper work? Sellers claim that tiny amounts of copper rub off the bracelet onto the skin, which absorbs it into the body. They claim the copper helps regrow joint cartilage that has been lost because of arthritis, which helps cure the ailment and relieves pain.

Do copper bracelets really relieve arthritis?

A published in the journal PLOS One did not substantiate claims about copper bracelets helping heal arthritis. In the study, participants wore one of three bracelets:

  • copper bracelet
  • magnetic wrist strap
  • placebo bracelets and wrist straps that were neither copper nor magnetized

The participants were not told which type of bracelet they were given.

Each week, scientists checked the participants for signs of trouble in their joints. They noted any swelling, redness, and pain and also ran weekly blood tests. The participants answered questions about any pain they had. Researchers also considered participants’ medications and level of disease activity.

The study concluded that neither copper bracelets nor magnetic wrist straps had any more effect on arthritis than the placebos.

What is a placebo?

It’s possible that some people who wear copper and feel positive health effects are experiencing a placebo effect. A placebo is a stand-in, or “dummy,” treatment designed to deceive a recipient. Researchers use placebos to control experiments because placebos are supposed to be ineffective as a treatment for a condition. When researchers use a placebo, and it actually improves the condition, it’s called “the placebo effect.”

Scientists don’t know for sure why the placebo effect happens. It may be because the subject simply believes that the fake treatment can make them feel better.

Other complementary remedies for arthritis

Scientific research doesn’t support copper bracelets as a treatment for arthritis. That being said, wearing one couldn’t hurt!

Other complementary remedies that may help include dietary and herbal supplements, such as:

  • glucosamine and chondroitin
  • boswellia
  • aloe vera
  • cat’s claw
  • eucalyptus
  • cinnamon

Keep in mind that there is little governmental regulation or oversight of companies that sell herbal remedies. There are no guarantees that the herbs are what the sellers say they are or that they will work. The (NCCIH) warns that researchers have found little evidence that dietary supplements or herbal remedies help relieve osteoarthritis symptoms or its cause.

Some complementary physical therapies have been found to help arthritis. The most promising one, according to the , is acupuncture. Sufficient clinical trials for the others have not yet been conducted. The therapies include:

  • massage
  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • qi gong
  • tai chi

Types of arthritis

One reason to be skeptical of folk remedies for arthritis is that there are more than different forms of arthritis. There are many different causes of arthritis, too. For example, osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and doesn’t have a known cause. Gout, a very painful type of arthritis, is caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in joints. All of these types of arthritis have different causes and different treatments. Folk remedies may not take all of the different types into consideration.

Better than copper bracelets

All types of arthritis can be painful and debilitating. Some, like rheumatoid arthritis, can’t be cured. However, many powerful medicines can help treat arthritis and relieve pain.

Living a healthy lifestyle is good for arthritis, too. All of the following practices can help:

  • eat healthy foods
  • exercise
  • avoid or limit alcohol
  • don’t smoke

Although research does not back up claims linking copper bracelets to arthritis relief, there are other treatment options for arthritis. Talk to your doctor about whether these measures might help:

  • medication
  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • complementary therapies
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