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Yoga with Adriene is one of the world's most famous Yoga instructors the modern age knows. Her YouTube channel has almost 10 million followers, while her Instagram has another 1.2 million. Basically, she's a big bloody deal. (Let's also get the spelling of her name right straight off the bat: it's not 'Yoga with Adrienne' but 'Yoga with Adriene' – one "n", okay? It's an easy mistake to make, we get it.)

Not only that, she's made Yoga accessible for so many of us without the budget or proximity for in-studio classes. Her flows are able to be done anywhere – from your living room floor to that little space next to your bed – without too much equipment besides a yoga mat.

Subscribers to her channel talk about how "Adriene changing their lives" and helped them feel good in their body and mind. In a nutshell, Adriene Mishler helps people find their love for downward dogs without needing them to go anywhere.

So, if a daily yoga practice is something you've been trying to cement (this WH Going for Goal podcast episode on how to build a daily yoga practice can help with that, too), why not give Yoga with Adriene a whirl? If it's not for you, you don't need to revisit. If it is, you've found a new home workout to do each week. Either way, you're quids in.

Is Yoga with Adriene free?

For all of you wondering "how much does Yoga with Adriene cost?", here's some very welcome news – Yoga with Adriene's YouTube channel is completely free. Not only that but Adriene has over 10.3 million subscribers which means you're always in good company.

If you'd prefer to take classes more regularly and want the option to either watch the classes without ads or download them to do offline, the Yoga with Adriene app 'Find What Feels Good' is available to download with a number of scaled monthly subscription prices, starting at just £7.99 per month.


Is Yoga with Adriene suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. A large part of Adriene's appeal is that she creates hundreds of classes just for beginners. With simpler poses, easier transitions and more explanation about how to do each one, beginners are in good hands.

Here are some beginner-friendly Yoga with Adriene resources we love:

How long are Yoga with Adriene classes?

The classes vary in length, which is what makes them so perfect for different levels, abilities and how new you are to Yoga. Whether you fancy a short five-minute reset or 60-minute challenging flow, Adriene has something for everyone – she's even made a number of handy playlists for you to find what you're looking for:

Or, if you fancy separating your yoga classes into dealing with specific concerns, here are some Yoga with Adriene classics:

Whether you want something to do every day for a month or, if you prefer to dip in and out, this roundup is a mix of Adriene's most loved flows. Take your pick from a mix of slower, restorative classes, challenging Vinyasa flows or deliciously stretchy Hatha yoga.

1Yoga for Complete Beginners

How long? 20 minutes

Adriene's most popular upload, this yoga for beginners class has been played 38m times. We're going to guess that's one of the most attended yoga classes in the world.. ever!

You'll spend twenty minutes getting comfortable with the foundations of yoga, including child's pose, downwards dog and cat-cow.

2Yoga for a Full Body Deep Stretch

How long? 45 minutes

There's nothing like a total body stretch and when it's lead by Adriene, you know it's going to be good. You'll stretch out the large muscles in your back, legs and bum for the ultimate 'ahhhhh' sensation.

3Yoga for Bedtime

How long? 20 minutes

Wind down properly (it's key to good sleep, you know) with a stretchy, relaxing flow designed to make it easier to drift off. If you're not trying to get sleepy it's also a good one to ease anxiety and stress.

4Yoga for Weight Loss

How long? 38 minutes

Yoga for weight loss is a thing. No, really. And this energetic yoga workout from Adriene will help you to lose weight well, getting you closer to hitting your healthy weight loss goals.

5Yoga for Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

How long? 10 minutes

Sitting at a desk all day (or standing at a standing desk, for. that matter) can still put a strain on your upper back, shoulders and neck. Stretch out any residual stiffness with this efficient flow, able to be done on lunch breaks or at EOD.

6Quick Morning Yoga Flow

How long? 11 minutes

So your sunrise alarm clock got you up but what's going to wake you up? This short morning flow, of course! Shake off sleep and get prepped for whatever the day holds ahead. It's only 11 minutes which means you don't have to scrap all of your scrolling-IG-in-bed time.

7Yoga for Hips and Lower Back

How long? 23 minutes

Ease sore hips and tight lower back muscles into submission with a hip-opening and glute-stretching flow. Brilliant if you enjoy resistance training or strength training and want to recover more efficiently.

8Full Body Yoga Flow

How long? 20 minutes

We love an efficient practice and this full-body class is exactly that. Build strength and fluidity throughout your entire body with Adriene.

9Yoga for Core and Glutes

How long? 28 minutes

Working on your core and glute strength is majorly important, no matter how you like to exercise. The basis of stability, a strong core helps keep your upper body in the correct position as you squat, row and burpee through circuit training or strength work. Powerful glutes help with explosive movements and performing compound exercises that require lower body strength. Basically, they're important.

This flow helps to engage and fatigue both – helping to get you stronger and grow lean muscle tissue.

10Yoga for Runners

How long? 7 minutes

All you running bees skipping the post-workout cool-down are in for a treat: a 7-minute post-run stretch, short enough to never be missed.

11Sunrise Yoga

How long? 15 minutes

A flow for first thing, this yoga class is designed to be done straight after waking up. Roll out your yoga mat the night before to make sure the snooze button doesn't get the better of your best intentions.

12Power Yoga

How long? 45 minutes

A more dynamic style, this class is designed to get your heart rate up and sweat flowing. Expect challenging poses, little rest and an abundance of endorphins.

13Yoga for Beginners: The Basics

How long? 40 minutes

Get to grips with the basics in this longer novice class, including how to breathe properly to bring calm and control to your practice.

14Yoga for Upper Back Pain

How long? 12 minutes

Whether you want to improve your posture or release sore upper back, neck and shoulder muscles, this flow is for you. Short, simple and super satisfying, it's a real winner.

15Blanket Yoga

How long? 40 minutes

Get ready to get cosy with a blanket-focused yoga sesh. Based on restorative poses, it's the perfect class for when the world feels too much and you want to find a place of calm.

16Sun Salutation Yoga

How long? 2o minutes

Ever tried a sun salutation before? If the answer is no, day seven is your chance. Get your heart rate up and improve your yoga abilities through repetition.

17Yoga for Sciatica

How long? 30 minutes

Suffering from Sciatica? This gentle and supportive session works to soothe pain and help prevent future injury. As always, if you have a recurring, active or historic injury or nerve damage, consult your doctor before doing any new exercise.

18Yoga for Courage

How long? 28 minutes

Active your inner lion with a courage-building class designed to help you feel confident and in control.

19Yoga for Stress Management

How long? 20 minutes

Stressed out and on the brink of burnout – get around a 20-minute class to calm your nervous system down and ease into a more relaxed state of mind.

20Yoga for Anxiety

How long? 20 minutes

Perfect for when you're feeling the fluttery flaps of anxiety, this class helps to get you to a more grounded, solid place.

21Yoga for Seniors

How long? 28 minutes

Slow and gentle, this yoga for seniors class is a great entry point for older adults trying to get into yoga.

22Yoga for Cramps and PMS

How long? 21 minutes

That time of the month is difficult enough without having a dedicated yoga flow to go with it. Fortunately, thanks to Adriene, that's not the case. This flow is perfect for when you're cramping and achy and want a little bit of relief.

23Yoga for Travel

How long? 24 minutes

For those long journeys where every muscle seems to be moulded into the shape of the car/train/plane seat, this stretch helps to release and rest. Brilliant if you're on a layover without sight of a bed for a while.

24Floor Yoga

How long? 30 minutes

Yes, yoga can be a full-body workout—trust us, you'll know if you stick through the full version of Adriene's day four mat routine. Focused on working your full body and core, be warned: you will sweat.

25Yoga for Digestion

How long? 14 minutes

Help settle your stomach with a flow designed specifically to aid digestion. One for Sunday lunch after mum's roast tatties, we thinks.

26Yoga for Sensitive Knees

How long? 31 minutes

Sore joints require a little more care when it comes to exercise and this flow takes that into account.

27Chair Yoga for Seniors

How long? 17 minutes

A soft and gentle way to find mobility, this yoga flow helps keep you aware of your spine, working to create strength and stability throughout your whole back.

28Yoga for Cyclists

How long? 24 minutes

Love to hop on your bike (with bike lights and bike helmet, of course)? This flow is designed specifically to stretch out the hardworking muscles in your legs, back and upper body.

29Yoga for Tired Legs

How long? 27 minutes

Nix those end of week DOMs with a relaxing class that stretches ad soothes tired gams. Brilliant to do after your active recovery day or on a Sunday evening before the start of a new workout week.

30Introduction to Yin Yoga

How long? 26 minutes

You'll need a few props to this introduction to the restorative style of yoga – Yin. Based on holding poses for longer periods of time, you'll deeply stretch your fascia and calm your nervous system at the same time.

31Yoga for Awareness

How long? 25 minutes

Short on time? Slip in this vinyasa flow to work up a sweat and work out your hips, glutes and thighs. You're welcome.

Morgan FargoMorgan is WH’s digital fitness writer with a penchant for brutal HIIT classes and thick post-workout smoothies.

Alice HeadNutrition & Health ContributorAlly is a contributing food journalist with over four years digital experience, plus a freelance food stylist, having worked backstage at many a BBC Good Food Show.

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The 9 Best Yoga With Adriene Videos, According To A Superfan

If you're an at-home yoga doer, you probably have your go-to podcasts or YouTube channels that help you get your chill on. For me, that's Adriene Mishler's "Yoga with Adriene" videos. Adriene's mantra for the channel is "Find what feels good": when you're on the mat, you don't have to copy her moves exactly, but instead find, well, what feels good to you. With over 600 videos on her YouTube channel and new ones published regularly, there is truly something for everyone, but these nine Yoga With Adriene videos are my faves, speaking as someone who's watched a gajillion of them.

Three years ago, in a moment of curiosity in my dorm room, I pulled up YouTube on my computer and typed in "exercises for anxiety." After a few minutes of clicking around, I found thevideo"Yoga for Anxiety and Stress." Once I finished the28-minute video, I was hooked. Since then, I've replaced my beach towel for a proper yoga mat, subscribed to herweekly newsletter, and even finished two of her30-Day Yoga Challenges. After three years of doing YWA regularly, I've noticed that I'm more able to acknowledge my emotions. If I'm feeling sad or angry or anxious, I can roll out my mat and sit in this virtual safe space. This regular yoga practice has made a huge difference for me.

I'm not the only one who has found her approach to at-home yoga useful — there's nearly 7 million other subscribers out there. If you want to start getting into yoga, or refresh your practice, try one of these Yoga With Adriene videos and see if you become a superfan yourself.


Yoga Stretch

This is myfavorite practice to do when I've been away from the mat for a while. When I don't have a ton of time, 20 minutes still lets me take some time for myself. This practice helps me build strength, breathe deeper, stretch the muscles I have neglected, and get motivated to do more with my day.


Movement As Medicine

Whenever I do this video, I am looking for a practice to heal something or build strength. After 17 minutes of movement, I feel more awake and present. It helps me stretch every part of my body and sweat a little.


Yoga For The Winter Blues

It doesn't have to be below freezing to get the benefitsof this practice. For me, the winter months can trigger some seasonal depression, so addressing the blues that the winter brings and unraveling from any stress or anxiety or sadness I feel is freeing. This practice gets my blood flowing, my heart racing, and warms me up.


Yoga For When You Are Sick

Even when I'm sick, I still find a yoga video to support me. While there are limits to doing yoga when I'm under the weather, this practice is meant to restore my body with easy stretches. These gentle movements can ease muscles that are sore or tight from being sick with a cold and cooped up in bed.


Yoga For Bedtime

I love this practice for a multitude of reasons. It clears my mind from the day and I can go to bed right after rolling my mat up. I think the secret to this practice is that it encourages me to get into the mindset to wind down and forget my stresses of the day. I feel like I'm productive but also doing something to benefit me before the day ends.


Yoga For The Service Industry

When I was working in the food industry, I was on my feet all day, which meant that I did this practice religiously. While this practice has you begin on your feet, it's worth it to power through because it ends a bit of self-massage on your neck, shoulders, and feet.


Yoga For When You're Angry

Real talk: Since I've started my journey to explore my emotions both on the mat and off, I've noticed that one of the hardest emotions to balance is anger. There aren't many options to get rid of anger in a healthy way. I love this practice because for me, it's all about the mantra and the intention: Instead of telling myself to stop feeling angry or pissed off, this video invites me to sit with what I'm feeling. Through a series of exercises that tense the body then release that tension, I leave the mat feeling lighter. It also ends with a few moments of forced laughter which you do until it becomes natural — and you find your anger has totally dissipated.


Meditation For Mental Balance

Sitting still and meditating is something I struggle with, but sometimes my heart is racing so fast from stress or anxiety that I just need it all to stop. This meditation practice helps me do just that. Through a series of breaths and with the guidance of her voice at the end of this 18-minute practice, I open my eyes and do feel a bit more balanced. Having found this balance on the mat, I can also take it into my daily life.


10-Minute Yoga For Self Care

Finally, "10-MinuteYoga For Self-Care" is short and sweet. With a self-massage, to shoulder and hip stretching, and reconnecting with the present moment all packed into just 10 minutes, I see quick benefits from this practice that really change the rest of my day.

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Yoga For Runners - Warm Up Sequence

Hi Team Adriene,
I have been combining Adriene’s yoga practices with my running exercises for a couple of weeks now and I am experiencing a whole new way of running. A better one, of course. Thank you!

I am still feeling like a beginner in both practices, running and yoga. Regarding yoga I am obviously a starter: I am only practicing it since three months together with mindfulness. I love it and I am very grateful to the friend who introduced me with Adriene’s yoga practice. Thank you!

Next to that I am practicing running already a couple of years now, but with a lots of ups and downs. Thanks to the combination with yoga, I have now discovered how running is not about achieving results. It is about feeling good. I am confident this new mindset will help me in gaining consistency and enjoying running even more!

Now this all looks simple, but this new way of experiencing running makes it also more complex to me as I am trying to find out what feels good. I keep on trying new poses while running in order to feel more relaxed and not to be hurting. It is like making baby steps to this whole new way of practicing running that feels good. I am now learning the warming up and cool down with Adriene’s yoga. It feels yummy! Then I was wondering whether Adriene has a practice pre- and post-running with stand-up movements? I start my running practice always outdoors and it is seldom possible there to practice yoga on the ground. Also, would Adriene have some tips with regard to how to move and maintain your body comfortably while running, these would be very welcome!

Thank you for sharing what feels good and caring ❤️

Gisèle (Belgium)

Yoga For Runners: 7 MIN POST-RUN - Yoga With Adriene

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Warm yoga up adriene with

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Movement Medicine - Energy Practice - Yoga With Adriene

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