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Tyler and flowers. Flowers and Tyler
. Even since rapper Tyler, The Creator dropped his acclaimed album Flower Boy (or, even better, ever since his record label made him shorten the original title, which was aptly named Scum Fuck Flower Boy), his world seems to be filled with flowers. After all, the lyrics of that record were the ones that, in the year 2017, brought up the notion of the artist’s ambiguous sexuality, and everyone can get an idea of what the expression flower boy means, and therefore leaving almost no room for doubt.

As displeased as he was to feed the rumour mill with such provocations from sensationalist media outlets, Tyler The Creator instead chose to celebrate the launch of his latest piece of work to date, by finalising his collaboration with Vans and latching onto Converse for the launch of sneakers that keep honouring that floral theme: the Golf Le Fleur. He’s done so through his own brand, the same Golf Wang that, in the last seasons by way of two drops per year, has defined a whole universe where the aesthetic is that of shocking colours, comfortable urban fits and prints that don’t shy away from being strident.

Golf Le Fleur’s evolution is quite interesting. Firstly, we’ve got to say that Tyler, The Creator only ever took the liberty to dye the iconic Converse One Star model with those oh so recognisable powerful Golf Wang colours. But, after that, the artist started improving the sneakers, for example, by way of using flashy materials such as suede, or, above all, by incorporating a detail that has now become the most characteristic sign of Golf Le Fleur’s identity: a side logo in the reverse, in the shape of a flower that offers more leeway in playing with even more colours and textures.

This tendency towards excellence in the designs of Tyler, The Creator reaches its next peak on November 15, which is precisely the day that the new Burlap Pack by Golf le Fleur is dropping. This capsule set consists of three different models: two colourways of the Converse Chuck 70 high-tops and one Converse One Star Ox. The second ones keep the floral logo in its reverse, whilst the first ones replace it with the words Golf Le Fleur, but inverted (are we allowed to think that this inverted reference is another sign of sexual ambiguity or are we being too extra?). The three models are obviously made out of burlap (I mean, they’re called Burlap Pack for a reason), except for the Chuck 70 which are made out of yute, which is one of the materials used when making burlap.

It might not be Spring yet, but with capsule sets like these, Tyler, The Creator shows us that his flowers are perennial and that not only will they survive the fall time, but they’ll also become much stronger than before.


Tyler, the Creator Talks Growing Golf Wang, BET Awards Performance, and His New Love For Vintage Cartier Watches

It’s around 10 a.m. in Los Angeles and Tyler, the Creator is energetic and cheery over our audio-only Zoom call—despite telling me he’s drunk when I ask him how he is. 

He’s en route to some destination. In the middle of a question, the audio goes completely silent for 10 seconds before Tyler jumps back in. “I’m driving down my hill, so there might be moments where I could sound like I’m breaking up, but don’t hang up. I’m still here,” he says.

I can’t help but try to visualize the hill he’s on, the house he’s just left, the car he’s driving, or the outfit he’s wearing. Since he entered the music industry, initially as part of the Odd Future collective, almost 15 years ago, Tyler’s been very good at creating worlds we want to be a part of, or at the very least intently observe. With every album release, we’ve watched Tyler grow up, evolve as an artist and musician, and make his ideas, big and small, come to life—whether that is creating flavors like Snowflake and Pluto Bleu for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams through his brand Golf Le Fleur or adding a bike rack to a Rolls-Royce, which he hasn’t been able to accomplish in real life but made happen in the “Lemonhead” video off his latest album Call Me If You Get Lost.  

Another one of his interests is design. Tyler started designing merch for Odd Future out of his grandmother’s house that was eventually sold in over 300 stores, including an Odd Future shop on Fairfax that would close in 2015. Eventually, Tyler pivoted from merch to introduce apparel brands Golf Wang in 2011, and Golf Le Fleur in 2017, which coincided with the opening of a store on Fairfax.  

Many celebrities have dabbled in the fashion business, but very few have been able to maintain lines that consistently release good ready-to-wear collections that go beyond merch. And while Tyler does still make merch, he has always wanted his collections to feel special and well made. In 2014 he told Billboard: “I don’t want it to be like fucking Rocawear or, I don’t know, a lot of things that come and go.” Instead, he’s invested in steadily building up Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur with a small team of designers that he oversees.  

“I never liked making Tyler, the Creator merch. I never liked it. I never liked putting my face on merch. I’ve done it two or three times probably,” says Tyler on our Zoom call. “But when people call Golf Wang merch, it’s like, it’s not fucking merch. It doesn’t say Tyler, the Creator on everything. These are actual clothing pieces. It’s a store. It’s ran like a line. Don’t call it merch.”

The Summer 2021 collection, which dropped last week, includes a buttery leather utility vest in soft shade of green, a wool varsity jacket with a lining that features a Black cowboy graphic, and ivory workwear pants with hot pink stitching. They are wardrobe staples with special details that feel distinctly Tyler, who says he’s still very hands-on. 

“I still edit the lookbooks. I still make sure that the blacks and shadows are right. Like I still give a fuck about all of it,” says Tyler. 

Here, we talk about growing Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur, how meaningful his BET Awards performance was for him, his new interest in vintage Cartier watches, and what he hopes listeners take away from Call Me If You Get Lost.

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Converse x Golf Wang One Star Le Fleur Pink & Orange Peel Skate Shoes

We reserve the right to limit order quantities on this item.

Following the first two waves of Converse x Golf Wang footwear alongside Tyler the Creator's recent "Flower Boy" album drop, the brands come together again to present the new line of Le Fleur Shoes. Readapting the Converse One Star, these shoes have a suede upper with a custom flower motif on the sidewalls, low-profile vulcanized construction, and Converse's classic rubber outsole draped with a unique Golf Wang flower print pattern. Other collaborative details are located on the insoles and on top of the tongue.

    We reserve the right to limit order quantities on this item.

    Product Details:
  • One Star Le Fleur Pink and Orange Peel Skate Shoes from Converse x Golf Wang.
  • Signature collaboration between Converse and Golf Wang/Tyler the Creator.
  • Suede upper with flower graphics stitched upon sidewalls.
  • Custom collaborative logo graphic on top of tongue.
  • Lightly padded leather lined collar and interior.
  • Cushioned footbed with custom collaborated logo graphic.
  • Vulcanized construction for board feel.
  • Converse traction rubber outsole for grip with custom flower print pattern.
  • Converse logo details throughout.
  • Comes packaged with custom Converse x Golf Wang canvas knapsack.
  • Imported.

  • Size & Fit:
  • Unisex US shoe sizing.
  • Fit: True to size.
  • Width: Fits as expected.
  • Low-profile design.

È uscito il video lookbook dell’ultima collezione GOLF WANG/GOLF le FLEUR*

Born in 1984, a research on language that synthesizes different styles, means and disciplines: Adam Pendleton is a conceptual artist from New York, twice included in Forbes Magazine‘s 30 Under 30 list. We find him in the collections of the Tate in London, the MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, with works that combine painting, screen printing, collage, video and performance in experimental and meaningful works. On the borderline between image and representation, long strokes of spray paint play on the perception of figures, without ever abstracting from reality, from our past and contemporary history. His is a cultural reflection before artistic, as in the works on Black Lives Matter where “The novelty is in the language, which is at the same time a public mourning, a battle cry and a poetic appeal”.

In 2011 the artist composed Black Dada Reader, a collection of photocopies, collages and statements assembled together for personal purposes, then distributed informally among friends and colleagues. The text is described by Pendleton as a “radical juxtaposition” and sees the names of Hugo Ball, W.E.B. Du Bois, Adrian Piper, Gertrude Stein, Sun Ra, Stokely Carmichael, Gilles Deleuze appear in an unexpected mix. The artist speaks to us through fragments of images and words taken from his personal library, side by side in the new practice of Black Dada.

Black assumes for Adam Pendleton an “open meaning” while Dada refers to the freedom of his works, inspired by the absurd works of the Avant-garde that gave an artistic response to history, challenging society. The anthology that conceptualized the poetics of Black Dada is now enriched with a second text. Ten years later, the artist again juxtaposes writers, artists, filmmakers, philosophers and critics to draw contemporary guidelines. The collection Pasts, Futures, and Aftermaths includes, among others, the writings of Sara Ahmed, Clarice Lispector and Malcolm X in a reflection on the current anti-racist and anti-capitalist movements.
We are faced with true artistic narratives: personal research, bibliographies and spiritual autobiographies that interpret contemporary complexity and bring forward, among other struggles, a critique of museum collecting practices. Adam Pendleton’s works are designed to influence the place that hosts them, giving new meanings and feelings to institutions. The artist believes in a well-rounded art: it is not possible to truly understand painting without fully understanding improvisation, poetry, and music. In this sense, the lyric becomes a meeting between political struggle and love, the writing a fundamental support of the work of art.

  • Adam Pendleton |
  • Adam Pendleton |

Wang fleur le golf golf

Golf Wang

Golf Wang is an American streetwear brand established in 2011 by American musician Tyler, the Creator.[1][2] The name Golf Wang is a spoonerism of his Los Angeles based musical collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) or Odd Future for short, of which he was a co-founder.[2][3][4] Golf Wang is known for its colorful visual aesthetic.[2][5] The brand has since expanded beyond its Odd Future affiliation and has established itself in the fashion industry.[2][6] It is co-designed by Tyler, the Creator and Phil Toselli.[7] The brand offers clothing, footwear through Golf le Fleur, jewelry, and other products. "Holiday 1991", the brand's first lookbook, was released on December 11, 2011.[8]

Creative Expansion[edit]

Split from Odd Future[edit]

Golf Wang was released in December 2011, still largely affiliated with Odd Future.[2] In 2013, Golf Wang publicly separated from Odd Future.[9]


In its 8 year history, Golf Wang has gone on to collaborate with other brands as a part of various projects.

Golf Wang's first notable collaboration was its project with Vans.[2] The partnership lasted from 2013 to 2016.[2] In an interview with Dazed Magazine in 2017, Tyler stated that Golf Wang cut ties with Vans due to a lack of creative liberty.[2] Following Golf Wang's departure from Vans, Tyler, the Creator and Converse collaborated to create the shoe collection Golf le Fleur.[2] In 2018, Golf Wang collaborated with Japanese sandal brand Suicoke.[2] Their first release was the KAW-CAB sandals in colors 'Mocha' and 'Lemon Yellow'.[10] In April 2019, they released a third version of the KAW-CAB sandals.[11] Then in October 2019, a different silhouette called the 'DEPA-CAB' sandals was released in two new colorways.[12] Also in 2019, Golf le Fleur and Converse released a new, original silhouette named the 'GLF Gianno Ox'.[13][14] The shoes were available in two colorways; 'Bright Concord' and 'Cuban Sand'.[14] That same year, Golf Wang created a scented candle in collaboration with Japanese fragrance label retaW.[15] Named 'Coldwater*', the candle was released on March 23, 2019. For apparel, Golf le Fleur partnered with fashion brand Lacoste for a SS19 collection named 'GOLF le COSTE*'.[16] The clothing line featured colors such as a pale pink, beige, and off-white named respectively 'litchi', 'geode', and 'mascarpone'.[16] Golf le Fleur then collaborated with Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.[17][18] The first ice cream was named 'Snowflake', released on July 8, 2019, it was a mint and white chocolate ice cream flavor.[17] The second flavor, 'Pluto Bleu' was released online on September 17, 2020 and was a blood orange and blueberry flavored ice cream.[18][19] On May 20, 2020, Golf Wang released a top and bottom set with Levi Strauss & Co. for their '501 day'.[20][21] The collaboration featured the Levi's vintage-fit trucker jacket and 501 '93 jeans in Ecru denim with rainbow-colored polka dots.[20]

GOLF le FLEUR*[edit]

Golf le Fleur was introduced at the Golf Wang fashion show at Made L.A. on June 11, 2016.[22] Named "Golf le Fleur" (stylized as "GOLF le FLEUR*"), it was first introduced as a shoe collaboration between Tyler, the Creator and Converse.[23] The collection was named "GOLF le FLEUR*" to mean Flower Boy in French though the translation is inaccurate.[24] It was released in the same year as Tyler's Flower Boy album.[25] First made available to the public on July 13, 2017, the first design released was Converse One Star shoes in a new, light blue colorway called "Clearwater".[26]

On August 3, 2017, the first set of Golf le Fleurs was released. They came in 4 colors, called "Airway Blue" (light blue), "Peach Pearl" (peach colored), "Sulfur" (yellow), and "Fuschia Glow" (fuscia/lavender).[27]

On October 16, 2017, the second set of Golf le Fleurs was announced. This set was named the "Uno", which contained 3 new shoes, with a brand new insole, design, and bottom. The colors, Jolly Green (forest green), Vanilla (cream), and Solar Power (yellow), were released on November 2, 2017.[28]

On January 4, 2018, the second set of "Unos", and the third overall set of Golf le Fleurs were announced. They were released on January 18, 2018, with the colors "Bachelor Blue" (light blue), "Geranium Pink" (light pink), and "Jade Lime" (light green).[29]

On April 23, 2018, the first set of the a line known as "Monos", and the fourth overall set of Golf le Fleurs were announced. They are a monotone colored shoe, and on April 26, 2018, were released. The colors were "Black", "White", "Greener Pastures" (dark green), "Limoges" (dark blue), and "Rhubarb" (burgundy).[30]

On May 23, the third set of "Unos", (also nicknamed "two-toned") and the fifth overall set of Golf le Fleurs were announced. They were released on June 1, 2018 with the colors "Purple Heart" (purple and green), "Molten Lava" (red and blue), "Candy Pink" (red and pink), and "Plume" (baby blue and baby pink).[31]

On February 23 2019, the "Industrial" line was released with another rework of the Converse (shoe company) "One Star". The shoes were released with barely blue/egret/black and barely blue/patriot/egret colorways. The line also included matching '60s workwear boilersuits.[32]

On May 17, the "Velvet le Fleur" line was released. This included 2 reworks of the "One Star" in red and brown as well as a rework of the "Chuck 70" in purple. All of which use a quilted velvet material.[33]

On June 28, another pair of "Unos" was released featuring a bright rainbow sole and an all-white upper.[34]

On September 13, a pair of Converse All-Stars was released with a polka dot design

Fashion shows[edit]

Golf Wang made its runway debut on June 11, 2016 at Made LA which is an event, similar to fashion week, created by IMG.[35] 2016 was the premiere of Made LA on the west coast.[35] The show also marked the debut of the 'Golf le Fleur' shoe collaboration.[36][37] In addition to a live audience, the show was broadcast on the internet.[38] Notable attendees included Kanye West, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Kendall Jenner, YG, Janelle Monáe, Solange Knowles, and Amandla Stenberg.[39][35][40][41]

The show implemented a "see-now, buy-now" process at the event, meaning that the collection was available for pre-order after the show.[35][41] The show's set design included a bedroom connected to a skate ramp and the event was accompanied by musical performances.[35][41]

Golf Wang store[edit]

The Odd Future store was opened on Fairfax Avenue in 2011.[42] The Odd Future would come to be the first retail space that sold Golf Wang.[42] In 2014, Tyler described in a series of tweets that the Odd Future store on Fairfax Avenue had closed.[43] On October 25, 2017, Tyler announced that he would open the Golf Wang flagship, named "GOLF" on 350 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California.[44][45][46] The new location officially opened on October 26, 2017, and features an indoor skating bowl.[47][45]


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Golf Le Fleur x Converse Mystery Box Unboxing - W or L? - Golf Christmas Tee Unboxing

June 17, 2021 - This fall’s Air Jordan retro preview is headlined by the return of the OG Air Jordan XI Low IE in red and black, a variation renowned for its seasonal adaptation through material updates — and for its appearance during the ’96 playoffs. Similarly, four women’s exclusive styles for this season feature revised color palettes and material choices for new, energized interpretations of classic models.

Air Jordan XI Low IE
A final chapter of the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan XI, the OG black and red Air Jordan XI Low IE returns, re-engineered to the exact 1995 specs. The model features a genuine leather and mesh upper, molded sock liner and an exposed carbon fiber shank plate contrasted by the recognizable herringbone rubber outsole. The shoe arrives in OG packaging.

Women’s Air Jordan I Hi OG
Inspired by the calming colors of sage, this women’s exclusive style features soft, tumbled leather with premium nubuck overlays. Completing the look is a subtle, two-toned lace inspired by the string used to tie bundles of sage. The shoe also comes with a hangtag and two extra sets of laces.

Women’s Air Jordan IV
This women’s exclusive style takes inspiration from varying neutral shades of makeup. This model is highlighted by buttery soft nubuck overlays and burnished leather meant to age and sheen naturally with time. The shoe also features transparent TPU wings and lace locks and is topped off by metallic, electroplated Jumpman branding on the tongue, reminiscent of the mirrors used in makeup palettes.  

Women’s Air Jordan VI
Taking inspiration from gold earrings, this women’s exclusive adds interconnected gold hoops that are attached to the shoe’s Air Jordan VI lace toggle. Materials on this model include white medium grain tumbled leather with gold underlays, a semi-gloss lining and a milky-white translucent rubber outsole.

Women’s Air Jordan XIV Low
The women’s exclusive style features a color palette inspired by red lipstick. Materials like matte nubuck and suede leather provide the cosmetic base against metallic silver accents, while OG elements include the tongue and the laces with frosted-platinum aglets. The writing on the sockliner is modeled after strokes of lipstick; the shoe arrives in lipstick-stained tissue paper.

Air Jordan I HI OG
Employing a fresh, seasonal color scheme, this Air Jordan I HI OG features a genuine black leather upper with premium Pollen leather overlays and detailing atop a white midsole and a Pollen rubber outsole. The shoe comes with new packaging and will be available in full family and extended women's sizing.

Air Jordan I HI OG
This new take on the Air Jordan I HI OG involves crafted leather and nubuck overlays with hits of reflective silver throughout. With a perforated collar, this model can be customized both into a high or low top. Applying a fresh color scheme to both the shoe and packaging, this release comes in full family and extended sizing for women.

Air Jordan I HI OG
Another seasonal iteration of the Air Jordan I HI OG, this fall model uses an Electro Orange, black and white color scheme with updated color blocking. Made with premium, genuine leather, the shoe is highlighted by a metallic finish on the collar. The shoe also releases in full family and extended sizing for women.

Air Jordan III Retro
Applying a familiar color and color-blocking scheme, this Air Jordan III Retro comes with a subtle material twist. The shoe features premium leather and a new reflective material on the iconic elephant print on the heel and toe. This model, which will come in new packaging, releases in full-family sizing.

Air Jordan V Retro
This fresh spin on the Air Jordan V applies a mixture of materials from genuine leathers to exposed foam and textiles. The shoe’s collar, quarter panel and tongue bottom are layered with textile mesh, while the tongue maintains its OG reflective finish. The model is accented by black-tinted eyelets and a transparent lace lock and is completed by a matte-finished midsole and a muslin-tinted rubber outsole.  

Air Jordan VI
Continuing the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan VI, this new iteration of the Retro model is inspired by the iconic Air Jordan VII Bordeaux colorway. True to the Air Jordan VI’s original specs, this model employs a genuine nubuck upper with a Bordeaux-printed translucent tongue and sock liner. Coming in familiar packaging with a fresh color twist, this shoe releases in Men’s and GS sizing.

Air Jordan XII Retro
Putting a new, clean twist on the Air Jordan XII, this model applies hits of metallic red throughout an all-white upper and midsole. The shoe features genuine leather, complemented by the OG faux-lizard print mudguard. This offering comes with OG packaging and will release in full-family sizing.

Air Jordan XII
The model combines a Nike Grind outsole, made with at least 3% Nike Grind, with a ballistic mesh tongue. The shoe also applies genuine leather to the upper and suede to the midsole atop the faux-lizard print mudguard. The shoe releases in full-family sizing.

Air Jordan XIII Retro
This retro combines a familiar Obsidian colorway with classic, OG materials, true to form with a leather upper, textile tongue bottom and cat-eye hologram. This model arrives in OG packaging and in full-family sizing.

To download hi-res images, click here.


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