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Ideal for use on light scratches
Restore and revive dull.
% Wool for superior cut and finish


Chemical Guys Twisted Wool Cutting Pad is available in a inch diameter, perfect for a inch hook & loop backing plate. Ideal for use with Scratch and Swirl Buff on a compound to clean up restore and revive dull, oxidized, or recently color-sanded paint. Ideal for any job Wool pads reduce time and increase results through heat. Wool pads transfer more heat through friction then foam pads. Chemical Guys Lake Country’s Wool Cutting Pad is made of % wool, No Sheep were harmed in the making of this pad. Sheep are simply groomed and within a few months will re-grow all of the wool that was shaved. You may ask who cares about a sheep? We do. Sheep are very cool, and soft. Sheep make detailing faster and better because of wool.

The tight twisting wool enables the pad to retain a consistent level of cut and aggressiveness for the desired amount of time. The twisted wool is twisted into hundreds of individual strands to produce a inch pile. Ideal for any professional the pad is very durable and long lasting. The same pad chosen by most body shops is now available to enthusiasts and detailing professionals. Oh Yes like any true performer its always best to fluff before going to work!

About fluffing your wool pad
When working for long periods of time Wool pads can cake up with product. If a pad is “Caked Up” it is best to clean it or fluff it to reduce marring. Cleaning spurs or a steel brush can be used to clean the pad. Make sure your machine is in the “ OFF POSITION” we recommend unplug it to reduce injury in case through some mysterious freak accident it turns on. Turn the machine to the lowest speed setting. Hold spurs or a steel brush against the pad as it rotates. The wool on the pad will fluff up in seconds enabling you to use it again. The % wool pile and SURLYN® backing ensure consistent, professional results every time you polish. All pads have a performance cycle, meaning you will get the desired results only to a certain point. That point of declining performance is typically caused by compound overload. With proper cleaning this situation can be avoided.

Knitted Wool and Wool Blends
Knitted pads are used primarily for polishing applications. The polishing process refines the working finish to eliminate compounding swirls and scratches. Proper cleaning is especially important in achieving optimum pad performance.

Follow these general rules for better results from your wool pads
Make it a practice to periodically check the pad during the buffing process. Clean the pad when the pad surface begins to glaze over from compound/polish build up. We also recommend washing or spurring the pad prior to storing for future use. Never use a screwdriver, fork or other stationary "tool" to spur a pad. This promotes the untwisting of the tufts and may damage the pad's backing. We recommend using our CG SPURS cleaning tool instead. This patented product features glass filled nylon spur wheels that move with the pad, limiting the untwisting action. After washing, do not dry pads with high heat as this promotes wool shrinkage. Instead, let pads air dry or spin them using the buffer. Keep pads in a clean location when not being used. This will minimize foreign particles from coming in contact with the buffing surface the next time you use the pad.





What Is A Hex-Logic Pad?

Hex-Logic pads are engineered with the finest and most durable detailing foams, hook and loop interface, and V-cut channels to increase airflow and cooling characteristics. Hex-Logic engineers rounded the profile of the pad for improved flex into curves and contours and smoother polishing performance. New materials and manufacturing processes improve airflow to cool foam pads and reduce the wear and tear that rips pad foam from the backing material. Hex-Logic polishing pads are a completely redesigned and revamped version of your typical polishing pad to enhance your polishing performance and experience. Professional and enthusiasts love Hex-Logic pad for its newly reinvented design to change the way you polish.

Hex-Logic pads are the latest Exclusive Hex-Logic pattern spreads polish over the surface for an even cut and superior polishing results. V-cut channels in Hex-Logic pattern funnel in fresh air to cool the pad and work surface for extended work times and reduced wear and tear. Rounded buffing profile helps pad slip into dramatic body curves for improved contact and more even polishing results. Improved adhesives and manufacturing techniques ensures a strong bond that will not detach backing attachment from foam pad. Hex-Logic surface grooves spread product evenly and conform pad to contoured surfaces.

Hex-Logic offers a wide variety of pads that range in density, smoothness and finishing capabilities. Down below are listed the different types of pads that Hex-Logic offers to provide you with a breakdown of the difference in the color of pads, their strengths and purpose.

Yellow Heavy Cutting Pad

Use this pad to apply compounds or polishes to remove severe oxidation, swirls, scratches and water spots in conjunction with a polishing compound. It is the most aggressive and should only be used on oxidized and older finishes. Always follow this pad with an orange pad and a fine polish and then a white pad to refine the paint until it is smooth.

Orange Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad

This firm, high density foam is ideal for scratch and defect removal. The orange foam offers the correction of a typical compounding pad whilst at the same time allowing the polishing ability of light cut foam pad. When used with a heavier compounds it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze. It's an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

Green Heavy Polishing Pad

This pad produces less spot heating and has a unique compression/load/deflection ratio which means it conforms quickly to contours. It is strong enough to remove swirls and scuffs while at the same time producing a high gloss swirl free finish. This foam is also ideal for applying one-step cleaner waxes and polishes. It is a balance of polishing and finishing that is perfect for an all-in-one product application.

White Medium-Light Polishing Pad

Less dense foam formula for the application of cleaner waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. This pad has a very light cutting power so it's perfect for pre-wax cleaners. It is the most well used pad as it is ideal for application of pre-wax cleansers as well as many finishing polishes.

Blue Glaze & Cleaner Foam Pad

Unique composition complements all glazes and light surface cleansers perfectly delivering a super fine finish for use with ultra fine polishes or any glaze.

Black Finishing Foam Pad

Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants and glazes.

Red Perfection Pad-Ultra Fine Finishing Pad

This pad has an ultra soft composition which has no cut for applying refined waxes and sealants over sensitive painted finishes.

Clean Pads Work Better

Polishing pads fill up with spent polish abrasives and removed paint residues as the job wears on. This residue and removed paint clogs pads and causes inconsistent polishing work during a job. All these residues can also turn into a hard cement-like mass inside buffing pads if left to dry, which ruins the polishing abilities of the pad. The secret to maintaining polishing pads for years of reliable use is in keeping them clean. Clean out old compound, particle abrasives, and removed paint residues to keep pads soft, flexible, and ready for controlled paint removal. Keep one set of polishing pads and clean then during the job to maintain maximum effect and shorter polishing times, or change out between several sets of pads for nonstop polishing and clean them all at the end of the day for faster turnaround time. Keep a bottle of Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner and Rejuvenator on hand to clean, restore and prolong your buffing and polishing pads. The ergonomically designed Foam Pad Cleaning Brush scrubs wax and polishes out of the foam and restores its original texture. Professionals polishing lots of cars in a shop setting benefit from the fast and thorough action of the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer, which cleans and dries all types of buffing pads on virtually any machine in seconds.

*Down below is a flow chart of a simple breakdown of the pad, their purposes and descriptions which you can use for future reference.


2 Sizes

Yellow Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Cutting Pad

The ”, ” and " Yellow Heavy-Cutting Pads remove the most severe swirls, scratches, water spot etching, and oxidation from painted surfaces in vented and unvented form.

2 Sizes

Orange Hex-Logic Quantum Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad

The Orange Quantum Pad is the workhorse of the Quantum system. The medium-cutting pad removes light to moderate defects like swirls, scratches, oxidat ion, and water spots to restore gloss, depth, and reflection to painted surfaces.

2 Sizes

Green Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Polishing Pad

The Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad cuts like a cutting pad to remove light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation, and finishes like a finish ing pad to restore reflection, clarity, and depth.

2 Sizes

White Hex-Logic Quantum Light-Medium Polishing Pad

The White Heavy Polishing Pad finishes to restore reflection, clarity, and depth after cutting away heavy defects with a cutting pad, comes in 4&rdq uo;, ”, ” and " sizes, and vented and unvented form.

2 Sizes

Blue Hex-Logic Quantum Polishing/Finishing Pad

Blue Glazing Pads have no cut, are perfect for spreading finishing products like glazes over freshly-polished paint finishes, come in ”, 6. 5”, and ” sizes, and vented and unvented form.

2 Sizes

Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad

Black Finishing Pads have no cut, are perfect for spreading final sealant and wax coats in an even layer over freshly-polished paint finishes, come in ”, ”, and ” sizes, and vented and unvented form.

Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad

Red Finishing Pads have no cut, are perfect for spreading final sealant and wax coats over sensitive painted finishes, and come in ”, &r dquo; and "  sizes.

2 Sizes

Foam & Wool Polishing Pad Cleaner

Polishing Pad Cleaner uses the natural cleansing power of citrus to wash and rejuvenate all foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads, ensuring that pads last their longest and perform their best.

Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is a cleverly designed heavy-duty brush that quickly and easily cleans and reconditions foam buffing pads for best results and to keep your pads lasting their longest.

2 Sizes

Polishing & Buffing Pad Conditioner

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Conditioner lubricates buffing and polishing pads to reduce wear and tear, and produce superior polishing results. Dry r ubbing builds up excess heat and friction, which reduces the effectiveness of polish abrasives and wears down buffing pads prematurely.

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Hex-Logic " Best of the Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit (8 Items)

Hex-Logic Buffing Pads

The advanced design of Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads picks up where traditional pads fell flat. Traditional foam polishing pads have a flat face and square profile, and this dated design does little to flex and conform to curves, contours, and other simple shapes found around every automobile. Hex-Logic grooves serve many purposes for the paint correction process. The V-cut grooves into the surface draw in fresh air as the pad spins, cooling the workpiece, pad, backing plate, and machine for extended worktime and reduced wear and tear.

Hex-Logic Backing Material

Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. Every pad uses a hook-and-loop interface backing pad to attach to any machine polisher backing plate that uses the hook-and-loop material. This unique breathable backing material helps wick heat away through the attachment side and advanced vented backing plates.

Polishing Pad Cleaner

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner restores all types of machine polishing pads to brand-new cutting and polishing power. Without proper cleaning, buffing and polishing pads can cake up with dry polish and paint residue. Residue clogs polishing pads, which reduces their cutting ability and causes them to produce sub-par results. No matter the pad, chemical, or machine, use Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner to remove polish and paint residue and restore pads to a like-new condition

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