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The A. W. Tillinghast designed Par 70 East Course, with back-to-front pitched greens, limited water hazards, and 96 bunkers, has received many honors, including making Golfweek's list of "America's Top Classic Courses" (pre ) numerous times, most recently in It is also listed as the best Classic or Modern (post design) Course in the state of Maryland. A restoration project was completed in by Keith Foster, bringing the course back to Tillinghast's original design.

Baltimore Country Club's second course at Five Farms, the West, was redesigned in by Bob Cupp and Champions Tour member and World Golf Hall of Fame member, Tom Kite. In , the course was renovated under the direction of Keith Foster. The Par 72 West Course gives members two outstanding golf courses to choose from on a daily basis.

The Club was named one of the " Most Prestigious Clubs in the World" by LINKS magazine. The USGA lists Baltimore Country Club as one of the first clubs established in the United States.

The Champions

  • United States Open (at Roland Park) - Willie Smith ()
  • PGA Championship - Leo Diegel
  • United States Amateur - C. Ross Somerville
  • Walker Cup - United States vs Great Britain (Tie )
  • United States Women's Open - Liselotte Neumann ()
  • Senior Players Championship - Loren Roberts
  • Senior Players Championship - D. A. Weibring
  • Senior Players Championship - Jay Haas

Baltimore Country Club is one of only two clubs in the world to have hosted a Men's U.S. Open, a PGA Championship, a Men's U.S. Amateur, a U.S. Walker Cup, and a U.S. Women's Open, and a Champions Tour Major.

Sours: https://www.bcccom/web/pages/golf

Baltimore Country Club

Baltimore Country Club was founded in at its Roland Park location less than five miles from downtown Baltimore. In the ’s, a decision was made to acquire some land north of the city and expand its golf amenities. In the East Course at Five Farms, designed by A.W. Tillinghast, officially opened its doors to much acclaim. In , a West Course at Five Farms was added forming a 36 hole complex.

Over the years, it became apparent that the East Course was the “favorite son” of the members and their guests. Because the West Course received only a small percentage of the annual rounds of golf, it received only a small percentage of the maintenance budget. This resulted in poor playing conditions, so in a decision was made to rectify the problem by redesigning the West Course. The team of Tom Kite and Bob Cupp was hired to oversee the redesign.

Renovation of an existing course is an entirely different exercise than starting from scratch. The routing of the holes was already in place and little could be done to alter the location of the holes. All that could be accomplished in shifting the routing was to take advantage of some small pockets of unused land allowing the greens and tees to move closer together.

The main focus of the redesign included the strategy and the look of the course. Every green, bunker and tee box was rebuilt to an entirely new design. A top quality golf course will suggest the correct playing strategy to the player in a fair and clearly perceptible manner. This results in a “challenge and reward” exercise which satisfies all players regardless of ability. Appropriate strategic advantages were incorporated so the rewards of a fair golf course were present to those who 'listen' to the course. The challenge was to make the new design appear natural and spontaneous, as if it had always been that way.

Taking advantage of the existing terrain, the West Course now weaves it way through the multitude of hardwood trees, creeks and lakes. The hazards are now placed to challenge the players and frame the holes. Bunker placement now almost always indicates the best angle to the green (i.e. the closer one plays to the hazard the greater the advantage on the next shot). In an effort to promote creative shot strategy and variety, the previously round, flat greens were changed to a more abstract shape with contours that produced multiple hole locations.

The result of the redesign is a well conditioned course that has become an enjoyable golfing experience for all those who choose the West Course over the East Course.

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Baltimore Country Club

Baltimore Country Club is a private club in Baltimore, Maryland, with two campuses, one in the city's Roland Park neighborhood and the other in the north suburb of Lutherville. It is one of only twelve clubs nationwide to operate two campuses.[1] The club was founded on January 12, , and hosted the U.S. Open the following year. Its original golf course at the Roland Park campus was the first hole course built in the state of Maryland.[2] The USGA lists Baltimore Country Club as one of the first clubs established in the United States.

The club has hosted a U.S. Open, a PGA Championship, a Walker Cup, a U.S. Men's Amateur, a U.S. Women's Open, and a Senior PGA Tour Major - one of only two clubs in the country to do so.[3] In addition to its two golf courses, BCC operates outdoor tennis, pickleball, platform tennis, single & doubles squash, three swimming pools, a duckpin bowling alley, two fitness centers, and dining at both clubhouses. In , Links magazine named Baltimore Country Club as one of the Most Prestigious Clubs in the World. Its East Course at the Five Farms location was ranked 75th best course in the United States by Golf Magazine in The club was also named in a Platinum Country Club in America and was ranked 47th.[4]


The club opened in in its acre (51&#;ha) Roland Park location with a membership of approximately 1,[5] Just one year after opening, the Club hosted the fifth United States Open Championship, which was won by Willie Smith of Scotland. By the s the decision was made to acquire land to the north of the city and expand the popular golfing amenities to a second location. The East Course at Five Farms, designed by A. W. Tillinghast, officially opened in September Two years later, this new course held the PGA Championship.

In October , the Roland Park Clubhouse sustained fire damage, and prior to completing repairs, it was virtually destroyed by a second fire on January 5, The new “in-town” Clubhouse was formally opened on April 1, The Federal-style detailing of the Georgian Room, the paneling and black Belgian marble of the foyer, and the rough stone and pine of the Grille remain practically unchanged to this date. The duckpin bowling lanes were built in and remain in use today. During the late s and early s the grass tennis courts at Roland Park were selected by the National Lawn Tennis Association to host the qualifying rounds for the Davis Cup matches. Teams from Australia, Cuba, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United States all participated. The Roland Park Golf Course was officially closed in when all of the property on the west side of Falls Road was sold. That same year, the West Course at Five Farms opened. Two years later, the stately Olivier Mansion, which served as the original Five Farms Clubhouse, was demolished and replaced with a new building.

Squash courts, now international, were added to the Roland Park facility in The Club continues to host professional squash tournaments. The Club expanded its racquets program and added paddle tennis courts to the Roland Park campus in The Club’s swim complex was first built circa Renovations began some thirty years later, and the current facility, consisting of three independent pools, opened at Five Farms in New tennis courts, also at Five Farms, debuted in

Golf Courses & Rankings[edit]

Its current golf facility at Five Farms has two courses, the East Course and the West Course. Its East Course was designed by A. W. Tillinghast in In , Keith Foster was brought in to restore the course. He removed trees, realigned the bunkers, upgraded the greens complexes, and re-grassed the fairways.[6] The East Course has received numerous accolades and still enjoys praise from numerous golf organizations:

TeeRating/Slope1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total
Black /
Blue /
White /
Gold /
Par Men's 44434544335 4443544343570
SIMen's 511117739131512210184681614
Red /
Par Women's 55434544337 4543555343875
SIWomen's 731115519131748618210121614
TeeRating/Slope1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total
Blue /
White /
Gold /
Par Men's 53454443436 4453443453672
SIMen's 715171311913581421216418106
Red /
Green /
Par Women's 53454443536 4453443453672
SIWomen's 517151397131181021416418126

Golf Tournaments[edit]

In Popular Culture[edit]


The club has had some racial controversy in the past. In the s signs were posted that stated "No Dogs, No Coloreds, No Jews" on the campus.[13] In , Baltimore Country Club accepted their first black member.[14]


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