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Hear Mary Pope Osborne read Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark

May 18,

Mary Pope Osborne is the author of many books for children, including novels, picture books, biographies, mysteries, and retellings of Greek, Norse and Celtic Mythology and folk tales. She is probably most well know for her beloved Magic Tree House series. She has written more than 50 titles in the series – and recently created the Magic Tree House Super Edition series which have longer, more complex stories and a slightly higher reading level.

Listening to stories helps children build vocabulary and expand their attention spans. Most important, listening stimulates children’s imaginations. When children listen to stories, they have to create pictures in their minds &#; they have to “see” the characters, the scenery and costumes. In this way, listeners collaborate with the storyteller to create the world of the story. Listening to stories also motivates small children to learn how to read.

Mary Pope Osborne in the studio.

Mary Pope Osborne in the studio.

Mary also does a lot of research in writing the Magic Tree House titles. Each story is packed with historical facts that will transport listeners back in time and around the world. Children will learn about history while improving their literacy skills, as they adventure with Jack and Annie in this educational and engaging series.

One of the things Mary loves most about the Magic Tree House series is that she gets to record all of the audiobooks for Listening Library!  When she narrates she feels the spell of the story take over and guide her voice. She said:

I become the characters as I speak their lines – whether it’s Jack, Annie, Merlin the magician, an Egyptian queen or fierce pirates. At the end of a recording day, I always feel triumphant – as if I have just traveled with Jack and Annie to a faraway, scary place, accomplished a dangerous mission &#; and returned home to Frog Creek in time for dinner.

Now, travel back in time to the very first book in the series Dinosaurs Before Dark  (also available on CD as an audiobook collection) and hear how Jack and Annie first discovered the Magic Tree House.

Click here to listen to the first chapter of DINOSAURS BEFORE DARK.

View our Magic Tree House collection to join Jack and Annie on all their adventures.

Publisher Amanda D&#;Acierno, Mary Pope Osborne, and Audio Producer Orli Moscowitz.

Publisher Amanda D&#;Acierno, Mary Pope Osborne, and Audio Producer Orli Moscowitz.


Mary Pope Osborne has created and narrated these tales in a perfect way as no one else could have done. Each story is different from the rest in this magic tree house series but the quest and the characters are the same. Jack and Annie the brother and sister start their journey from the dinosaur world in “Dinosaurs before dark” in which they escape death then come the “knight at dawn” where they fail to get along with the knights of the past. “Mummies in the morning and pirates past noon” share the life of pirates and some myths related to mummies.

The quest to find Morgan le Fay takes them to the ninja world in the “nights of ninjas” they learn the art of fighting for the first time and thus leave the defensive mood and come to real fighting. In “Afternoon on the Amazon and Sunset of the saber tooth” they fight vampire bats and saber tooth tiger and successfully complete their mission but still fail to find Morgan le Fay. 

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Their last and final destination is the moon and all they have to do is to find something starting with the letter “M” in order to help Morgan le Fay and also to end their long quest related to the magic tree house. This time for the first time they find themselves in the future, but the future is not much helpful to them as they still lack oxygen supply on the moon. The stories have a sense of adventure and also a bond is there in the form of Morgan whom both Jack and Annie are bound to find so that they can end the whole thing.

Not only these, but the author has other book series that are worth listening to includingMagic Tree House Collection: Books andMerlin Mission Collection which you may not want to leave out.



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Magic Tree House Collection: Books

Books of the&#;New York Times&#;bestselling Magic Tree House series plus an interview with Mary Pope Osborne!

Meet Jack and Annie!

Jack and his younger sister, Annie, are just regular kids. But when they discover a tree house in the woods, something magical happens. In books , Jack and Annie are whisked back in time to the Age of Dinosaurs, a medieval castle, ancient pyramids, and treasure-seeking pirates. In books , Jack and Annie's friend, Morgan le Fay, is in trouble! They must find four 'M' things to free her from a spell. Their adventures take them to meet a ninja master in ancient Japan, flee a crocodile on the Amazon River, discover the cave people of the Ice Age, and blast off to the moon in the future. It's a difficult and dangerous mission, but Jack and Annie will do anything to save a friend!

Audiobooks in this set include:&#;Dinosaurs Before Dark&#;(#1),&#;The Knight at Dawn&#;(#2),&#;Mummies in the Morning&#;(#3),&#;Pirates Past Noon&#;(#4),&#;Night of the Ninjas&#;(#5),&#;Afternoon on the Amazon&#;(#6),&#;Sunset of the Sabertooth&#;(#7), and&#;Midnight on the Moon&#;(#8).

Mary Pope Osborne brings together just the right combination of history, magic, and fast-paced adventure to satisfy kids, parents, teachers, and librarians all over the world with her&#;New York Times&#;bestselling series.

'Osborne's narration is low-key and well-paced. A great way to introduce children who are reluctant readers or can't yet read to this highly entertaining book series and to reading in general.'--Chicago Parent
“Osborne's soothing, beautifully articulated voice and knack for characterization are reliably pleasing.'--AudioFile


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Magic Tree House

To everyone else, it might seem like nothing much happens in the small town of Frog Creek. But they haven’t stepped inside Jack and Annie’s magic tree house

From sailing the high seas with Pirates to uncovering Ancient Egyptian mummies, the classic Magic Tree House series sees two spirited siblings go on journeys through space and time. Join Jack and Annie on their enchanting adventures and learn about history, solve riddles and uncover mystical objects. What wisdom do the Congo’s giant mountain gorillas hold? Can Jack and Annie save a tiger from a trap? Will they successfully scale Machu Picchu to find a missing llama?

Who better to tell the tales of the Magic Tree House than the author herself? Mary Pope Osbourne’s warm delivery of the adventures of Jack and Annie allows anyone that listens to conjure up images of the lush Congo, the seas of the Caribbean and America’s Old West. Switching effortlessly between Morgan, who tasks the children with their quests, Annie and Jack, Osbourne’s flawless performance ignites the imagination of children, regardless of their age.

By the time Osbourne was 15, she’d moved over 13 times, visited numerous states and journeyed abroad. Her dad’s job in the army meant that travelling was a part of life and it kindled a wanderlust in the author that would continue well into adulthood. The Magic Tree House is an extension of her adventurous spirit, allowing her to explore ancient villages, learn about religions and unearth civilisations that can be shared and enjoyed with her young listeners. 

With over million copies sold, the Magic Tree House is one of the most popular chapter book series of all time. Jack and Annie were first introduced to the world in and, over 25 years later, continue to inspire generations of children to learn and develop. The series has been such a success that it’s even been adapted for theatre, with Lionsgate acquiring the rights for a Magic Tree House live-action film.


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