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Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Verses: How to get all Forge weapons, Perfect Paradox, Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy is new feature added as part of the Curse of Osiris DLC.

These are mini-quests that require you to farm a certain number of resources - Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom - giving you one of several new and unique weapons.

One of these is the Legends Lost quest, which allows you to get the Paradox Perfect shotgun.

If you're looking for more from the DLC, our Destiny 2 DLC Curse of Osiris guide and walkthrough can help.

This page includes:

How to start a Lost Prophecy and get new Forge weapons in Destiny 2

First, you need to complete the main storyline of the Curse of Osiris DLC, which culmulates with a mission named 'Omega'.

Doing so will then unlock Adventures within the Mercury patrol space. This is one of three Adventures you must complete in order - The Up and Up, The Runner and Bug in the System. These take you through the Infinite Forest once more, ending with a unique encounter in a different time zone each time.

With those three done, you then unlock Mercury Adventure Tokens, and the ability to undertake Heroic Adventures. You must then complete one of these Heroic Adventures.


Note these are a big step up difficulty-wise compared to standard Adventures (going from Power level to ) so if you can, complete it as part of a Fireteam. Otherwise, we found the Runner easiest to complete solo, since the boss component is easy with the right elemental damage enabled with the Prism modifier.

With the Heroic Adventure complete, you can go back to Vance and finally start your first Lost Prophecy. We had Verse 1 (which we assume is the default start for every player), which when completed and taken to the Forge, you can return to Brother Vance to receive another Lost Prophecy.


Lost Prophecy Verses and Forge weapons list

Each Verse requires a different quantity of resources and rewarding you with a weapon at the end.

Each one requires you to hand in a combination of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture or Advanced Paradox Amplifier. Once you have enough (the end section of this article will explain where to specifically find these items) then 'use' them in your inventory to apply them to the active Lost Prophecy.

Then take it to Brother Vance, who will guide you to the nearby Weapon Forge. Interact with it, and the weapon corresponding to that Verse is yours.

Not only are these weapons exclusive, but they will also drop at higher Power levels than you have currently equipped, making them a welcome way to increase your overall Power level.

Verse 11x Concentrated Radiolarian CultureGarden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle)
Verse 22x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
1x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
The Conqueror 2 (Submachine Gun)
Verse 31x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Jack Queen King 3 (Hand Cannon)
Verse 43x Concentrated Radiolarian CultureMachina Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle)
Verse 53x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
1x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Traveler's Judgment 5 (Sidearm)
Verse 62x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Sol Pariah 6 (Submachine Gun)
Verse 71x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon)
Verse 82x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle)
Verse 92x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Hermaion Blossom
Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle)
Verse 103x Fossilized Hermaion BlossomFuture Safe 10 (Sword)
Verse 11Legends Lost questline (see below)Perfect Paradox (Shotgun)

Complete all of the above, and your final reward is a Sagira Shell for your Ghost.

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Thanks to the Destiny subreddit for filling in some of the blanks above.

You can track which ones you've completed on the wall behind the Weapon Forge, with the orbs lightning up as you finish each Verse.

How to get Perfect Paradox and the Legends Lost quest

Following the December 12 update, there is the chance to start and complete the Legends Lost questline and get the Perfect Paradox shotgun from the Forge.

The steps are as follows:

  • Complete four Verses and visit Vance.
  • Upon returning, you'll be given a special 'Another Verse' with a quest attached in Mercury. Complete the Power level mission Signal Light - it involves exploring the Infinite Forest and visiting the present - then return to Vance.
  • Collect 2x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, 2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier, 2x Hermaion Blossom.
  • Complete a second mission - Not Even the Darkness - which again involves a visit to the Infinite Forest, and ends with you receiving Saint's personal effects.
  • Take this back to Vance to complete the Verse, allowing you to forge Perfect Paradox.

You can see the above steps in the following video from Arekkz:

This year's Festival of the Lost has arrived - which includes the Book of the Forgotten and Jurassic Green to unlock. Elsewhere in Season of the Lost, there are new Exotics such as the Ager's Scepter and the long-awaited arrival of crossplay. New activities include the Wayfinders Voyage, the Astral Alignment activity and finding Atlas Skew, Trivial Mystery, Enigmatic Mystery, Ascendant Mystery, Data Cache, Parallax Trajectory and Ascendant Anchor locations. Elsewhere, we've seen new Nightfall weapons such as the Uzume RR4, Plug One.1 and Hung Jury SR4. Other recent new features include transmog and materials Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave, the Splicer Gauntlet and Decrypted Data used to upgrade it.

How to get Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom in Destiny 2

To complete the above Verses, you must collect new types of resource - Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier, and Hermaion Blossom, which are found from the following sources.


Radioladian Culture sources

  • Public events
  • Planetary chests

Paradox Amplifier sources

  • Strikes
  • Crucible matches
  • Heroic Adventures on Mercury

Hermaion Blossom sources

  • Nightfall
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Heroic Strikes

There are some notes on the above:

  • Both standard and Concentrated / Advanced / Fossilized versions of Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom can be found from the above activities, though the more valuable versions are much rarer to discover.
  • Activities or chests on any planet will drop the above. The exception are Heroic Adventures, which are exclusive to Mercury.
  • Unfortunately, completing the above activities will not give you a guaranteed drop, so don't expect every Public Event you complete to give you Radioladian Culture, for example.
  • You can trade the 10 standard versions of these materials for the Concentrated / Advanced versions with Brother Vance at the Lighthouse, if you are struggling to see them drop naturally.

As there is no certain place to get them everytime, farming these materials might be a frustrating exercise - and so it might be easier to wait until they come to you as you do these activities naturally.


Destiny 2: Lost Prophecy guide - All weapons, verses, offerings, Perfect Paradox and Sagira's Shell

Our Destiny 2: Lost Prophecy guide explains how the weapon forging process works and contains a list of every verse, weapon and tips on gathering offerings.

Introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion, Lost Prophecies are ancient quests that send you on a hunt to gather rare materials and reward you with unique, powerful weapons in return.

Go to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse and you can purchase a mysterious Lost Prophecy tablet that needs to be activated with special ingredients. Many of these components can be acquired while going about your usual business on Mercury, but others may require you to take on some tough challenges.

Below we&#x;ve put together a guide that&#x;ll explain how these Lost Prophecies and weapon forging processes work, along with a full list of Prophecy Verses and additional pointers on how to acquire Prophecy offerings. Expect this guide to updated considerably in the early days of the new DLC!

Editor's UPDATE #8: We've revised our "Best Lost Prophecy Weapons" section at the very bottom of the article and it now includes a brilliant video which outlines the top five weapons you'll want to be forging right away. Of course, all you need to do is scroll up to find out what offerings you'll need, what verses correspond to each weapon and how the forging process works. We'll continuously update this guide as new information swings our way, so stay tuned!

How do Lost Prophecies work?

Getting Started

Here's a quick list of what steps you'll have to complete before you can start collecting Lost Prophecy verses, and other factors to take note of.

  • Once you've got the DLC's campaign underway, Brother Vance won't initially sell Lost Prophecy Verses.
  • For Brother Vance to start flogging his Lost Prophecy Verses, you'll need to complete the Curse of Osiris campaign and follow this up by taking on all the Adventures he gives you immediately afterwards.
  • Once you've powered through all of this, he'll give you the opportunity to replay one Adventure on Heroic difficulty. This will only happen if you've hit Power Level +, so bear this in mind if it doesn't work for you.
  • Finally, Brother Vance will start selling his Lost Prophecy Verses, but he won't sell them all! You can only purchase a maximum of three Lost Prophecy Verses per week.
  • Of course, this means that Brother Vance rotates his three Lost Prophecy Verses every week, so you'll have to be patient if there's one in particular you're seeking out.
  • If you've not gathered all the ingredients for a Lost Prophecy Verse, it'll still be in your inventory after a week - they don't disappear or reset.
  • We highly recommend picking up a Lost Prophecy Verse before you go off and have a crack at your weekly Milestones. This means you'll naturally gather ingredients while you complete activities.

Weapon Forging Process

  • Go to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse.
  • He&#x;ll have a number of Lost Prophecy Verses on sale.
  • Choose one to acquire and it&#x;ll be added to your inventory.
  • Hover over it in your inventory and you&#x;ll notice that it has a set of requirements. For example: Collect 1 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifier.
  • These ingredients are acquired by participating in specific activities, such as Heroic Strikes and Adventures.
  • Once you&#x;ve collected all the required components, you&#x;ll need to head into your inventory, carefully seek them out and use the required amount (once you&#x;ve used them up, there&#x;s no going back).
  • When you&#x;re done, you&#x;ll receive a glowing Prophecy Tablet.
  • Go back to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse and he&#x;ll automatically have a Lost Prophecy, Verse X Fulfilled tablet for you.
  • Go ahead and acquire it, before heading toward the Weapon Forge in the Lighthouse.
  • Interact with the Forge and you&#x;ll receive your unique weapon!

List of Verses

Here&#x;s a list of all Brother Vance&#x;s Lost Prophecy verses and their corresponding weapons.

Prophecy VerseLegendary WeaponEnergy Type Prophecy Offerings
Prophecy Verse 1 Garden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle)Kinetic1 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
Prophecy Verse 2 The Conqueror 2 (SMG)Kinetic2 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture + 1 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Prophecy Verse 3 Jack, Queen King 3 (Hand Cannon)Energy1 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture + 2 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Prophecy Verse 4 Machine Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle)Kinetic3 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
Prophecy Verse 5 Traveler's Judgment 5 (Sidearm)Energy3 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier + 1 x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Prophecy Verse 6 Sol Pariah 6 (SMG)Energy2 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture + 2 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Prophecy Verse 7 West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon)Kinetic1 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier + 2 x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Prophecy Verse 8 Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle)Energy2 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier + 2 x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Prophecy Verse 9 Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle)Energy2 x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture + 2 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier + 2 x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Prophecy Verse 10 Future Safe 10 (Sword)Energy3 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier

Credit goes to Redditor denprofet for providing a complete list of all the ingredients.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris guides

11th Lost Prophecy Verse: Perfect Paradox

You've probably noticed in our table above that there are only 10 weapons listed, even though we know for a fact that there are 11 available to collect in game.

We've had a very helpful tip-off from one of our readers (thank you!) which goes through how they obtained the 11th weapon called Perfect Paradox. Here's the process:

  • Firstly, Perfect Paradox is a Legendary shotgun.
  • It doesn't seem like you have to complete all 10 Lost Prophecy verses, instead our reader only completed five in the order: 1,6,3,4 and finally verse
  • After completing verse 10, Brother Vance gives you a unique "Another Prophecy" which grants you access to a special quest called "Signal Light".
  • This quest tasks you with going into the Infinite Forest in search of the Vanguard signal that's emanating from there.
  • Upon completion of the quest, the Prophecy items changes and you'll need 2 x Advanced Paradox Amplifier, 2x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and 2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom.
  • Use these items and the prophecy transforms again, this time granting you access to the "Not Even the Darkness" quest.
  • Go ahead and complete this and you're sent back to Brother Vance and then directed to forge Perfect Paradox.
  • Do bear in mind that this process may not work for everyone, but there are reports that some players had only completed verse 10 before gaining access to verse 11 - while others did not. It seems a little random and we'll keep an eye on things until we have a definitive process.

Sagira's Ghost Shell and Prophetic Arsenal Emblem

If you manage to complete all 11 Lost Prophecy Verses and forge every weapon, you'll be rewarded with Sagira's Ghost Shell and a new Legendary Emblem.

Sagira's Ghost Shell makes your existing Ghost look like Osiris' companion and comes complete with some unique perks. It's Intrinsic is entitled "You're Welcome" and detects caches and resources within a meter range on Mercury. There's "Omni-Telemetry" which generates Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills and finally, "Scion of Mercury" which gives increased Glimmer and chance to obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury.

The Emblem not only looks great, but also tracks the number of enemies you've eliminated with Prophecy weapons.

Here's how to get them:

  • Complete every Lost Prophecy Verse Brother Vance has to offer. This includes the Perfect Paradox (11th) Verse/Quest too.
  • Once you've forged the final weapon, the Sagira Shell will drop automatically into your inventory.
  • On top of this, you'll also receive the Legendary Emblem entitled "Prophetic Arsenal" too.

How to acquire all Prophecy Offerings

In order to craft those unique Legendaries, you&#x;ll need the ingredients to do so. To help you out we&#x;ve put together a table that lists each material and what you need to do to get hold of them.

We&#x;ll update this table considerably with every material each week when a new set of Lost Prophecy Verses goes live. Don't be afraid to chime in with ingredients and any tips you may have for farming them in the comments below - we may just feature them in the article!

Prophecy OfferingRequirements
Advanced Paradox AmplifierStrikes, Crucible matches and Heroic Adventures on Mercury.
Concentrated Radiolarian CultureGather 10 Radiolarian Culture from Public Events and their chests. Give these to Brother Vance to upgrade.
Fossilized Hermaion BlossomNightfall Strikes, Trials of the Nine and Heroic Strikes.

For Concentrated Radiolarian Culture you've got no option but to get stuck into Public Events. Your best bet is to select a large planet like Nessus or the EDZ as they should have Public Events constantly occurring. If you can time it right, you'll be able to participate in every single one and increase your chances of receiving ingredients.

One tip we have for farming Advanced Paradox Amplifiers would be grinding out matches in the Crucible as it's easily the fastest way of earning them when compared to all the other options.

For Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms, you'll want to participate in Trials of the Nine matches as these are the quickest method. Or, if you've got a solid fireteam together you can plough through Heroic Strikes to bag them too.

Best Lost Prophecy Weapons

Below we've linked a video that highlights the very best Lost Prophecy weapons on offer. Of course, we've got a complete weapons table above if you're after details on what verse corresponds to which weapon.

It's clear that there's a whole host of Lost Prophecy weapons which are well worth tracking down, and personally, we're huge fans of the sidearm and auto-rifle.

Houndish produces some fantastic Destiny 2 content, so do make sure you give the video a thumbs up to support his work!

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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Lost Prophecy Verses Guide

The unbearable months-long wait is over as Destiny 2 finally gets a major expansion with new content in Curse Of Osiris, which means it's time to jump back into the game!

Players can now find devastating new exotics like the Prometheus Lens tracer rifle and get an overdue bump on the character and light level caps.

Of course there's also new side missions that result in unique Legendary gear. These new weapons are only available after you grind some specific offering components to complete a set of verses in the Lost Prophecies.

Starting Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies

After completing the main Curse Of Osiris campaign, talk to Brother Vance at the Lighthouse to get started on completing the Lost Prophecies (some players have reported Vance won't actually give them the Lost Prophecy info until after completing a Heroic Adventure first).

Look through his inventory of verses in the Lost Prophecies and pick one you want to finish (these don't all have to be done in order from 1 to 11). Once the verse is in your inventory, take a look at it to see the specific requirements for the quest.

To finish off a verse and get your new Legendary weapon, you have to get specific offerings and use them in your inventory to create a Prophecy Tablet. Each offering item is usable and will be consumed when you activate it.

Once that's done, take the Tablet back to Brother Vance and choose the option to transmute it. With that transmuted Tablet in hand, head over to the forge (the device connected to the 11 pointed star on the wall in the Lighthouse).

Interact with the forge to get your weapon reward, and then look at the star to see which verses you've completed and which are still incomplete.

  Finding a verse's offering requirements

Lost Prophecy Verse Offering Requirements

Offerings to complete any given Lost Prophecy verse are acquired in different ways, like engaging in Strikes, Public Events, and Adventures, and most can be found on Mercury. To see the specifics for each verse, choose the Details option while hovering over the verse in your inventory.

The Details screen tells you specifics like "acquired from public event chests" or "acquired from Heroic Adventures on Mercury" and so on. Essentially, you are looking for random drops at places you'd already be going. 

Below we list out every weapon and verse combo discovered so far, along with what offerings you need to use in your inventory to get the Tablet. Have you completed any of the verses we didn't get to yet? Let us know in the comments, and we'll get this list updated!

 Verse 1 Garden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle)Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
 Verse 2 The Conqueror 2 (SMG)Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier
 Verse 3 Jack, Queen King 3 (Hand CannonConcentrated Radiolarian Culture
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
 Verse 4 Machine Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle)Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x3
 Verse 5 Traveler's Judgment 5 (Sidearm)Advanced Paradox Amplifier x3
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
 Verse 6 Sol Pariah 6 (SMG)Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
 Verse 7 West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon)Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 8 Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle)Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 9 Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle)Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 10 Future Safe 10 (Sword)Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x3
 Verse 11 Perfect ParadoxLegends Lost quest


Good luck finding all the offerings and grabbing every weapon! Special thanks go out to YouTuber Rikudou for the Lost Prophecy screenshots.

Now that you're on the quest to finish all the verses, you might be looking for help on the rest of the game and its expansion. From raids to exotic weapon lists and even vendor locations, our full list of Destiny 2 walkthroughs can be found right here. Here are a few guides to get you started: 

  • Lighthouse Chest Puzzle
  • How to Get the Crimson Hand Cannon
  • Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle
  • Curse Of Osiris' New Level Cap
  • How to get Hermaion Blossoms in the Curse of Osiris
  • Destiny 2 Exotics and How to Get Them
  • Destiny 2 Beginner's Guide
  • How to Replay Story Missions
  • Destiny 2 Clan Guide
  • How to Unlock Challenges
  • Activating Heroic Public Events
  • How to Get the Kill Tracker Ghost
  • What to Do at Max Level
Solo Prophecy in Season of the Lost - HUNTER - Destiny 2 - HOW ANYONE CAN SOLO - NO RAID WEAPONS!

&#;Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris&#; Lost Prophecy weapons guide

Much of what&#;s available in Destiny 2&#;s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, is pretty straightforward. But like much of Destiny 2, it also has its secrets. Found in Mercury&#;s Lighthouse, the forge allows you to create several new Legendary guns that are part of the Curse of Osiris. It&#;s a great resource for high-level players, assuming you know how to find it.

Unlocking the Forge and its capabilities, though, requires a lot of work &#; and the process to get guns from the Lighthouse isn&#;t exactly quick, either. Nobody&#;s quite sure yet what the Forge will eventually unlock, but so far, we know about four guns you can nab if you&#;re willing to put in the effort.

Here&#;s how to get your forge weapons, and the best places to hunt for the materials required to create them.

Unlock the Lost Prophecies

destiny 2 curse of osiris review

Before you can unlock the Cult of Osiris&#; Forge and the Prophecy Tablets that go with them, you need to complete most of the missions in Curse of Osiris. You need to work your way through the campaign, plus the three &#;adventure&#; sidequests that pop up on Mercury once you&#;re done. After you&#;ve cleared all of those missions, head to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse on Mercury for a new addition to your slate of activities.

When you talk to Vance, he offers you &#;heroic&#; versions of the Mercury adventures you just finished. Like the difficult, timed Nightfall Strikes, which rotates every week in Destiny 2, these are tougher takes on the missions with a variety of modifiers that ratchet up the difficulty, and force you to change your tactics.

To find the Forge, pick and complete any one of the heroic adventures. Note that they&#;re recommended for Power level or above, which should give you an indication of how tough they are. You will have an easier time if you can band together with friends to finish them. You get some solid rewards and finish a Milestone for completing the heroic adventure. You can earn reputation tokens from heroic adventures once per day, and it&#;s worth it to do so if you want to get more of the new gear.

When you complete your heroic adventure, return to Brother Vance.

Get your Prophecy Tablet

destiny 2 lost prophecy brother vance

When you talk to Brother Vance after completing your first heroic adventure, he has an item you can take from his menu for free: A &#;Prophecy Tablet.&#; The tablets, which unlock weapons, become available in batches. The first group has four tablets, each of which requires you to gather a certain set of items in order to activate it.

The first item you need is &#;Concentrated Radiolarian Culture.&#; Once you have the Prophecy Tablet, these items will start to drop for you around the world of Destiny 2. &#;Concentrated&#; items are harder to find than the average pickup &#; they are the uncommon version, which has a blue background. It won&#;t show up nearly as often as the common, &#;green&#; version, which is simply called &#;Radiolarian Culture.&#;

Where to find Radiolarian Culture

To get hold of Radiolarian Cultures, you need to know where to look. And to get the uncommon blue variety, you have to gather up several of the common green kind.

Radiolarian Culture generally drops during public events and related endeavors around the solar system, not just on Mercury. Radiolarian Culture drops most often during Public Events, and the chances of some dropping seem higher after triggering the heroic version of an event. You can also find Radiolarian Culture when you defeat high-value targets wandering around any of the planets, and hidden in treasure chests. That includes the gold Regional Chests you can find in every level, as well as the caches that are scattered around each area randomly. The good news is, you can get them anywhere, not just Mercury, and the drop rates don&#;t seem to be much different from place to place.

The trouble with gathering Radiolarian Culture is that the drop rate isn&#;t great (and the drop rate for Concentrated Radiolarian Culture is terrible). You won&#;t get some from every Public Event, High-Value Target or chest, so you may find yourself playing event after event trying to get what you need. To make it slightly easier, Brother Vance will convert a batch of 10 green Cultures into one blue Culture for you, but he charges you 15 legendary shards for the privilege.

The best approach to minimize fatigue is to roll your material hunting into other activities, like clearing the weekly Flashpoint. You also want to equip a Ghost shell that will show you where chests are, or buy Cayde-6&#;s consumable Scouting Reports to highlight chests as you wander each zone.

Activating a Prophecy Tablet

destiny 2 lost prophecy upgraded prophecy

Once you have a blue Concentrated Radiolarian Culture in your inventory, you can &#;use&#; it in order to activate your Prophecy Tablet. Once you&#;ve done so, go back to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse. He will give you a new item that you can take to the Forge, to his left. Fire it up to get your gun.

It&#;s worth noting here that you can mess this up. You can &#;Use&#; any material you have, even if your Tablet doesn&#;t call for it &#; and if you use the wrong material, nothing will happen to your Tablet, but the material will still be used up. So be careful not to accidentally highlight the green version of Radiolarian Culture, or even worse, a material you need to activate a different tablet. You also want to double-check that you&#;re applying the correct material to your tablet, just to be safe.

The first Prophecy Tablet will net you a scout rifle called &#;Garden Progeny 1.&#;

Where to find Paradox Amplifiers

destiny 2 lost prophecy curse of osiris garden progeny

Once you turn in your first Prophecy Tablet and forge your first gun, Brother Vance will offer you one of three other tablets. Pick any one, since you can come back for the others after you have finished. Two of the tablets require a new material in addition to Radiolarian Culture, called a Paradox Amplifier. That said, here&#;s a list of what they get you:

Verse 3: Jack Queen King 3 (Energy hand cannon)

destiny 2 curse of osiris lost prophecy jack queen king 3

Verse 4: Machina Dei 4 (Kinetic pulse rifle)

destiny 2 lost prophecy machina dei

Verse 6: Sol Pariah 6 (Energy submachine gun)

destiny 2 trials of osiris prophecy tablets sol pariah

The good news is that Paradox Amplifiers drop regularly. The bad news is that they&#;re limited to just three types of events: Strike missions, the Crucible, and Heroic Adventures on Mercury.

If you&#;re going for efficiency and you&#;re alone, the best approach is to hunker down in the Crucible. Like Cultures, you need 10 green Amplifiers to create a blue one. But as far as we can tell, every match will drop at least one green Paradox Amplifier, and sometimes two. That means 10 matches, max, will get you enough for one blue Advanced Paradox Amplifier. You shouldn&#;t need more than two for any given Prophecy Tablet.

Where to find Hermaion Blossoms

Once you&#;ve run through the first batch of four Prophecy Tablets, Brother Vance will make a few more available, usually one at a time, allowing you to choose from a batch of three. He&#;ll also eventually sling the &#;Signal Light&#; mission your way, which starts you on the &#;Legends Lost&#; quest. That&#;ll happen before you&#;ve completed all your Forge weapons.

According to a handy list on the Destiny subreddit, these are the rest of the weapons you can earn:

  • Verse 2: The Conqueror 2 (Kinetic submachine gun)
destiny 2 curse of osiris prophecy tablets the conqueror
  • Verse 5: Traveler&#;s Judgment 5 (Energy sidearm)
destiny 2 trials of osiris prophecy tablets traveler&#;s judgment
  • Verse 7: West of Sunfall 7 (Kinetic hand cannon)
destiny 2 curse of osiris lost prophecy west of sunfall
  • Verse 8: Infinite Paths 8 (Energy pulse rifle)
destiny 2 curse of osiris lost prophecy infinite paths
  • Verse 9: Null Calamity 9 (Energy auto rifle)
  • Verse Future Safe 10 (Sword)

Some of these will require an additional material for you to grind out from around the world, called &#;Hermaion Blossoms.&#; Like the other materials, you need the uncommon, or blue, version of the materials, known as &#;Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms.&#; These are the toughest materials to come by. You can find them in three specific activities: Nightfall Strikes, Heroic Strikes, and Trials of the Nine matches. To unlock all the Prophecies, you need seven Fossilized Blossoms in total.

Again, there is no way to avoid the grind, so your best bet here is to concentrate on the content you like best or whatever can match your current Milestones. Heroic Strikes are definitely the easiest of the activities to complete, but Trials of the Nine matches go faster if you can find a good team. Your best bet for drops is likely the Prestige version of the Nightfall, but like all these drops, none of them are easy to track.

&#;Legends Lost&#; Quest

destiny 2 trials of osiris prophecy tablets pardox perfect

About midway through your quest to unlock all the tablets, you&#;ll receive a new quest from Brother Vance called &#;Signal Light.&#; It takes you back into the Infinite Forest in search of a long-lost guardian known as Saint, one of the original Vanguard leaders.

You won&#;t find Saint on your trip into the Infinite Forest, though, so you&#;ll need to come back out and keep working on tablets. Complete another one and another mission will open up that sends you, again, into the Infinite Forest. When you finish it, you&#;ll have a completed Prophecy Tablet that you can return to Brother Vance. Use it at the Forge to receive Perfect Paradox, Saint&#;s high-power, full-auto shotgun.

Finishing the prophecies

There are 11 total prophecy weapons to complete, 10 of which are tablets. It&#;ll take a while to knock them all out, especially for the ones that require a lot of Radiolarian Cultures or Paradox Amplifiers. Earning all of them brings you a handful of powerful weapons, though, and there&#;s a little extra surprise when you finish all of them.

Completing all the prophecies automatically earns you an Exotic Ghost shell: Sagira&#;s shell, the spiffy pointy one from the Curse of Osiris story campaign.

destiny 2 curse of osiris lost prophecy sagira&#;s shell

Sagira&#;s shell is extremely useful. First off, it produces telemetry for all three elemental weapon types, which you can use to increase your rank with the Gunsmith. It also gives you some serious bonuses on Mercury &#; you&#;ll earn more glimmer and have the chance to get extra tokens from chests and completing events. Sagira&#;s shell can also detect caches and resources on Mercury from a huge distance: 75 meters. That&#;s more than double the usual 30 meters, which means you&#;ll spot stuff much more easily when you&#;re working on Mercury.

You also get a cool, unique character emblem to go with your name that indicates you completed all the prophecies, and which tracks the number of kills you racked up with all your prophecy weapons.

Is the seal complete?

There&#;s one more interesting element about the Prophecy tablets. Beside the Forge is a seal on the wall of the Lighthouse that includes 12 symbols. As you unlock the prophecies, the symbols light up &#; but even when you&#;ve finished all the tablets, there will still be one symbol that&#;s not lit up.

destiny 2 curse of osiris lost prophecy seal

It looks like a blank place where a last symbol might light up, which could mean there&#;s one last part of the Lost Prophecy storyline for players to do that hasn&#;t unlocked yet. But as is clear in the image above, that last space is where the cord from the Forge plugs into the wall, so that space might be deliberately left empty. We&#;ll have to wait to see if something in Destiny 2 unlocks the last space some time in the future.

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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Prophecy Dungeon

The Prophecy Dungeon is one of the finest pieces of endgame content available in Destiny 2. Learn how to complete this dungeon, step by step.

The Prophecy Dungeon is one of the finest pieces of endgame content available in Destiny 2, perfect for those who wish to complete an exhilarating challenge. Guided by Eris Morn and The Drifter, this three-Guardian activity brings players into the realm of The Nine to fight Taken enemies and learn more about The Darkness. Design-wise, The Prophecy is arguably the most visually appealing piece of content that Destiny 2 has to offer. Every encounter feels unique, yet each puzzle builds upon familiar concepts introduced in the dungeon without seeming repetitive and overbearing.

Since Prophecy is end-game content, it's important to know what to bring. Raid Banners can be used before each boss encounter, and every part of this dungeon has many redbars to fight off as each task is completed. Weapons are not locked, so be sure to bring every best Destiny 2 weapon available. Some of the best weapons to bring are Witherhoard, Anarchy, Grenade Launchers with Blinding Grenades, and Auto Rifles with the best enemy clearing perks. Additionally, the Trials of the Nine weapons will be available for rewards, along with an updated perk pool, at the start of Season of the Lost - the next season of Destiny 2 that begins Aug.

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The Prophecy Dungeon is accessed in the Destiny 2 Tower. Upon launch, the dungeon begins aboard The Drifter's ship. Entering the teleporter will bring the fire team to the realm of The Nine, and they'll be immediately met by Taken Thralls and Taken Knights in a long pathway. Additionally, small streaks of light and dark energy will surround the player's screen depending on whether or not the Guardian is in the light or shadows, respectively. This is important to pay attention to, as the energy on the screen indicates which kind of mote, light or dark, will spawn from a Taken Knight after it is defeated.

How to Complete the Prophecy Dungeon in Destiny 2

At the end of the pathway are two platforms, one emitting dark energy, and the other light. Five light motes and five dark motes must be gathered in order to make the energy signatures disappear. Defeating a Taken Knight in Destiny 2 spawns three motes, so two of the Knights must be defeated in order to get the necessary amount of motes. Once enough of the motes are gathered head to the appropriate energy signature and press the "fire weapon" action to rid the platform of the energy. While this part of The Prophecy dungeon allows players to respawn, and death will force all gathered emotes to disappear. This procedure will unlock a door leading to another pathway, repeating this part once more. After the second door is unlocked, a pathway leading up out of the tunnels will bring the fire team to the second encounter.

The second encounter is on a small platform, covered in sand and pillars. This is the first boss encounter of Prophecy, so be sure to use a Raid Banner to replenish all ammo and abilities. In the middle of the platform is a Toland-wisp, touch it and the encounter begins. Taken Psions, Knights, and the Taken Cabal Boss will all spawn in the arena. Additionally, two platforms emitting each of the same light and dark energy signals will activate.

Every time an energy platform has deactivated the rings around the outside of the arena will shift, changing the shadows and light of the arena. Defeat the Knights and gather the motes, deactivate the light and dark energy, and the Boss' shield will fall. This begins a timed damage phase, and he can be defeated in one go, but if not, the platforms will reset and the process will need to be repeated. Once this Destiny 2 Boss is defeated, claim the chest reward and have everyone stand on the purple sand to begin the next encounter.

The third encounter of Prophecy begins with the fire team in a desert area full of steep dunes of sand. In the distance, gatherings of light can be seen in the night. Use the Sparrow to drive to them, but be mindful of the invisible Vex Minotaurs. They don't need to be defeated, but they can deal some damage if the team isn't careful. Once the team reaches the lit-up area and defeats the Taken, deactivate the Taken bubble and look for the Toland-wisp. It will guide the team to the next area, where the objective is repeated multiple times until a pink light is seen. Go to it, and enter the structure it is emitting from to begin the next encounter.

The fourth encounter of Destiny 2's Prophecy dungeon, takes place in a room with multiple energy-emitting platforms and enemies. It's a fairly straightforward encounter, simply look for the Toland-wisp above any of the energy-emitting platforms. Wherever Toland is, that is the type of mote that needs to be gathered. Once the energy has been deactivated head to the center of the room with the team to be teleported to a different angle of the same room. The encounter is a repeated process of following Toland's guidance until the mini-bosses are reached. There isn't anything that needs to be done like the first boss encounter. Instead, these bosses can be damaged immediately. Once the bosses have been defeated, claim the rewards chest and leave the structure.

A giant Taken Fallen Captain will be outside of the structure. Follow it through the desert to reach the beginning of the fifth encounter. The fifth encounter of Prophecy has the team travel by foot and Sparrow across a variety of pathways. Often referred to as the Rainbow Road of Destiny 2, this track has tons of twists and turns that make falling off of the sides easy. Carefully navigate all the way down through the tracks and get to the lowest level platform. There isn't a singular "correct path" to take, it's more about being careful not to throw caution to the wind. At the final platform will be a beam that brings the team up into another structure, where the final encounter of Prophecy awaits.

Follow the stairway inside the final structure of Prophecy to a triangular arena. Place a Raid Banner down to replenish all ammo and abilities, and seek Toland in the middle of the arena. Touching him begins the encounter, spawning Taken Psions, Knights, and three Taken Fallen Captains in each corner of the arena. In front of each Captain is a structure emitting energy. Defeat the Knight to get the need motes, deactivate the energy forcing the Captain out of protection, and defeat the Captain. Defeating all three Captains will activate the purple sand in the middle of the arena. Stand in it as a team to be teleported to the final Boss.

The final Boss in Destiny 2'sProphecy dungeon will continue its way down the long row of platforms and must be continuously attacked before it reaches the end. Once the Boss reaches the end of the platform it will teleport out, and the damage phase ends. The setup in the triangular room will need to be repeated in order to return to the damage phase. The most important tip to keep in mind during this phase is that the "Dark Entropy" effect will appear. It will count up to 10, and any player who has Dark Entropy x10 will instantly die. Damaging the Boss enough will prevent Dark Entropy from increasing. Additionally, one of the final Boss's attacks is a large sphere that teleports anyone who gets caught towards the back of the pathway.

Once the final Boss of Prophecy is defeated, that's it. The group will be teleported to a room where they can claim their final reward. Prophecy offers weapons of The Nine, and these rewards earned through the Destiny 2 dungeon are the only way to acquire them.

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Destiny 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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Destiny 2: How ANYONE Can Solo Prophecy! (And Why Everyone Should)

In the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC expansion, you'll eventually come across the brand new Lost Prophecy activities, which can be fairly lucrative for high level players. In this Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies guide, we'll be going over all the brand newDestiny 2 Lost Prophecy weapons, as well how to Forge weapons, and unlock Perfect Paradox in the new Mercury hub area. Read on for all the info on verses.

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies

If you haven't heard of Lost Prophecies, then don't worry. They're actually buried deep within the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris expansion, and you'll need to complete all four Adventures on Mercury from Brother Vance before you can even think about taking on a Lost Prophecy.

It doesn't end there however, as once you've completed all the base Adventures on Mercury, you'll have to undertake them all over again for Brother Vance, except this time they'll be on the Heroic difficulty setting, with a Power level recommendation of We'd recommend going into these Heroic Adventures, as they're rather difficult to take down on your own, even if you are well above the recommended Power level.

Once you've eventually made it through every single Heroic Adventure that Brother Vance offers, he'll provide you with the 'Lost Prophecy: Verse 1' item. There are a total of 10 Lost Prophecy Verses in Destiny 2, and although each one requires a certain amount of items in order to complete to fulfill. For example, Lost Prophecy Verse 1 requires one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, but this requires ten regular Radiolarian Culture pieces in order to obtain.

Once you've earned enough regular Radiolarian Culture, head to Brother Vance, who can turn your 10 pieces of regular Radiolarian Culture into one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. Now, head into your inventory, and activate the single piece of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture in order to complete Lost Prophecy: Verse 1.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Forge Weapons Guide

Now that you've completed the Lost Prophecy: Verse 1, you'll find yourself with a Tablet in your inventory, which you should take to the Forge and use with the corresponding weapon. You'll earn different Tablets for completing different Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies, and these can then be taken to the Forge and redeemed for the corresponding weapon.

Just below, you'll find the complete list of Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy quests, as well as the Lost Prophecy weapons that can be redeemed at the Forge after completing each Verse:

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Weapons Guide

However, there's a catch to this system. It appears as though Brother Vance only offers three different Lost Prophecies to pick from every week, with the list likely changing every time the Destiny 2 weekly reset occurs.

The corresponding Lost Prophecy weapons can't be found anywhere else in Destiny 2, and they also drop at a higher Power level than your character is currently at, meaning they're guaranteed to be of some benefit to you. The subsequent Lost Prophecies after Verse 1 might not be as easy, but at least you now know what to expect as a reward from each of them.

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Verse Perfect Paradox Weapon

As you continue to unlock tablets and gain new weapons through the Forge, you'll notice a seal on the wall next to the Forge, that continues to build up with every new weapon that you gain from Lost Prophecy Verses. Once you've completed all ten Lost Prophecy Verses, you'll kick off Lost Prophecy: Verse 11 - Legends Lost, for which you can gain the extremely rare Perfect Paradox weapon as a reward.

The Perfect Paradox weapon is extremely powerful, firing shells at an automatic rate, and boasting an increased reload speed when you've completely emptied the magazine. You can unlock additional perks for Perfect Paradox that increase range and accuracy, making it arguably one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, and a deadly weapon in the Crucible.

This brings our Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies guide to a close, but we have a number of additional Curse of Osiris DLC guides here at USgamer, including how to complete the Tree of Probabilities Strike, as well as how to obtain Sagira's Exoic Ghost Shell.


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How to complete the Lost Prophecies in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (and get 11 new Legendary weapons in the process)

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris brings with it an intriguing and somewhat complicated new endgame activity that high-level Guardians are going to want to check out. These are the Lost Prophecies available from Brother Vance on Mercury; essentially 11 side-quests that come with the added bonus of receiving a guaranteed Legendary weapon for completing each one. 

But how do they work? And how do you even get access to them? Good questions! This guide details everything you need to know about the Lost Prophecies, The Forge, and why it’s going to take you quite some time to get all of those 11 Legendary weapons.  

Before we even talk about that, though, you ought to know how you can make a start on this new Destiny 2 activity. You’ll need to own the Curse of Osiris DLC (obviously), and have completed the entirety of its campaign from start to finish. After that, three new Adventures on Mercury will become available to you; complete them all, before speaking to Brother Vance, who will give you the opportunity to replay one of these Adventures on Heroic difficulty, so long as you’re above power level  

The Heroic Adventures aren’t easy, and the recommended power level from Bungie is Even if you’re well above that threshold, though, we suggest going in with a Fireteam to make sure you can deal with the upscaled difficulty and new challenges proficiently, otherwise you might find yourself stuck at the last hurdle. All finished? Good, speak to Brother Vance once more and he will provide you with “Lost Prophecy, Verse 1.”

Each Lost Prophecy verse comes bearing resource requirements that must be fulfilled in order to “offer” them to The Forge; The Lighthouse’s archaic crafting table. For example, Verse 1 asks you to collect one piece of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture; you’ll need 10 pieces of regular Radiolarian Culture to create one piece of Concentrated Culture, and the details in your inventory shows that you can find these in Public Event chests. 

That means you’ll have to complete as many public events as needed to collect 10 pieces of regular Radiolarian Culture, which can then be turned into one piece of concentrated culture which the verse asks for. The drop rate for items like these are unclear at this point, but they’re considered rare in-game, and out of all the public events we’ve played so far, just over half of them have dropped a single piece of Culture.

Here is where things get complicated. If you’ve found all the resources, head back to Brother Vance, who can turn the 10 Radiolarian Culture into Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. You can then interact with the Concentrated Culture in your inventory to fulfil the Verse, which Brother Vance will transmute into a tablet for you. 

This tablet can be used at the Forge to craft the weapon it corresponds to - a Legendary Scout Rifle called Progeny 1. You’ll know you’ve crafted it properly, as one of the points on the Star symbol next to the Forge will have lit up, showing you how many Prophecies are left to be fulfilled.  

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead

Brother Vance will then allow you to pick from one of three other Prophecy Verses (3, 4, or 6) he has on offer, and it appears as though he will be selling three verses per week. That means, if you complete all three verses every week, you should have all 11 Legendary weapon within around four weeks. The Destiny 2 Reddit community has already put together a table showing which guns correspond to which verse, which gives you some idea of what to expect from The Forge over the next few resets. 

Each Verse has different resource requirements, and not all of them are as simple or easy as Verse 1, but all you have to do is keep repeating the specified activities to farm the needed resources, and The Forge will be ready for another use. These Lost Prophecy weapons can’t be found anywhere else and, once crafted, drop at a much higher power level than the gear you’re equipped with, so this convoluted new system is absolutely worth the time and effort for the dedicated Guardians out there. 

I'm GamesRadar's Features Writer, which makes me responsible for gracing the internet with as many of my words as possible, including reviews, previews, interviews, and more. Lucky internet! 


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