White ceramic pot 10 inch

White ceramic pot 10 inch DEFAULT

Choosing the right plant for your home is just half the job. Selecting the right pot for your plant completes it. And, without ceramic pots, your plants won’t look their best. 

When it comes to housing your leafy friends, making sure they’re planted in an attractive, suitably-sized container is both positive for you and for them.

Sure, you could pick out a plastic or laminate planter, but ceramic planters are a much more stylish and eco-friendly option. They also hold moisture more efficiently, which is great for keeping soil healthy and encouraging plant growth.

You may have found yourself overwatering, underwatering and wondering why the leaves are brown in the past, but with a little concentration and some careful consideration, plants can bring you a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

There are many reasons why having plants around your home is a great idea. Here are a few of them:

  • Improved Air Quality – Think of plants as the yin to your yang when it comes to breathing cycles. Loosely speaking, they want the carbon dioxide we don’t, and they provide the oxygen we need. This is a partnership made in photosynthesis heaven. Having greenery around your home can improve the air quality and encourage purer oxygen levels. Three of the best plants for this are aloe vera, spider plants and snake plants.
  • Brighten Up Your Day – Being in the presence of plants can increase concentration and positivity levels while reducing anxiety and lowering the risk of illness. If all of that doesn’t brighten up your day, then what will?
  • A Sense of Responsibility – Lockdown has been tough on us all, and while the idea of a puppy can seem like a good one at times, the longevity and level of responsibility attached make it a step too far for most of us. However, adding plants into your daily routine can add a little structure, which can go a long way to learning and implementing good habits. 

We’ve rounded up the 10 best ceramic pots and planters available on Amazon. There are a range of sizes, styles and colors as well as some innovative display alternatives, such as hanging and pots on stands.


1. Greenaholics Ceramic Pots


It’s easy to see why the Greenaholics Ceramic Planters have five out of five stars on Amazon. They are a vision of minimalist design at its best. This set of two is completed to a luxury standard, without the luxury price tag. The smaller of the pots measures 4.7 by 5.1 inches, and the larger is 5.9 by 5.9 inches. Both feature drainage holes in the base and come with a removable rubber plug. You can choose from matte black or matte white. Or, order both to create a monochrome set of four.

Greenaholics Ceramic white potsImage courtesy of Amazon


2. Binwen Ceramic Planter Pot


A lower price does mean a lower capacity when it comes to the Binwen Ceramic Planter, but if you’re looking to pot miniature plants, flower buds or baby cacti, then you’re in luck. The white ceramic planter bowl measures just over six inches across and comes complete with a bamboo wooden base. Although this product has a very shallow depth as far as planters go at 1.6 inches, a slightly increased depth of three inches is also available in the same style.

Binwen 6.3 inch Round Ceramic White Succulent Cactus PlanterImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Mkono Ceramic Planter


Save on floor space and decorate from the ceiling down with the Mkono Ceramic Planter. Three holes are evenly spaced around the top ridge of the rounded planter bowl through which polyester rope is attached. To alter the height at which the planter hangs, you can increase the amount of excess rope inside the eight-inch bowl and retie the knot keeping it in place. At maximum length, the planter and rope measure 26 inches. If you’re going to be displaying overhanging plants, such as ivy, then be sure to consider the added length when hanging to avoid tickled heads.

mkono hanging ceramic plant potImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Ekirlin Ceramic Planter


Being a piece of solid, durable pottery doesn’t stop the Ekirlin Ceramic Planter from also being stylish and classy. The cylindrical bowl is split in half by a central gold band, which separates the always white top hemisphere from the colored-in southern hemisphere. Green, pink and blue are just three of the six colors to choose from, all of which are available in multiple sizes from four to eight inches. Plus, a matching saucer, which is designed to fit precisely around the bottom rim of the planter, is included with each order.

Ekirlin 5 inch Plant Pot - Ceramic Flower PlanterImage courtesy of Amazon


5. The Next Gardener Ceramic Planters


All surfaces in your home present an opportunity for decoration, including plant pots. The Next Gardener Ceramic Planters are a set of two patterned plant pots which come paired with a complimenting saucer each. They’re small in size at only five inches wide, making them ideal for herbs and other miniature greenery. A strip of the base ceramic is visible at the bottom of the planter, but the white coating, which features dotted and crisscrossed detailing, covers the majority of the piece. Whether used for plants or as a pen pot, these planters will be a decorative asset to your home.

The Next Gardener Ceramic PlantersImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Seebest011 Ceramic Planters


Why have one ceramic planter when you could have four? The Seebest011 Ceramic Planters are equally sized at 5.5 inches high and wide, but each features a unique exterior texture. All four planters are totally white in color and shaped with a range of vertical and diagonal lines. Our favorite one highly resembles the skin of a pineapple, giving a tropical twist to your home decor. A saucer per pot is included, and these pieces feature a small raised ridge around the rim to ensure any excess water stays enclosed. You won’t have any accidental spillage with these pots in your home.

Seebest011 Ceramic PlantersImage courtesy of Amazon


7. ZOUTOG Ceramic Planter Pots


These cute, white ZOUTOG Ceramic Planter Pots are ideal for miniature cacti and very small plants. They measure three inches wide and are available as a set of four or six. Each circular pot features a small drainage hole in the base and comes paired with a matching bamboo tray. Their small size makes them easy to move from place to place. So, while they may be basking in the sun on the windowsill at times, they could also take pride of place on the dinner table as a centerpiece when you’re hosting guests.

ZOUTOG White Mini Ceramic Flower Planter Pot with Bamboo Tray, Pack of 6 Image courtesy of Amazon


8. La Jolie Muse Ceramic Plant Pot


The La Jolie Muse Ceramic Plant Pot comes together with a solid wooden stand which is supported by four small but sturdy legs. This pot and platform combo is available in medium or large and does not require any assembly. The stand folds out with ease thanks to the dowel middle, which allows it to open from flat to a perfect cross. Beneath the texture dotted pattern is a planter made of premium clay. Avoid creating large rings in your carpet by raising your planter and displaying it on a stand.

La Jolie Muse Ceramic Plant PotImage courtesy of Amazon


9. D’vine Dev Terracotta Pots


For an alternative to ceramic, you could choose the D’vine Dev Terracotta Pots as your planter of choice. They emulate a ‘traditional’ planter and utilize terracotta earthenware rather than ceramic. Three planters of various widths are included, namely one 4.3 inch pot, one 5.3 inch pot and one 6.5 inch pot. They all feature a central drainage hole in their base and come partnered with a saucer that aligns perfectly with the edge of the planter itself. Drainage nets and scratch pads are also included, making this set and its accessories a lot of planter for your money.

ceramic pots (planters) dvine devImage courtesy of Amazon


10. Fopamtri Ceramic Planter Set


The Fopamtri Ceramic Planet Set is a cut above the rest when it comes to ceramic pots. All three planters are completed with a matte white finish and feature a black rectangular logo tag showcasing the premium brand. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as the refractory ceramic from which they’re made can withstand the elements. The cylindrical shape of all three pots makes them suitable for being displayed on a stand as well as on the floor or another flat surface.

Fopamtri Plant Pot Set, White Ceramic Planter for Indoor Outdoor PlantsImage courtesy of Amazon


18 Stylish Planter Pots For Every Type of Home Decor

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All purpose potRobinEverytime I visit IKEA I pickup a few more. I think I have 18 now.5

Medium plant potMARJORIEPerfect fit for my needs and the price was very reasonable. Thank you.5

Lovely to look atLEONORAPretty to put on any room in your house. True white color, sturdy, not plastic & appealing design.5

Sleek plant pot that willMelissaSleek plant pot that will match any decor style.5

Excellent purchaseZori Y.Love the plant. Easy to maintain and its look is vibrant and beautiful. Cushions could vary more in terms of colors but they feel very comfortable. Pot holder is one of my favorites of all times. Feel quite satisfied with these purchases. Thank you!5

IKEA was greatPamelaThe product was great, Ikea was great, FedEx not so much. I ordered 1-4" & 8-6". All came in broken but 1. IKEA refunded me for the 8 broken ones. They were at a great price. But now kind of expensive since I paid for shipping plus the cost of 1 pot. I might try again but only get 2 or 3 maybe they will make it here in1 piece. They do need to pack with bubble wrap instead of paper.5

IKEA was greatPamelaThe product was great, Ikea was great, FedEx not so much. I ordered 1-4" & 8-6". All came in broken but 1. IKEA refunded me for the 8 broken ones. They were at a great price. But now kind of expensive since I paid for shipping plus the cost of 1 pot. I might try again but only get 2 or 3 maybe they will make it here in1 piece. They do need to pack with bubble wrap instead of paper.5

Simply beautiful!IlaThis is the perfect pot to make my plant stand out.5

Clean lookGabyNo ce cheap priced clean looking pots!5

Good productPattyNice design product.5

Good but I need to drill holes for drainageJenniferVery nice but needs drainage3

Ok.very nice.GABRIELAOk.very nice.5

Great findStephenGreat value5

Love itXIMENALove it5


PotAmandaThe flower pot look nice4

simple yet elegant plant vaseJessieSimplistic, but no hole at the bottom for water to be released. Affordable vase to elevate the look of your house and plants.5

planterMaureentperfect for my orchid5

ceramic potJOANNEordered 2 - 1 came broken but other one is perfect for what i intended. great price for size and appearance5

Simple and modern!ZarinVery pretty planter for the home4

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/muskot-plant-pot-white-10308198/
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