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The Full Moon in Aries On October 20 Is A Time Of Major Transformation

The Full Moon in Aries, arguably the boldest full moon of the year, arrives on October 20 to help us bust through any stagnant energy holding us back from our deepest magic. This full moon comes almost immediately after four planets go direct (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury), igniting a period that allows us to integrate all the lessons their retrogrades taught us. Read on for deets on how to magnify the energy of this powerful Full Moon while you can!

Aptly named a Hunter’s Moon, the Full Moon in Aries is the second full moon after the equinox and our ancestors saw it as the start of a period of hunting in preparation for winter. During this time, they would push to get all of their hunting and gathering completed to begin storing food for the colder months, when hunting would be less productive.

Transformation is key at this time, both physically and psychologically. Physically, this time is when daylight becomes shorter; plants begin to wither and die, returning gracefully back to the earth. Psychologically, our egos begin to recede, attempting to make room for others, often by first deepening our understanding of the important relationships in our lives.

This is necessary—how could we survive the coldest, darkest months without the teamwork and companionship that comes from others? We couldn’t then and still can’t now.

Transformation is key at this time, both physically and psychologically.

Above all else, the Full Moon in Aries asks us where we need to find balance between our personal, ego-centric desires and the desires of those around us. Compromise is needed to create room for true collaboration and evolution. However, it is unnecessary for you to completely abandon your desires. You can nurture them as well, so long as it doesn’t lead to the downfall of others. This is a time of finding creative solutions that allow you to honor both what is yours and what is not. 

This is amplified given the amount of time we’ve spent in self-reflection over the last few months due to so many of the larger planets being in retrograde. Pluto, after being retrograde from April 27 to October 6, had us wondering about our relationship to power. Now, he wants us to step into our power if we didn’t before, or empower others if we’ve failed to do so in the past.

Saturn, after being retrograde from May 23 to October 10, had us thinking about how, where and why we place unnecessary limits on our potential. Now, he wants us to build stable structures that free us from self-limiting behavior.

Jupiter, after being retrograde from June 20 to October 18, pushed us to evaluate the beliefs that rule our perception of life. Now, he wants us to shed those beliefs like the cocoon of a caterpillar, expand to our fullest potential and fly like a beautiful butterfly.

And finally—Mercury, after being retrograde from September 27 to October 18, urged us to examine the processes and habits that kept us stuck in Groundhog-Day-like experiences. Now, he wants us to implement new processes and habits that allow us to finally start a new cycle. 

The Full Moon in Aries asks us where we need to find balance between our personal desires and the desires of those around us.

All together, these planets moving direct combined with the powerfully-supported fire of this Full Moon in Aries will give us the chance to finally propel forward. Jupiter will magnify the energy you put out and Pluto and Mars will add some spice to the mix.

Focus on releasing anything that no longer serves you during this full moon, so you can free yourself from all the lessons the last few months have taught you. Smudging your space, relaxing in a cleansing bath and even just journaling under the moon can help the process along.

All signs will feel the energy of this full moon, so embrace it and allow it to connect you deeper with your magic. Happy Full Moon!

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October's Aries Full Moon Will Make or Break Relationships

Although Libra season is usually marked by a push for balance and beauty, this year's was brimming with more confusion than the balance-seeking air sign would prefer, thanks to a doozy of a Mercury retrograde. And right on the heels of the communication planet going direct comes an intense, fiery full moon in Aries, the aggressive cardinal fire sign that sits opposite Libra.

If you weren't already itching to take bold action following three (plus) weeks of slowdowns and setbacks, this lunar event, occurring on October 20 at a.m. ET/ a.m., is primed to fuel major moves &#x; especially if they're overdue in a relationship that's hit its breaking point. 

The full moon in Aries will have you beyond ready to fulfill your most passionate desires. 

Full moons &#x; which happen when the confident sun exactly opposes the intuitive moon &#x; always present a monthly opportunity to wrap up projects you started six months or even two weeks prior. They're culmination points, breaking points, and a chance to release anything that's no longer serving you. And with this month's full moon falling in assertive, go-balls-to-the-wall-or-go-home Aries, you could feel an elevated sense of urgency to boldly contend any emotional business. 

Adding even more fuel to that fire is the fact that the moon will closely oppose Mars, the red planet that oversees action, courage, and energy, which is still in serenity-loving Libra. When the intuitive moon faces off against go-getter Mars, we can't help but be extra driven and empowered to get after our desires. And with the moon in Aries, which is a Mars-ruled sign, the need to take assertive action around something you're passionate about &#x; an emotional conversation, a career goal &#x; will be particularly intense and laced with impulsivity. 

In fact, that devil-may-care approach could trip you up on your way to making a vision real, setting off conflicts and antagonism. The solution: Slow down as much as possible while keeping that inner fire ablaze.   

Pluto sets up power struggles.

If that wasn't enough, the moon will form a tense, activating square to Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation, in serious Capricorn, bringing underlying, toxic, emotional issues to the fore. You or people in your orbit could be tempted to contend with their deepest wounds in a compulsive, destructive way. Paranoia, jealousy, and manipulation are all themes of this planetary clash to boot.  

In addition, on the full moon day, Mars will be moving toward its square to Pluto. This aspect magnifies the need to feel like you're in the driver's seat of any situation. And obviously, not everyone can be at once. So whether you experience this on the job, in a relationship, or while going about your daily routine, Mars (aggression and anger) clashes with Pluto (power), and we get massive power struggles. Attempts to one-up someone else &#x; on the road, when it comes to office politics &#x; could spiral into screaming matches and meltdowns. So yes, calling this moment "intense" is an understatement.

But by doing your best to get after what you want in a careful and thoughtful, versus impetuous, way, leaning into opportunities for transformation, and being unafraid to burn down anything that is no longer serving you, this full moon could mark a gratifying turning point.

Here, how this Aries full moon will affect you, based on your sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign, if you know it. If you don't, you can find it on your natal chart or via this CafeAstrology calculator.) 

Aries (March April 19)

With the full moon falling in your sign, you'll be extra fired up to make moves toward hitting a major personal goal &#x; and might need to work through some deep-rooted emotions if things don't play out as you're envisioning. 

Taurus (April May 20)

With the full moon in your twelfth house of spirituality, you could be aggravated that all the moving parts to make a big picture dream a reality are still in the works. But you'll benefit from turning inward now.

Gemini (May June 20)

The full moon is in your eleventh house of networking, stirring up tensions and endgame moments with a team or group you associate with. It could be time to end a particular chapter in regard to friendships or coworking relationships. 

Cancer (June July 22)

Falling in your tenth house of career, you want that well-deserved recognition for putting your nose to the grindstone and are willing to go to uncharacteristic lengths to make it happen. But it's worth slowing down and reflecting on the "why."

Leo (July August 22)

The full moon falls in your ninth house of adventure and higher learning, causing you to feel frustrated with the same old mundane routine you've been stuck in for who knows how long. You want to shake things up but doing so in a calculated way serves you best. 

Virgo (August September 22)

The full moon in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy is an opportunity to own and voice your deep-rooted needs and desires between the sheets. But healing might have to happen first. 

Libra (September October 22)

Because the full moon is in your seventh house of partnership, you might face power struggles and related showdowns with your S.O., a date, biz partner, or close friend. This lunar event will definitely test your usual commitment to keeping things copacetic, but it could be time to let that go in defense of your needs within a one-on-one bond.

Scorpio (October November 21)

Thanks to the full moon falling in your sixth house of wellness and routine, you could be super-empowered to turn over a new leaf in your day-to-day hustle. You want change yesterday but would benefit most from a slow, calculating approach. 

Sagittarius (November December 21)

The full moon will be in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, so putting yourself out there and sharing what's in your heart in your signature unfiltered way will feel inevitable. 

Capricorn (December January 19)

The full moon is in your fourth house of home life, so you'll be tempted to put the pedal to the metal on any real estate moves, family relationship changes, or campaigns to boost your security in an uncharacteristically speedy way. But striving to stay balanced is the key to success.

Aquarius (January February 18)

Falling in your third house of communication, you might feel spread way too thin in the days around this full moon &#x; and truly aggravated as a result. The sooner you can check tedious to-dos off the list, the sooner you can dive into the activities you'd rather be focused on. 

Pisces (February March 20) 

The full moon in your second house of income marks a chance to fervently get after your financial and security goals. Just be sure to read any emails, contracts, or paperwork over for errors, because trying to tackle money matters too hurriedly could result in a serious headache. 

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Your guide to what a full moon means spiritually and in astrology

Get hyped to howl, folks — the full moon is upon us.

For as long as human beings have had faces to lift to the night sky, we’ve been awed by its lunation. The moon is the fastest-moving celestial body and its cycle governs tides, menstruation, migratory patterns and time. 

What does a full moon symbolize?

In astrology, the moon is linked to the divine feminine and our emotional interiority. The date and time of birth determine what sign an individual&#;s moon falls in. The traits of that sign are made manifest in our emotional energies, reactions to conflict and the kind of love we look for — and are able to provide what we need to feel wholly secure. Moon signs can be found using a birth chart calculator. 

What does a full moon mean emotionally?

The full moon occurs when the moon is directly opposite the sun in its orbit around Earth. Spiritually speaking, that opposition — between yin and yang, light and dark — makes for a potent time for surrender and a heightened sense of emotionality. As such, full moons are synonymous with closure and endings; of cycles, habits, relationships.

What does the full moon do to us?

The full moon calls us to release negative or stagnant energy — be it self-loathing or the Ed Hardy T-shirt in your closet. The light of the moon draws out what needs addressing and urges us to take action to expel or correct what we are made to face. 

New moon vs. full moon

In contrast, the new moon — occurring when the moon is in line with the sun, and the sun and Earth are on opposite sides of the moon — is a time for beginnings, fresh intentions and clean slates. It is when we plant the metaphorical seeds that we hope will flourish in the days ahead. The new moon is the dark period of the cycle; as such, it allows us to project our desires into and onto a blank and boundless sky. 

What are full moon rituals?

Rituals in reverence for both the full and the new moon have been performed since time immemorial. The energy of the moon, depending on the phase, can be called in to help manifest a fledgling dream, call forth a lover, banish an enemy or cauterize an old but aching wound. 

Rituals to harness the full moon

If time and temperature allow, basking in the glow of the full moon — on land or ideally in water — is an excellent way to draw in lunar power. Nudity is encouraged, though not required. A full moon ritual bath, replete with soaking salts and candlelight, is a worthy alternative to skinny dipping. Because full moons are about release, writing a list of everything and everyone that no longer aligns with you, reading it aloud and closing with an enthusiastic “Be gone!” is an excellent practice for letting go. Bonus points if you burn the list during a fiery moon, like a full moon in Aries. Because Aries energy is all about unapologetic individualism, worshiping what you love about yourself while surrendering any lingering body shame or negative narrative about your appearance is a perfect recipe for harnessing the medicine of this moon. 

Spiritually speaking, full moons make for a potent time for surrender and a heightened sense of emotionality.

Yes, you should howl at the moon

My own preferred, primal way to salute the full moon is with a deep and unabashed wolf howl. Go outside, face the moon and let it out to let it all go. It feels good, it sounds cool and it informs neighbors and strangers that you have immediate access to your inner animal and have little concern for convention. 

Regardless of how you choose to dedicate your moon ritual, these ceremonies exist — as they have for ages — to align us with our most essential selves and to develop the relationship between who we are and the power we hold by committing to mindful practices and an integrated life. 

In the spirit of integration, the Farmer’s Almanac includes a designation of names related to the Native American practice of describing the moon in terms of the natural world and the shifting seasons within it. October’s full moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, so named for the time of year when meat is sought and stored for the winter ahead. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Hunter’s Moon is typically celebrated with a formidable feast to honor the harvest and stockpile good times and glad rags for the dark nights ahead.

I heartily recommend a similar kind of revelry: Give thanks for the insistent beating of your own heart, drink to your dead and bow to the ebbs and flows, failures and majesties, roses and thorns that mark the phases of the moon and the days of our lives. 

Astrologer Reda Wigle researches and irreverently reports back on planetary configurations and their effect on each zodiac sign. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture and personal experience. She is also an accomplished writer who has profiled a variety of artists and performers, as well as extensively chronicled her experiences while traveling. Among the many intriguing topics she has tackled are cemetery etiquette, her love for dive bars, Cuban Airbnbs, a “girls guide” to strip clubs and the “weirdest” foods available abroad.

Sours: https://nypost.com/article/full-moon-meaning/
What Happens To You On a Full Moon Day?

How Full Moon Energy Is Totally Different From New Moon Energy

Where are all my moon babies at? The moon in astrology is considered one of the most important and influential "planets" in the solar system (yep, it's considered a planet in astrology, but not astronomy), which shouldn't surprise us too much. After all, it's the planet that's positioned closest to us here on earth, and the one that we can easily see in the skies almost every night. The moon's constantly-shifting face has a big effect on our moods, our emotions, our energy levels, and our personal growth — so understanding the cosmic symbolism of the moon cycle (specifically the new and full moons, which are the most powerful moments of the monthly transformation) is one of the most useful ways to dip your toes deeper into the mystical pool of astrology. Learning how to work with the full moon and new moon energy is a fun and fascinating way to get a little more spiritual and align your goals with the cosmic energy that's around you.

In astrology, the moon represents the most intimate sides of ourselves: our emotions, moods, instincts, feelings, memories, vulnerabilities, and our sense of safety and comfort. It's the nurturing astrological mother-figure of the zodiac and is symbolic of our private inner worlds. Unlike most planets in astrology, the moon is visible nearly every night — making it a much more tangible astrological marker for us to track through the skies and align ourselves with. The moon also visibly changes its form from our vantage point most dramatically (as its moon phases are obviously super apparent to the naked eye) and it moves through the zodiac the quickest, too — spending about two and a half days in each sign, and zipping through all twelve in about 28 days — which can astrologically account for our ever-changing moods and energy levels throughout any given month.

Let’s take a look at how the monthly lunar cycle works and exactly how we can work with it to maximize our manifestation powers and make sense of the astrological energy that's constantly thrust upon on.

Understanding The Lunar Cycle

Every month, the cosmos offer us a beautiful opportunity to set goals for ourselves and connect with astrology by way of the lunar cycle, which is always highlighted by its two standout lunations: the new moon and the full moon. Each lunar cycle always begins with a new moon, which then waxes (or grows larger) for about two weeks until it climaxes with a full moon. From there, the moon wanes (or grows smaller) for about two more weeks until the end of the cycle, at which point the moon is “new” again and a fresh cycle begins. During the lunar cycle (which lasts for about 28 days), the moon travels through the entire wheel of the zodiac and changes shape in the sky based on its relative position to the sun and earth.

While the new and full moons may be the most energetically intense and important moments of the lunar cycle, they each bring a very different set of advantages and disadvantages. And while the energy varies based on what sign the moon is in and whether it’s forming any aspects to other planets, you can pretty much count on this: New moons mean new beginnings, and full moons mean release. There are other things to consider, of course, but this is generally a good way to simplify things. Here’s a breakdown on new moons versus full moons and how you can best work with their energy during any given month.

Working With New Moon Energy

Welcome to the very beginning of the lunar cycle — which brings us the energy of a fresh start and a chance to set new personal goals. The new moon brings us a cosmic clean slate on a monthly basis that allows us to reset, recharge, and refocus.

A new moon (which is sometimes called a dark moon) is the first phase of a new lunar cycle during which it aligns with the sun and is virtually invisible in the night sky. Because new moons take place at the very start of the moon cycle, they bring the energy of new beginnings and fresh starts. Astrologically, this is a good time to plant seeds for a new endeavor, take the first steps toward a new goal, or start manifesting something you want to bring into your life. New moons obviously bring darker nights, so they're also considered an optimum time for quiet inner reflection, allowing you time to go inward, be more introspective, and get in touch with your goals. You may feel less social, and that’s OK! Taking some solo time under a new moon can help you slow down, touch base with yourself, and focus your energy on your personal affairs.

New moons represent new beginnings, of course, but there’s a flip side to that coin, which are endings. Because the new moons usher in a new cycle, we simultaneously close the door on an old one — so there can be an almost bittersweet and wistful quality to a new moon's energy, forcing us to think of things we've left behind as we embark on new adventures.

Set some mystical intentions or perform a new moon goal-setting ritual to take advantage of the new moon vibes.The lunar energy at this time of the month is all about building and growing — it’s supercharged with hope, possibility, and momentum — so if you start a project or focus your energy on something new under a new moon, you’ll likely feel some extra momentum and wind in your sails as you move forward (and be even more likely to put in the work and succeed!).

Working With Full Moon Energy

The big, bright, and beautiful full moon: indeed the most notorious, spectacular, and iconic moment of the lunar cycle. The full moon is a time of illumination (both literally and figuratively), as well as culmination that can help us bring energy to a head, see the fruits of our labor, and pick up on things with more clarity.

A full moon is the midpoint and climax of the lunar cycle, during which the moon is opposite to the sun in the zodiac and is therefore fully illuminated by its light. Full moons are even more notorious than new moons in mainstream culture, as they’re often associated with chaos and intensity — and that reputation isn’t for nothing! Because full moons are the brightest and boldest moment of the lunar cycle, they bring an energy that’s just as extreme. Full moons can make us feel more energized and social (although conversely, all the intensity can also drain us of energy and leave us feeling exhausted!), and push our energy outward, making us more focused on interpersonal affairs and outside situations. They also bring a sense of illumination, helping us to see situations for what they are and bringing to light information that may have previously been hidden. Keep your eyes and ears open during a full moon if you're looking for cosmic guidance.

While new moons are ideal for setting goals and beginning new projects, full moons are more about bringing projects that are already in progress to a tipping point. These luminaries are buzzing with intensity, so rather than beginning something new, this climactic energy asks us to bring something that's already building to a high point and get our already-laid-out plans in motion.

There’s also another very important aspect to the full moon: release. Full moons may be the brightest point in the cycle, but from this point forth, it’s all about shedding. As the moon wanes and gets smaller over the coming two weeks, its energy will support you in releasing bad habits, toxic patterns, or situations that you're ready to leave behind. If you have intentions related to releasing and shedding things, you can set these on the full moon instead of the new moon and feel extra cosmically supported. Plan a full moon release ritual for maximum benefits.


Want to get even deeper into working with the energy of the moon cycle? Check out what zodiac sign the moon is in at each new and full moon so you can get even more specific with your intentions and rituals (as the sign the moon is in colors the energy of the lunation). Now you can plan some fun rituals for the full moons and new moons with your witchy squad and feel fully informed on the energy that you'll be working with.

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Meaning astrology full moon

Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of October’s Full Hunter’s Moon

Between a rocky Mercury retrograde and a supercharged new moon in Libra, October’s astrology has been full of intensity. But spooky season’s tricks aren’t over yet, as the full moon rising on Oct. 20 is bringing the lunar cycle (and our emotions) to a piercing climax. The October full moon (aka the Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon) is chock-full of fiery energy that’ll help us to stand up for ourselves and take back our power. The spiritual meaning of the Hunter’s Moon is about activating our inner warrior as we set forth into the darker half of the year.

Full moons in astrology mark the energetic highpoint of the moon’s monthly journey through the zodiac, so they often offer us a sense of illumination and can make our feelings swell. Because situations in our lives naturally come to climaxes or conclusions under these lunations, they’re great for letting go of things and releasing any energy that’s bogging you down. When it comes to the October full moon (which takes place in fire sign Aries territory), it’s a time to let go of relationships, beliefs, or habits that are holding you back from being a leader in your own life and getting what you want want.

Aligning ourselves with the spiritual energy of the full moon is a great way to get grounded, embrace self-improvement, and feel more connected with the natural cycle’s of the planets. Read on to find out about the October full moon’s spiritual meaning and how to harness its mystical power.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of October’s Full Moon?

The Hunter’s Moon is a nickname given to the first full moon occurring after the Harvest Moon (aka, the full moon that takes place closest to the date of the autumn equinox). Because this year’s Harvest Moon fell in September, October’s big lunation is the Hunter’s Moon — and it’s named for the fact that this traditionally marked a good time for hunting game in preparation for the winter season. The spiritual meaning of the October full moon symbolically aligns with the warrior vibe of the Hunter’s Moon origin story, as its cosmic challenges will require us to use skill, patience, and power to secure the bag and make the most of this energetic harvest.

October’s full moon rises during the final days of Libra season , which will bring the themes we’ve been dealing with over the past month to either an epic climax or a powerful conclusion. “This full moon in Aries is spicy and not for the faint of heart, as it is set to bring intense emotions to the surface,” astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Powertells Bustle. “It is a culmination of all the work we've been doing during the entirety of Libra season, which will recalibrate our relationships so we can live more authentically.”

Other traditional nicknames for October’s full moon include the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon, both of which foreshadow the darker side of this lunation. The moon will be locked in a tension-filled T-square with the sun, aggressive Mars, and power-hungry Pluto, which means we’ll want to arm ourselves for a proverbial hunt. This kind of planetary drama can cause frustration and emotional explosions for all zodiac signs — but instead of throwing a temper tantrum, use it as a challenge to speak up for yourself and make healthy compromises in order to reach your goals.

How To Work With This Full Moon Energy

Because the October full moon takes place in Aries, it highlights the need for independence, bravery, and leadership in our lives. And given that it’s the first full moon of the autumn season, it’s important to trust the universe and boldly embracing the inevitable changes that lie ahead — so let go of your need to be in control and allow the universe to take the wheel. Because Mercury retrograde wrapped up just 48 hours before this full moon peaks, it’s also an auspicious moment to speak your truth in relationships and state your needs clearly to others. After a long and frustrating retrograde build-up, now is your chance to step up, speak out, and clear the air.

Libra season has put a focus on finding peace in our partnerships, but the spiritual meaning of the October full moon is all about finding peace within ourselves — even if we have to fight for it. “Letting go of anger, frustration, and resentment will be necessary under this full moon,” Montúfar says. “This lunation helps us clear what no longer serves us so we can begin making room for the new.” Be brave and charge into the eye of this full moon’s emotional storm, because now is a time to step into your power and champion your truth.

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/life/hunters-moon-spiritual-meaning
What Happens To You On a Full Moon Day?

Full Moons: A Time for Drama, Chaos, and Seeing the Truth

Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images

A full moon is obvious. Unless the sky is swamped in smog or cloud cover, it’s impossible to ignore. In the depths of a jungle unpolluted by electricity, a full moon bathes flora and fauna in a night light so bright the leaves glow.

If the full moon were a house party, it would be totally out of control. Girls would be puking on the lawn outside. The music would bump so loud the walls would shake and the neighbors would threaten to call the cops. The mood lighting would sink every stray bottle and balloon into oversaturated Suspiria hues. Each room would be overstuffed with heated fights, volcanic breakups, and hysterical confessions. Someone would smash an heirloom urn. Cleaning up the mess the next morning would suck.

In astrology, the moon rules our gut feelings. It charges across the sky far faster than more distant celestial bodies, and it activates our emotional ego. Sometimes lunar energy translates to softer, maternal, self-protective instincts. Left untamed, it can trigger our most feral inner child. When the moon is full, her qualities are magnified and our feelings intensify. Things that were shrouded in darkness and shadow reveal themselves, and conflicts come to a head. The full moon doesn’t just force us to act unhinged — she exposes secrets and reveals hidden agendas.

The moon is a tidal force, forever wedded to the element of water, and she’s at her most passionate and personal when she enters one of the three water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Drama, tears, and childhood traumas thrive in the shine of a watery full moon. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) have practicable, palpable connections to the moon, and under an earth full moon, we can get shit done or expect obvious changes to our material world. Air obscures our perception of the Moon, sometimes completely, so when the full moon is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), energy becomes confusing or fleeting, and gossip flowers. When the Moon heads to a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), things don’t flow — they crackle. Impulse rules fire signs, setting the stage for risky, erratic fire full moons.

If you want to do some woo-woo, New Agey shit, know that you can’t really manifest under a full moon. That’s because the full moonis manifestation itself: The power is too potent to harness. Instead, initiate these rituals in the week preceding the full moon’s total exposure. If you’re lighting a candle or performing some sort of complicated ceremony in Stevie Nicks velvet, you should try to schedule this spell so that it concludes as close as possible to the exact moment the full moon perfects but no later. (There are many tools that will tell you the exact time the moon blares the brightest every month, sometimes with fun names and good advice for growing vegetable gardens. I defer to a no-frills app like The Moon when I’m quickly checking lunar phases, and the old-school paperback Farmers’ Almanac for everything else.)

Under a full moon, things are bold and out of control; it’s a mayhem we can’t avoid and can barely plan around: When the truth is fully illuminated, it’s rarely it as we imagine it to be. I’ve spent many full moons at surreal, hedonistic bacchanals, fêtes that gave Caligula a run for his money and left me exhausted, overloaded, and empty. But I recommend gentle baths over untamed ragers. Submerge yourself in the pull of the full moon. Allow secrets to unfurl without reacting. Be soft. Don’t go looking for trouble before it finds you. Don’t call your mother.

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In astrology, the sky is conceived of as a sphere with the Earth at the center. This sphere is divided into 12 sections, one for each zodiac sign, and every celestial body moves through at its own rate. The moon cycles through the signs quickly, staying in each for about two and a half days, and transiting the full zodiac roughly every month.

Full Moons: A Time for Drama, Chaos, and Seeing the TruthSours: https://www.thecut.com/article/what-the-full-moon-means-in-astrology-a-complete-guide.html

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Full moons: They're spooky, they're exciting, and they're bursting with emotional lunar energy.

In astrology, full moons are all about endings. They shine their light on the past month, so you can take stock, spot problems, and tie up any loose ends. "Full moons have always been seen as moments in time in which the astrological energy comes to a climax," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com, previously told Refinery

These celestial happenings can also occur in any of the twelve zodiac signs, and each lunation carries the traits of the sign it's in. A full moon in Leo may feel theatrical or dramatic, for instance, while a full moon in Gemini can bring about confusion.

Each month's full moon also go by one or more names, such as the Wolf Moon or the Harvest Moon. The origins of these labels are a little hard to pin down, but they tend to match up with seasonal happenings; the Harvest Moon comes during the start of fall harvest season, for instance. They're thought to be derived from a mix of Native North American, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic month names, reports Newsweek.

Astrologers often recommend using full moons as an opportunity to spend some quiet time by yourself or with trusted love ones, reflecting on the past month and setting your intentions for the next one. To help you plan out these mini-meditations, though, you need to know when the moon will be full.

The dates for full moons in

January 28, Full Wolf Moon in Leo

This full moon is known as the Wolf Moon because wolves tend to be most vocal around this time of year, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. It's also called the Hunger Moon or the Old Moon.

February 27, Full Snow Moon in Virgo

The second month of the year is snowy, hence the name of this full moon. You may also hear it called the Midwinter Moon.

March 28, Full Worm Moon in Libra

This one takes some explaining: In spring, the weather begins to warm and the worms begin to appear in the soil once again (yuck). This full moon is also known as the Wing Moon or the Spring Moon.

April 26, Full Pink Supermoon in Scorpio

Unfortunately, the Full Pink Moon isn't actually magenta-hued. Its name comes from the herb moss pink flower that blooms in early spring, though it's sometimes called a Frog Moon. This year, April's full moon will be as close as it can get to Earth, making it appear extra big and bright — a phenomenon known as a supermoon. 

In May, blooms really start to blossom, hence the name Flower Moon or Budding Moon. This year's is also a supermoon.

June 24, Full Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn

June gifts us with a third supermoon in a row. The full moon is named after the short — yet sweet — strawberry harvesting season, but can also be called the River Moon or the Flowering Moon.

July 23, Full Buck Moon in Aquarius

July's moon is called the Full Buck Moon because it's normally around the time when the new antlers on bucks begin to show. It's also known as the Blueberry Moon.

August 22, Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, and a seasonal blue moon

The Sturgeon Full Moon is named for the sturgeons of the Great Lakes; August is when they're most easily caught; August is also corn season, which is why this moon can be called the Corn Moon. The term seasonal blue moon refers to it being the third (sometimes fourth) full moon of a particular season — in this case, summer.

September 20, Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

The Full Harvest Moon is whichever full moon falls closest to the fall equinox on September 21; sometimes, it can occur in October. It's also called the Fall Moon or the Hunting Moon.

October 20, Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

Colder weather used to signal a time to stock up on game for the winter ahead, which is why this luminary is called the Full Hunter's Moon. Sometimes, it's known as the Falling Leaves Moon.

November 19, Full Beaver Moon in Taurus, also a partial lunar eclipse

This is around the time that beavers start preparing for the winter, inspiring the name Full Beaver Moon. It's also called the First Snow Moon.

December 18, Full Cold Moon in Gemini

An easy one — the Full Cold Moon is called this because it's, well, cold in December! It's also known as the (equally logical) Big Winter Moon.

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